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"alphonse allan" Discussed on WBBM Newsradio

"Chapel with the eleventh record subs sixty roundish out of fifty nine at green Briar I hope the bear's George often newsradio seven ATM all five point nine FM WBBM news time ten forty eight time for traffic and weather together on the eighteen years have you. well right now on the outbound side of the Stevenson I believe everything is shut down right at central with the rollover crash in entrapment if you see something happening you can give me a call anytime to help us out with our coverage WBBM are banned traffic tip line is eight five five seven eighty road so far the outbound side of the Eaton's inbound looks good either way Kennedy out to the airport type past the Jane Byrne to Ashland the twenty two minute ride of the kid of the out of the airport inbound twenty five here in downtown having North Avenue to the Jane Byrne interchange got fifteen of the local lanes and eight in the express twenty five again in from the airport extensions back to normal out of the Eisenhower heavy from central Austin you've got to eighteen out to Anaheim and of thirty one to route three ninety inbound heavy before California the Jane Byrne interchange of thirty five double sided this Steven said again everything is shut down just past central the rollover crash it is heavy pass central there on the inbound side as same thing that crashes affecting traffic Harlem to before central and then stop and go from head to the inbound Ryan ramp earlier crash there. if you're on I fifty five it's tight through the contractions own slow both ways between arsenal and River Road taking out a lane Ryan inbounded type approach in the sky with local lanes are shut down from an earlier crash and then heavy from thirty fifth to the Stevenson rap twenty two ninety fifth the downtown fifty seven Alphonse Allan past one hundred twenty seven to the tri state road work delays of twenty three and if you're on the tristate northbound heavy eighty third street toll plaza the mile long bridge road work in the two right lanes sixty five is messy to traffic and weather together on the aids every ten minutes on newsradio seven eighty one of five point out a fab clearing cooler tonight low fifty six tomorrow sunny nice high seventy nine sixty four Adil here and made white sixty six satellite front WBBM.

Eaton Kennedy Jane Byrne Ashland Jane Byrne interchange Eisenhower Austin Anaheim Steven Alphonse Allan Adil George California Harlem Ryan inbounded twenty two ninety fifth twenty two minute eighteen years thirty fifth