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"alison blixt" Discussed on PRI's The World

"Not to then they've also decided to appeal two guys have also filed to in California for their son, and they won their case. But now the government is actually appealing their case in the night circuit. And I do not understand why the government feels the need to actually spend time energy resources, money appealing something that is so legally straightforward. So you're living in London. How much is that? A function of these. Laws on birthright citizenship. So actually, the reason we moved here in the first place was because of the defense of Marriage Act. So when we met to funny was living in Italy, and I was living in New York, and we wanted to live in New York together, but Stephanie couldn't get to live there. So we had to make the difficult choice to be together, but have to move to be together. So we chose love and moved to London because of that. And then now if we wanted to move to the US, I would have to apply to sponsor Lucas to get him a green card. And yes, it's a logistical possibility. But psychologically, and philosophically. It's wrong. You both seem very much at ease in the world at large wise and important to you that your kids become American citizens. Well, being American is a fundamental part of my identity and part of who I am. And I feel that my children that is a big part of their identity to and also for Lucas to be told you're not as much. Much a part of, of Alison as mossy is, is just heartbreaking. And when we started this fight, he was too young to understand. But he's now at the age where he asked questions about everything, and I mean, everything. So when we're doing interviews, even about the case right now. I just feel like I don't want him to be exposed to it because how do I explain to him? You are different from your brother. You're not as much mine as he is. And that's I just don't want to shouldn't have two. So he's starting to ask questions. What, what, what are you thinking about the day that they both are actually asking questions about this, and you will have to explain it to them? Dread, fundamentally dread, and sadness and anger. I really hope that we don't have to get to that. And they won't have to watch us going through immigration in the US all the time by going via the longest queue that the list, it's just me that has to do that. Rather than Lucas is well. And so I'm hoping that they all get solved them. We don't get to that, so that we don't have to explain it a list now, when they are old enough, we can proudly explain how we have vote for them. Alison Blixt and Stefan, Zachary one of several same sex couples whose children have been denied American birthright citizenship, thank you both very much for being with us. Thank you very much. Marco, thank you, Marco. The Trump administration is planning to shake up control of immigration sources agree on the person tapped to take over a former attorney general Virginia, by the name of Ken coochie Nellie, but it's not clear yet. Exactly what his job will be Monica Campbell heads up the world's immigration coverage since we don't know much really certain yet about the jobless just ask who is Ken coochie Nellie. What do you know he's a former attorney general of Virginia? He tried to run for governor didn't win. And he's very well known in immigration circles to be very conservative..

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