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"algiers hall" Discussed on The Horse Racing Radio Network Podcast

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"algiers hall" Discussed on The Horse Racing Radio Network Podcast

"Georgia wanna talk about a few of your other big mounts glide master. Glide master was a pretty nice force and tell us how you got how you got the mount and the success you had together. I got that now because John Campbell is driving in and he was in an accident and. So naturally, he couldn't drive them anymore and the trainer of glide Massa, call me to race them in Yonkers trot. And he won the straw that night. Yeah. And that that is a great that great honor. Because we got there's a lot of history there. And at the time to set a track record doing it that night. So that is really special night did that. And then I think I read from the breeders crown Woodbine, and he was second by nine. So yeah, he he he was special. Didn't that Yonkers trot? Didn't that wrap up the triple crown? Yes, it did. Yeah. Look the last leg. Triple crown. I watched that replay as well and early on several horses broke stride. And so basically turned into a four horse field in my opinion. But the stretch run was exhilarating dueled it out with Algiers hall on the inside and you were on the outside. And I mean at any point in the race. I couldn't have called the winner. And so I I can't imagine what you were thinking in that moment while especially because out your whole over the half so slow down like fifty nine seconds which really slow caliber horses. So I knew I had to raise some down the back side, you know, take some steam at a hint where in fact, you know, I was doing to my also, but I did go my horse could handle it. I thought I had a better horse, and which I did have the better horse because proved down the lane 'cause we didn't elect sixteenth of mile. He you know, he just tried it away from him. So he did go. Good race that night. Talking about the earlier in that race several horses broke stride. How does that happen? How do you make sure that doesn't happen as driver? Again, we go goes back to soft hand, you gotta. You know, you got to keep, you know, keep a firm grip on 'em. But not not real tight. And then and then Christine times, you're noth- nothing. You can do they'll go off stride. And you're like. You know, there's times I come in transit. Why why do you make a break off stride? And like, I couldn't tell you know, you know, no reason at all. George when that happens, you are supposed to pull to the outside until you get back in stride. And then you can still participate in the race. But I mean does that ever do you ever really win when you break stride, not too often? Yeah. Not off your. Usually out of it after that. Some of a difficult task and something yet, you stiffly don't want to. You don't want that to happen now? George talking about another horse artists view. I heard that was one of your favorite races. He was forty two to one in the two thousand seven breeders crown at the Meadowlands and won that race wire-to-wire fashion and tell us why that horses special to you know, we didn't go wire-to-wire fashion because they had to ten hall. So I got away back, and there was a wicked speed Bill up top like they went to like fifty three seconds. And it was chilly out that night, and he came from out of the clouds and one, and and it was a special win for me because my friend and Solti who's actually from from Lexington Kentucky. He he trained them owned a piece of and so it was real special win for me and buzzy in fact that was. It was a lot of fun. You said it was chilly that evening. I if you're currently driving at Yonkers at night right now. I can't imagine. How cold you must be at night. But how do you do with that? How do you stay warm? Well, we dress for we have with different suits and. Put toe warmers in you know, I don't wear hand warmers, but in between races, I use you know, grip in my hand warmers in between races and just go out. And you know, you just gotta tough it out. It is what it is. Horses. Don't mind they love the cold. But the the drivers that's different story..

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