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"The falsehood that the vaccine is experimental From a local station Watch a cable station that plays a lot of news from the United States and there are a lot of people there getting sick because of the vaccine Which is another falsehood One of the reasons for the lack of trust according to indigenous advocates is that it took so long for information about COVID to reach these communities Maya speak more than 20 different dialects In places like San Diego and Santa Maria Spanish acid widely spoken and many people are illiterate without a television or computer which is how the government was disseminating health information Anthropologists Alicia Velazquez is a teacher Maya who teaches at the university of Oregon The indigenous people have another way to think in my understanding the main problem is the lack of the communication between government and the communities According to one study for the first four months of Guatemala's vaccine rollout which began in late February most people who received injections lived in urban areas like Guatemala City were university educated and identified ethnically as Latino that is not indigenous This in a country where indigenous people comprise at least 40% of the population All without We have a healthcare system that's precarious and ignored With a budget that's truly embarrassing says Alicia Sam milk She's a public health nurse from Santiago who's recently been charged with heading up the vaccination program for the entire province Some mug blames a lack of leadership for the COVID crisis and indigenous communities like Santiago beginning with Guatemala's president Alejandro de mate and the three health ministers he's appointed in less than two years But she also points the figure at local leaders political and religious Some evangelical congregation she says direct people not to get vaccinated or wear masks Same place in CMT Inclusive star loses committees All of these institutions who should have come to the plate simply dropped out including community groups and churches And this is frustrating not to feel the support of people and especially of our leaders Recently the disinformation led to violence in a remote Maya community in the northern province of Alta Vera Paz And although they were not as this newscast reported In early October a brigade of public health workers sophisticating akechi Maya village was attacked by people who also destroyed their vials of vaccines As a result the minister of health announced that door to door vaccination campaigns were being suspended Meanwhile remarks about the incident by Guatemala's precedent did little to help the situation If people don't want to get vaccinated fine if they want to die bury them standing up But just don't ask the government to invest one filthy scent on that population The problem with the government is the president and the minister is taking care about indigenous people Again anthropologist Velazquez NI mantu There is a lateral racist against the indigenous people They don't receive appropriate survey in a specific situation a special now they can face stigma and discrimination with little hope of things changing soon Many may have preferred to use their traditional remedies to fight off the virus says Maya priestess Dolores rats are Pablo Hibiscus Ginger garlic cinnamon and honey Bring the fever down Yeah and eucalyptus.

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