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"alexis prochet" Discussed on Earth Rangers

"Prob. Hey, before I go, I just wanna say, thank you to everyone who was sent in a message to the show. We listen to every single message you send us, and although we can't include everyone's clip in the show, whether it's an animal impersonation joke or just a random fact, we really love hearing them because they make us smile. So here is a very small collection of messages for you to enjoy. Message. One. Hi, my name is earth ranger khloe c l o no age. This is all to enjoy Ottoman. What's up its earth ranger Kirsten. Hi, my name is why Hello ages. I love you so much of you are so amazing and fun anyway, you're talking about what kind of animal, well, guess what are the best the most. Adler have loved. With kitten. This is my favorite animal impression is with the kangaroos and I have to look, but I'll tell you what it is next time, my best on million pushing a whole. This is my duck call and I'm going to imitate an hour. Alexis prochet of an infant. I'm so love it and we're gonna show you how to impersonate a frog. Or. Live at. We'll we'll full full. Could you please dealin an podcastone wolf. It's been proven by the podcast, and this was the most awesome podcast ever. I love you or is Rangers. I'm gonna tell us of yield reason talking. Because someone inspired me to do if you're wondering who it was or three Djerma. I listened to a podcast and I just like we earth Rangers do it. We can't help animals, and that's what we're doing right now. I love you guys you the best you're gonna help me become a jail because that's really what I want. That's what I want to be when I grew up. Hi, I'm Isabel in I promised to protect their animals around me in nineteen danger. They were helping me with all these things are three jours I'm sure to help by. And here's an animal fact for you. The polar bear is the most food Rocha spare on the planet by. Oh, writers Rangers will be back with another bonus episodes soon. Don't forget to check out earth Rangers dot com to become a member, and we'll even send you a free membership card in the mail and until then. Earth rangers. Best robot ever dot com. Ex-.

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