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World Cup frenzy puts strain on Qatar's camels

AP News Radio

00:45 sec | 6 months ago

World Cup frenzy puts strain on Qatar's camels

"More than a million fans are in the country to watch soccer's big event. There's a lot to do. Take pictures with falcons, wander through the alleyways of traditional markets and ride on a camel's back. Ali jaber Al Ali is a camel herder. He says now we have 60 camels and even with 60 we can't catch up. We can't handle it. It's been busy and crowded. The tourist they love it. Argentina soccer fan Juan gua says it's actually an incredible feeling because you feel like a royal. Before the World Cup, Ali might fetch about 20 camel rides a day. It's been 500 rides in the morning, followed by another 500 in the evening. I'm Ed Donahue.

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