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"alexia song" Discussed on Legion of Skanks Podcast

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"alexia song" Discussed on Legion of Skanks Podcast

"Maybe he's the guy shooting supposed was here. Alexia Song you can tell us song sounds the same accident as well. Please is now I saw you dancing for bitch really does just sound like an old ozzy song. It's amazing voices ever changed happen the federal machine those points out that we'll talk to you breaking why Slash Green Square aware I believe the next species will be the bees I can weirdest swerve adra at this is terrible post malone like is you see pre malone at post Malone we face tattoos. It says always tired always sleepy under his under his is one is fucking cheek so what is always in sleepy yeah okay post easy. I don't mind it every Oh always tired. Maybe Betty gets pussy. I bet his grandmother's so furious with him. I bet against his grandmother's Pussy Fox of grammar anytime he wants his fucking edgy. You know it was just like it looks like he's smells terrible but then he's wearing a sweater like he has a boat. I don't fucking talk again. Posts go on. I don't understand his child snot in his hair. He looks up to Zach EMECO. Yeah really it looks like a fucking hand puppet Luke Maye. There's no picture him from the waist down. He's a fucking puppet knows. Music is so weird yeah maybe I'm old school but Kellogg's Malone. That's the way I go morning cereal. I don't like to post products feel like they're too new to bows and you need to scoops right that is true of small loans now. He's not he's post you know they don't Brag about their amount of raisins reasons. You have to assume it's less than two scoops yeah because otherwise they'd be bragging. Maybe like we've always used three scoops. They would have said that once but now two scoops still Holtz. I remember their first commercial American with crazy to fucking. How do I get maybe give you a measurement by the way of the scoop one sleuth? That's the same size as those two scoops Tangos Post. We use one scoop but it's fucking huge bucket arrays raising all the fucking basins since you've gotta have some brand on the fucker or it's useless grocery run a bowl of raisin bread. The break-up those raisins any kid who eats raisins should be punch a box of reason just by like a little box raise my grandmother's the the PAC man little box of golden raisins ooh really told the kids you were Jewish unprepared to fight that fucks you go real gold. Yeah it's real gold. She'll eat this your shit money these two guys keep your look like they're kept as scare kids out of having having abortion. You know what I mean like look. This is exactly what it looks like. This is where this is where your unwanted children go. I know it's bill from the I read that one little bill million abortions in America a year. That's about right hell yeah but what would we do that. Extra million the people you're dave sleeves. I see them as trying to get into our country. Through women's giant scary close the borders orders those borders take him down on their own country. God Damn it and this is a black Def jam baby. It's great yeah. I have another black child toy to bring to the basketball skip all stolen from somebody. That's gang fest. It's kid was walking around with this. Little Black. Angel was like an angel baby wings and it was black and confusing. It's a bad dude you that will be the only remember out the thing another line and then yeah left a little bit but I didn't say I just giggled. It's now. He's trying to defuse it lowest wrestle talk. Is this a black baby pet that black baby angel bit me on. I hope I'm going to be all right. I feel like I'm turning into a baby angel guys. I'm going after more raising scoop. The raises the post factory dirty MARTINIS. He's most shows. Don't yeah the price carriers. What do you want another Martini Martini man? It's not bad we'll back you back here at a stand New York City guys clap your hands. It worked there were packed house. We barely been promoting this and we've been packing it out and we haven't taken. We are back live every week. At the Stanford San Mateo The coolest Bucking Comedy Club in New York City hands down two weeks removed from doing fuck Donald this place. I hope that I'll watch it burn stand time Kennewick. I wouldn't piss out a match to save that place. Ah If I really even had these Buckling Brown had his act stolen by Antonio Antonio Brown probably don't know who Antonio Brown is. I'm sorry he's a jerk off on the eagles. Oh I wouldn't have now now. I wouldn't have put up a head case. They always fuck things up but except for probably with the Patriots is the only place to go of course because well because now he's like we he probably are going to win. The super bowl also Bella check just stabbed him in the neck with some kind of serum as soon as he got there but at fucking bad on his lap and said this is your baby that died on Philly Smoking Bella check on the on the on the on the Sports Front Phillies Sports Mike Scott Player on the sixers who they love. He's a very he came in the playoffs. They got him late in the season last year and he was a scrappy player in the city. Just gets gets behind them big. He's from Virginia and he went to Lincoln financial yesterday for the Eagles game. He's a Redskins fan wearing lavas redskins shit and it's just I have funnier Philadelphia just lunatics that sixers fan and they love this guy just plays on the sixers and he showed Eagles game with a Redskins Jersey at the Eagles Redskins game famous sixers player but to those play Philly fans there fucking they don't. They're just a black dude in the fucking wrong jersey. I don't give a fuck if they think they know for sure. It's Mike Scott from the sixers they would still do this. That's what's fucking so hilarious. I'm GonNa Kill Them. Ah Shit too far coffins. Why don't they have an extra coffee Wang around yeah? It's a cooler extra twenty Martini with extra olives. Thank you happening the show we're getting refined. Things are going well. Okay moved up there. One percenters David Those Eagles Cheshire printing season. They're not illiterate Moses Dame. You see guys doing crossword. Puzzles could yeah so what they do to. I'm Jay you could see a scrap of good fucking. It's fucking so hard I mean by him wearing that fucking shirt that was good a lost. You know what I'm saying no but it's not here's a thing it's just why I know you have to play to the stupid but when you're going into into the stupid he's a big dude. Yeah should play Basketball Philly fans attorney n word around the longest and word ever just walk through your there was never never there's there's never it was non-stop. Talks are a like plugging fifty two toss around because he's an athlete at the highest level getting ready to go into the season this hilarious but but how ridiculous for people just swinging on him so funny you're hilarious. I think that violence is worse than legitimate racism every Blake I think that's worse than like. KKK violence because at least they mean it like I love when Lewis the sentence that I'm like yeah I kind of agree with that and then he goes that's worse than KKK lynchings lynchings. I'm just saying like if somebody finds somebody because they believe so strongly that they're racist superior. I respect it more than what was happening there. I know I'm saying that more. I respect that more than these guys the doing that because they believe that their team is superior definitely picking up that Martini do with that thing. It's definitely gonNA happen. KKK Linda and I respect that AH I don't agree with respect where you're coming from. You had a plan you follow through teamwork. Camaraderie Louis US how it is there. I grew up in that area. I was seventeen years old and in another country before I heard the term fair fight. I had ah dog pile if your friend was in some shit say what started as you went in and started fucking fighting but later on your friend friend was Dickerson but doesn't matter usually yeah but it doesn't matter I can put that but that's how I grew up. If you know you just you fuck ask questions later mark yes noise white people in Philly like minorities exactly the same feeling as my arms they do feel the beaten down by life. They have to rage against something like inherently violent. I quit school and a lot of different girls girl's pregnant. They're on a waiting list to get a job at a fucking warehouse where everyone starts with full benefits or something. It's a story Pepsi's hiring again yeah like those things. Did you hear what he called himself. He says sounds like you're fucking audience as he's sitting in your audience our audience is philly trash. Yeah try try wearing a shirt from another podcast in own. Damn right you get the shit get rolled on guys. Let's say a quick second and thank our sponsor for today's show which is blue. You know you guys all know about it by now. If.

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