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"alexandra limon" Discussed on WGN Radio

"While you'll want to cover up WGN traffic are expressways in tollways are in good shape just watch out for sponsored road construction But we are in in excess of heat warning all day long until 8 tonight Alicia Tate NATO from the Illinois department of emergency management agency advises anyone who has to be outside Where lightweight light colored loose fitting clothes that cover as much skin as possible I know that seems a little contradictory but the more you cover your body you reduce the chance of major sunburn while you're out in the heat like this She also says drink lots of water The Chicago park district has 34 designated cooling centers throughout the city for people to beat the heat call three one one for those locations The national weather service officially confirmed an EF zero tornado touchdown in unincorporated schomburg and into roselle Monday night It traveled more than two miles with winds up to 80 miles an hour and ComEd reports more than a 100,000 customers were without power Now it's about 8000 and crews expect to get everyone else up and running by today A father has been charged with first degree murder after admitting to drowning his three children Ron Lake beach police were called to a home on Camden lane by a mother who was supposed to pick up her three kids from her estranged husband the children two three and 5 years old were found dead in a bedroom Round Lake Beach police department chief Gilbert Rivera The resident later identified as Jason E Carroll's 35 of the 200 block of these cabin lane was missing from the scene and immediately identified as a person of interest Officers immediately put out recognizing information through Illinois state police emergency radio network seeking carols at his vehicle When police attempted to pull him over he led them on his 17 mile high speed chase that ended when he crashed curls will appear in Bond court once he's released from the hospital Americans are paying higher prices for everything from gas to groceries to rent but as news nations Alexandra limon tells us the federal government is working on a plan to get the high prices under control President Biden says his administration is working to address the problem We made extraordinary progress and put America in a position to tackle award worldwide problems worse everywhere but here The Federal Reserve is expected to announce an interest rate increase of up to three quarters of a percentage point The sharpest increase in more than 25 years The fed expects higher interest rates will slow down demand and get inflation under control That interest rate hike coming later today but there are fears that if rates go up too quickly could trigger an economic recession Caterpillars moving its global headquarters from suburban Deerfield to a Dallas Texas suburb the company said yesterday the moves in its best strategic interest more than 200 corporate employees based in Deerfield will be impacted Governor pritzker called the move disappointing but points out that more than 17,000 caterpillar employees will continue to work in the state Well do you see the full moon right now It's called a strawberry supermoon NASA says the moon appears 14% bigger and 30% brighter because it's at its closest point in its orbit around earth It's also the lowest full moon on the horizon this year WGN sports Caitlin sharkey The White Sox made it two in a row over the tigers beating Detroit 5 one Tuesday night the stocks go for the sweep this afternoon The cubs on the other hand lost their 8th in a row last night Wilson Contreras Homer twice Kyle Hendricks pitched well in his return but the cubs bullpen gave up 11 runs in the 12 5 loss And the wolves.

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