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"allah howard" Discussed on Chachi Loves Everybody

"I'm Bob More I'm the general manager of Kayla sex in Los Angeles keeps escalade. I am because okay. Yeah, and he goes I said, and they're telling me that I can hire Howard Stern. And these are bells words. Do you know trickery like oh? Yeah, you know Kevin Weatherly I. Know Kevin Well Those Two idiots won't hire Howard and his contract. It states if an infinity station won't put him on. He's free to market any place in the marketplace. Whole Mike God. So, I call corporate. I say. I'm going to New York next week to meet with Howard his agent. And they go. What are you talking about? I said I'm going to get Howard Stern to come to Los Angeles morning. President Dave CIANCI. Dennis loves, radio and radio. Hey, everybody, because shotty loves everybody. Very excited to welcome Bob more for our third podcast. Thank you so much for for coming today bombers. Thankful we, we appreciate it going to get into the wealth. We decided to start the first three podcast with Los. Angeles legends, so Johnny, Kay, Rick, Cummings and Bob More how great company Really Good Company and your careers just incredible, and we're GONNA get into that in a couple of minutes, but I well let me just give you a quick view of Bob's career starting in television, and then move eventually moving into radio are rises all the way to dos of CBS, running all the sales responsible for over two hundred million dollars in revenue, a year, eventually becoming the general manager for KBC Kahlo S, working with nor nor patents. podcast one and now the president of Sports USA. Company right so incredibly impressive career before we get into all of that and all the trials and tribulations in. A emotions that you went through also hiring Howard Stern here in Los Angeles. To cover I, WanNa talk about the drink that you chose for today and by the way, let me start off by congratulating you of the three interviews. We've done so far. Johnny chose a Dole whip, which is a lowered have no idea what that is. It's like shirty. Fruity frosty type drink that he got hooked on at Disneyland in front of the Tiki. Room Rick Cummings chose T-. But you have come, and actually asked us for a gin and tonic. I'll are sorry gin vodka vodka. Todd CA tonic. I'm old school when somebody asks. What your favorite drinkers I put aside my ice tea and my diet cokes and go straight for the booze and I I love that, so we're. We're officially drinking at eleven. AM and yeah town. As. I wonder how this is going. And this is how radio UC used to be so thank you for for actually a breaking out breaking out some alcohol and it's funded. Enjoy this with you. Know problem, so fill me in on the the GIN and vodka keep on Jihad ca the tonic and vodka. Why is that your favorite drink well? Here's the thing I'm a lightweight drinker I'm not a heavy drinker so I found after sampling numerous things. That vodka tonics I could tolerate because I could always add more tonic in know, and if I really wanted to be slim about it I could do vodka soda or had more so. And it's drink that I can tolerate. You know how often do you indulge? Maybe once or twice a week? Okay, I'm really I'm not a drinker. I drank handily between the ages of sixteen and twenty. One and I quit drinking between twenty, one and thirty five. No kidding for Teen Years Yeah. That must have been incredibly difficult. Just because of the career. It wasn't difficult. There really wasn't yeah. What made you decide to take the hiatus? 'cause I was totally out of control. I'm a lightweight drinker, and I grew up in Wisconsin in a small town where everybody had a fake ID at sixteen and the drinking age was eighteen and I want to the same bar from the age of sixteen to twenty one 'cause they changed the drinking age in the middle of that two twenty one. Okay, so you were like grandfathered in yeah. Why was greater than with a fake ID okay? A. Fake Id. So at that point I realized I can't tell can't handle liquor. It's not good for me so I quit for many many years, just cold Turkey. Yeah! I didn't have a drinking problem. My problem was what drinking did to me and. I never had a thirst for alcohol. Okay, yeah, so were you in Radio in Wisconsin Casino your Crohn's I graduated from college I started radio and Oshkosh Wisconsin Oh. Okay radio station am. How'd you get the job there? My next door neighbor. Was the general manager of the radio station and he ran into me when I graduated from college. And he said what are you going to do now and I said I have no idea, but I don't want to go to Vietnam and he goes. Oh, you should come out and work for me. You should sell radio advertising. I said really and he goes come by the station tomorrow and I'll show you around. We'll discuss it all my sales manager there and we'll hire you I said okay, so I drove out the radio station one of four radio stations in Oshkosh Wisconsin. And I spent two hours walking around the radio station, interviewing with them, and they hired me, and this is a true story Chachi. I sat outside of the broadcast booth, listening to watching the guy speaking to the microphone and listening Kamata those little tiny speakers outside of the booth. Sure and that was almost fifty years ago. I have no idea how that happens. Then and I have no idea still to this day. How that happened I? Mean like the technology. I know that there's something goes to a transmitter, and that goes out the airwaves, but other than that I have no idea. Oh my God! That's hysterical the truth. Have you been to a transmitter site? I. Never thought to ask Allah Howard knew that. Something goes to that I've I've replaced satellite receivers I've done the hard lines done all that I mean I've approved Sherry. Well, apparently, you don't need to know because it's worked out just fine. Work. You've had an amazing career so Oscar. Lucky! You're an account executive. Are you there? I'm there for a little over a year. And I decided that this is it man? I gotta go to the bigger market and I've got a really burst out. So they transfer me to the home station in Madison Wisconsin Okay so this is a pretty big operator and about fourteen stations. Men West family okay. I'll assure still around today still around today, so I go to Madison I'm one of like fifteen or eighteen salespeople people, and these are the days when remember am is the king and the FM is the giveaway share almost like it doesn't exist, so I was right at that transition, sixty, eight, sixty, nine, seventy were all of a sudden, the FM stations started to make an impact and start the be valuable, but it was still the am stations were the king, and it was W SM Madison. And Magic FM in Madison and W SM was a top forty rock station actually did very well and I I did very well there. And then I decided after about two years. It was time to not leave Wisconsin,.

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