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"ali cra volya" Discussed on Filmspotting

"All right. Let's get to massacre theater part of the show where we perform a scene and you get a chance at winning a film spotting t shirt a couple of weeks ago adamant. I massacred this scene. Maui steve shifter demi-god of the wind. And i am wanting to row of what it's actually maui shape shifter demi-god the wenden see hero of men interrupted from the top hero of men. I as sorry and women men and women both all not a guy girl thing you know now as a hero to all you doing great. I'm here of course. Of course now. He always as time. I fans dwayne doyle. Johnson and ali cra volya in twenty sixteen moana written by ron clements and several others including composers mark. Medina and lin manuel. Miranda it was directed by clements and john. Musk along with that massacre. We shared our summer. Movie preview are five questions about the summer movie season. So why that scene from wanna will i. We heard from henrik. Hanssen in maidstone kent. Uk uses a delightful of moana gentleman. Josh's dwayne johnson impression was so authentic. I could hear him arching one very nice. Peter wang from holden maine writes in wanna finally got one. Thanks to my daughter for having me watch this forty seven times. Yeah i just picked a couple here. Because peter and michelle walters in mchenry illinois really spoke for a lot of our entrance. She says moana as someone who has a toddler that was obsessed with this movie for roughly six months. I was doing the dialogue along with joshua. Here's bailey l. From bill ricca. That scene is the first interaction between the titular character. And dwayne johnson's maui. In two thousand sixteen small anna the name change to doyle is a reference to johnson's role in joshua's beloved pain and gain so beloved. The tien is the upcoming some release of f. Nine also starring johnson. Yeah i love how you just said bill record now in fairness we did note what state follows bill ricca. But you just talked about it like it was. I don't know chicago or toronto. do you need you. have he style you. Don't you don't have to designate the state. Everyone knows where. Bill rick everyone knows. Bill ricketts in massachusetts. Of course we got this. As well from tom morris he writes in from the good the bad and the nerdy movie podcast and he certainly is putting the nerdy in nerdy movie. Podcast with all of these titans none of which were on our minds when this scene was fixed. He says i. This is the twentieth anniversary of the rocks film debut in the mummy to as the scorpion king. Oh yeah the music. And milwaukee was written by lin manuel miranda and his musical in the heights is coming out soon to theaters and hbo. Max okay. maybe we had that one in mind. This week is the twentieth anniversary of the shrek debut. Which was the first winner of the animated best picture oscar. Shrek success later forced disney to take risks again in making animated films. Shrek was also josh. Larson's number two film of two thousand and one and josh hadn't seen you post yourself aback when scott tobias. Aw friend from the next picture show. Is the main character on twitter for about thirty six hours because of his takedown twentieth anniversary. Take down. I think in the guardian of shrek men who knew there was so much passion for it. If i hadn't seen you post the proof of it i would have said. This is just tom. Having a laugh. Sounds like something you didn't but but would you really put it at number. Two i did that was such fun. Scott just you know doing the lord's work defending the cinema from shrek. that was clearly yes Apparently that was necessary. It's true it is. It is true. Now in retrospect Here we go. I will defend myself by saying that. The number one film. I think that aged a little better. My number one pick a i artificial intelligence. You know. I think people have come around On the genius of that spielberg kubrick collaboration. Shrek you know. I mean i probably i probably wouldn't. In retrospect put it above the royal tenenbaums. My number three above the man. Who wasn't there. Which i just revisited and is so good. The coen brothers film. Maybe not above memento moulin rouge has come up in our poll. I had that on my top ten. I still think it's better than monkey. Bone my number nine film of two thousand one. You can see what you're dealing with here all right. We're we're in alternative josh universe. Yeah yeah where. I like to live. I've just a laughing. Because i wish people could have seen of just ahead move. You made when you said shrek. Maybe not there was just something about the physicality of that that match your voice. That was wonderful. And i'm also going to say i stand by shrek. I am here. I am joining the hordes to take down scott tobias less time you watched it. Probably the last time i watched it was when our daughter was being born in the hospital because it was the one movie we brought to distract us. We didn't get very far into it for whatever reason we grabbed shrek. Okay screener of shrek. On the way to the hospital that later duress it held up it well the however far we got the ed line k pretty quickly. She was a good kid. Didn't didn't make way too long so we didn't get too far into shrek. I don't think it was probably true to say. It's the number two film of the year. But i do think it's a good movie. I think it's very funny. And i think it's taken a ton of heat for decades of really incredibly poor imitators which is not always fair to hold up against the original. So that's that's my our little shrek detour for this week's show sacred ogre review of shrek. Josh is coming. Or what is he a troll. What is he's an ogre right ogre. Yes adam so a sacred ogre review. It's coming on film spidercam where the twentieth anniversary. But we'll see if we can fit that and we're not even done with tom's connections he says also the years ago the rock took a break from the wwf to shoot the rundown and the wwf suffered badly in led to its terrible invasion storyline hashtag e. Cw finally doing. Johnson is starring in the disney movie jungle cruise with emily blunt based on the popular disneyworld. Ride blunt is also in a quiet place to there. You have it good work. Tom reach in to the kind of brimming films finding hat and pick out this week's winter. Josh our winter a familiar name. I think yes to the past aviv. Rubinstein from la. Congratulations aviv at long. Last aviv who. I have broken bread with and by broken bread. I mean had drinks with in la at a film spotting meet up. He finally gets the coveted films. Spotting t-shirt email us feedback films spotting dot net and we will set you up with. That shirt of eve was the greatest acting i have ever seen. I just don't know how you to carry. How do you make yourself so sovereign emotional to make everybody cry like that. It's not that hard really. Just think about the saddest moment my life. We.

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