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"almon brown" Discussed on Woman Evolve with Sarah Jakes Roberts

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"almon brown" Discussed on Woman Evolve with Sarah Jakes Roberts

"Be buried with it and he's ninety four. If you lived to be ninety four, you ought to be able to go into chewing gum box if that's what you want. Okay This is laughter. I don't. This is laughter in here. Okay. So. almost the wife pock is magnum ice cream magnum. Mashed Jesus. Shinichi did you hear that? I. Had to take us back. Latifah's it is going to be these AAA tacos. I'm on my way to get more. Okay. can we rescue? Are we rescued? Rescue juicy fruit poor juicy fruit. Don't deserve this. Jj Jelly says, Oh, he can rescue period yet on how to act when it comes to food if you don't know how to act, why would he know how to egg? That's all I'm saying excesses Ramona's burrito rapper. First of all Jordan I'm sorry that was Jordan's they remind my husband put me on Ramona's Burrito and let me tell you remote out here doing her thing. Okay and since we we're the only podcast. CERITA Baker just said, no that was the nation Linda's woman dissolve into food. Let me tell you something. We just talked about losing weight, and now we're talking about being buried in our favorites next but can I tell you all my favorite ice cream That I used to have before I was dissolving. Jenny's is crane has this almond butter, Almond Brittle Brown butter, Almond Brown butter, Brittle take all them words mix them together. Look forward on the website they shipped to places. After you finish dissolving that ice cream is blessed. Okay. Then bear me with a spicy chicken sandwich from chick fillet there's only one way to do it. Okay So we're going to rescue him. Willing to rescue him. The neatest says rescue. It's his perogative go ahead and get our dear brother buddy he is. He GonNa be in a foil suit though might as well take it all the way you know what? If you'RE GONNA go go all the way. I know where you could probably get a foil suit. Ronnie says, I feel a setback coming on almond butter. What not let me tell you some almond. Almond British Bat Brown Almon Brown, Butter Brittle Jamie. Jamie Jamie says mayhem that Genie's ice cream is the one Jamie knows what I'm talking about I'm telling Ya. Whatever find ice cream. Okay. We're GONNA rescue him. because. We are out here now doing stuff speaking to funerals many of you sitting me this video. And can I just say? The people don't know how to act if funerals. I saw funerals are very, but I also want to say this sometimes, they're very messy. Funerals our full of be motion. Everyone is sad for the passing play the video plan sale. Oh, it ain't plants. down. A funeral, our full of emotion everyone is said for the passing of their loved ones. So is it a better idea to let everyone know about some bad news there or save it for another time if you ex sister of this gentleman in Nigeria, the answer would be let everyone know right when is going down? Her brother who was an innovator of tombstones recently passed away. They said, the video is playing sound. Place. Video appliance. Bill your me..

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