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"aliquippa high school" Discussed on Attack Each Day: The Harbaughs' Podcast

Attack Each Day: The Harbaughs' Podcast

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"aliquippa high school" Discussed on Attack Each Day: The Harbaughs' Podcast

"Jack, talk we open up talking with Ty law that newest will ring to be elected to the pro football hall of fame, and he of course, is from Aliquippa, Pennsylvania. I know we all know Ditka came out of Alabama high school, right? And there was. A famous musician. Or songwriter. And what was his name? Do you remember in the hall in the office there? They had a kind of a plaque up to him. Do remember that name? No, No. I I know. know can we look at? I'm looking at what what what John was. He was a classical was he I would you hear his name? You're not gonna seventy. So we gotta think someone else. No, no, no, not seventies. I'm talking about the forties in fifty. Well. I al- enka. Oh. Wasn't four. I mean, I've been only missing here. Pump is being man y'all need to get down there. We got chased one of each day there. Yep. We click Hudson right now. Yep. And obviously, we're make out of jeeter. We've been in ties Matt Dudek we've been in Pittsburgh, coach zora's has been there, December January, and we're circling through and he went through Aliquippa this past January. Okay. Good. We gotta get more than quips news. Absolutely one more question. Are you thinking about Henry man seen? Okay. Okay. Okay. That's a big one. That big. That's big now who who was your high school coach coach writing Rocco, okay? You had a coach framework. This is why I think like my mind works like one thousand nine hundred seventy now it seems like it was about four years ago. But you there was a coach there then he had his own TV show, and he was a real personality back in Pittsburgh. But the time, but but that would be way way before your time. Okay. Well, there's not computerized people don't realize another great basketball player. Mirrored visuals. Born do I did not know that his dad press wants Aliquippa high school Jonathan now. Yep. Well, one Rivas Uber lay. You know, we've got some hasn't guys come up feeder, western PA. What's your has? All only only did and tie law hall of fame. Am I correct on that that no it's only door saying he was have? Well, high school different high school. He was on his alachua mino-. You ask somebody doors? Cloudy Hopewell now. All his brothers went to Aliquippa. He decided to go to jail because he didn't want to go to the school where his brothers went for whatever reason, but you asked twenty doors cents day where you from eagles say Aliquippa, he will not save. What will guarantee.

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