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"allison channy janney" Discussed on Straight Talk with Ross Mathews

"Or something this is exciting as it's gotten so far trust me it gets better okay stockard channing to entrance i'm glad they gave her such a great interest eventually for like season four for this show i love her so much and i can look at her you know fascinated by her rizzo i keep the singers but you don't think he'll let me tell you this so allison channy janney when when like like her she would like to s best supporting actress in a drama series emmys and thank drama series and then she went to three lead she became believe actress address okay i've only seen her eitan ya and hairspray oh so this is the help i did see the o she on so join allison janney i'm captivated watching her private parts no she's not to very small great movie can i give you a suggestion to watch something k okay you've seen it what about revenge but threatens madeleine stowe don't watch it see okay that's not fair because i when you give me suggestions i'm like okay i listen in the night white watch look you know please give it a chance to me about boys in the hood and then we could right cj took to get there not that great job i love it if this is dynasty didn't wanna love it this shows like dynasty please watch it if it's still on its streaming it's so have you seen it.

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