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"alexey sains" Discussed on WNYC 93.9 FM

"Reid starts Monday at 7 p.m. on MSNBC. And thanks for giving us some time. As you must be so busy getting ready for that in your final Am joy this weekend. Good luck. Thank you so much, Brian. It's always a pleasure to talk to you. Ryan later on WN my sea where it's time for the latest news with David First. David. What's happening? Thanks, Brian. Federal prosecutors are seeking the death penalty against a leader of the M S 13 gang on Long Island. 25 year old Alexey Sains is charged in seven killings, including the murder of two high school students in Brentwood. Newsday reports that if sayings is convicted and sentenced to death, he would be the first person convicted of murder in New York. To be executed by the federal government since 1954. Anti violence group say the up tick in shootings across New York City is stemming mostly from new disputes between individuals, Police data show over a four week period starting in mid June. Shootings rose more than 200% compared to the same period last year. If a Charles of the center for Court Innovation says usually antiviolence workers understand long running disputes and can predict who was at risk of committing crimes, But now that's not the case. What? We're seeing a new conflict coming up where At this particular point there now trying to put a handle on it. It's one of those things where you have to have a relationship in order to say to someone put that gun down. The NYPD says they are increasing patrols in neighborhoods where shootings have taken place. President Trump's new campaign manager, was fired by former New Jersey governor Chris Christie for his role in the Bridgegate scandal. But Bill Stepien resurrected his political career at Trump's side beginning in 2016. W When I sees Andrea Bernstein has more in the Trenton State House Stepping was the numbers Guy, the chief strategist behind using government resource is to reward friends and in step Ian's language. Ice out Political opponents. Thie effort culminated in the Bridgegate scandal when it broke. Christie fired Stepien, who denied any wrongdoing and was never charged. In the summer of 2016 Stepien went toe work as Trump's field director targeting swing counties. Even his Bridgegate defendants invoked his name hundreds of times during the trial. In June, the US Supreme Court overturned the convictions of step. Ian's former colleagues, stepping in now becomes one of Trump's most powerful and longest lasting advisors. The landlord of an immigrant detention center in Elizabeth, New Jersey, says it is cutting ties with the private contractor that operates the facility, WNYC Carinae reports. LeBron Development has been facing mounting pressure from immigrant rights advocates to end its lease with core civic, the private contractor that runs the Elizabeth Detention Center on behalf of the U. S immigration and Customs Enforcement. In an email to advocates, Albarran wrote it was ending its relationship with core civic Real estate developer says it supports educational, religious and social organizations and wants to see its quote values mirrored in its work. What that ultimately means for the facility or the asylum seekers and other immigrants facing deportation. Who our house there is unclear. Horsedick wouldn't answer questions about its lease. Albarran did not respond to multiple.

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