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"alexander woo hoo co" Discussed on Books and Boba

"Hot off. The twitter press kathy park hung author of minor feelings was included in time magazines. One hundred most influential people of twenty twenty one and There was like a feature written by ali. Wong a comedian who you might recognize from a always be my. Maybe the netflix film. Would randall park. But yeah like. This is the first time i've seen like an asian poet be featured on the one hundred most influential people list. It's usually like politicians or celebrities. So i was pretty impressed by that but at the same time minor feelings was like an extraordinary book especially during like the the early hate crimes against like asian americans during pandemic so. Yeah i could see why she was nominated and it's really cool to see her on the cover of time magazine because They they did like a cover for each person. Wow congrats to kathy. That's pretty quiet. I've seen the cover circulate through social media. So her book was always top of mind whenever whenever something should happen than we were like here. Read these books to extend the asian experience more. It's good to see her get recognition for for writing such a important not only for asians to read the public in general. I mean it really sucks when the responsibility of educating others about why your existence matters Shouldered upon us so. It's nice to have a book where you could just hand people being like. Hey read the your spare time because you know. I don't have the energy to educate you but if you guys are interested in hearing our thoughts about minor feelings we did do an episode on it. Minor feelings was a previous book club. Pick so check out that episode. Right so marvin. What's our next piece of news or we have a couple adaptation news this one from the hollywood reporter. Ace max won the rights to adopt the best added by malik pinch holy artistically and mc debut novel about rahul kapor a gate in the american teenager dealing with seventh grade crushes anxiety in small town in the and s he and his family seek to become the best version of themselves so mathematically is best known as the assistant to i think he was jacked army. He's the assistant on thirty rock. You can currently be the only murders in the building and also voice acting in disney. Junior spirit wrote detective. The half hour comedy will be written alongside michael golomb co who is the co writer of always be my maybe and used to work on grim as produced as part of imminent collision which is the production company. Started by michael. I'm coho and randall park So a lot of as america's entertainment Behind this project. And it's been digging a lot of these. Like asian americans coming of age high school shows and it's nice to have more queer representation with south asians on television and also in books I mean it's interesting because this is a middle grade novel but hbo. Max is adopting hp. Hbo's not really well known for a kid friendly contents. I'm really curious if they're going to age this up or amis. Hbo has sesame street right. Wasn't it owned by pbs. Before it was brought kazuki bs. But yeah 'cause sesame street has been an hbo series last few years. So she'll definitely has like a branding challenge when it comes to kids stuff. But it's not like having the kids before so i i think that makes sense. What's your next door so our next piece of book news is deadline. Derek sang oscar-nominated. Hong kong director of better days has signed on to help netflix series to help. Depth lexus-series adaptation of lucia. Schenn's sifi trilogy. The three body problem which was a former books and boba book club. Pick a game of thrones alumni. David benef- db weiss serve as show runners and executive producers under their overall. Deal with netflix flakes. Alexander woo hoo co created the series. With the game of thrones duo will serve as executive producer and writer. Good to fricken know that there is an asian who is going to be a producer and writer on the show. Because i have a bone to pick with. Dnd for what they did. Where game of thrones and just like how they wanted to make a series based on the confederate see as their follow up show like i have in putting my trust and alexander woo here but i feel like in weiss have definitely worn out there goodwill especially with those last two seasons of game of thrones hearing that they were involved are kinda winced little bit because the three body problem is such a chinese movie not just chinese but modern chinese story and the fact that they're not just executive producers no runners which means their their head writers pretty much. Yeah we're running their writing room. And i'd be curious to see who else in the writer's room. I'm curious to see what this adaptation is because like on two fronts right number one is. The bomb is not a simple story totally like up. Its own but hard scifi to have a lot of like concepts that they need to communicate That is a challenge for any any filmmaker director. Right and number two is again. It's such a chinese store. Like what are they going to. How are they going to adopt. Are they reset it. In america or the they have a hong kong director they have. Derek sang. Who is going to be directing the series. And you have someone who is. Asian of alexander is chinese as well. But i'm guessing that he is. You have at least two chinese people who are in very big roles for this adaptation. But like i said having dnd as show runners show runners having the most like amount of power. When it comes to creating the show. I don't know. I have doubts. Hopefully they hire more onto the project. I think that will be there make-or-break. I feel like there needs to be these to be very naive. I used to have a lot of chinese voice. And he's a lot of chinese people and not just like chinese americans like chinese people who understand chinese history and like modern society. There will be interesting because a big part of the story is about the repercussions of the cultural revolution. Which is a taboo topic in china. And it's an interesting time for this project. Go into production because of stuff. That's happened in china right now. But that's neither here nor there We'll we'll learn more about this project as it goes along but Yeah i think. I'm cautiously neutral.

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