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"They can save you money now or any why do we not see barefoot kickers anymore this cigar brought up Tony Franklin right I'm watching the game with my daughter today they were re air the raiders in the well actually just couple minutes ago they were re air the raiders of the rams and I did they kicked off and she has all these just questions that make you want to just throw things in Houston and you love it righted so adorable but when they're non stop sex why is this why the field a hundred yards why is that issued white white he was another one why are the football players wearing shorts well they're not wearing shorts when football passed by the come down to their knees like the the football pants and shoes always use well why does it look like that kicker doesn't have issues on and I I don't know for some reason a click of the women's alley Hodges she'd call we have the were barefoot kick rich Karlis rich Carl in Denver my wow what happened to barefoot we need to bring about Corning I don't know what it takes but somewhere along the path towards great kicking we lost our way with great bear wanted shoes made better now so you could use a shoot out a big we have anymore of that side that you're right just going to issue with these guys that when they were growing up maybe they just could afford shoes so they just started kicking without I don't know this article says Jeff Wilson Jeff well Jeff Wilkins rams two thousand two was the last seventeen years I see don't say that this show was in an educational show don't say it because you learn something every single house area so it's a learning show you just bring up more questions than you answer it just keeps going like what will did left footed kicker go barefoot more right footed kicker is that's what's coming up next alright so let's talk about what we learned this week preseason is the free season as we welcome you went on in plank on a Sunday night well run the show legal that produce we got all our **** but all right coming up next hour Steve this cigar updates all night long basically everything is a final in the world of sports so already I know you've got your bust built you've got your pre season hall of fame induction prepared you're putting Daniel Jones in their archer yeah I think I'm gonna have to you know you member you have to have a small sampling size is the preseason hall of fame there's only four games and he's probably we're going to play in two of the maybe three tops I he did look good and I was so good that I've said okay you're in my preseason all fade Nick the doc Prescott five for five sixty seven yards a touchdown all great passer rating I would've loved to seen so much more of him on than just that couple of Syria or was it one series but he did really look good I was shocked I thought it was going to be like a deer in the headlights which goes to show you I brought this up yesterday often no longer do you have there and we've thought of figure you're going through the kickers how many quarterbacks of come from small schools or schools that are not in the live what you don't have to be all one of the blue bloods Judd to go I'd be successful in the NFL half the people the other Feller undrafted did you see this note from Dan Orlovsky that he posted I believe it was on Saturday heading into the what we have three games last night had the radars and the rams they had the chiefs game I may be well in the cowboys Niners heading into those three games last night second string quarterbacks yeah I had thrown for thirteen touchdowns right just three interceptions in had completed seventy percent of their passes for the backup quarterbacks throughout the first weekend of the exhibition yeah yeah yeah I was about the W. to better than I I always said it looks like defenses are always ahead of the offences when it comes to week one of the pre season complete turn around I have like fifty forget about this backup quarterback to about fifteen other twenty quarterback that you had really good games almost all well over like a hundred yards a perfect pastor completion the touchdown no interceptions they op it's way dominated what was going on defensively yeah kind of blew my mind as well to I've always been a believer that the fences are ahead of schedule but we'll have to talk about this with Benjamin Albright because before we dive into the AFC west which will do in the final hour right off the top of the final hour of the show but I I just I get the sense that this for some reason this season we're gonna see more starters play in week two than we did in week one I don't know where I mean I were you surprised to see my homes play for the chiefs last night although not always surprised about more home surprised about back Prescott yeah on the homes of scrambling one time and had the slide at the one yard wide read user on the one yard line you're getting hit slugger not sliding out there and got press got through a pass but it got the **** up in the air that he caught and started running up the middle I'm surprised somebody to knock is thinking that off yeah I'm surprised we had some starters in the game job this weekend yeah I I I think we've learned some lessons and I've been a proponent for a few exhibition slash pre season games but I think he's learned a lot from last year and I almost had to do a one eighty on this because I didn't think you'd see anyone any started playing there in the pre season but they have only one thing I learned from Thursday Friday and Saturday night is I think we're gonna see a lot more playing coming up this week I know Oakland will when Oaklyn Arizona plan on Thursday night Jon Gruden said afterwards we're gonna play our starters for a bit so at the very least the raiders will be doing so coming up on Thursday are we got much more to sprinkle in throughout the night and we'd love to hear from you on Twitter all night that's the best way to stay in touch with the show course if 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