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"alexander kosta jeffrey epstein" Discussed on The Dworkin Report

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"alexander kosta jeffrey epstein" Discussed on The Dworkin Report

"Before the Metoo Movement multiple underage girls were brave enough to step forward and tell a story of Epstein illegal sexual encounter with them but her editor at the time spike that part of the story then this week Vickie reported that trump's secretary of Labor Alex Kosta told the trump transition team not to worry about this sweetheart deal because Epstein was somehow off limits because of the purported intelligence agency ties yesterday Akasa held a press conference for an audience of one trump and he was questioned directly you by reporter about Vicki Wards reporting this was his less than straightforward answer Richard Lardner from the Associated Press Secretary. Were you ever made aware at any point. You're handling this case. Mr Epstein was intelligence asset of some sort <hes> so so so so there has there has been reporting to that effect and and let me say <hes> there's been reporting to a lot of effects in in this case <hes> not just now but over the years and again I would you know I would hesitate to take this reporting as fact <hes> this was a case that was brought by off it was brought based on the facts ax and and I look at that reporting and others I I can't address directly because of our our our guidelines but I can tell you that that a lot of reporting is just going down rabbit holes so let's hear hear what she has to say about Alexander Kosta Jeffrey Epstein and especially about Jared Kushner. Here's my interview with Vicky Ward Vicky Ward. Thank you for joining me today. How are you? I'm good. Thank you go here. Things have been a little bit busy for you as of late. Just skip it yeah well. I want to ask you a few questions about your new book because you're inc a little bit later but let's start with the story dominating the headlines. You've been investigating getting Jeffrey Epstein since two thousand two at least when you profiled him for Vanity Fair Magazine earlier this week you reported that a White House official told you that then Secretary Labor nominee Alexander cost US excuse for giving the billionaire free pass for his child sex trafficking ring. was that he was told to quote back off and quote unquote above your paygrade because he was quote unquote intelligence so do you believe Alexander Costa's Non Denial denial about your report in the daily Beast at yesterday's press conference difference well. I think it wasn't known denial. Denial wasn't it I mean I've never seen someone no answer a question directly in that fashion right <hes> so you know and I actually went back and <hes> it was looking at my notes this morning so I have somebody in the transition <hes> telling me that the you know the the that's kind of what it costs to said when he was being offered at steen you know and if that would be a problem for hindering confirmation hearings but also I have somebody sort of closer to home who talked to him in Florida around it. You know a lawyer you know that was it's a story that was that was told many years ago as well so <hes> and and in a way it's almost I mean it's almost anything that makes sense right. <hes> I'm in a no Alexander Costa gave a you know he was smooth and his delivery <hes> his press conference yesterday but the substance of it really didn't hold up and I went back and reread the lesson he wrote in two thousand eleven about why he'd made h <hes> that that ridiculously soft non-prosecution agreement back in two thousand and eight and if you read what he said in two thousand eleven it was all about the he's sort of the aggression of Jeffrey Epstein's Lewis and how his team kind of couldn't stand up to them. I mean it was it was a very different narrative from the one he put out yesterday so you know he has left me scratching my head thinking that as real inconsistency right right in your former editor I guess at Battery Fair Pretty Much denies most of the things you've written about why he declined to publish what you then considered credible allegations the epsteins pedophilia <hes> why is that and is it a symptom of something bigger or personal situation for him. I I wasn't in the meeting that great and cautioned took with Jeffrey Epstein but all I know now is that the goals were the young women who had <hes> claimed that they had been assaulted by Jeffrey Epstein one of them when she was only sixteen yeah in the story and the Jeffrey Epstein Ben came in to meet with great and then they were removed <hes> and there were other people decide than including their mother <hes> and other people who corroborated you know that then narratives that claims so I think that you know it does appear to be part of of a pattern. That's very familiar hour geoffrey at seeing you know money and power talk you know he was known quantity they want and you know we see that pattern. <hes> you know again and again for the over the for nearly two decades Jeffrey Epstein has sort of been playing playing out his sort of perversion in in virtually in plain sight and then even after he went to jail you know he was seeing out and about in the streets of New York with absurdly young looking women on almost as if he was so torn taking the world you know I am missed a untouchable and I think this question remains what actually really made different scene so untouchable list time you're right and is it unusual for an editor spike kind of a bombshell allegation like this yeah. Yes I would think <hes> yes. US what what else can you tell her that. I think you know I you know I think that if you had those allegations in the METOO era I think people would be much more cautious before blacking hiking then is there. Is there anything else you can tell our listeners about Jeffrey obscene sorted saga that we may not know about yet well. I am going to say this. I think that one thing that's being currently nokes <hes> and understandably so is <hes> the mystery behind where he got his money because I think it's it's not as disconnected from the the sort of sold it allegations in the indictment to do with women and trafficking is people I think that no and not entirely unrelated and I I think that how Jeffrey goes is money the other big names that maybe tied up in <hes> <hes> so do narratives to look for in coming days weeks and months.

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