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"allison pogs" Discussed on The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz

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"allison pogs" Discussed on The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz

"So hard over talking about Allison pogs. I have no idea. I was going to get the tick dot com. Okay. Please get the took that Gummer so working on ROY slammer technique, ROY. I didn't have any punks. Well, I had pogs. I didn't look the muchly bought one at the NFL experience ninety four when we were boils down here. But as lying with the Florida Marlins had Paul giveaway. The Marlins Padres or my collection. We've got to bring pogs back. I'm surprised haven't come back yet. Yeah. My favorite was when there was one pug left, and he had to take the slammer, and you had Vanessa just right way to make it flipped that was that was my that was my situation. I love that. I was ever played pob. Non number plea pleading collect baseball cord football, cords hockey cards comic books. No, no, nothing though. The two pods. The two that I had was one of Gino OJ who played for the conducts and a regular old. Winnipeg Jets pod will not you've had three pogs the more. We thought it was a more dogs not only to pods and came in Super Bowl pug. These are delta wasn't a Super Bowl pod. Not good at the NFL experience. I'm gonna call you a fraud. I'm so I know you collect something right now. Was that minor league baseball hats? Oh, yeah. Okay. They do check tax better gum, and you also have hockey jersey collections. Roy I don't usually collection usually good eras. What do you collect? Parents flim while you're sitting in Schubert's Mike Cy what do I collect ELLs on ATH? Yeah. I mean, everybody does. I I I used to cook shoes pretty regularly. I don't collect anything. I'm really disappointed that when we went to your place for for brunch. We didn't see your shoe collection as we were promised have Al. Have Allison because I've had like six or any? What are those? She told me about tic TAC gum. I never heard of it before you're not getting that back house and. That's like a death grip on that thing down one one piece of tic TAC Gummer's and going to be sufficient it's like a really tiny piece of gum. Share with? Really want me chewing gum on the air. Thank you for the red bull. But I've already had to today. No problem. I figured I would help you. Let pressure. So you don't you got a monster monster man, I am the white monsour at the post you though anymore. It's so bad for you. I'm not supposed to have them. But I can't stop. You know, I'm so sick of people telling me rebels bad for me the same people that have a Cup of coffee in their hand all day, the same people that just go pound drink, so right and live. I've got a friend who does not believe in in water. He believes it's a myth that water is one of those Odell Beckham doesn't like water. He doesn't taste of water. That's why he's always cramping. Yeah. No, this friend just replaces it all with like diet coke or diet, Dr Pepper, and friend. Mike francesa have a problem. Perfectly healthy. I think you collect shoes because you have like a you have a storage unit full issues full like I have an overflow because I don't exactly have giant claws..

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