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Ep 438 - Midnight Sun (A Twilight Novel), by Stephenie Meyer


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Ep 438 - Midnight Sun (A Twilight Novel), by Stephenie Meyer

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Of. You want to build a website you should go to squarespace dot com slash overdue for a free trial and when you're ready to launch us the offer code overdue to save ten percent off your first purchase of a website or domain. do. Not. Again I've been looking in this podcast waiting for you to arrive I. got you I like the Spooky version of the I'd didn't see you come in there gag. Overdue. It's a podcast about the books you've been meaning to read. My name is Craig My name's Andrew but spooky it spooked hct and butter goes. Here. To tell you out books So this will be our SPOOK Tober kickoff here. What are we? What are we spoken about this week Andrew? This week we're Spook spooking about midnight sun by Stephanie Meyer. This is of course, spooky book about Vampires. That seventy. Meyer, wrote over the course of a decade and half. The follow up to her popular twilight Quadrille. which is a word that is the right word. And it's the first book the first book, the completely unabridged no punches pulled no-holds-barred first book in its entirety but from Edwards perspective sure and somehow longer. So I checked I while I book is like five, hundred, eight pages and this bad boy is six, hundred, seventeen pages even though it tells the same basic story. Yes. Maybe why it felt like I was swimming through molasses as I was reading what a swimming upstream through molasses. Arear, the length of this book or an actual vampire I think the length of this book. Is a Louis Buki to me I little bit I mean it's you know it's it is more of a going concern. 'cause I did read this book I probably am, not gonNA run into any vampires obviously. Probably, because they are staying home same as everybody else. That's true. That's true. GEICO VID WANNA. Give a shout out to our patrons Puerto. Reagan. who asked us to read this book patron dot com slash overdue pod more information. Reagan said I've been wanting to read this book ever since I was a little fifth grade girl obsessed with stories and cringing over how awful the movies were but still love them and went to every midnight premiere in highschool regardless your twilight saga episodes starting up three hundred where some of my favorite. So I say it's only fair. You give this one ago. And give it a go we did. What if you released? Okay. So what if instead of doing a new movie midnight Sun, you just released twilight again but call it sun. No one would know that was too many years ago. No one would notice. Okay. So that's what we're doing this. Before we get all the into. We had a couple of other things. We WanNa talk about great aside from the kickoff spook Tober which as we do every year since like twenty fourteen or fifteen is a spooky month full spooky books and we all get scared but it's like in a fun way and we hope that you all do to and we will read the full list at the end of the episode by it's it's a good one I. Think we are GonNa we're gonNA. Thrill. Yeah. We're GONNA chillier. Spill Lia. Sure we're GONNA KRILL YA GONNA. And then we're going to kill throw a bunch of tiny fishy. So our first order of business android give the other one. We did make a contribution to the quilt tribes move to Higher Ground Initiative It is a mission to secure the future of the quilty try by moving the at risk community to the safe zone where their culture and heritage can continue to thrive for generations to come. There's like housing and community buildings that are at risk in the Pacific Northwest Flood Zone. And because Stephanie Meyer did a lot of appropriation of the quill you tribe. In this series, it felt appropriate that we would do that. You can find more information on move to higher ground at MT H. G.. Dot Org if you would like to support them yourself that seems like a reasonable thing to do. And shout out to the worst bestsellers podcast, which is where we got the idea for it because they did it I and it's a great idea. So we'll give his. Andrew what else do we want to talk about? We also want to talk about voting in the United States. We are one month out from election day. And we we talk I think every November ish about about voting but this one is a big one. Yeah So. Voting is an lead. It's an imperfect tool and you know. No candidate is is ideal I. Don't think but you gotta ask yourself is, are you going to focus on the lesser part of the phrase lesser of two evils or the evil part, and we would invite you to focus this November on the lesser part? So to find out more information about registering to vote and volunteering your time and donating your money of vote Save America Dot Com. All one word is the best place to go. It's it's a good repository of information because voting is so different in so many places and so many rules have been. Added or changed to reflect like the state of this election in the in the pandemic. So it's it's important to start checking now if you haven't already done a mail in vote. Go ahead and request that ballot and make sure that you are on top of things because doing at the last minute is not going to be a good idea I don't think. And Yeah just you know we we have a good time think every every November retweeting people who tweet like they're voted stickers at US I. Don't know if we're going to get the same like flood people this year I think we'll do that again and maybe they come in early you know we'll do that too. Just to To foster spirit of civic engagement. But yeah, go ahead and get ready to vote vote save America Dot Com specifically for Joe Biden. And whatever democratic seminar Senate candidates are live in the state you live in Yep. And that's all that's all we'll do. We'll do there. So let's say let's talk about this book that we came here to talk about Andrew what is up with this book? I just got this is what is happening in this Warring, slog of a book, we are going to have some fun here. Today, we have spent hours talking about what people including ourselves have gone out of the twilight series. Feel differently Meyer trick me because this book had. All we starting in episode three, hundred, one, we are at one. We read the original twilight I. Feel like we've we've done pretty good job extending the benefit of the doubt and I think there are places where we're going to be able to do that here. Yeah. I'll have to get their with sure the twilight books are so popular is also popular to bag on them. Share. But Midnight Sun. Is Not strictly necessary it. It it is my semi I tweeted about the other day. I said that it was the this meeting could have been an email of books. Let me break that down. Yeah. I feel like this could have been a novella filling in gaps. Twilight Story Yes 'cause here it is from Edwards perspective. So you do get some new things that you have not seen before. That were scenes where you were focused on Bella and Bella was alone or Bella was with somebody else. And Edward was off somewhere else. And it's also it is occasionally interesting and enlightening to get A. into his mind in in some instances but in other instances and Meyer talked about this making the book actively hard to work on. Yeah. is she is like locked into the exact dialogue and all of the like story beats from the original twilight and they're all painstakingly reproduced here to the point where like multiple times. As I was reading this I did a search through this and then through twilight. Oh, sure those lines. So I could get like a snapshot of what Bella was interpreting in that same scene because it's been a little while and those parts of the book I mean it's not like what Edward was thinking or doing was a huge mystery because. They all say everything that they're thinking out loud eventually. Yeah. No matter what and so. I thought that a good like three quarters of this book was just rehash like it was. It was just the stuff that we knew already with. Edward Kinda zoning out and giving us a flashback or a daydream or three paragraphs of. Of context for something that we already assumed I don't know there's so there's an s my that's my opening statement again sure. The other thing that makes us an interesting companion novel is that it is a companion novel to both the first book twilight as well as the twilight series like she has said, she gave some interview where she said like she has two other books in this universe that may be show right some day. But this is like it for books retailing's from Edwards perspective, and so some of the interesting like. Back, story of the Cullens that you get by Edward sitting around thinking all the time. He thinks a lot. Some of that is actually like it's not a full rehash, but it is. A little redundant to some of the stuff we learn in the other twilight books. So if you it'll be like three two things you know in one thing that you don't now. Yeah. So you do get a return on your time investment, but it is not as much as you might hope that it would if you're a fan of the series I'm not sure like. How much new lure there is for you here and it is not dramatically re contextualising the events of the original twilight as a that does not appear to be her aim nor is it Doing that. So I want to quote from her website about a little bit about the book's release. She talks about releasing it during the pandemic. She says, I don't know how everyone else's coping but right now books are my main solace happiest escape personally, I would be nothing but delighted of one of my favorite authors announce something new for me to read. So I hope this gives you something to look forward to working on a book for more than thirteen years as a strange experience I'm not the same person I was. Then my children are all grown up my backout. Weird. The world is a different place. Imagine. All the things that have changed for you but completing midnight sun is brought me back to those early days of twilight when I first met many of you, we had a lot of fun I hope going back to the beginning of Bella and Edward's story reminds you of that fun to Soak Andrew. Can you tell me a little bit about the origin of this book? So it had I I don't know when she when she first got the idea for it and began writing at the original plan for this book and we talked about it in in the twilight episode. How long ago? That was I honestly have no about two years. There's two thousand eighteen we were. Okay we were pimping alive show. So it was like early two, thousand eighteen. Pimping it it's true. We pinpoint it. The. Original plan was to publish it in two, thousand, eight or two, thousand nine like not long after the original series had wrapped up. But what happened was a few chapters of it leaked online. This is this is a problem with twilight books as Advanced Leagues, we talked in the In the episode about a breaking dawn about like they had this whole like separate email address the publisher did set up that you could email them to like rat out leakers, my God I'm like squash, the League or So so some chapters of this leaked online Meyer than decided. Listen I'm I'm not doing this anymore. It was just like a loss of enthusiasm for the project or something now interviews since this book is actually come out here in the year two, thousand, twenty have sort of calm that a little bit much like the book itself Wreck Com some. And she she insists she doesn't. She doesn't blame the leak. She says, this was just a huge pain in the butt book to write with all my books they were writing themselves and I was just working to keep up with dictation. That kind of writing is fun and exciting. This was like every single word was a struggle. And I would ask Stephanie. Meyer head, sorta interrogate that. Lie that was a little bit and how that would feel to read from somebody else's perspective one like the the the. So that comes from the new. York. Times interview she did. later in the interview, the interviewer doesn't pull on that thread. Oh no almost wonder if this was written questions submitted rather than an actual interview, an interviewer talking to her. But she? To the extent that she expands on that she says, Edward is very anxious character writing him made me more anxious and that's one of the reasons it was hard to be in that. His anxiety combined with mine was potent. He starts off fairly confident but Boise get broken down by the end Bella really breaks into pieces. Yeah did you see he comes across in twilight being very strong and so super sherve himself when that never was really actually the case you makes you wonder if the story actually benefits from being from his perspective. And and I say that as someone who two years ago agreed with you that Bella was an awkward cipher for the reader. That was kind of nothing person. And this, and Lo and behold she took the person who had character traits and made a whole book about him. And it was hard and it was hard to write apparently and it was hard to read. This is This. has seeped into. So many of our discussions of these of these sort of WII A. Series fiction. Yeah. Sure. Yeah is. It is. Okay. So it's it's I. Don't think it's a good thing to do like the wheel of time game of thrones thing where you have. So many of characters that the story becomes completely bogged down overwhelmed and by the time you're halfway through you are hearing from the character is you actually like like once or twice per book? Yes. Sure and the books come out like once or twice per decade. But. At the same time, it is also really restricting to get these. Stories told only from one perspective. It is hard to live in one character's head the whole time and get. Like as much texture or or context, and especially in a book like twilight where so much of the. Dialogue is interior for various Riems you. It is it flattens the characters a lot to be outside of them and that. So that was the problem of original twilight and then the problem with this is there's too much inside. This. Book is like a real monkey's paw situation like who it is a monkey's paw someone wanted to know what was in Edward's head and we all the monkey paw curled and this book ended up in our laps. Did you see the thing that I? Think she said she said this to entertainment weekly maybe somewhere else. Maybe was out of con- entertainment weekly reported it she thought she was so the life and death, which is the gender swapped that she wrote Yes with with Beaufort with Beaufort death yes. Yes. Colony she published that in Twenty fifteen and she said in some you know comment that she was maybe thinking about. Midnight Sun Right. Afterwards and Lo and behold like that year gray the the first fifty shades book from Christian Grey's perspective was announced and she was like, oh. No midnight sun is cursed I have to put it back on the shelf and wait I can't release it right after gray which in and of itself is a rip off of my own work which he did say that part but I I, heard her say those. Guys Stephanie Meyer we know what you're. So it did come out this year in August sold a million copies in its first week. She did a virtual burr book tour. She also did to drive in theater events where they did as she said. Afterwards. We'll have a special screening of twilight starring Chris Stewart era. Pats you know the movie No it makes it sound like they're going to be there in person I. Don't think sure they will I'm sure they will I'm sure they will not be there. I don't remember they dated for a while right I. believe they did I think it was the people who were in the fifty shades. Movies hated each other. Tracks both crosscourt and Robert Patents Pansy they're pretty rat like I take nothing away pretty good and they've they've gone on to do a lot of really interesting. Yeah. Work they have wants work and. Proper patents and is going to be man. Batman, which is his this is second sort of affiliated role. Yes. I. Also couldn't shake the like the vibe and knowledge that he is playing. Batman. While reading this book and his character just does a bunch of Batman stuff all the. Brooding and Sorta just thinking and nighttime vigil and to use them you know parents are dead. A-. Also more than one review like I got like kind of. Referenced the fact that like this book came out during a global pandemic, an Edward referred to ever call as like one of the most famous survivors of global pandemic because he did die during the Spanish flu he didn't survive technically. Okay. Go point he is undeterred. I don't know what to do with that feeling which I definitely encountered while reading this book. Yeah. How do you want? Start, how do you WANNA get into this guy I wanNA start? Okay. Let's just get this out of the way in twilight. Bella are sitting in Edwards car or Bellas car her horrible truck. And they're talking about music. and. They mentioned the CD that that Bella Stepfather Phil has given her. And they say that it's a like a band with like loud bass and screaming vocals or something, but shrieking vocals for her taste. Yeah, and The band can honestly was revealed later by Seventy Mile Lincoln, park? Yes and she said she didn't put the actual name of the band because she didn't want Lincoln Park to become an cool in the interval between when the because being written and when it was being published, which is funny for a lot of reasons. But in this book in this book finally yes finally canonical early it is they do name Linkin Park. Yes. Lincoln parks in it a Huntington Park's hybrid theory is the album yeah. And I'm just really glad to see Lincoln Park finally finally get the recognition. I'm just glad that in the end it does matter. It does even matter. Lincoln Park started what if what if this thing in literature where you go back and you do like the gender swap and you do the perspectives swab what if bans visited their twenty year old work with more maturity and more perspective and changed all their like nihilistic lyrics to be like really hopeful and optimistic I'd be up for that actually. Yeah. I'm trying to think of other bands that have done something like that like nickelback photograph would become a song about how it's Ok that you. It's okay not to peak in high school actually. Smell smells like adult spirit is what Nirvana would say yeah it smells like old people spirit. They'd get some people, but they'd get some celebrity to sing in sound like him. You know. So, let's I have a couple quotes from some views of this book that might get us into like okay. Now we're in Edward's head and what is that like? So Lauren Puckett writing for L. says an unlikable narrator can be a clever device but Edward wants so much to convince you to hate him that the effort backfires you don't love him like. Bella does do you think he's the monster he claims to be if anything he loses the or he had in the first book? Do you agree with that statement? Andrew did you find him along in the first place? That's its own premise to the extent that he was alluring. Sure I guess I see seeing him revealed as a ball of like self hatred. In this time where I think we're all kind of dealing with their own, our own mental health staff was. Amazing. Yeah. Yeah. It was not revelatory either I found. Because his self hatred is pretty evident and like the whole second book is about him. Thinking that he is so bad for Bella that he completely ghosts on her completely the pardon pardon my I don't know if that's like. Super naturally racists in some ways. To a vampire as ghosting on. Somebody. But he just he leaves because he thinks he's such a bad. Bad being for her yeah and that own can only bring misery to her like it is clear through reading all these other books. As one of the things you talked about is clear that Edward. has some real self esteem. Issues. Yeah. And to watch him STU in it for pages and pages pages page page. Ages is not the most fun reading experience. No because it just feels rhythmically bizarre especially when you're writing this book publishing this book for people who have read the books I tried to make my brain I tried Andrew to be like what if what if someone read this book? Not Knowing it was a twilight. I thought I was trying to imagine the world that would have to exist for the somebody's I. Why is the only the only situation that would? Explain why felt so strongly that it had to convey every line of dialogue in the original twilight and this not nobody no nobody's doing that. Either might be there might be like one. Like preteen person who's a preteen now whose parents? Louis and just WANNA get them a popular book co heard this one was a big deal and they didn't do any other follow up research and they just brought this one maybe maybe made daughter Stephanie Love staying up late 'til midnight and she loves eating pomegranates. So I got her this book file woman named. Stephanie that has a pomegranate on the cover called midnight Sun bet she we. We live in Ohio so I did buy at the Meyer. Okay. I Love I love. MOMS. Buying gifts with like Mrs doubtfire logic. Really Good Yeah. So like this book, let's just get into the plot. We're going to be rehashing this podcast in and of itself is a companion podcast for podcast that we did. So, let's get into the plot a little bit. We'll stop along the way we'll skip some stuff that is like common knowledge, I bet? But like we open with the call in. Common Knowledge tables. Table stakes is like Edward and Bella are meant to be together. She eventually becomes a vampire they have a child together. and she becomes accepted into his vampire family. Yes which consists of. Six other people? So there is a as May, Carlisle, who are the Vampire Mom and Dad There are Emmett and Jasper who are Edwards brothers of sort, and then their alice and Rosalie, who are his sisters sore in at the beginning of the series, all six of them are paired off. So Emmett and Rosalie are like actually created by Carlisle like as me like. Edward, Jasper and Alice showed up separately. Jasper comes from like the Vampire war-torn North American south it, which is a whole I don't really remember how that's treated in the later books I really didn't like it when I read it in this book, it feels we're. An alice came from her own back story that is has to do with whoever ends up becoming the villain. In this book she was almost killed. She was killed by Vampire, and then we audio Yada she and the and the special thing about this family vampires as they have decided. That, they don't want to and eat humans they want. They will just subsist on like animal blood and they will try to retain whatever they can. Of their humanity despite their. Non Human. Characteristic. It makes them anomalies right like Carlisle is famous world around among Vampires for starting this hip trend four hundred years ago or whatever, and there's another family of them up in Denali in Alaska that they're Kinda. Man Ever runs away there when he gets sad for like a week and it's two pages long in this book. That's all he don't mean any of the cool Denali Vampires even though I'm pretty sure we probably meet some of them and breaking down somewhere. We he hangs out with them for like, uh, second and in twilight it's like. Really, you know bad sad week for Bellas. Come on Stephanie spend more time in Denali. So they're like living in this town called forks up in the Pacific northwest where there's lots of clouds. So the sons never really out even though that's not really how light park work but like I'm not a physicist and they. Like are GONNA go to high school for four or five years they've been here before and they've come back like as. Many. Many generations ago they can usually. Hang out in an area for like a decade or so. Yeah cover gets blown. However young they pretend the kids are kind of the IT sets the boundary. So in in forks, the kids all enrolled as high school sophomores and Juniors who are about to become seniors, Rosalie and Emmett have gotten married multiple times apparently did like that was kind of fun. It's like, Rosa. least favorite thing is to get married she's done it so many times. And all of the Vampires have special talents. But Edward really has like one of the best ones 'cause he has telepathy. He can hear people's thoughts within a certain miles radius they can't communicate. No like I think telepathy typically as a fair enough I don't. Hear people's thoughts, and that leads to a lot of. Sometimes can. So let's talk about. Edward and Alice I guess I is so Edward can read people's thoughts and Alice has a sold limited for narrative purposes version of like skying where she can see what the future might be based on the current intents of the people whose future she is trying to trying to like divine and she does have to like focus on people or be like kind of opened to generally receiving people she cares about her talent is stronger for supernatural beings than for humans. I do like that. She could just give Edward like gambling odds like she's like sixty forty, your killer like you got very like C. Three Po of her to be able to recite the odds at any given moment. But so a lot of this book is. There is a lot of like shorthand character work that gets done because Edward can read Alice's mind. Alice can tell the future and so Edward functionally most of the time can also tell the future correct and he has he in what she all of the vision. Yes and so like for example, in the original twilight books like Alice. Really psyched to become friends with Bella and like take her under her wing and. Like make her feel welcome in the family where like some of the other members are not so hot or so understanding of Edward's decision to lake bring a human into the fold because how can this possibly end and Edward Lies to himself a lot about like how this could possibly end. But it. The book. Decides and it does is a couple of times as Alice sees a future where she is friends with Bella, and so she decides to become friends with Bella, and so we just accept that that's a thing by yeah. There's a lot of self fulfilling prophecies stuff that happened there's a solace like the first time. Edward and Alice meet they get into this bizarre feedback loop where they just like instantly become super close because alice has visions of them coming super becoming super close and Edward the visions and so it just kind of happens because she saw that it was going to happen. I don't I don't want to get all star Trek on anybody but. This is these are some real conundrum swell in. That's why she and Jasper fell in love. She saw a future where she was in love with Jasper he has superpowers of like feeling emotions and controlling emotions. So then when he meets her and she's like, you're GonNa, love me and he's like, wow, that's a real emotion. I guess I'm in love with you like what we're way to form a relationship and so yeah, the whole Edward Alice dynamic which is played within the other books is really just like what drives plot in this book inasmuch as plot happens it is often Alice has a vision of something Edward Here's her have a vision of something. Edward isn't quite sure what's going to happen. So he does something else which in of itself fulfills the prophecy. That, he couldn't quite clear or something, right? Yeah. People don't respond to Edward Doesn't respond to events very often often he is responding to. What. Alice sees as the most likely version of events. Yeah. That's like the biggest. Yeah that's the biggest. Perspective shift is that you have Edward hearing everybody's thoughts and seeing them think things throughout the book. So like the early section high and so in the real quick rural quick. And steal your. Thunder. In the first twilight episode of Our podcast that we did we were fans of Mike. Newton. Oh Man. The nobody regular human hot love interest for Bella Swan. In this book, you get to see Mike's entered thoughts and they are the inner thoughts of teenage boy who really wants a girl to like him and it's no fun at all and he said, no, I'm a big fan of cancel Mike and. Mike Newton. We stand men like Ben and Eric and other loserboard. In this book. So. The beginning of this book is Edwards in high school and he was like the high school and he starts hearing the basically the entire high school go who's that girl like hearing is yeah right like a new. There's a new girl walked in has walked into school and he's like what's up and of course, as you might remember from the books for some reason, he can't hear her mind he just can't is not possible and this is weird to him, which creates kind of an emotional feedback loop of wanting to know more about her because all of the normal skills he would know till I. Hear what people are thinking and he is very important actually to the safety of the Colon clan. which becomes a plot like turning point a couple of times of him like wanting to run away from Bella lest he kill her and they're like, Yo, if you leave your like our our alarm system like again like our early or early warning system for vampire conflict, you are the one who who lets us know if people have seen us be vampires or something so you can't just leave. And if there's I th I think the the weak point of the first book for us even even forgiving. How little perspective like young love has? Yeah. is how quickly and instantly both Bella and Edward R? Eternally committed to each other and like willing to. Give Up. and. This is this is a particularly heinous from Bellas perspective because she is literally seventeen years old. She has a mother and father who she is depicted as carrying a lot about carrying four a lot. Yeah. Who she is sort of ready to give up in order to assume this new vampire life. But Like in. So in this book, we get that from Edwards perspective from bells. Perspective is just kind of like she has drawn to him and he is beautiful and she's fascinated with him, and that's kind of how it is in this book like from Edwards and at least starts as. Fascination with not being able to read her thoughts after years of the same thing every day and every night any change became a point of absorption he says And I don't know if that's a great reason to get together with somebody. But because she's different, it's Like, okay. My gift doesn't work that changes how I behave. So that's a novel. He does when she comes into the room he she walks in front of like the HVAC vent and he loses his mind and smells. So has way too much conversation about how girls smell in place. Really. Heated. At the end where Belus mom comes to the hospital. And because we got the original books from bells perspective, I did not pick up on rene being a mill but that's the first thing that Edward notices is like man. I bet they're sister. I bet they're mistaken for sisters. All the time does say that because she's been he's like, wow, interesting. He's a she's a mills is a mom I'd like to suck the blood out. No. He. And he also does say that the other Vampires in the Colin clan, all of their like romantic feelings were very sudden an instant and complete. So there is like that's Meyer a little bit like. Finding some lower trappings around her like romance. Convention of Yo, the lovers just have to love each other right, but she is just rehashing what she did I know the wolf people imprint. Yes. But there's less precedent for it and so fine whatever. Made me upset that that we're supposed to accept that again. Is that for all these supernatural beings is just love at first sight and like nobody can do anything about it but fine. Whatever s fine. Fine. So. Of course, he has his direction. He runs away. Denali. We don't get to meet any of the cool vampires for more than two seconds. It's a real bummer. Do you get to meet like a cool Amazon Vampire rash back what are you know? The flows I enjoyed some of the flashbacks. Sure. But let's let's talk about some of the things that we enjoyed I enjoyed. The flashback to when Edward Rosalie became like when they think they became brother and sister sure. They have a lot of difficulties with each other and I did enjoy how. All of the other like Vampires in the Colin family like being in love already how it Helped lately how? How it helped them understand what Edward was doing. Sure. Explain why they are also gung-ho to defend her actually think that works a lot better narrative -ly as an explanation for how they are acting. Then that necessarily does for for Edward is like they they all did have this strong instant like love reaction. And now the Edward is having it and they thought you know he's he's like one hundred whatever years old they didn't think he was going to have it, and now they finally has it. They're both like copied for him and also like understanding of him in a way that makes even the most begrudging of them give him a little bit a space. This latitude to feel what he feels is this scene where they really caught on is like he sits down the P. he comes home a system of the piano, a starts making some new music everyone's like Yo we're playing the piano. Again he's playing again it's beautiful something new. That were Christian grey have. Does, and he's very good at the piano of course, Andrew. The the thing about Rosalie to get some of this in the original books I do appreciate a little bit more of the rumination on Rosalie as someone who really. Like regrets her change intensely like her superpower Bangladeshi so. and. She honestly like analogies moral she's like, Kana, not sure what to do with that and she well she. Everybody in. Carlisle's family he was he was the first one everybody in that family was. They're not unhappy with their lot in life, but they by and large were turned a against their will or without consent. Yeah. Sure. and. Rosalie the the reason she hates Bella. Initially is because Bella wants this life and Rosalie would give anything not to have this life and so. It's Say Look. Look this is. What does this idiot? One everything that I do not? Yeah and and it really pisses her off that that Edward is so invested in a human who does not understand this. So. Yeah that I appreciated that I also like I found it fun even if I found it some some kind of weird in the first third of the book where we spend more time with Edward in high school and were rehashing all of the events from twilight and we're getting all the conversations that we that she already wrote with Bella in them but now Edwards just in a different room listening to them I guess I did like the like he's just tuning into different twitch channels of people's brains where he like you're in a conversation with me and he zooms into your head to watch my face like that's that's what he's doing. It's very strange. he like goes into Mike's head so that he can see bell be bad at badminton once and I do and there are heads that Edward enjoys being more than some other heads like Mike's head. Is A. is a toxic place to be what's the? What's The an I think? Angela Angeles when he likes is the one he likes and he in the brief moments where we get. A a look at Jacob Black in this, and this is this is a point of ret con that I that I noted Oh, they are they are it's slate ret con that. Sort of makes it easier. For them to get where they get by the last book where they're like my brother my son. Sure. That one. But like in in these books like Edward and Jacob both kind of hate each other from the go. Yeah. But in midnight sign he is in Jacob's head briefly like. Hearing his thoughts and he says I felt suddenly sorry that this particular boy was born my enemy. He was the rare kind of mind that was easy to be inside restful almost and is just the openness and the honesty of Jacob is. Whatever refreshing to him what if a puppy was a person is really what? He does these fun things that you. You have to imagine that. Edward Would have done a lot of this stuff and I am surprised Meyer Meyer doesn't dwell on it like he wants to pay back. Angela for being a good person. So he like concocts a scheme where the boy she likes who also sort of likes. Her isn't sure about it. He like drums up a conversation between him and Emmett that like let's the boy know that Angela likes him and. He's just using his powers for good in a way that feels like a like the first quarter of a man movie where he's like I have superpowers. How can I like kind of be sneaky and do weird. It's very much like a like a mid-2000s. NBC Sitcom cancelled after three seasons. It's like my name is earl but also I'm vampire. Yes. Also of Empire that's the name of the show. So you know the thing with bell is happening. They are becoming friends again after he stopped talking to her for a month after she got an car accident, any like outed himself as a vampire to her but not totally, and then the whole scene in Port Angeles where she goes shopping with her friends, it Stephanie I think Angela. And Edward Guys Jessica Excuse me just Jessica Jessica the is the caddy one also does not like Karaj. And this is where he saves Bella from like a murder sex Predator in the street using his mental powers as like echo location to find them. Because, of course, he again, he can't track Bella. So he is like bopping around between different people's heads. To locate them. And it's like fine I don't know like, yes. The interesting thing is that he sees what they see you. So he keeps like. Trying through other people's eyes catch sight of a road sign or something like we played. The Game Gio Gessler. which is a a a game where they dumped you down in like a Google street view of a random place and you need to figure out where you are. Yes and yes. So you're just like clicking around looking for road signs looking for like languages that you recognize looking to see which side of the road people are driving on. Tours, and that is basically how Edward figures out where people are is like elaborate Geo Guess. Information, and so that's fun. It's different and I did enjoy it like mechanically it does it it fails to. Tell me anything new about their relationship though which again you know maybe the book does isn't actually interested in that it's just do it. It's just doing what it's doing. So I don't know that it's necessarily interested in telling US different stuff about their relationship, but I did find especially early on before they were spending a lot of time together. That this be the Bella in this book Oh, the new Bella Bella that I recognized from. The original twilight I'm so this is this is the most clear and I did look this up to the best of my ability. This anecdote does not appear at all in the original twilight. Okay. But there is A. There's a moment where there are a couple of chapters where Edward is. Mike Okay they first meet. And Bazzani original twilight like Edward is overwhelmed by her sent doesn't understand why he's having such a strong reaction to her his initial impulse is to. Run away. So as not to like break this. This code that he lives by where he doesn't kill humans because her Bush. So alluring and so so D- scrum me to him. He just wants. To eat a write up. So he is observing her from afar and trying to like pick apart why he is feeling the way he's feeling about her and he just observes of stuff about her that we don't observe from within her in. and. So one of these anecdotes is with this girl named Tara. Who? Everybody in class says, is like a stone her and like a failure way story. Yeah Yeah and. Bella decides to Pick Tara to be part a group project even the bill fully intending to do all the work sees Tara struggling decides I'm going to to bring her on board and and try and help her like pass this biology class So from Edwards Perspective we get had noticed Atara was usually ostracized by the rest of the class. I could imagine no reason besides kindness for reaching out to her especially with Bellas Shyness. In the way I wonder how much comforted cost her and decided. It was probably more than any other human here would have been willing to go through for stranger. And so you get that combined with some of the things that bill does for her mother. Like. The this is not totally absent from twilight, but you get A. Picture of a much more like confident and like quietly charitable Bella rather than like the nothing Cypher Klutz that she is an. Light and I guess. It is it is fitting that being in Edward's head is kind of uncomfortable and then you get like an unrealistic picture of who Bella is because reading the original twilight is not super pleasant to be umbrellas head and you get what is apparently an unrealistic picture of who Edward is as purse. That's what makes it does. So I found this that actually bridges nicely to this this vox review by Constance Grady talking about the perspective shift. Part of what makes Edwards such powerful fantasy figure is the way he seems to see something in Bella that even she can't something that allows him to center his whole immortal life on her in this secret specialness that the reader can borrow for themselves. Imagining through the through the eyes of a worthy lover, they too might become impossibly special. So special vampire might against its very nature to keep from drinking their impossibly tempting blood. Powerful fantasy there's nothing wrong with it. There's nothing mysterious about why ten thousands of teen girls would wanNA live inside that fantasy and so great. He actually doesn't really love this treatment of Bella just because. It. I don't know. It actually goes against what grady finds compelling about Bella, and original books to someone who's like shut up. I won't be vampire because I want to be with you. Let's go and we also get a little bit of that Bella in this book but because it's from Edwards perspective, we get way more of like vignettes of him going. Wow, she's really selfless and caring I just can't. Talk doesn't she understand why monster I am? Why doesn't she understand the monster that I am I even thought that the the scenes where in the original twilight like shoes quite clearly asking to be turned into a vampire word sort of. watered-down s 'cause like maybe Edward doesn't want her to be asking or is kind of ignoring ask. Focusing on his own like what he perceives to be the best for her and again I agree with you. You said, this will while ago like I just don't buy that the Bella. That Edward is seeing and even the Bella we meet in some of the in the actual books is like that keen. Why is she so keen to be like you know my family whatever like I guess there's time. Yeah. You have to get all the way to the last book and she has actually become a vampire she like it has to happen already for her to realize like Oh this is there's something missing like there's something in my identity that I've been missing this whole time that is clicked and I guess I shouldn't I finally understand what it is I don't the problem is I don't think that Mayer is writing about. NAIEVETY. On this choice, I don't think bell as arc is a one that we're supposed to go like Oh, and then she'll figure out that she's missing something by being immortal like it really doesn't feel like that's what Mayer is up to. Like it it it is frustrating because it feels like all the pieces are here and they're just not being. Yeah. Yeah like the the. Subtle. Narrative foreshadowing I think you'd you'd get in more. In a more in a in a highly better. Character driven series. Not really here. But okay let's continue moving through it. I think. There is what much more plots to we honestly. Do. You want to just blast through the rest of the plot is I really do I want to move and? I think that people listening not only of. are familiar with the story of twilight, but also probably have listened to our twilight episode I want to move to the hot around midnight. Sun. This pot. The HOT CORNER OF BASEBALL COMPLAINT ZONE BY CRAIG GETTING Okay. So they're dating. Now they've done the family introductions We've not really talked about the quilt stuff with Jacob and his grandfather's barely even to the extent that you get in twilight. You'd never like you spend like ten pages with with yes. Jacob in his family, and we are now three quarters of the way through the book. There's no major antagonists yet and the Vampires WanNa play baseball and the, and she's like you're all play baseball and he's like it's the American pastime, Kuka cool and what kind of bats do they use like if they're using wooden, all those bats would break their swim so hard pitching them so hard. There's no mention a metal bats in this book like no I guess they don't mention what the bathroom main Adam that's a mess. What's up with that? Also Alison Edward. Can She using psychic energy which they do talk about a little bit I also, there was a part of the baseball game that really confused me Andrew. Tell me about this part of the baseball game. I have to find it in my screen shots of the notes that I took. Okay. So there's a part in the game. There are teams of three, which is a weird way play baseball, but you only got six vampires to play baseball with I. Guess Mama, as Baseball Nave Hardy got very complicated house rules. Yes. Through. and. So Alice and. Edward R team. So he can like see where the ball's going to go but they he's not move until the balls hit or else such cheating and what Rosalie gets on Second Base Andrew. And It is up to bat and he wants to bring her in from second with sacrifice fly. No one scores from second on a sacrifice fly. First of all, that's just not possible. Even if you scale talent explained to me why because the way the sacrifice sacrifice fly is I'm on base and If the ball goes up in the air I can't run. I can't legally leave my base until you catch the ball. So what you normally see is like batters will step off the bag a little bit, and then the or make the catch and then have to run back to the base that they were on. Now, there's a thing called time up, which is you stand on your base you wait till the catch happens, and then you run to the next base. Because it was hit far enough that you're not going to get thrown out. Chur. Great. Wonderful. That doesn't happen from second home because that's to bases you can't tag up unlikely. UNLADEN empire speed. Also and only like to play also vampire throwing, they gotta throw the ball real fast you get out anyway Emmett they say 'em, it's GonNa hit a sac fly sh- to bring her in from second, which again doesn't make any sense. He hit this one high rather than long knowing gravity was slower than I was it worked and I ground my teeth as Rosalie touched home plate. Okay Stephanie Meyer that doesn't make any sense because she isn't allowed to leave the base until ever catches the ball. Anyway. So gravity house knows swimming be rules. Gravity does not matter. Sacrifice, fly does just not how it works does not pace fall. So mad about it. Wow You're just vamp explaining baseball the Stephanie. mind. Just like I. Do want to give her credit. She Has Carlisle do a Baltimore Chop because he knows that. Like hitting balls in the air, they're all going to get caught anyway. So he hits the ball into the ground and then it goes right up into the sky from there, but it's a ground ball. So he can just run the bases as he pleases. It's a cool like baseball maneuver that nobody does anymore. Nobody. But I feel like, Carlisle, he's old time ways ball instincts. If you hit a baseball that hard as vampire though why would it bounce off the ground instead of burrowing deep into? Earthquake. Alad that's my question. Yes. I'm very upset about the baseball mechanics. I could read a whole book about Vampire Baseball and really like even less of this book was Vampire Baseball than I remember from. TWYLA. You have to go through like four hundred pages to get there, and then there's like two hundred pages after. So I really felt your pain on that one. Thank you. You're probably waiting to get to vampire baseball this whole time empire baseball from Edwards Perspective please sign me up. Yes. This is my fantasy baseball. And let's talk about more. Talk. About as you want well, no, we can move on because the baseball summons the evil, vampires, right. The baseball is the only reason why the back like quarter of the book has a plot at all. Or an antagonise. So in addition to ret conning lightly. Again. Not Counting in a way that's completely totally incompatible with original books but in a way that is definitely incompatible with your understanding of the characters at this point. There are also points where Stephanie Meyer is clearly trying to address. Criticisms of her own bag go for it. and. So this is this is Edward Experiencing Bella through the eyes of Mike Newton who he hates and who I also hate. And Edward Says of Mike Newton. It helped that he never noticed her small revelations her little slips. He knew nothing about her he created a Bella in his head who didn't exist a girl just as generic as he was yen observed the unselfishness and bravery that set her apart from other humans didn't hear the abnormal maturity of her spoken thoughts. So I. The, we thought that bellows kind of generic and uninteresting. That's on us for being a couple of Mike. Newton's legged. We just we just weren't picking up on. The great traits that were there and Bella this whole time cool does that make up for the part where he rationalizes breaking entering into her house because he already has a bunch of fake ID's fake documents and he's committed lots of crimes in his life already, I've. Already breaking a lot of broken a lot of human laws. So what's a couple more is basically is rational breaking into my not girlfriend's house and spying on her while she sleeps. Totally fine. That's my. I think we had questions about like the practicalities of vampire life and whether human laws and stuff of whether they were worried about climate change. Yeah. I do. In this passage, he says, then, of course, there was the way we funded our lives. Insider trading laws didn't apply to psychics, but it certainly wasn't honest what we did and the transfer of inheritances from one fabricated name to another wasn't legal either and then there are all the murder. Vampires are insider traders. They're just a bunch of white collar criminals. This'll kind of told you that, and because our government chronically underfunded the the prosecution of white collar crime, they get away with the irs and they had the vampires. That's how it goes. Vampires are probably up there on K street lobbying to get rid of the state funds the internal. Revenue, service, let's go catch them. Vampires are against the death. Is. There any other kind of like ret conning like that's the one he does like I don't want to be a peeping Tom said the guy being a peeping tom like. There's not too much else that I recall where Myers They're not a lot of moments is just there are moments that feel so. Like they, they go against the established like grain of these. Yeah. Orders or at least these characters at this point so much that it stood out to me and the reason it like stood out to me in frustration me and to go back to. Our conversation about Pov chapters earlier is like if if we were meant to be getting all this stuff about Bella and if we had enough of Edward in the original twilight to get the stuff out Bella. I feel like it worked better as a book like I understand more about their relationship. If. These character notes had been brought forward more in the first place and like clearly meyer had them in mind. Ahead Leaguer at out what was appealing about Bella as she was like architect eating this whole thing because she wrote the first and the last books in the series. Sort of next to each other, and then later put the second and third books in and suddenly clearly she had she'd figured out. Why Bella was special, she doesn't. She just doesn't tell us about it looks in book I even saw an interview she mentioned like giving Robert Pattinson some of the chapters of this book years ago you know the the unpublished version of this book so that he kind of had an idea of whatever was going through like this is part of the the General Lor. It's just weird that it's here now. As this other thing. And even even have been published back when she was working on it still would've I think been strange like it and I the there is a. Real conversations be had curious if you have any thoughts okay about like. Whether. Not Knowing one or more sides of. Of the story makes twilight more suspenseful like not knowing exactly what Edward is doing or thinking at all times makes it more. Interesting or like makes you want to read more like maybe if we. And and this is this is kind of a point that is that is made at the end of last book where Bella like her her. Telepathy. Blocking powers become like a bubble that she can kind of shift around and so as a gift to Edward she shifts away from her mind so he can see her thoughts for the first time and is a really like deep and meaningful moment to him to realize. Finally that she thinks. Like exactly what she thinks of him. and he can be like sure of it in a way that he is with everybody else but now with her so if you. If you have a version of twilight that is like switching pov chapters or even just like a little bit of Edwards at the beginning or at the end do you lose something? Like. The mystery of Edward. Yeah. I think you you do I. Think there's a there's a very there is a version of this story that succeeds without information and Edward's head, and it is like it makes that moment meaningful. The problem is is that when we don't have Edwards perspective were stuck with Bella, and Bella in that perspective is kind of a mark like she just isn't. That interesting and again, it's also a like most of the plot is driven by people outside of her. And yes. It is a story about her kind of dealing with fat, but it just makes for weird reading for me personally. And this book similarly like. Not, having access to Bella in these scenes, where like apparently bell is really interesting is kind of frustrating. Yeah I don't know I I don't know if Stephanie Meyer right the could right or is interested to write the version that is more compelling because both of the characters are fleshed out at the same time because like I mean like their word moments in this where I was prompted to go back to the original twilight and like search for the line of dialogues, ed see the inner monologue that surrounded it, and so that that tells me. I don't know like. Maybe, instead of doing an entirely perspective swopped one you just do. You do the melded one instead. Yeah. Yeah. I don't know if I don't know if the response to I don't think it would. Yeah. I don't know like I don't know if the response to not enough of somebody's perspective is to make the whole thing the other person's. Yet that's totally fair. But like why not just like blow the whole thing open and like. Give us a little bit. Give give us a little bit A. Chalus give some carlisle a give. Give us Jacob does get a little bit. Call US enjoying that stuff because it. Get. Flushed out. Like supernatural things that were going meanwhile, she writes like a whole chapter in this book that's like vampires boringly chase each other through Canada. Why is the vampire action sequence and were as you put to me in slack the what the cullens in the furious what did you call for the twilight in the? I hadn't thought about very much like there's a whole car racers wins. Fifteen seconds ahead of me, the perfect bubble of space opened swerved the the center lane flip the clear safety cover off the bright red. Gogo. One button timing was perfect. The exact instant I was clear I punched the button, the NAS spray hit and the car shot forward as it fired from a cannon one, fifty, once seventy, those are speed limit speed dominant numbers. Being he goes to full the VIN diesel you're at the end of this thing. And yet it is super boring and I don't know is to my also. found the entire last action sequence from Edwards perspective really. Uninteresting and not only because I knew what was going to happen but because she had, she had to break it up so like in the first book. evil vampire named James Cap Catches Her J. Name that strikes fear into the hearts all humanity and he has tracked her to Phoenix he's tricked her with home movies and he's GonNa kill her in this dance studio. And he films a weird tape for Edward to watch later in the security camera or something, and then like the vampire show up, kill him and then he has to. has to save Bella from the vampire like venom that's in her from perfect perspective. It's yeah. It's racing in the car. It's getting there super-quick killing the dude or maybe his brothers kill him and then like he saves Bella and then he has to watch it on what IPAD or a tiny TV or something making note of like how good the the video and sound quality on this dance studios surveillance camera is. because. He can hear the sound of her like skin getting scrapes wins. Are Up against him year it's really strange but I don't know. I think this makes me one version of this. That is that is like What if we took? Whoever would have the most interesting perspective in a given situation? And just did the book from from there. Sure. And so imagine the. The scenes where Jacob and billy black show up For like ten pages but from their. Viewpoint and she even I think she. Cops to that a little bit because there are moments where you are just getting sort of unvarnished thoughts from the. Heads because of Edward's mine reading, it is close to being the version of the book. But she refuses to give it to us. That is she does do that a lot whereas pages of Edward Watching people and other people are talking. Again it's like that could be cool and it's just so long just give it gives you more. Information About it would do more showing and less telling when when Edward is talking about stuff like how humans initially react to the Collins and then their minds sort of to protect them. Like cover things up and make. Yeah. Like. Like they're instinctual response is to see the Collins as a Predator AC- as dangerous but then to protect them their brains make them see just like a normal teenage boy. But what if what if seeing that from? From Mike's Perspective or Business Perspective harleys perspective like just I don't know I did. This book even though this book made me. We wanted more Charlie Oh man original twilight yup books. And we want we end up wanting more charlie in this because this. Is. One of the other sort of interesting thing to say this. A is Sabella mind is unreadable to Edward and it turns out that this is like genetic in some way. From Charlie Edward can only read sort of vague impressions of like what he is feeling, which I kind of live and when Edwin Edward realizes this. He's like, Oh, I, just thought that Charlie was Kinda dumb in like didn't think a lot and no it's actually that like I can't actually get in there. Yeah it is. It is simultaneously interesting that Charlie is that way, but also it perpetuates the non character during. Throughout all this is Charlie originally one what Charlie wants is not important what Charlie feels about his daughter like becoming an undead brand of the night shortly. Ever. Explicitly feels about his daughter showing up in a rainstorm being like I'm mad about my boyfriend I'm running into Phoenix like is that Scene Poor Charley Yeah. So and then like Rene is. She can like earth checked into other people. It feels like heard her thoughts, make people want to help her yet I guess is a power that most middle aged white ladies feeling. Like Rene as power is perfectly suited to get people to go speak to their man. Oh, no thing. Oh, that is exactly what it is. Right I mean, she does do that in the hospital. I need to. And I think Edward remarks on her having multiple guides leading her to the room because it's it's like people are following her down the street to her goal or something. Yeah. That's funny. and so yeah, apparently. Bill has inherited some sort of special mind from her parents. Which is made her obviously captivating to Edward, what a book, what a book that we read. It feels fitting that this podcast has been sort of a shapeless collection of thoughts about different bits and pieces of this. because. It's kind of how I feel about it like I don't know it's hard to talk about as a book because it is just twilight again I can't stress enough the fact that it is one hundred, twenty pages longer than the already five hundred page twilight is just so kinda wish it were I kind of wish it had been worse like I really. I come away from this conversation being like there was some interesting things I was thinking about in this really long book and I kinda wish it had been like a real shark NATO situation where I could just revel in the disaster of it and feeling the gender swap one would probably be closer. Yeah that's probably Know. We always try to find redeeming qualities and everything we read like stupid dumb. How dare we? HOW ARE WE So yeah, that's our podcast. Welcome to Spook Tober. You scared yet. I'm scared I'm scared. The Stephanie Meyer has two more books in this saga sort of played out in her head I don't know what they could be. Unless it's like twilight colon, Jacob Time and we just get A completely unrelated book with of Jacob has like Bella and Edward in it a couple of places I don't want her to to write more about the quilts honestly. That's that's fair. But okay speaking there of again twilight Denali Vampires okay. Yes. Or twilight like what about twilight hundred years in the past about the whole turn what about twilight? degrassi vampires. What about twilight vice? Twilight and they're in Florida like solving crime. What about twilight? Babies. Like Ma, why don't they babies would be interesting? Like they're all babies. I haven't really thought this lender. It's Okay we said at the top of the show we made a contribution to the quilt tribes moved higher ground go to Mt H. G. Dot Org for more information on that again also, make sure you got your voting on lock go to vote Save America Dot Com make sure you registered. You got your mail in ballots stuff. 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We have a patriotic page patriots, dot com slash overdue pod, get bonus episodes, and other stuff early. and we have a new listener page up there if you're getting into the show and you don't just want to look around for books that you already know a look over there and we have upsets that we particularly enjoyed or like how they came out I think we are due for an update there. If you if you saw this episode in your feet and we're like, Whoa, they read the twilight books the those are all collected there. So you can go find them they're. SPOOKS HCT schedule. Next week, we are going to read the. Adventure title revenge of the Russian ghosts by Jamie Bolt. On October nineteenth, we read the Phantom of the opera by Gaston Leroux. On spook Tober Twenty six, we re demon theory by Stephen, Graham Jones, and then our bonus episode. This month is the book lovecraft country by Matt Ruff? Which is now a popular adaptation on HBO We did drop our latest genie babies, episodes, three and four. Learn about some ladies necks on that episode. Thanks Nick Anderson composed our theme music. Thanks to you all for. With US talking about glittery Vampire Douglas out to clarify vampire thing happened to is the same scene as in the other book it was not different at all. But it says in the book yeah. What does it say you're going to find it says Oh man it was not that different I drew I had to remember that her afternoon in the meadow and my afternoon in the meadow had been quite different experiences. How could she begin to understand the kinds of changes I've gone through in those hours we've been together in the sun. It was not different. It was the same is exactly the same in. So yeah introduce out of here I'm done. All right everybody until we talk to you next week try to be happy but from Edward. Spirits. Pat. Away. Our. That was a hit gum podcast.

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