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"allison mcgrath" Discussed on The Eric Metaxas Show

"The ones that are out now. Well, I want to talk to you about atheism because as you know, I've just come out with a book recently called is atheism dead. I've become fascinated with the subject of atheism in a sense, I'd never really looked at it the way I had in writing this book. So I'm excited to talk to you about your book. But before we talk to you about atheism in your book, tell us about this theological library of yours. Well, we started with the idea of we wanted an original research facility that would really allow people to pursue truth. So my wife and I are active with the Dead Sea scrolls foundation, getting those published, we're active with a lot of archeology programs and we're active with a lot of biblical studies. Undergraduate degrees in Hebrew and Greek. And so we've always had good fascination with those things. So we set up a library. We've got about a 106,000 volumes right now. We've got a number of major seminaries that use us as a principal resource. We've got a number of scholars in residence. We've just opened an extension campus at Oxford yarn to manor. We've purchased over north of Oxford in the still in Oxfordshire. And we're working with wiclif hall, which is part of Oxford University over there, along with tyndall house, which is up in Cambridge, good friends of ours as well. And so this is our effort to try and speak into the public, but also to have a resource available to train the best scholars that are available worldwide. We bring in lecturers, Eric. We've got to get you in here. I had you can't afford me. Let me be blunt. You can't afford me, but I'll work with your people. There you go. We had justice Scalia in. He was a dear friend of mine before he passed. He gave one of our lectures. It's an incredible story behind that. We've had a number of people. Allison McGrath, Tom Wright, DA Carson, John piper, Francis schaefer, son in law, udo, middlemen, countless people from across the spectrum theologically, as well as academically. And it's been a fascinating venture. All of those lectures, by the way, available free for people to download on the Internet. Okay, Lanier theological library folks, I'm talking to Mark Lanier and we've just begun really excited about this conversation. We'll be right back. Stoke inside these forms. Hey folks, I've got to tell you a secret about relief factor that the father son owners Pete and Seth Taub and have never made a big deal about, but I think it is a big deal. I really do. They sell the three week quick start pack for just 1995 to anyone struggling from pain like neck shoulder back, hip or knee pain, 1995, about a dollar a day. But what they haven't broadcasted much is that every time they sell a three week quick start, they lose money. In fact, they don't even break even until about four to 5 months after if you keep ordering it. Friends, that's huge. People don't keep ordering relief factor month after month if it doesn't work. So yes, Pete and Seth are literally on a mission to help as many people as possible deal with their pain. They really do put their money where their mouths are. So if you're in pain from exercise or even just getting older or the three week quick start from 1995, let's see if we can get you out of pain, too, go to relief factor dot com relief factor dot com or call 805 108 three 8 four 805 108 three 8 four relief factor dot com. I use.

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