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"alison saturation" Discussed on Dan Churchill's The Epic Table

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"alison saturation" Discussed on Dan Churchill's The Epic Table

"The sleep up the so there's always a connection between obesity and obstructive sleep apnea and. It's another vicious circle so we should be looking at you know in terms of the four functions of the Human Body. We're talking about we'RE TALKING ABOUT SLEEP. We're talking about nutrition and we're also talking about emotions of the mind because I like to bring in this. You know we see people who remember depression anxiety and when you start investigating their sleep that often tell you that they're wake up feeling exhausted and then if I asked him well. Has Anybody ever referred you to do a sleep study to check out do you have obstructive sleep apnea dancers often? No and I think it's the reason being is because all too often we consider the person with depression. They're exhausted because of their depression. But maybe it is the exhaustion that is causing the depression. You know the human body is to interwoven just to money. Connections Darren bidirectional relationships between one function on another and in medicine. Every function has been isolated. But you can't do that. The human body because every function is intertwined. You'll have to look at the big picture and that's exactly it. It's almost like the ground. Zero of problems is somewhat other. You could definitely argue is breathing. Ron. Because that's that's the start of it and if you have breathing correctly you not going to rot and it becomes ambitious. Sokoll is you told just exponentially escalating the answer. There's a number of significant studies that like Utah. Those whole minds of that. Same ground that just a couple of things But very dude specific indicators of of hundreds of things are implied that if you draw slave we'd have prayed correctly Put up body into many of problems. Such as potential can't saw a metabolic syndrome diabetes Alzheimer's all those kinds of things he tossed on The The the the things wants to meet him Oxygen Saturation. I absorption. So it's all well to have a Alex as we said Alison Saturation Doesn't change too much so the importance of is actually. How much muscles absorbs isn't that? How much oxygen yesterday have in terms of your hemoglobin separate assets ratio? It's more a case of how much body absorbs tossed upon not Can you just I like. This is actually more for the him before. Side of athletes So what happens the oxygen during our workouts and wondering what's it removing while what I would say is if I was working. Madani alita are recreational athletes? I would always tell them to do something recreation. I I say for recreational athlete. You should do all of your physical exercise. But you're Mike closed on here. Here's the reason being. It's tougher at the start for the first six to eight weeks and the reason being is because you are breathing. Truest smarter entry and as a result. You know your nostrils are smaller than your mouth. And it's forcing you to do physical exercise. You know which are mark closed that you're exposing the body to an increased air hunger now. An increased air hunger. During physical exercise is due to the increased carbon dioxide in the blood and if you continuously exposure body says increased air hunger air hunger diminishes over time so what it means is Dan for a given level of physical exercise? You don't need as much breathing. So there's an economic saving there because it it does this there is cost associated with moving your breathing muscles. You know if you if you're arresting where about two to three percent of our video too is going to support the breathing muscles and if we go for walk about maybe five percent six percent if we do fairly intense physical exercise is probably about ten percent and if we do maximum physical exercise it's about thirteen to fifteen percent but if we do have a breathing pattern disorder it increases dash and for individuals who were during the hyperventilation provocation test. That's when they really breathed deliberately hard for thirty seconds to three minutes the oxygen consumption to support their breathing muscles increase to thirty percent. So does all about breathing. Efficiency NUMBER ONE IS. How do you teach in athletes to do more with less the next load on them? So for the recreational athlete I would say do everything which closed yet. It's tougher but keep doing ish and then it gets easy and that's when you start you know you're breathing lighter forgiven intensity of exercise for the elite athletes. I would say do fifty percent of your training which are closed. Why because it adds an extra load onto you and again. It's the same reasons and I say to a fifty percent which are mouth open so that you don't have muscle deconditioning because initially when you do trauma to nose breathing you're not going to have the same intensity because you're feeling that restriction drew to the air hunger but that's that's up -tations of the body and nose breathing allows you to take the air deeper into the lungs and the greatest concentration of blood is in the low regions of the lungs so nose breathing also increase the oxygen taking the blood. Now I know I already said that. You can't increase the blood oxygen saturation by by increasing your breathing but you can increase the Buxton saturation by switching to nasal breathing. Now it might be one or two percent but at the same time when you're doing a physical exercise but breathing through your nose. The carbon dioxide and blood is is higher and wit sustained physical exercise with nasal breathing. You can tolerate a higher and pressure of carbon dioxide in the blood. I'm Wa- discipline allow more to released from the red blood cells to tissues so if you if you look at the work the professor George Dahlem. Da L. A. And Dan. This is so understudied that there're very few papers in the words investigating the benefits of nasal breathing versus mouth breathing or any difference between the two but he is looked at it and one paper that was published in twenty ten recreational athletes. He got some breathing through their nose for six months. During physical exercise he done tests dumb after six months. When the physical adaptations had taken pace they were able to achieve one hundred percent of their work regime. Ten St on the graded exercise test with nasal breathing versus moat. But with twenty. Two percent less ventilation so twenty. Two percent less less breathing and an increased carbon dioxide in the blood forty four millimeters of mercury versus forty which in turn led to a reduction in the fraction of expired oxygen so D- individuals breathing through the nose that I had a better oxygen taking the bud but they had a better oxygen delivery to the tissues. Now if you look at a few other studies that were published back thirty years ago by Dr John Doe Yard looking at the brainwave states in nasal breathing versus map breathing. Nasal BREEDERS ENTERED FLOW. Stace not breathing mouth breathing trouser. Evolution is associated with fight or flight. Our ancestors didn't Jews their mouths debris during physical exercise look at the research of neanderthals two years ago researchers found the undertows toilets had these really wide nostrils to allow the conditioning of a large volume of air. Trudeau knows not just during rest but also during physical exercise we we have lost the art of breathing and we have lost the art of breathing. Only relatively recently now. I know some people will say well. Dr Western price book wasn't very scientific or etc. It was really an observation and it was using the best available science at that time published back in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight and he'd locked. Ash. The craniofacial changes of individuals. Spend a switch from traditional died over to a process dies first generation. Children became operators. These children had deformed dental actress data overcrowding of teat dead higher per pilots and they didn't have good airway. And you know you have to consider if you want to be developed not leash you need a good airway so breathing. Efficiency is one thing but human development is another thing yet. You touched upon sympathetic and the passive pathetic death so miss you so just to reiterate you signed it. Used to be dominant through the past sympathetic. And now it's through the sympathetic because of the fact that why that we've changed out. I Guess Breeding Patterns Zach when I suppose you know we always want to kind of have an optimal. You want to have a balanced between the power sympathetic and sympathetic. Because we want to be resilient we want to be able to adopt whatever. Environmental changes are whatever comes our way but I would say to mouth breeders a definitely more stuck in that sympathetic tone Lauren. That fight or flight response more agitated education of the mind if you think of. How do we breed when we get stressed well? We breed fast and shallow. How does a map reader breed fast and shallow because your nose imposes resistance to your breathing? That's two to three times out of the moat and by slowing down your breathing. This helps to calm the mind. So again twenty seventeen Stanford medical school if you were to Google Stanford Medical School and slow breathing. They identified a new structure. In the brain the locus corollas and they said that the primary purpose of this structure is despite on your breathing. So when you really slow down your breathing destructure will determine that you are slowing down your Brett and destruction would relay signals of come to the rest of the brain but Mao printers. Don't have slow breathing. I wasn't a slow breeder when I was a map reader because you have no resistance to your breathing during wakefulness and also mapping always activating the upper chest and our diet from breathing muscle is not just for expiration. You know even if you were to look at it from the point of view functional movement. Can you have functional movement unless you have functional breathing? Is it just a coincidence? That ninety percent of people who have good functional movement also have good functional breathing and if breathing is normalized movement is normalized and movement is normalized. You're more risk of injury however there's also connection between die from and the mind so if you're breathing using the die from just breathing low breathing lash reading slow breathing deep and use an acronym. Lsd So people remember so light is about the biochemistry of breathing. Slow is about bringing a cadence of breathing more specifically practices between five point. Five to six bits per minute and that's to stimulate the vagus nerve to increased heart rate for your buzzer improve. Response resigned Arrhythmia stimulate. What's called borrow receptors or pressure receptors? But basically slow breathing to restored by these systems which are disturbed by stress. And then we look at depressing which is targeting the bio mechanics and the problem with breathing. Donnas that people are all in their own little silos and I was in my silo to whip you take. Oh as my background. I looked primarily at the biochemistry. It's not enough so the oxygen advantage is very much bio chemically focused. But the next book is going to be different. That's one currency rising. I'm GONNA broad broad Nash in terms of looking at functional breathing from three dimensions the biochemistry the cadence of the Brett the by mechanics and true the Brett when you really break down. What's going on there? I think it's amazing. I think I'm only scratching the surface here. Have the more I go down this rabbit hole. I'm twenty years down this rabbit hole and the more. I'm down there that the less realized I do know it's incredible and I'm sitting here. I'm writing notes. I'm Jay rotting notes as you. It just from personal development is a renowned always paypal you reference Essentially what you you with Athlete's the ability to do more with less. And we've seen that in hot consistently with allergy training. I believe you referenced. The first this was not in sixty eight Mexico impacts pictures that right. Yeah it it it was. I really when kind of you know. Strength and conditioning coach is on coach. Started wondering how are the athletes that were performing up? There now didn't do very well. You know at altitude but it was fun to come back down to sea level to started surpassing their personal best on. Dong drew the question. That was just something in this. In terms of altitude training so attitude training would be when did spends a period of time. Maybe a couple of weeks at an altitude of maybe two thousand meters terabytes and an order to expose the body hypotheses for the body to make adaptations including increase red blood cells For example the hormonal rich reporting or EPO. Epo when the body is put into a HYPOC STACE. The kidneys understood that liver to a lesser extent. Synthesized this hormone and a richer appointee in repeal. It's goes as a maturation of the red blood cells in the bone marrow. So by increasing red blood cells increases your oxygen carrying capacity and that in turn increases your view to Max now we do Brett toiling and we deliberately put the body into a high poxy state. But it's intermittent and it's not just that we're dropping blood oxygen saturation. But we're also increasing carbon dioxide. So what we would be doing is doing intermittent type pox ick high per capita training. And I think the biggest effect of what we're doing is instead it's disturbing the acid base balance that were increasing hygiene in the blood and were deliberately putting the body into a state of acidosis to force the body to improve buffering capacity which is probably happening inside in the muscle but this intern then can delay lactic acid fatigue. So if you think about the two are doing high intensity and for training to stimulate ANAEROBIC glycolysis. Well if you're wearing a potok similar which is a little device that you wear in your finger you know. And it's got a red light and infrared lightness and it tells you of all your hemoglobin. How much of it is occupied by oxygen? If you do high intensity interval training with your mouth open your blood oxygen saturation. Were drop down to about ninety three percent. If you do it with your Mac.

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