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"alpar zell" Discussed on WFAN Sports Radio_FM

"Let's all the circles in download Nelson gets towards Marcel trying to poke the puck free from Blackwood before the whistle. And that's what trying to say. Jack was upset about as he ends up giving bars L shots from behind rock. Nelson goes over to help Alpar Zell far skull was upset and tried to go at Coleman. But everybody was separated their respective benches. Travis Zajac was really working over Matt bars. L adamant a headlock almost snapped his helmet off his head. And that's when Brock Nelson came and said enough, so the change it up here for the final thirty six of the man advantage. And they win the face off in the high slot. Let it rip and Blackwood made a terrific stop. I'm a guy who maybe has the hardest. Snapshot team calc Lauterbach. Josh Bailey, setting him up a little touch pass from Bailey. Top of the right circle. There's only two three feet away was quarterback to his left. Bailey. Down the left wing wall. Deepen at devil is not a billion in the trapezoid swings down the right wing. Walter pinching. Devante jobs, but the devils poke it by him and resetting. Centers Polack that will do it though is Brian Boyle out of the sin bin the island is for the one for three on the power play. But New York's lead is still three nearly four minutes into period. Three boil chips at deepen island territory left wing corner. Leonard awaits two rival in the trapezoid where he can play at farside legally to pelicans states it left wing through center. Stick panels over the red redlining cross owner dumps right wing corner camera trying to be the first on it. Devils beat him to it and work it out the center ice Leo though on a good backcheck hoped it to Mayfield an island rice to pelvic left wing in front of the benches and Adam stashes it in deep. We'll put your jersey away from Michael Dell poll on the far side PLA. Flagged it down skated at the center on the or logo is trying to get away from two devils. But New Jersey has over the Allender line Sokha. Top of the left circle hits the brakes of the hash marks. Now turned it over on good pressure com. Coming away with Phil on a delay three on Cuba that line at a gas. So we'll send it in deep camera changes. Dow poll stays out there for the moment with. Bowel fill-up devil. Start the breakout. Miss past Rossini here. We'll go deep enough on the fresh ICS boy Chuck sold the icing pretty well. And got the call nearly five minutes into the third on Coliseum ice island is still lead by three soap operas there in that last shift at Zarqa has had the up and down season check born player. No, poisonous. First games of the year. Overall, big back into one thousand fifteen blink down to the big devils and had a nice little rebound. There were five assists in four game stretch me back up and then found himself having four goals in a three game span since that is not been as great only seven points last twenty six weeks. Daca, loses the face off here this Ezekiel flocks bomb from right point miss the ice bucket. Martin in the left wing corner of devil. I says his CCM line goes to work. The pelicans left point to pull a kit. Right. Snaps it for the net wide, right. Maybe looking for this thick of clutter. Buckley, Cal couldn't connect devils fan on a clearing attempt, and then Zaka states it out. Center under pressure from that Martin. He'll get the red line. Put it in deep and head off on a chain. Started tonight three points back of the idol, blue jackets and capitals, they are the top two teams in the metro division. A win tonight would put them one point out of first place tonight, the make up their game in hand on the teams ahead of them in the metro the blue jackets and the capital and the teams right behind the penguins and the hurricane so monster game here tonight for the islanders who are in Washington tomorrow night, and Greg with a win tonight would have a chance if they got some help from the Montreal Canadians were playing Columbus to end up in first place at the end of tomorrow night's action to remember the owners are perfect six zero in the second half a pack the back so far this season four to go in the first half. Which of course tonight is that type of game have also won five straight on the road and eight of their last nine it'll be an emotional night for very first time back in DC lead them to the Cup a season ago tapes, miss shot from luck. Point wide right comes back to center dumping it in Blackwood will leave it behind his net for Mirko Mueller. Islanders trapping it up here. One to two style. Thirteen and a half to go in the third row. The devils nineteen eleven and they have a three goal lead built on three first period goals Andrews lease team team-leading seventeen. Michael Dell Kohl's I in the NHL Jordan heavily a power play goal. His eleventh overall this year devils stated into island or rice greens left point bomb. Deflected wide right by the state of bars. L held in by Seaver Senate right point brat. Chases a loose puck is it helps the wall into the left wing corner island is trying to get it out on the near side wall can't Jesper brat on the goal line extended in the left corner now behind the net for Nico. He's year, and he works at farside native of Switzerland. And former number one overall pick each year dropped off centerpoint receivers reshot score. It's through the legs of Robin winner. And the devils are on the board. It's a three one game with twelve. Fifty three to go on the third. I think this is going to be Joel Gore's. He was the guy at the top of the crease they're battling in front of lead. Just getting inside position on Nicoletti as letty could push them out a way to be giants in seventh goal of the season. Seven seven Mark of this third. Just the second devil shot, essentially. Spanish they didn't on be shop twelve weight of that second rule. Just their second goal for seven or seven of this third. Very similar what happened Tuesday night in Brooklyn. The one nothing lead over the blue Saint Louis scored on their twenty six shot of the game over six minutes into the third to beat Robin letter. And tonight the devils on their twelve shoddily lovers. Seven minutes into the third. The difference though against Louis tied the game with that goal. This goal only brings you jersey within two. Let's this fires up the island is you haven't put anything behind MacKenzie Blackwood ever lease power play goal with less than five minutes to go in the first back to work offensively. It's calmer on the right wing corner of devil is back fulfill club and off the Mark and Zajac works out the center Tacoma with a red over the island of blue right side by pellet would still stay strong on the park. Couldn't get the shot off. And now Adam pelicans the islanders sending the head to calm Robert center. Little back can flip refill who sends it in on goal. Love down by. Blackwood and he will take a timeout. It's now the three the devils one with twelve eleven to go on the.

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