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"allie visa" Discussed on Inspire Nation Show with Michael Sandler

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"allie visa" Discussed on Inspire Nation Show with Michael Sandler

"Is carl young. Who said i think to his dying day. Get me back their mind. The hell did you bring me back here. Nash right here. So many a lot of people feel sorta. What's wrong with me. You know some people say they just say well you gotta go back in time you got things left to do and they want to go back and it's like they feel kinda rejected like what's wrong with me and very often people who say well it must be something wrong with me but what happens into passage of life thereafter. They become aware of what it is that they have to manage the entire time eventually. Unwinds this and they say i finally came to see what the senate so. It wasn't a question i was planning on going on. But we might as well go there if there is the other side and we have no way to logic it but but we can call it a preponderance of evidence at this point and people get things like a life review. And i'm gonna want to go there in a minute and then people get back here if you look at the preponderance of the evidence. What do we come up with as demeaning of life. Well you know what. I mean i still. I'm a medical doctor. In torrential psychiatrist ultimately but i still in you know in here. My formative things was astronomy and philosophy. Okay and comedy and What this is all about to me. It's very complicated to save it when you look at the history of that question. What is it that constitutes our unique personal identity. Plato said it's the immaterial. Immortal soul difficulties arose with that. John locke said. Oh it's our memories. What raymond moody says and you know and twenty twenty one app to hearing this from. Thousands of people is that allie visa was right when he said god made man because he loves stories. And what is your personal identity except for your story right and as i get and so the me the meaning of the story is you're learning to love and it cer- process it's You mentioned the life review. That's what people learn. Kind of end their life review can can you tell us more about a life review and what that is what people experience. Yeah well very typical unfolding in this people say that when they they hear the doctor say oh my god dead and then i hear often people all of the world save something like is one woman but she said dr many. I have never been so alive. When i heard that doctor say out was dead. Okay so they're out of their body. They can't realize that nobody can see or hear them. They go through a passageway into a light see their deceased relatives and friends around them. And then they say time standstill everything else kinda disappears and you're surrounded by for one of a better term a hologram right and which there's no time but you are seeing everything you have ever done at once and the company very often of being of complete compassion and love..

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