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Reasons Why Im Single  Episode 159 Meet Me: In the Basement


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Reasons Why Im Single Episode 159 Meet Me: In the Basement

"You're listening to the podcast detroit w w w torch dot com for me god please send me a good man god sends one me you know not just when he's five nine john phillips table must be five not in god me darn that's all i'm asking she she she sees me a personality rollercoaster me and i'm like okay where's this table that was the cherry on the sunday not expecting that all those things regards like i've made you six animals the give you milk the saint petersburg self is like oh yeah they don't use any of those now they they get milk we've got we've got why would they do that because they don't like that kind of built this guy those emails word not prepare for so glad they got i haven't interrail i'm gonna get telling you what i wanna do genuine reaction those good you had a reason decide everything a ninety percent of the things that she has me on my god i guess his great resident but i can't tell you about it so you're saying like three weeks thanks sorry i'm not saying it's so you can't tell me why you see this is the thing i'm the worst secret keeper but i if i give you like a little you know what a soldier boy you know kind of like you make that throw the ball you're terrible secret keeper my head i'm like if i give her a little bit of knowledge then i'm like okay then i kinda told her and i don't know if you give it the details but she could still fried later come to most people don't like surprise why people don't like you don't like surprises with movies yeah in general you know that's fair biting into a donut i wanna know what you said you said this on air to you like yeah i don't like surprises white hair to me there in the dark chelsea table table then believer well a not the data this'll be posted but it's his birthday today breezy not buyers w we're now joined together valentine's day as a as a group we we win i think he's playing video games well probably his best choice for his birthday happy birthday lives nearby slight rain if you can't get him like pizza say no ellen hosting some really funny things unfazed by a show about the fact that she would like please give prayers to my cat actually not anything wrong he's attention well he's seventy andrus problem so i had to put coconut oil out of the other cat he's african american you're not greasy well when i have a problem if you get a cat were looking part line this is terrible joke in there i believe in i'm leaving her being a cat he just like gt three over here you're like oh this shade what's his name is a well he wants told me reality may harlem no we will all name philip lineup junior diane junior oh we just named after the who roger daltry dared in nebraska 'cause he kept punching phil coconut like licking i'm gonna smell good at the coconut smells tastes good to me ron doing alive or go home run i watched the coconut off so now you go but a owns comic game it's been very strong join it which the public i i would not wait what yeah you like that one post a public i've gotten some shady messages and that that shut down the block though oh that's true but she's leading me now i'm in my sixties i'm in my single seem the last thing christian leaving the last then chris i have a ton of friends are like swift times last year plan with all right so i one person from high school that just gave you a rough time me you know everybody likes taste you know why there is a girl things you need me a rough time blocker you will feel i have a couple of those from high school player pressure blocks little bit of adrenaline i definitely don't wanna know what you're doing what you're doing with your oh you're about to see a real that side who do you care i'm glad we talk about god first i love god everything but also first things first before we take care of that business we should let everyone know that we are not alone we are not i love we treat these here with this tree both were were better though and i am my mind is only a muppet la listen tracy last episode tv what would you name me my name would be stacey brooklyn you'll be stupid noise now 'cause you you wouldn't do it what scars guard i feel like he would do it hadn't happened where is that what it is worth wyoming liam hemsworth on christmas time i'd be like it'd be like you know you know chris liam hemsworth way okay so last week one more recordings 'em maybe you know we talked about this but i think it's a great girlfriend the video music video music mtv awards they change mtv the words they were playing all these like previous one where i'm kristen bell in somebody's got some real good looking guy like tests using their favorite things like tattoos yeah and then he got a trip stamp of illegals space good ballplayer you know the family dollars you're back in the womb over story which is like i am you know through late in the ladies day now whenever i doing over i'm like wait what am i signing up for and also my brothers story 'em terrify puppy so i puppy home again as i just said i puppy i mean i candy tell our listeners responded married man we all enjoyed that so so so tracy welcome to the show i have been trying for months to get the ball cash now running and i'm like okay fine area vine and then i kinda tricked myself in the coming days duty governor but like you're gonna be on the show shows how that's gonna work but that's fine so season which play a little get to know you game with the minutes easier to stretch it for two truths and a law this is where we have a guest tell us threes oppose it sucks about yourself and we have to guess which one the lie is very exciting stuff and sir i'm fond i just flex gambling smoke them all right crazy yeah i got area one they all up in the mike so what are your what are yours three stacks 'em let's see here we're a fact one i m twenty years old i'm turning twentyone in about three weeks i had dated someone who is forty years old ooh a thank you david you're all just killing the game i love it i to credit score in europe how many thank you you just gave me the answer fighter sx locker down there it'd be like i'm gonna take the floors no maybe the drug raw sorry what's her third faster me my second fact or the second fact is that i have nineteen piercings way way way so we got she's gonna be turning twentyone one in four year old man and you have nineteen piercing yes holy moly there were wearing headphones seers after you don't have to buy that if he likes energy last one there was one one previous when i did i did you ever won i won one will play this one i don't usually tough this tough tracy with the pink hair 'em better than becky with the good stuff though where the forty year old one might be true i'm gonna go away if you're birthday is bull why okay work it out i know they dated someone older but i don't know the he was actually forty but on the flip side of that i questioned if you actually have nineteen piercings 'cause now i'm going to like i'm counting in my head i'm like i unless he's got like a couple of hidden well obviously people have hidden piercings i get that i don't have the but i guess last week i had the thought like my nipples here so my call anybody here twitter posts you're tweet to go where is she deprived of sleep in two thousand six gosh now do you like to talk about them in their face and go to bed i don't forget either floods okay i'm gonna say the piercings is false and i think that maybe he was forty he might not have been forty though all right now you tell us the piercings things you from fourteen now can you take you're earphones awfully headphones earphones that sure you have a bunch in there for six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve thirteen fourteen wait pg thirteen fourteen again the belly button and not only my okay you little white delo belly button though that the theme wow thanks a lot during this face a you know a tracy stacey tracy safety mazing how easy is we she's waiting for marriage she's never had any of the sexy will implications i i dunno i went for vocabulary my brain when now never had a ban walk through these doors so you know man is walking anywhere near you you're not walking nowhere in new don't but so tracy 'em what you said are you in hey oh yeah i said said you keep saying that what other thing you say you're mad at me i don't now numbering oh here we go so thin all i know you wanna try make this about you but i'm not over in paris forgave him i i wasn't busier now with the building trades he went through situated are you in a relationship are you single even situation chip thanks dave 'em i been in a relationship for one month feel like am yes i do and pretty much living without you hardly i think you're you're in it a minute all right so i don't wanna i don't wanna hear about your relationship and you're all having fine but it's three from when you were a single specific story that i already know my wife because i this is a tricky it's such an interesting story and usually you know i'm i'm giving done so she was telling me and i feel like i had a lot of questions like so when i have a lot of questions i'm like i gotta get this in front of state because my brain is gonna go tells what that tells me so before we have you tell the story p m c is the story of the girl drivers well when you look so bad in the past that there's another when you buy oh hong like takes me to a moment in my life where where i liked that song anything when the photograph or a picture it's gonna suck that photograph a nickel bag ground anything they ever lab they wanna make sure photograph no we wanna no i'm gonna find one that you like that has photographing about right now my mind just goes to like those said those bad song i don't know if their ballots did not make so so right now we're gonna so we could save some shade in time for the right so the fake name series of the day is what we used to say sheri's berries and people's names we begin with a fake name series of the day to hide their identities but if they heard this john ray they would who they only know they know this series that we're using this week is willing grace do you do do do do do do they got all about andrew do do do do do you're welcome not a ballot every time you hear about that means we use the character name from the series will linger and if you need one we we have we have i am db also like anyone that we wanted a shout out or no do you are you yeah my company that working for me so i just starting job 'em i am showing cocoa products to go to sell a nice really nice nice they have a lifetime guarantee on they last forever pretty much so they're gonna use my firm that like i'm it's still a slice of life that needs to get at sharpened ever and sharpen it for him for free and let him know if he needs to get his she's my sharpened i like it now there is the website or anything like that like a ww dot a code calm right yeah but if you go through a representative like me we could you know lincoln are facebook's reasons why facebook dot com slash reasons why i'm single instagram is am twitter are w i s podcast and there you go well will send you will post up links awesome seem to get a better picture of you just holding some nice nice let's go were having she were single but also wolverine family same he wouldn't use a knife really been do you have probably thank you you're welcome i know that one hurts year well no no no no matter now well sorry if you need me i you'll just be in paris slumped reschedule the podcast only funny because i rescheduled the podcast from thursdays and sundays for like two months thanks yeah but i have one but i but i think a lot of trap argue apparently i know ohio to decide because you're going on a trip is word well this one's not where the pleasure in the last week we recorded two right but also work all rescheduled on sundays because my play i told you i once i know my mama me she goes again clinton building media theater were gonna do it at the beginning of august eighth on the weekend august fifteenth when i know what dave i am performing i'll let you guys know fantastic so no story time you need it you need okay so so so how how do we even start this i have no idea i'm trying to pick up some old memory so oh well first off we say you're twenty and twenty twenty so how did you meet eat this person people people these people oh there so let's okay so you were on we're gonna say no it was on app called me oh okay no where you meet people get it yeah let's see i feel the same name 'cause they're married but like i don't see any people with the same name i'm gonna do grace in leo leo married okay okay so who do you meet birdwell come i think i may raise asphalt twentyone years of friendship stricken drink like she's gonna inside of me and i'm like abled there it is i'm sorry so how'd you meet mcrae's first on me there's so much would meet me i know there's a lot of older people okay so that's where it's like the forty old okay you're old end so grace and we all had the same like a combined combined account you get it so i think grace was the one who is like messaging me first okay so i've never been married couples before they told me a little bit about themselves actually release sexually yes okay okay end yeah so we were talking little but they just wanna talk about sex right away oh they have about like are first year let me get you know uppers while watching drive still many meet me like is it designed to help meet couple or like are there like different stipulations i even gotten this app a couple of years ago and it was mostly like normal just like meet friends may run for a friend or lakey relationship people pretty much but it kinda just kind of turned into like g g f that okay you were like necessarily like you know on looking for a married couple of great like whatever happens happens right meet new people yeah pretty much experience life and how long did you guys talk before you met 'em usually with me i will talk to someone for like a day or two and i'll go on a date with them some people find that crazy but no but i'm the same way on the darn dating site and i'm like no if you just look you talk to me like we were gonna go somewhere you do like let me see if i mean you're talking about it be about it there you go yeah so i i think i talk to them for at least a week okay 'cause i just wanna make sure like they invited me over to their house those like when you first let me let me get murdered roquan man yeah i had some bad experiences meaning people i meet me go into their house right away in running out like twenty minutes time out i'm sure you watch that you really eighteen around eighteen nineteen year and you would go without let's call him charles stevenson sure so you show up tomorrow stevenson's house so the thing is with him i talked him for like maybe four hours straight not straight like i talked him at like eleven o'clock at night for like i think we talked to her on the phone checks and you snap chamie like video chatting like so i see us households look pretty nice and everything those like okay cool and he didn't tell me if you lived alone or with anyone so the next day were talking for like a couple more hours and he's like i really just wanna see him like amazing person a main early i am noticing why were friends or something like you know what i'm gonna come to your house so on i text him i was like what's her address listen charles internal 'em he so he sent me his address and i was like oh there's a code he took a hot minute to respond usually he like who's really reminding me oh is it was like an hour away from me i mean you drove i drove cash money man gas money right that hurt you said about the cash money recognize they cast a cash okay nine nine to alison wyant that through the diamond okay so he took a high responded fireball to deny deny the limited in how fire mobile video where they changed it from fireball to on fireable yeah why this guy's a jerk walking around his office we'd like maybe i'm on fire okay so what are you drove in our so i drove an hour and he took like did you tell anyone know i know well i know you don't get murdered she i i definitely learn life okay so you're you pull ups charles's place so like i said let's see a coach took a hot minute to respond to about twenty minutes and then you'll like sorry i was feeling something real quick here's my zip code whatever so i got to his house driving into his neighborhood i just see a guy run out face covered in blood one house and i really hope that he ran out of the house that they we're gonna have you back for halloween literally did you did you go he comes out after i pull off rolled window and he can't a rag in the wind wiping off the office hand like nothing like on are you like what just happened he's like oh don't worry about it is fine just come on and i don't know the blood don't worry about that i don't see any blood and it'd be here i was you know shaking scare like obviously the first thing you should do is it's like drive off but i was like i'm a nice person i'm like i'm not kidding now i understand because like there is a point in my life where i would have been like they don't wanna be rude right out even even though i know so many running away with one of their me i'm like well maybe he was trying to know it might have been like maybe there's someone else that need saving and i could be a buffer maybe they have a family and maybe i would walking in with by phone on nine one one awaiting a press end yeah but but but i probably would have been okay so you go in you know i think like they might not that one guy with and i have no idea what a good story totals i've got so i walked into his house in it is like the show hoarders like those kind of nasty how but he would show you parts of the house it looked fine it looked clean it looked like he lives in like a middle class house all nice i don't know where it's hosts he took that or if you have a different how have you at a different now maybe he just has one room maybe right that's like so i watched the room when i walk in the wall right there covered blood there is a huge hit both looking the blood people just eating supply laura laura so he looks tired from like beating the crap out of the wrong guy and so he's like which is going to be like i gotta go like ryan like away from yours and you're like all right i i i do as crazy as it sounds like you're saying yeah you're eighteen sit out you got a decent conversation get blood eating like people these looking blood loves reboot i gotta say like a little dog named cv it's just bring it back around my one okay my what goes in the base yeah it'd be like i said upstairs porterhouse downstairs ten times next year then they'll upstairs and it smells john it replay cigarettes we'd all the drugs you name it was just one heroin smells like heroin and i'm like no one's reads like just people died here yeah pretty much i mean i i wouldn't i wouldn't be surprised if he said oh i have a body like you're like oh the guy rational court ruling that found on his mom is in the corner crazy right so we ran into the wall it's crazy but anyways how do you like you're saying they were in the basement and he's like pacing back and forth i could tell like he's on blocking the stairs no okay good 'cause that's a power move like hardcore so he's just like walking back and forth telling me like i just got out of jail like a couple of months ago i barely understand like anything he was saying 'cause you talking really fast talking about how he got out of jail and just like he'd even know like who is living wis that's the thing like i didn't know whose house we were in like he i know he did lives with his mom or dad i think he just like i think i think he said he was twenty two twentythree whoa okay oh that's not who i was picturing there's no space regular forty year old at the different up you come back next week well i mean three i told you right in over his head coach he lived and i'll sharpton a free reason this guy so i guess who's in a three year relationship ship this three years ago three years previous to him being in jail yes yeah it's another showing you watch the locked up in a what is it like loving locked up under no it's like different like couple the one is behind bars you know yeah series in some ways what's what happened what happened what happened like nothing like the craziest part was like the person running everything but you're just like yeah talking to me like telling everything that's been happening in the relationship thing and he's like i can't sleep at night so that's where we were like up talking late believe it ready for things like i can't sleep at night and title is like you know why don't we coddle and then we'll try to get some sleep together like he was up all night like talking to me whatever i got like maybe four hours asleep like yeah i will nap anywhere i don't right and so his bed downstairs i didn't see it because they're just so nasty in just trash everywhere but it's not doing anything right right yeah so by anyway so hot so he was like shaking i don't know what he i mean he was clearly like driven usual tripping and so he starts kissing i mean everything and i was like no like i just kept pushing them right but that's all they do you know what i mean how tired you are this isn't gonna yeah right yeah yeah so i just kept pushing him off me like no we're not gonna do anything let's just cut all living like you need to get some sleep after kitchen someone somebody told you the hit like someone well i guess leo's wiping but what often i mean even exactly explain it yeah i still don't understand who that was and what happened with that exactly that's i'm still like really confused imagine what if they if somebody comes on her show and they're telling the story and they're like i just had a get out of this crazy house and i saw this little girl pulling up to the house and i was in my it'd be like and then she that's what i keep thinking about like sunday some girls gotta be on the show and talking about me like you know like have you plug before i have this cat constantly like like nothing really crazy happened like he just kept trying to kiss me and everything and i would just push them off and like he would start snoring away 'cause you is like tripping so it's like i couldn't tell what he was away when you whatever so just kept jumping on top of me to the point where like he wanted like stick depend on my pants and i was like no i like aggressively pushed him off me and i was just like i gotta go like this is not working out i'm kinda scared i'm peace and this yeah this is why you know i've i've watched too many murder pod or listen to many murder podcast right now because then i was waiting she'd be like when knocked over pile books and living on fire and let him down to that leaves the garbage and bye bye what by too many murder podcasts i know i did not know what you were saying i believe like that i that she went like dang like oh my god i also still fire my god okay i'm so happy you're like yeah that was a fantastic story by way okay so now the other one we are used in what leo grayson leo leo you waiting a week before he met them wondering about both both okay is this like a you only met them together together so you knew you're going to meet a couple yes after they made it clear they made it clear and they have kids and all that have you met their kids yes how many kids and they're like no you by name did you also like start babysitting for them they're like no no so here's the thing when i went to their house filthy dirty ball oh i don't know like boom boom in a dirty broom again why when you that they like as you say why rhymed with room okay listen i'd like to they spend the night take that from now until ever dockers song isn't if you will see going bells behind that like slowed a little like the blues i went to you in may and then they take their time now cal fire oh i'm like scary movie copyright trademark dot com dot com okay sorry so yeah so how how hard to them or know about the kids so like it would be really friendly with everything i was friendly a meeting like the first meeting i went over there so the house the trinity dirty until like yeah the kids were all like i was expecting like you're inviting a stranger over right babysitter someone like you know if i'm gonna murder you and your kids you take you take any man yeah they're open i guess i was like the first like presses benefit person never we've never done this before so we may as well go all in last night's hey over here i pretty much went over there like an hour before the kids is by the time and so shows like eight o'clock at night okay eight nine and so like yeah i just make sure every time i went over there is like later before there but i'm just like in our for the right time so like they they know who the're ever 'cause you know right that's true sometimes kids were hearing something changed in yeah yeah that's fair they me until they always go there like earlier but it's like it's like you're kids like they really shouldn't like well i mean okay so you're there and how long did this go on but you were with this couple on and off friends with benefits with them forever i let's say like two months at the okay how old were you if you don't mind me asking since last year so like nineteen twenties okay so were you like affectionate with them in front of the kids no okay no okay i kissed the grace once in front on but i don't think they saw unrealized when it okay yeah so yeah we never did like kisser hug really anything really in front of the kids did they were like oh no the word i would use is wrong but they wanna like i don't know when we think of that where did they adopt you mean it off but do they want to take you on is like you're there forever forever ever anything but yeah like like what's what's it called 'em besides begging me ripple through apple full polyamorous relationship yeah thing effort so it's kinda like they just want someone friends with benefits and we would have to do everything like she got her sexually okay so like i respected that i told him like i'm fine with like talking in a group chat with both of you but everything so everything's equal there's no drama no bs none of that and so for the first two months like there is no drama or anything everything's cool and i start dating someone else for a good i think it's like you're young and you're allowed to explore yourselves factually but eventually you need something more than just this one little thing because even though it's a big part of a relationship it is one part of a whole see you wanna see somebody else this is a crazy guy who say why italian basement maybe you quit your job i'm gonna tell you in the basement yeah yeah i can't do we have left yeah i can't even tell us all right yeah i'm like you okay so hold on so crazy guy is that well you know i wanna finish up this couple of the cool thing did they see it's like you know okay were all in a relationship is that the way they saw they despise friends with benefits i would still allowed to date so they were in a relationship you were the death star exactly yeah an a guest appearance by tracy but then you started dating somebody else and they weren't okay which i know i just you know i think my cheek out in like a relationship so i told my k i just got a relationship i can't really see guys anymore like okay cool if you breakup whatever were still here wherever we really like you so if anything happens just let us know and then a couple of months go by that's what's i think it's crazy snacks i dunno i dated a lot i feel like it was crazy and so then jack jack jack i mean come on now an advocate of the show so i started talking to them again and they're like hey we're looking for a girlfriend this time we start talking to again on me i start talking to leo leo is on me okay by himself yes oh oh they have different accounts now oh see that seems sneakier so we start talking me is came we could do stuff without grace now like we trust you enough to do that and i was like i'm sorry i would feel comfortable just you know including everybody yeah 'cause i don't either i'm doing this if everybody what family good i'm sorry could k yeah we did like you know have sex without like oh this is like not in the group message anymore now is what separates you eighty which right 'cause if it were true i feel like it would still be the group passage yeah so i start taxing grace and be like hey you know leo's talking to me like me you also have user still fake names and so she was like yeah that's cool like you could come over whenever you want you guys could do whatever else like oh like weird permission yeah that's weird so what's the facts good yeah okay effects is like okay you're not gonna be like let let me let me see if i could try again all right yes so good and so i just i made a group chat again katie i i'd rather just talk to both of you and then see where things go and they're like oh yeah were looking for her girlfriend we trust you would really like you so i go to their house they got a brand new house 'cause they lived out in pontiac a nice yeah they were in and where they moved to but anyway there's a lot nicer house i felt my calling mark alice yes who is actually clean brown and so prematurely we start talking a little bit separately texting and everything like that and i just i don't like that and then feel really comfortable 'cause i was just so used us talking altogether yeah and then like whenever like i'd be having sex with leo a great jim expunging you know she would just walk out there i'm like no you you see the thing about fox is that like you guys set up now mind you like different strokes for different folks but multiple you you guys had an initial dynamic that was like oh three one one four but like where were you like you i mean where my version brain is it like even if i'm friends with like karen an a rosario at us like oh what a great team you know but then hearing rosario stop talking so it should mean karen hanging out and all of a sudden like it's fine right you don't hang out with anything rosario they're just like whatever it i'm like what are you throw that away like an all star where my mind goes that to any physical level i maybe a little emotional one other parts i deliver a girlfriend girlfriend i feel like that if imply that they want it to become an emotional relationship to feel like a day or two hours more effort for grace then it was really okay to arrest you feel like she got you more yeah she the thing is i'm more of a quiet person so is leo so like yeah awkward was just me and him but wis a grace shoes more outgoing i really like martin current if she was in a relationship but i'll probably be dating her right now okay that's the best way to put it this is the first i've ever heard of like a couple of real life couple like wanting to bring up third party into the relationship at her like more than just a one time thing right right interact with the relationship thing it's like i'm so young you are very very hard as i think she like she just turned twenty nine in leo is is thirty two so it's like more like don't like rush me into really yeah they kinda like traitor rush me interpret them not to the kid yeah right you can't really do that now i can imagine like being last number one none of those i could imagine but also to be with my husband and that i mean that couples are eight right early thirties and then bring eight teams were you a teenager no no no you nineteen twenty johnny depp bring like you know a teenager like very young adult like please don't take offense of this but like you know a newer adult right now like like to bring that in like that's so interesting dynamic natural now that's not comfortable to me right like if i were searching for something like that i would if it was a strictly friends with benefits thing but i could see using someone like you know younger like more like fun naive whatever you wanna call it but i can't imagine just just if you want a relationship like you said someone on arson still figuring stuff out like living their life however you wanna limit kudos to you first name hey i'm in a relationship now like you know this is what i want and i'm so thankful that they were respectful of that that's where after the first story you gave i'm like please don't want her to come after her so when when did it end when i got into this so it's still you're still technically like an open thing with that she and then you were still actively meeting other people yeah so i think i guess i guess you're like i mean i i put up they all like i'll be like my heart's on it and i'm still check and stuff so now you're in relationship relationship is not crazy he does not want us are in the basement critter she sure gonna leave leave him so manipulative it was so we're talking last year we were tax payer rest to each other every single day and we call him then we've gone then so then he seems normal for sending me perhaps he was really easy to talk to end then i'll take me on person like looking like i'm not gonna come to his house courageous trauma right guys i have a real around like oh yeah like he like refused to meet me in person and like talk on the phone and i always talk to you like when i got out of work you're not sure i'd get out of work and he's like i can't talk on the phone i just got into a fight with my brother were still fighting like just excuses after excuses so it's like you know what i will leave you alone and then he just kind of ghosts me and then i didn't talk to him for a good six months yeah i he saw he saw me i meet me and he's like hey since i a dead end on like said they approach posted you clean of cocaine we start talking again so so so like when we start talking again paragraphs again and and all that so we got to a point where just like i said let's just meet each other in person so i think we start talking on the phone every single day so i felt more comfortable like i trust if i were to go to his house and everything so i pretty much picked him up from his house and we were driving around so he seemed like a really great guy like seem normal at first and then you really young man you're like yeah i spent seventy thousand dollars on cocaine lash to like make that it'd be like crypto currency i don't i'm not big on that but he you ain't got him now i mean i'm like that is legit money in the crypto currency when intermittent in 'cause they cashed out immediately continue so just so big on that and that's where he made all this money from it's always like you need a quote you're job i'll take care of you just come with me my basement you don't have to worry about one single thing to me in my basement yeah yeah something like wasn't that way you really have to go to work now you know what you're gonna do anything i'm gonna tie you up in the basement you feel like one many he'd be like yeah i'm tell you my basement be like why like nothing it's fine you're talking like everything going everything going on everything's going fine until like what'd you say and you know that sweet sweet apple oh so we're riding on an offer like a month about this whole basement and then finally he like start to manipulate need to like they don't hate actually go along with that to quit my job and like he wanna take away my phone my weekly everything and you like you don't need a contact her family at all you're like actual abusers like that's their whole plan they wanna like isolated from your family or anybody who has like a reasonable amount of influence in your life so that way they can like manipulate you into whatever venue into whatever they want you to so again what was ted bundy yeah oh so yeah so like i always complain about my job not too happy with it and everything so he was like you know i love it you don't have you don't have to work anymore our like i'll make all the money like you know what let me just like you open the basement let me get you knock double start a family and it's like doing great work what about the nature of motherhood is not working at all also it's very wrong blue said hey oh my gosh connect metal ask how old you are then when this is just the rebate right a couple of months ago this is one right before right before this guy normal normal normal guy tinder lucky that i mean again i love which is a pretty face some ari day in so now we've got given stacey a lot of information we have come to the show we like to call version with questions stacey is a virgin by choice end sometime shift question that specially the app itself oh my gosh way this is why so clearly we have had two different experiences when we were in late teens early twenties this makes me laugh confuses before it was saved for everything fame is fine well is there anything that you wish you could do over again of curiosity not going crazy guys beat the crap out of someone that was just beating the crap out of someone i never ran out of that house by gives knuckles and suffer were were bleeding ju i think it seems like broken ooh yeah now and it looked pretty messed up in total careful getting out even even like that was the coolest rumble yeah her mom like i don't regret anything with them you have seen so what's the the rumble need that so let me ask you this do you consider yourself bisexual pan sexual was pretty much any any gender on like guys girls a gender fluid like cross dressers just any like mixed people like i'm gender fluid myself so like i dress a little more masculine and feminine i don't know if you noticed chelsea at all right anything about me well i know who you are like man i noticed you but i i don't care but you know what i mean i don't care what i'm saying like i know who you are and i don't i don't care right who you do yeah is that the way this is not so much anyone one any gender i do know judge says okay so even with all may enter family family okay i know that because i was wondering if being with the it'd be a couple of that like persuade you to go any direction more but if you're pan that means like equal opportunity so much i have a question also now that you're in a relationship would you ever consider taking on hey bro front earth with him now the thing is with me i can join a couple yeah i will never be in a relationship and have someone else do i get that i okay okay i get that yeah i mean yeah we have learned a lot because i mean that's the beauty of having guests come on that lives live better completely different from mine because it's just something new i never would have heard about so it's education it's helping me the learn things and just it it's curiosity like me learning like where people have gotten too because even though i lives by life even though i'm a virgin by joy is i'm not forcing that on anyone you want so if i'm like oh my goodness let me ask questions because there is a stigma with people that are emerging by choice there just like with religious and they just shown ever own she's like well no all people is just happened to be my choice i'm always curious to hear about these other things so thank you for being steve mike tracy thank you so much for coming on the show thank you perhaps i think listening allan thank you for doing what you do as dot com i feel like we all learned a lot so much thank you guys so much for listening we'll see you next week and also you're welcome chelsea i say reasons i'm single will see next week okay but

pizza ellen john phillips saint petersburg valentine two months twenty minutes three weeks three years forty year four hours milk seventy thousand dollars eighteen nineteen year twentyone years ninety percent three stacks twenty years forty years six months
Video Game Hacker Sentenced - Kinda Funny Games Daily 07.03.19

Kinda Funny Games Daily

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Video Game Hacker Sentenced - Kinda Funny Games Daily 07.03.19

"What's up everybody welcome the kind of funny games daily for wednesday july third twenty nineteen on one of your host greg miller alongside the road one gary widow twitch dot tv slash gary widow heads right you are officially a twist celebrities internet micro celebrity meredith it's all happening qualified for a twitch partner yesterday measure put the application a they're reviewing it right now hope to bring you a positive result very soon thank you i don't want you to go you know what i mean i worry enough about andy leaving our our would never leave you of course thank you to everybody who daily rosario complete right there is you know the people were very a and i don't go too far into this line of thinking they were upset on monday they they were they were like is there beef because you went live all kind of funny with live jerry but now daily no no no no we're cool friends and it was also a two hour long episodes we've called friends like it was fine i never i never i never thought about that i usually i usually go on in the evening yeah you knew and herself in her son also threats i'm looking now i'm definitely around you like in that that's what i g in miami irritation it back at me that's true you know what i mean we still frame that trend that we soldier pay we fired on right here will take their their golden calf in florida them right here on kind of funny so yeah it's been going well i again i gotta thank thank you for letting me the show on the channel on the show yesterday he let me tell you it blew up dan hopping off all week yeah a lot of kind of funny best friends came over to the channel at twitch twitch dot tv slash gary what we've been doing all kinds of fun things we added we've got a we've got light to the bob and sheri bible makeup yeah it's like a nice okay everybody right and it'll she set up they believe the play games okay so we had a play games on the channel twitch stream it is it is expected to yeah but i finally gonna play world worthy i'd love to hear i could on the stream now it's mostly me just talking about writing giving out screenwriting advice and things like that also just just bouncing off you know just show up into the chad really up yeah exactly it's been good if you like gary mouthing off and ladies and gentlemen let me tell you about gary book of you i watch long it's tuesday july ninth that at six pm pacific time twitch dot tv slash gary would have a book with you i finally on the usa netflix yeah i'll be waiting for this alone so now it's finally on you as netflix and it's widely available to a whole new audience yeah i mean everyone has netflix right you have neck and then h m you're water you got garbage you gotta gotta have it you gotta have netflix and chill and given that i'm just excited the movie will find a whole new stadium how many movies greg if you like you skip to the theater you skipped on dvd and then when it came in that it's only i'll give it a try you know maybe you end up really liking it only how do i how do i sleep i've gotta be so lazy now when i start netflix now sit down their food will start netflix and we had that first thing where like i got enough whenever you're advertising on why not let's just watch that right right right came here not knowing what we want so hopefully it will be to new orleans and i'm trying to do something fun i believe it's the first time anything like this has been done on twitch stream w 'cause we got into trouble they know you sit in the movie up in a different browser window or and apple tv or whatever you wanna do will go once he three go will sink it all out will press play together and then i'll do a live commentary q and i have the movie i just running that she will have the original script disagree i i got something i need to remind myself off a do i really wanna told you about this yeah remember don't forget those mitt i let's written the script up on the screen and you'll be talking about like the scripts a screen pass and that's really who i like that about lots of questions there'll be really fun i'm looking again like i don't think anything like that some of the dumbest which we were gonna be hosting on twitch dot tv slash kind of great you remember which i'm sure joey well and then yeah you wrote on your hand dream you also texting me remind me tell you about the dream i had what drywall i'm gonna i'm gonna get my wife will kill me if it and also did this latest development the channels they're gonna be selling merchandise oh wow wearing the space rock so they say socks this is the t shirt based on space rocks the type of board games i invented some years ago and i'm still trying to get it together a county hasbro mattel a couple of years i said i'm just gonna do it myself i think next year mia jared go jazz a big believer in space rock right we're gonna go packs and we're gonna sell it okay so stay tuned for packs don't you shut everything rockstars well that's that's up to you the gang doesn't specifies valley resort to violence you can if you choose to i told you i i think i remember telling you hey we should make space rocks and dreams and you said you have someone with you have have you have you have to at least have the option old old options must be on the legal nightmare for you know what i mean will say we will see where people could face roxy shirts a goat at twitch dot tv slash gary which i'll and i'll be providing more information to we're gonna center and let's see store not gonna sell her mary nice all this was literally this old made this teasha didn't exist two hours ago yeah my wife designed it this week a she has a heat precedent vinyl cutter yeah she put altogether a made it for me to we're on the show this morning or t shirts made in the usa designed manufactured printed in usa strike from out for the rams have amount family farms your table but i gotta tell you about this dream right on my hand i don't wanna derail the show to my list i think people expect us on who i know i know people treat this is just like a big pre show k f f okay first off it's not gave after typically they do yeah by the way i gotta give credit to nick the the karate kid got it right here but typically people like get rid of this get rid of grand opening act that's where they just opening acts nikkan andy we we will kind of accepted that now so i think people get very irritated when the when the show goes past eleven o'clock k k f i that's just an indian is all accounts and they're saying over and over again hey where is that now that like we know that he is all accounts it makes sense of like how many like how he has somebody does make sense so i know i know that there's nothing more boring then someone telling you about their dreams i saw this dream last night a fucking get you went and got falafel like paul giamati and you're ex girlfriend who fucking can't just totally of interest to you but you actually might be steve 'cause it's kind of funny relayed okay cool and i woke up this morning some dreams really rattled you and you still kind of freaked out here another dreams happy dreams and you wake up in the mood like translates into you're waking honored percent 'em this morning i woke up very emotionally confused by this dream k and it was a kind of funny related dream is the first one i've ever had a and i need they helped me process at you gonna be my shrink from it got it got it 'em you want in the dream okay so you know but my parents were so yeah i mean tim gettys wasn't in the dream which is very surprised by because you know i have a big old man crush on chair of course those baby i mean who doesn't exactly it was okay i'm just gonna i'm gonna regret doing this i know i'm gonna tell you about this dream 'em it was me a nick scott pino a beret yeah okay yeah sign up for this thing all right and the three of us well on the couch in my home office i am a mother had read on a couch and we're all how would i say cavorting dare i say front looking okay on the couch together just kinda like goofing around in like wrestling like play wrestling killing each other like giggling and having a good time it was sexual in any way okay but it could very easily turned into that sure you're on the cost right it's like that they didn't end there wasn't any sexual energy in the dream which is playful it's just it was just boys i think they're having harmless fun together i think that's all i wonder why i wonder why my subconscious picks baron picnic they're the most free wheeling fun guys and they office you think suddenly home yeah while you have but nick is one sometimes and they you know is you don't see be angry nick yeah you gotta get a few beers strikes me is like the cool and the yeah dude i mean i know the show just off the rails already who cares but where do interview for spiderman far from home after this yeah wait until you hear the knicks three i have the toll from that movie okay let me tell you what would you be surprised if he jumped over railing in the middle of the fucking movie like a psychopath will talk about it any interview but it's kind of funny games daily they were talking about the daybreak hacker that's going the jail ethic covering those shame you three refunds and shovel knight being awesome maybe they know this kind of funny games daily each and every weekday on a variety of platforms we run you through the nerdy video game news you need to know about if you like that be part of the show patriot dot com slash kind the funny game you can leave us your questions comments concerns and everything else under the video game son then tune into watch us record the show live on twitch dot tv slash kind of funny games if you're watching live you special job go kind of funny dot com slash your wrong to tell us what we screw up as we screwed up so we can set the record straight for everybody watching later on youtube dot com slash kind of funny games rooster teeth dot com and listening on podcast services around the globe housekeeping for you today i'll go quick run long formosa greg's comic book club number seventeen is up on patriot dot com slash kind of funny that's just eight bucks were talking about the boys and whole bunch of other comics rt x is this week in all kind of funny is going that means you need come to are signing on friday and he'd come see are panels on saturday we have won the kind of funny we need some more then funhouse at two pm michael jones and greg miller let's see what happens at five thirty pm state or patriot producers colton yoder blackjack mohammed mohammed today were brought to you by ups certain experiences but i'll tell you about that later for now let's begin the show with what is an forever will be the rope report did it did it did it did it did it did it five items on the rubber does it number one the daybreak hacker has gotten two two years in prison this is owen good at polygon another hacker behind these attacks on daybreak game company venues sony online entertainment is going to prison austin thompson of utah will be behind bars for the next twenty seven months the usa attorney's office for the southern district of california announced today thompson twentythree pleaded guilty in november parentheses official charge damage to protect a computer in front of these in connection with a tax in late twenty thirteen against eso eat his group dirt dirt patrolling was allegedly actually behind several denial of service attacks on me online service an several eso games plus battled dot net league of legends andover to in late twenty thirteen thompsons attack were preceded by about six months of those groups calling itself lizard squad which targeted essay away in even maybe bomb threat the foresee flight carrying the president's plan oh i remember that yeah john smith thompson who's not involved in those crimes in early january twenty fourteen whoever was running dirk trolling twitter account said that federal agents have shown up at their home but they had escaped through the bathroom agreement tosses we seem like his legs like scoring italy catch me if you look out the window trolling tosses agreements that he was in charge that account quote thompson typically used a twitter account at dirt trolling to announce an attack was imminent and then posted scalps parentheses screen shots or other photos showing that victims survivors have been taken down after be attacked prosecutor said in a statement thompson will begin serving his sentence august twenty third he was also ordered to pay nine ninety five thousand dollars in restitution to daybreak game company i doubt they're gonna get that money anytime soon twenty three year old ninety five thousand dollars that's not happening not some sponsors no but i mean but they but they i mean they they will fall into the end of the year that you know it's like student loans a gary good throw the book at honored percent yeah right i don't like hackers i think hacking hacking could be really fun as a hobby a i like hackers around the good saudi you know the the the white hat hackers shutting hackers at do try that sometimes do things the kind of information out of the could be in the public interest credit visibility for that but malicious hackers people they're just hold shit around somebody just out there just for the laws and they get that laws at the expense of other people just spoiling other people's fun remember those in other cases if you years ago like they have the experts live on christmas day like when i served yeah just dinner earlier if he if he only way you can get satisfaction is it expensive us by making other people happy you need to have a fucking would promise me always right is like i mean a hacker if you're like especially that girlfriend drastic park if you're a great hacker right and you have all this talent and you can do all these different things like you're using a town 'cause you're mad at a video game company for what they did how many atrocity they're happening right now corporate american all this different stuff or even though like the whatever the fuck is going on at the white house or not or not looking into that stuff that's not where you're gonna go after you have think what you could do is into the public good and that's the thing about it to where it's like you drop like some of the stuff they do it wasn't even like hacking right like the d the denial of service attacks are usually too many people are doing it they're actually just making a million things go to the site yeah similar that's when we say go to kinda funny dot com slash whatever and then hostgator scratches 'cause no one ever goes there like that and then you called in a bomb threat to a plane yeah the hacker you're astle you're not you don't even deserve you're not even like the girl in jurassic park who understood newman thing you know what i mean right get out of here non newman no they it's twenty one twentyone over two years is it doesn't sound like a longtime nfl with this guy looks like this one i'm guessing he wrote a you know little little nut two years two years general population is probably i wouldn't wanna do it out god no i don't wanna get a prison now i'll die before the hitman yeah and then the opposite evidence that you will i ever never take care of all the crimes roses thing about yesterday why did you what was the conversation you avenue by we were we were playing a game for party mode coca nights and bikes from the uk with a friend of mine a playing the game with us yeah yeah and he kept using british slang in the game takes place in england okay some words would pop up and then we're we're making fun of not making fun of having fun with him about it and then he's like i like rousers and i'm like that's that's definitely a made up one and we had a we haven't heard in a long time usually you'll be happy new number two in the british person list of raw who coli okay answered the first time they swing in in in in it yeah yeah and then we call them the second time they clean rogers even though he did not deny that you did it you similar when we call lucy james during the josh mccoo episode about what is the magna carta and she's like i'm not a hunter is that shirt so we called number two wow and i of course i had you know right away kevin was so offended that lucy the no no no that shit number two overall hort epic is covering these team refunds version three this is from epic ceo tim sweeney of course yesterday we talked about the fact that a okay cool genu three isn't coming esteem anymore it's going up against an exclusive in that there were some people that really up in arms about they were yeah so so he's now offering or they were offering refunds on their their kickstarter right saying hey yankee start if you wanna if you don't want the steam code or if you don't wanna go let us know will refund your money for you're steam code whatever but then teams when he tweeted this since then ethic is funding the cost of all kickstarter refunds resulting from shan you threes moved to be epic game store so that refunds won't reduced eve nets a development funding once user games go epic when future games go epic exclusive after offering crowd funding reward another pc stores we coordinate with colleagues at the other stores do insure chemo in advance or guarantee refund at announcement time well i i posts festival i don't understand all this anger about ethics store like oh my god so loyal to steam team there's some people out there so blindly loyal to steam the ethic doing his own stories like some kind of a a front to them i don't i don't understand i've seen a lot of anger directed ethics door it does whenever people right i've we've done this a lot on the show and i've said if you're new here i'm not a pc player so it's one of those icy from outside and i i i've said since they started hey man good on ethic better rev share better this year and then people were so angry they put sub reddit threads about it and it seemed it was feature base that they were mad didn't have certain features that they were gonna have this that'd be other and i'm gonna guess brand new those features seemed like their hand losing the right way they're doing the refunds go easy to do that the more money than god 'em but you know i don't have to do i think that making the right move good for epic i agree i like this is my i think he's i i i i'd like to think i read everything closed everything you've put on the sub read it written on the show about why you despise the game store and how it's not it's more than just a launcher it is it's different it's i still don't completely agree with you on this and it's way andrey and i he said something about yesterday but it's like it's just exclusives and i understand the pc markets coming down with exclusives and having understand that but yet again it seems like he's doing the right thing by the developer which is what their whole thing's steamed monopoly has been a monopoly for a long time 'em anything kind of breaks up the disrupts that and kind of a a a provides more competition and more reasons steam to be competitive in less complacent about their market dominance maybe that's a good thing yeah a great number three how big a shovel knight when he was on this week we're talking about shovel knight and the fact they keep it is somebody written in saying hey when we gave away when gore awards are given for best ongoing game why shovel knight never in the conversation when in reality you brought this game five years ago you have all this amazing at on full game content at and all these different things in tim and i went back and forth a little bit about how that was great for their fan base and consumers but maybe not the best in terms of pr marketing strategy with that in mind i saw this role across the twitter sphere today in maybe deserves a shot so i'm reading from clubs own website what's up shovel lost raptors it's been five years since the initial release of shovel knight but no no i'm sorry let me child again it's been five years since the initial release of shovel knight now known as shovel of hope so much has happened since then and the blue bird or has certainly gone places first off there are three games and the shovel knight saga with two more on the way shovel knight had enough of crossover with a crossover battles with crate us balto judge even know that these credo some battletested crossover lonesome yeah what matt cooperative game play with that it there's been a bunch of cool shoveling merchandise we made the first we made the first third party amigo with more on the way nintendo published in japan shovel knight isn't smash brothers an we ever released on twelve platforms in sold over two point five million copies in head over twentyfive cameos there's even going to be a board game we have so much gratitude for legions of fans and friends your supportive are kickstarter start it at all to celebrate this momentous occasion we thought we'd take a trip down memory lane share some of are memories from development work in progress images group photos in where things got posted in her slack from the from the last five years like a tv show we guess that's required reading this is all and the yacht club site it's interesting you go through and see them grow is studio grows the game then they put this hearing this is just shameless promotion for you know exactly what happened how did she get to me last week interesting it just i just thought today anyway it's still worth while because they did a stream at three seven you should have gone watched it last week but it's more information and then about this of where shovel knight man talk about a sleeper hit like shovel knight is on my radar hit people told me how great shovel not is all the time see people streaming it's out there is in supply but i had no idea is as big a deal is this yeah it's great right under the radar but it's it's it's currently out there kind why people love it and i mean just just crazy stuff credo some battles howard's crossovers the first party amoeba against the getting it's a smash brothers is no is no is no small deal yeah all right it's the games where we the the argument with him nothing argument but the question right like all right well why is it not in the running for best ongoing game right 'cause you bought the game right i'm looking on playstation network right now you buy shovel knight treasure trove of twenty five bucks right now you get all the stuff we talking about here you get shovel knight play good shot as you get shovel knight a shovel shovel of hope the base game shovel knight specter torment a shovel knight king nights campaign shovel knight battle mode and these other two that are coming soon soon so like that's an awesome deal any leaving that is overlooked in nearly really how older guys have sat there an served over and over and over and over their audience right right and so yeah they need a pat on the back and then he explains i think you know we talked about it to like how well they're doing like two point five million copies and i do think that could have done more but again it's that thing of when you look at the blog posted i'm sending you whether it's old apparently a and you see the way the studio wrote grew it's still not huge right so it is one of those on granted they made promises when they showed how they're gonna do deals and everything else but even beyond that i think it's the argument that they don't need the lift beyond their means they don't need the sit there and nickel and dime they audience they don't you know what i mean like they're all i hope being general food taken care of and they see support from their audience and so they're able to sit there and make their games like this is the kind of story i like to say you know they're making games with a kickstarter and dream next thing you know you're and super smash brothers exactly right 'em once you're this you're on is not about that but it's off the base george right saying or i'm sorry jorge not george i writes in and says if you're hackett you're an asshole including me greg hackers are also upstanding cyber that's somebody said i'm talking with astles he did the bad stuff yeah i'm alison wyant i literally in the same breath said that so i don't accept that one not george number four on the rope report we've clarification on yesterday story about all those cyberpunk games you know there's a rumor there those even remember those translated article saying that hey guess what there's gonna be a cd project red is working on three different cyberpunk games rebecca valentine of games industry biz has this update cyberpunk twenty seventy seven it's playing for lunch next year but cd project red apparently has to other cyberpunk universe title hot and seals pose website banker who you're talking about yesterday rights i had the ceo president's i said in a conference yesterday the city has the five separate teams one for each side one for each cyberpunk game it's currently working on into others working on going in a non another non cyber title decided on teams are working on cyberpunk twenty seventy seven another on around aaa dido playing for twenty twenty one and a third child has not been mentioned it all one team based on laws we said yesterday i had her on forty members is focusing on multiplayer in cyberpunk twenty seventy seven and in total the studio employees around eight hundred but said last me that they want it to be known for treating developers with respect a by among other things emphasizing non obligatory crunch policy quote are next big project wall street cyberpunk university said cd project red vp a peter nibble i end were already working on it and treating it as another really initiative or innovative project for us a that man added twenty seventy seven visualization were already very strong in china i will i put this in the update part of it like oh this is after that sounds exactly like what i read yesterday so i'm going back to figure out what the hell she's talking about unless you updating her article and i maybe it was the fact that they didn't have that yesterday i thought we're updating something i think about it in a i mean there's nothing new timmy i heard about the cyberpunk titles in the pipeline one of these other unannounced titles gonna be which florida ceiling oh i see what i fucked up here we go what's the difference the fuck up is that i would expect you put updates you article on top of your article could be it could all they had the bottom exactly so i do i put that's when they're at the top 'cause like this yeah me to write the sub head was posted clarifies it's has three teams working on cyberpunk twenty seventy seven so less everybody first second act like i just read all of that as the bring you up to speed on what we talked about yesterday and i'm not maybe and like i said if you watch my twitter locked out so moving faster anyway updated this firm rebecca cd project red has clarified comments about its plans the cyberpunk series a statement issued gamespot claims that the three teams the guy mentioned are focusing on the development of cyberpunk twenty seventy seventy seven with the warsaw in krakow studios quote handling the main game and the war car a division engaged in technology are indeed the reference to the main game does not imply multiple cyberpunk plot projects although this could refer to a large witcher three style expansion cd cd project has since confirmed the company does have a public strategy page which lists cyberpunk twenty seventy seven at the only confirmed cyberpunk released before twenty twenty one alongside another aaa rpg usery the same info below we currently have total of five teams working on a number of projects with three focusing on the development of cyberpunk twenty seventy seven these including a cd project red warsaw in crap who are handling the main game as well the work or work or studio where around forty industry specialists or engage and technology are in deep eight separate dedicated team at the warsaw studio is handling the development of going to the final team in spoke how which is currently working on a yet unannounced mobile project so there you go not all cyberpunk games not a million things clarification games industry is i feel you should put up there toppy article like hygiene did and how i was trained to do but i digress rebecca you do i like i said what what'd you fall it's gonna be in there somewhere hasn't they say kind of funny dot com slash sean and they say which would then there's that they end up garo story any i dunno look there's a franchise with his money on the table to be scoop top and they've got a big netflix show coming and which is gonna be bigger than ever there's another which again coming i'm sure of it that'd be crazy not to do it but is it girl throwing that's why can't i mean i i don't think it matters make some statement i remember going back to just gonna follow ceremony this which could be a new character just continue the brand people love those games that you are you what's coming on a stockbroker you hyped yeah no it's not it's not just some people but yeah i i saw the trailer great when the first rubio they did blew me away i i'll play it number five this is a personal and john drake is leaving place to generate tweeted this today saved my last day is had a portfolio strategy in content playstation so proud of all we've accomplished over the last five years supporting big games so big and small i'm there by supporting games vegas and making things happen for playstation nation they even the team the partners in the fans one of those on one of the nicest guys in the business well wanna go that far but he's he's the guy he's definitely in the business he's he's all right who is in the business this is how you know it's worth watching the kind of funny roast when we posted next week because john drake so terrified by his own performance quit his job before they could fire and for everything now there's i'm probably gonna have five minutes we might get ahead of it a john of course a friend of the show afraid of me for a long time before married andrey a whole bunch of stuff but we found layering yeah it'll be exciting to see where he goes let alone the fact that again another a figurehead figurehead a big a big deal playstation leaving in what did that do to everything that's going on there in terms of their publishing john instrumental in getting spiderman don't get some of that replaces well of course i mean i could bear could walk and tomorrow drunk office ask do a better job they are you know what i mean it's a in kind of funny dot com slash your wrong i was correct in at the end of garage story about says which could easily end up garo story but see project read has said they are not against making see more witcher without him okay all right off of malkin contaminant while i'm here just so it's definitely shouldn't you not shame you just no matter how i said people yell at me so i don't give a shit you're weird little japanese sailor game shame you is coming three cannot does you move shiny new shen you who the fuck cares no one cares about greg on idea jer well greg i'm very excited to see what john drinks gonna be doing next but it might be a while until we find out that though you know you do the next guy say okay you're right gary i if i want more hurting let's say coming a mom and pop shops where would i go oh that would be the official list of upcoming software across each and every platform as listed by the kind of funny games daily show hosts each and every weekday do do do do do do do do do like his he was doing that but you gotta you guys thought you were switch roles and i was gonna say no no no i got a couple of i start using these right back were already on holiday turkey man but we're not gonna want to like a given go i like it i like it you keep me i tell you know what i mean comes in here they just sluggish up friends over there is laying on the desk you know not not the sole is doing these ends up today kurtz pal ad do saul carbon dlc so if you are occurred spell fan fan who told you that memo rpg telling head through the day without i got i got out five so we settled in a row here desktop table tennis a dome boats in the world sue shoghi wills painting painting wars and we pull that bass player adamy look at art area in we're not all our area literary oh yeah game the way that especially now first off hanging orange has a playstation four box are leading with it so then i immediately need you know after i see some game player show everybody watching the payment or intended i gotta hear right landing was i gotta know what the trophy russia which is this on all platforms got playstation four version grocer okay oh my goodness what is this you heard it right after thirty years tangled horses sat around and for some kind of weird like carlos again cross up in the crossfire it does look like they're trying to knock knock the ball back on each other the party party mode at this is this is potty my wife happened joe and i do love the bright colors neon lights bananas flying everywhere it is colors and yeah you got you got guys on again in on this i oh yeah it's just to comprehend it'd be good for trophies in allusion of wolf farmers out lousy healthier x box pc overview overview of vivo playstation four box wanna switch luca born of a dream switch maybe that's about using yeah bus fix twenty nineteen is a couch i i wanna deterred by jeff we got her boss fix when you're in boston i hope so i i sleep i hope so i hope it on the first video thirty two seconds and then i got i gotta i gotta see it as you're inheriting money you're paying buses bus bus euro dot net with oh my god it real right side socket wrench to look at this oh my god there's bacteria get rid of the bacteria what you spray can just as we all know that looks like a dirty the engine engine answered about clean that figure that holding three d i mean there every day there's a new bus saw disassembled engine that's amazing plus six twenty nineteen there you go and gentlemen game of the year had total party kills on pc mac victorian mysteries of yellow room is on pc next one could be fire crews crude william cooper factoria boost tourism pc mac enjoy these games everybody you know i think by six twenty nineteen could be the end of the day that then meanwhile areas like what the fuck right now i can't imagine someone was gonna get to the heart and soul donut and they and they know it and they and they know the daily caller california talk about and instead we just talk about bust through this name that makes sense forgive and forget bus fix twenty nineteen i let us annualized good now here we are six through another woman but what do they make the bus fix platform you know what i mean in just i pay for it once and then i get content yeah yeah exactly i need games and service plus new date for you met a wolf chaos xt fighting for freedom is fighting on august six on ps four x box one npc blue kid to is coming to nintendo switch october twenty nineteen hockey tiger reports last week is part of the call of duty black ops for june twenty fifth updates track quietly removed splitscreen co play from the games battle royale mode blackout at first sure what was going on but today trademark has said if each overturned on july ninth so if you were freaking out about that there you go i mean when i got some x box game pass update for you here are games coming x box game pass on july fourth middle earth shadow of war on both pc annex box on my time at forty a porsche were not we don't care moving on like you should you buy a x box furby cnn it's complicated now under tail expire at asher pc an ultimate then july eleventh you're getting blazing from dead rising for lego city undercover a time spinner unavowed a particular shout out that's a lego city undercover what a great game yeah you're like like like like i loved it we it's one of those guys you can enjoy any diligently gently really good game yeah so if you have game pass make sure you check out like a city undercover highly recommended all right now in your wrong lord opponent same thing when the port orange has a platinum trophy doesn't seem to bad eight silvers nine goals so now i need you to go to playstation trophies dot org in search penguin worse i could see how long people as many games leaving x box game pass for consul in their time of their dates like this after charge leaving july ninth department of revenue judge me in front of these check it out war hammer vermin tied july tenth lego movie the video game july sixteenth a damn dora july thirty first dead rising to july thirty first hitman season one july thirty first ashley everything's july thirty first round metal slug ex ex defense gritty awakening heck heck sick to an iron dave now explains means me 'cause i've never done this when he leaves game pass if i if i have a game pass subscription yeah and i downloaded i've been playing it did they disappear for me on this diet or go since i've downloaded it and i have as paul game plus do i get to keep it or does it go away wife as someone who doesn't use game pass in just you know i i'm gonna tell you what i think i remember when they announced it i think it's gone i don't think it's like playstation plus where you have it great for you i think that the way x box game pass works is those of the games are in the library at the time and you can't stock i wonder if i've got like a hot halfway through the game and then microsoft journal then you know very nice finish it kind of funny dot com slash wrong let us know how that was i'm curious a no okay good you got me here great job for josie list is click on forums see foreign there okay greg sickness not really needles somewhat now it's great and then nobody's post that no one's ever go back here so i gotta defeat a bunch of people get for hunter candies gear a gear and noodle get some skill a mess right now there's probably pretty easy defeat shuttle buses that doesn't sound easy defeat i'll look at what they didn't sound like him yeah maybe not maybe not you know what i mean man i biologists is already here year you wanna know he's got frame none of oil and just as i'm out on my on my channel two dot tv slash gary lewis and then about just says kind of funny dot com slash ron firm next boxing you pass f h u games you install using x box game pass remain player but once they less left the game pass catalog only when you buy them so can if you got that's what i thought out when you buy games as and x box game pass okay so if you decide you like a diamond is going away yeah you do have a 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recently two years ago i got a credit card moved out in my life and try to do something they said you cut as bad as it how's that possible i looked at it the old credit card it screwed up i think they gave me a finest charging seaver like fifty six dollars i'm not mad about it don't worry this would help fix my credit score faster than what i had to do did and i don't like that we can't believe it's taking someone so long to do is what are you waiting for experience experien boost can potentially help establish increase your access to credit butcher box score instantly free boost is only about what experience dot com slash kf games that's e x p e r i n dot com slash kf games games you financial life in order with kinda funny sorted out of terrible credit up till about ten years ago 'cause i i didn't know anything about how credit was and i had all these credit card bills and i would pay the minimum every every every month by all this debt and finally when i sold my first a movie yeah the first the first thing i did with the chat with just pay off my debt yeah unclear clear when my dad and i've been i've been a good credit episodes but yet it sucks having shitty credit it's really awful how they don't realize how many ways if somebody's life until you have you actually do anything i buy a car got department 'cause everyone's worthy you're not gonna pay them you know have you been thinking shitty oh gary gary when he got rid of my own reader mail to you okay very happy with the crop louis actually even though i gummed up the show at the top of the chart with all my stupid a couple of getting your head to things moving everybody wants to be is this hot out now eleven what comes after that heart out you know we don't have a heart you usually around eleven nick and andy stop milling around here well that's not that that's because they're like how much time do they have the kill their alex andrea andrea used the coming days and interrupt the morning show go ahead one forty five shitsu those guys come in and see how much longer who he fucking rent yeah okay they're not even into by squad up yet we fucking around longer right after they say i think they're not coming here i thought they were like you know kind of like when you're a restaurant and you sit down you finished meal and he just wanna sit and chat a little bit being see other people are waiting for a tight we kind of feel bad as that we should we should give up and say oh no no no i've said it before and i'll say it again even though a contingent people refused a fucking believe me it's not annoying and all that the show goes along the needs to be okay in the groove when there's breaking news great news run were having a great conversation when you're first time we did the time change and k if i ever came in there is a whole thing was a quick move barest gotta get in a lot of this year round user again were not even doing campaign right oh they can't get moved because were going away obviously a reserve wing rather than delays spiderman far from home in review way out usually we see the movies on thursday nights right or like whatever will do it a normal thing interview on tuesday this time we're seeing the spiderman on tuesday in the roadway for like a week so rather then fuck it up and not having review anytime soon let's mckay if they do they're okay mic one of the kickabout capital bank which he did brilliantly by the way yeah but again as some people brought up the whole challenges have be bottle like on top of something doing so because the challenges to kick kick it off with out just leaving the bottle right after serving the bottle be any wall and that kind of the dude what are they are i if i was the try that not only would i have struggled to get my leg up that high i would have clearly either kicked andy or smashed the ball against the wall so the fact that they cannot control even get close but nah i shut it may have been like the training wheels version of the state's instant but it was still still more than i could have done i wonder if that you would have gone i mean he would have got hits me doing it because i'm a delightful and ask backwards the couch with a musical comedy viral clip debate of it but fucking what it did was impressive here's where i wanna start i wanna start with parker be all right okay so happy america's birthday we greg and gary oh that's right fourth of july tomorrow in lieu of recent events with doctor disrespect the trash talking in the craziness within the personality realm i wanna get your opinion on finding a voice as a young guy who still try to find his voice in the video game world ain't believes in the kind of funny vision of be better to each other it'd be positive is discouraging scourging we see unathletic unethical personalities excel a nobody is perfect but it's getting ridiculous but is that what it takes to find a niche nowadays i've been searching searching for a gap in silk for quite a while and i can't see the nail it any advice for myself self end others in a similar boat despite my thoughts there is nothing that were telling me away from k p f scandal of the community piece parker be it's a good question and it's a good question for me right now because i'm in the middle of this as i'm starting my channel and try to find my voice and i saw the channel channel not really knowing what he's gonna do they did i want a goof around it i want it to be comedy did i want it to be like a serious channel about writing and giving out screenwriting invites announcement people's questions and it's been about both it's just kind of it's kind of vacillated back there between back and forth as i as i felt like it but i don't now if that is a mix of people necessarily want it's it's a weird mix of light kinda stupid weird combination me going on is a you know randomly tangent france and then actually seriously talking about like what's it like working as a screenwriter in hollywood and giving people ask how do you get started and what kind of stuff what you're using things like that and i've tried about the advice but then but then i do stupid shit joe so i don't know i'm i'm i'm i mean you're about person to ask this because i think i mean you you're never you're always finding it but you are much more involved in the process of it's just a question you ask yourself when you first struck out like how do i or even back in the game of a great as jim when you were first cut up becoming on it but i i see in is so my story can only give you the hindsight's twenty twenty vice yeah 'cause i g in the we i never said off to be eight personality i never set out to host much podcast and that was all just like i would their review games ryan going on games cuban eventually starting beyond where they're like that was always like oh cool that's interesting side thing it means damon would leave games you buy member and be like come in or even knocking to thrive and be like it'd be awesome if that's all we had to do it all right back to work and then by the time we i learn what she really was with afternoon in in starting the game over gotta get you to channel it become kind of funny that even wasn't so much as men helmet what congress should i be making vice about content it always simple right and i know it's a dirty word the thrown around a lot and i used the wrong way and then thrown around but people don't necessarily understand it is its authenticity i've already said that's exactly what you're right here and so what that means in this thing is will well the content your creating would you watch it in would you enjoy it when i come home at night engines like how is today i often will be like oh man i didn't give up the performance i want it on whatever show this this thing didn't go the way i wanted it to and what the bar i'm sitting there is that i wasn't in entertained by myself i don't think that i would like that piece of content i made right or what what we did right there in that is the litmus test that the amusement stands the test that is what you're doing that's the what you gotta be doing if you making content that you enjoy you're having fun with that you believe in other people will to and that's long short of it like you know when i was like i wanna make an oreo show that's a dumb idea but you wanna say but i had so much fun doing it that it worked and they found in audience clearly obviously and so even the stuff we do here the exact same way of like cool like we're doing we have cool friends in starting a new shows always tough ride starting a show that is just talking to you're is in space yeah so peak in valley stuff right like we believe in that show were having fun we gotta show so you as were you know doing enough to keep the lights on what that show that's great and i think you know it's it's it sounds like a trait thing to say but the best advice really is just be yourself because by definition anything else you try to be it's gonna be fake enforced and is probably gonna come along that way i got a couple of real quick anecdotes that realize that good friendship one day who's a very prolific author has a new book out a this wrinkled wanders that's getting spectacular reviews a year and a bunch of books he's an excellent writer falling on twitter he talked about this the other day and he said that all he could do and i and i said this is this is this is true for is well is it don't you can't go out trying pleasing audience we could do is try to write what you would wanna say exactly what you just said right what you would wanna say and then there are others like you out there chuck had this beautiful cutting in and he said something i'm gonna i'm gonna manual but he said something like every book die right is like a prayer i'm not alone in the universe that there are other people out there like me the joy this the same thing i'm writing you do when you heard all this is on the radio with npr news on twitter okay then i got over any other day and i do you know who is getting interviewed one of the box is like meat interview saying stuff like this yeah yeah hum and a another another great example is how it's done if you ever read his book private parts about his and he became a hit a personality in radio and seen the film he went through a number and he he he bounced around a number of radio stations you've got a cowboy like a country in western say she joins me hop along halley yeah like none of none of his when he wanna do with his wife said why don't you just being yourself like just be real yeah and he started doing i started talking about his personal life and getting real with buildings in a way that no one was doing on radio in that time and that's why blow up 'cause senate yeah that's the key senate now and you want to thank you yeah i think that's the key is authenticity and also in the same breath would you watch this would you be entertained tamed by this right right i feel like you know he he mentioned stock and obviously it's piggybacking off of yesterday's thing yeah i mean you you both you and the andrea and metering example you guys both did it really well talking about a mean spirited humor in then punching down yeah right that's the that's the thing where i think you're gonna lose because it's not even authencity as much is entertainment where you know like i i was talking about yesterday the clips i've seen him yeah i really like he is a funny dude ryan and then he does stupid like i said i have a lot about racial dog his credit over that you know the production designing the parents of the he committed to it's all very it's amazing when he no one else a before him or even states have done anything like what what does the disrespect has done on twitch and i and i went back and watched last week show and i do wonder justice there's a bunch of people were expecting me to come and talk about the this week 'em i'm not gonna tear into him again i wanna say having much last week show i do think i came down on him a little bit harder to think he should have got along the band the tone of the show i think fell a little bit like we want him to be crucified listen i really did not want it i i think i don't think two weeks long enough i do me apology was generally okay you know i aspirin apology and it seemed like it was fitting other he gave one i do a little bit mealy mouth but it was okay i just you know i i said i'm ready to accept me apology let's move on and then i saw the shit and he did with jason which was punching down once you start getting into people's personal appearance you could fuck off total of that's not cool it's cheap it's nasty and it's like you said it's well bullies do and i was bullied quite badly in school and sometimes very sensitive to it when i see people be i can't even watch like i life i see movies and tv shows kids getting bullied opaque donncha i can't even more gives me ptsd i don't like it you know you're like hey if i if i really like is i wanna see anything even feels like bullying which they stayed with with dot kind of going off the jason's fucking headline i hate myself and i'm a failure and stuff like that fuck him and i tell them the good thing about that was he lost that argument jane fonda and smart and such modern funnier than him all jason's comebacks why better guys attacks and that's that's how you do it you just be better and smart and funnier than any other guy adjacent did he totally one the exchange i'll be interesting what does he comes back on twitter if you on twitch i'm sorry if he's changed the law has already i hope he's learned something by the way when you think when he came back he will be on his best behavior but surely natasha chadwick writes in the patriot dot com slash kinda funny games and says happy twitch dot tv slash gary widow wednesday i have a question about celebrities in video games games maturity technology writing excetera they seem to be gathering detention of hollywood actress more more ellen page willem defoe or out once outliers and beyond two souls but now it seems like there are so many major franchises that are trying to drop players and with big name talent are you worried at all that this might take away from opportunities from lesser known but maybe more talented voice slash performance capture artist in favor of a flashy name how many brilliant performance is like in send you a sacrifice will we lose the mediocre names like okay he throws out hayden pendency areas louis great until dawn sir thanks it was a pleasure dumped into the crew spiderman last night channel channel throwing hanes name around like that i totally agree with you she was put into this like teeny bopper slasher until dawn thing is great i don't i never that was like man she's phoning it in not mentioned remmy malik within right before he was a big deal i digress gary you are from the land of hollywood as you're trying desperately to get away from it and just become a twitch stream what's your take on this it's i mean it's not unexpected i mean just like in hollywood if you're gonna attach a big name so i mean look look how much cyberpunk upon golf and the county reeves association yeah i mean again counties having a big moment right now just generally and it's a perfect time to be associated with that game from a project read point of view of a problem with that you know if it helps bring if if if if it financially make sense of the company and you know counter is not cheap i'm sure they're paying money but it's totally worth it today there'll be a great performance out of him and and a lot of people will guarantee so many more canneries announcement e3 that went viral you're on the games business that not put the game on people's radar appropriate morning outside so far so i think from that point of view it could be worth it is it taking like is nolan north in troy by could gonna have all they're gonna have less often i heard it so badly they had a start there and you could channel you know i mean again it's like anything else you know you you we all struggle and some people more famous another and sometimes the big names will get the biggest jobs but you know you keep plugging away at it as a problem i honestly channel i think this would have been a a conversation or an argument or a concern years ago when you would when it was more of like a shock value thing you gotta remember what the thing with kiani in cyberpunk was in the interview he did after that announcement everybody's like man he's still really into it yeah really knows this material way like a big actors like i dunno about the they they put me in front of a microphone somebody realize oh and then she seems another little bit about what is talking and i joke around about it not even like in in in like being a jerk about it but like meantime we talked about it with the final fantasy review that we did right where like they brought out a a sixty nine after a leader headley we had it right and shannon handy so she in the cg movie or whatever and it was very much clearly like shoes looking off the prompter of like what is this weird asks world about like you know not being like oh man fucker just like no she was brought in to be a voice in this cg movie right here there's such different layers but i think i'm not worried about a studio light in this is stick with me it's a weird thing a studio like insomniac making a game like spiderman and then casting someone who's gonna have facet rather than josh right josh is gonna come in and kill the voice and give you the three or four different reads for different momentum swings on the end like yeah you're not gonna get somebody you're if you're bringing a hollywood actor who's just a voice that's not gonna fly for less i think it's a generational thing is well if you put a microphone in front of light say james caan who is great at the older generation and so let's listen to like you're gonna be a voice in the in the next walkup expansion here's a ton of money here's a microphone reid these lines he would do very good job he's a good actor godfather this is the same he might he might have been using the godfather movies and he might be the first so anyway don't answer no spoilers he he he might he might do it could pose he's not necessarily gonna know like what the fuck as relatives whatever just realized as younger actors are coming through the growing up with video games so they'll be there'll be there'll be more cogent about video games and understand it better be excited to do shit like i i wanna do a video game i just wanna come slumming doing a video game i think is what the new generation about just how they'll approach it in the conversation for a long time with up at noon when i'd have bringing people ride of like oh no like like wasn't the stigma of you know going from tv or movies the video game if if if there wasn't anything the left qian who has destroyed it cross county there's some good for anyone to the strip charles james says the final reader mail question of the day he wrote in patriot dot com slash kind of funny games and then you're breathing around on these pages i like i like i dunno greetings kf gd mundane greg and same viscous sunni acquiring new developers thinking about it i realized an opportunity which leans into this what if sony acquired konami video game i piece possibly excluding p a as a as they rose new mainly for two reasons metal gear and silent hill if they're really aiming for hardcore gamers with the playstation five what better way to bring back silent hill a series that many people in twenty nineteen might not even know because gonna die but do it right finding any team who's made one of the the wanna be successful pt inspired games and let them make it on their own take take their own take on zanu sacramento gear it would be good for sony investing story driven sps an with the right people behind it who's the say couldn't be with metal gear meanwhile they could snap up into creates an give them full control over castle mania contract cetera as they've done very well with mega mega man gun volta bloodstain free call excetera what do you think charles davis and it's it it makes sense charles on the pie in the sky won't happen thing commies not gonna give up these ivy 'cause i'm doing fine with them just sitting on ice there pachinko machines everything else doing fine while you're way this maybe they'd license at out i could totally see them licensing out these only do it but that's a metal gear and silent hill you're silent hill thing doesn't hold water for me because again what the article was right at that sony playstation five they're thinking about a scoop it more studios they're focusing on aaa play games for gamers they're not really supporting indies so silent hill wouldn't be given to in indy they'd want silent he'll be give it to another aaa thing writing those two license from conomic giving the aaa publishers similar to and insomniac spiderman deal break and then that's why i also think it doesn't make sense for them to go anti creates would be like here's catherine you contract cetera because those are those are more eighty titles granted bigger i p but indie titles that please dish apparently according to i've heard is working out so well i mean i i agree with you i mean my my main take on this is that it's it's it's it's a real tragedy in somewhat preposterous there's some of the biggest franchises in in in modern video game thinking about lights just said silent hill metal gear contra mega man castle vania just sitting around doormen fallow for years perhaps generations because nami of might have found a better way to make money with particular machines and that's fine they did their job is the compare it's it's a real shame the game so why not make even more money unlicensed these properties out to people that will be good stewards of them and take good care of them and we could have a new metal metal gate is a tricky bogging metal gate without could gene and there's a whole other issue that would have even looked like you're alive but what butts but i was in playstation five i want aaa games i wanna buy studios cool jima productions we would like to buy you make your first party studio great konami we would like the license vip there you go to a gym everybody runs kerry shuhei you're shooting around on their shoulders year season could dream it totally just say no then anything he's moved die after everything that's happened yeah i think i definitely think that maybe we wanna buy a studio 'cause you get the fuck out of the east valley really enjoying being independent right now you would think so you think so i think there's no time squad up okay this is where you right in the patriot dot com slash kinda funny games you give me your name username platform choice why you need help with a video game irony here the best friends come and find you and everybody plays them their video games to gather roofing needs help on twitter his name on twitter is griffey griffey de pad g r i s s i d pat a high ranking gary i'm adding the austin bright and early tomorrow for rt x would love to hang with some awesome kinda funny best friends my twitter dm's they're always open so best friends hit me up there also if you truly evil mario maker levels but i liked the post on twitter in more are coming soon so if you're after that before warned seriously i hope the hang out with somebody all he austin humans at rt x and i look forward to seeing all kind of funny there that griffey deepak on i'm really enjoying watching a andy playing mario maker literally some of these rights quit you guys are great torch content right now you know what i mean yeah yeah he he right each other channels it goes back at me all three were like yeah team players made for us yeah he really great really you know what i mean god forbid ed grave grave yeah i if i don't do around here doesn't happen in terms of counter yeah you do a lot of words i'm not even worth you know what i mean but i mean he's got everybody stream traffic jam remember you only on amazon prime subscription give it a kind of a well actually kind of funny games show time watching live go to kinda funny dot com slash wrong tells what we screw up as we screw it up and put it in the states in 'cause i could put him anywhere but since his name but we have to nato biologist points out that be assassin's creed odyssey final deal see judgment of atlanta's will be released on july first frost wait why wasn't that yesterday i got won't get the fuck out a hearing about that my wife will be says he might no no doubt about it just comes back and says the cg movie for final fantasy fifteen what's called kings wave very much a matt the lab says yuri low in falvo spidey insomniac spiderman not josh keaton that's a great call i was saying like insomniac then i said like josh eating read my mind on what i was trying to news great you it was amazing i love you re he's probably gonna see the clip and be very offended i forgot in that josh to it's it's tough i love to meet vitamin you know how it is too many spiderman in my life only put it down to this later and then we now live in a world where where there are three spiderman twos gonna fill is going off in the nato biologist says gary said conomic made mega man but that was capcom oh sorry well he put mega man on the list slicer i got that wrong earlier this cannot be the yeah he met with the questions i understand what happened in an apologist you're wrong himself and says the deal to coming up sixteen they're like oh okay all right so to me next peeling sort of midland is slaves yeoman that's been kind of funny games daily your last one for the week there's no show tomorrow this fourth of july and there is no show friday because all kind of funny is going to to rt x if you are going rt x please come see us friday for are signing then come see us saturday far two panels kinda funny we need more finance at two pm michael jones and greg miller let's see what happens at five thirty pm and also the point if you guys are tx and you're hungry for more of this kind of funny that unique brand of humor i will not be taking the day off like these fucking schmos will be broadcasting this unique brand new humor trademark you know some people some people have said the i i really go after you should do like where the games day let it never never step when you're ties greg it's all one big happy family around he plus he would crush me like a but i would i would i i feel like that would really bring out like i've never seen like the main side of you and i never want you're gonna feel like it would terrify me i don't even have one but if you do i never wanna see their twitch dot tv slash gary which will be broadcasting tomorrow maybe today tomorrow and friday with special guest on friday channel is growing a george telling us a legendary screenwriter john august will be joining us on the show the writer of disney's aladdin which is in theaters right now a lot of people ask me about a once a good what's good screenwriting software felt like people the adjoining just getting into the business the wanna wanna dabbling screenwriter but you don't spend a lot of money some of his frio cheap well john is next on somebody yet she makes his own screenwriting software for writers years as well as being a tremendous screenwriter in his own right and you'll be on the show on friday talking about giving recommendations on how writers and get started with these and right suffer a four pm pacific fried is that you're day is that you're time after someone i guess what i usually broke i've done a couple of daytime strange i typically broadcast a after the kids go to bed so you coming around eight till eleven or twelve is you're looking evening stranger a but i you know with with the holiday weekend who knows what's gonna happen it's getting crazy over gary's house everybody it's kicking off i'm telling you dot tv slash gary widow yeah but again give us the prime sub because you can't take a man in one day he's going to be able to give him put anything out of business which is good i i couldn't tell

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