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"alexander gauland" Discussed on KQED Radio

"This is inside Europe bound I'm Keith Walker and bone Germany coming up a special focus marking the seventy fifth anniversary of VJ victory in Europe on may eighth nineteen forty five World War two came to an end in Europe following **** Germany's unconditional surrender to allied forces and many countries usually celebrate the anniversary with commemorative events and parades around this time but this year they've been canceled because of the corona virus pandemic joining me is to double his political correspondent Thomas Spiro Thomas it's some anniversary that's a celebration by the former allied countries how does Germany view it as the loser I think this for Gemini sheds light on its historical responsibility something that has been seen as an integral part of the country's national identity and it also defines Gemini yes democracy that's coming up for example I'm gonna Merkel stressed herself when she visited outfits on December sixth last year I was there with IBM Oakley now sits and she stressed that remembering the crimes that naming the perpetrators that commemorating the victims wasn't on ending the responsibility for Germany at the same time Keith I do think that these commemorations these events also shed light on the lessons that can be drawn to date in Germany when you see for example reports of a rise of anti semitism in the country so I mean that is a growing concern here in Germany when many people in the country see this is a big problem when you have the rise of populism the rise of nationalism in many pots as well so you can see that this is something that is important from a historical perspective but also from a current political perspective as well again Germany have been planning to mark the anniversary as as I somehow what does a celebration so taken place on hasn't been forgotten because of the outbreak I would not say it's been forgotten because of the outbreak obviously coronavirus is a top concern now in Germany and obviously it would have been every different to the anniversaries how could they not be named all this situation with corona virus in the country but that doesn't mean that German officials and also Germany situations are not commemorating the events either for example by tightening some events digital or by still having events but without people and oversee maintaining all the hygiene and social distancing rules it's interesting key that's sixty three percent of Germans according to a new poll believe that political life in Germany is still influenced by vans and the outcomes will look to at the same time only forty percent of Germans say it is important to hold ceremonies in members of World War two something that is less than other countries like the UK the US Russia or France and Thomas who do Germans view the war today for genesis is something that is still particularly important to people done back in in school so I think Germans are very much aware of the historical responsibility by the way it's not always been like that it's been a long process as well so Germans to understand what exactly they can learn from the second World War what they could take from Dotson and specifically when we talk about this responsibility but there is a big debate here in the country there's no doubt about that and that's the debate has been fueled to a large extent by the far right by the party called the A. F. T. they have been asking in many occasions for a change in Japanese culture of remembrance one a prominent member of the AFT for example played down at not see Iran in fact Alexander Gauland one of the leaders said that for example V. E. day on may eighth should not to be a public holiday in in Germany because he said you can't make it a happy day for the country the these comments have been criticised very very openly and strongly by members of other political parties but it just gives an idea of the kind of debate that is happening in this country when it comes to the second World War to Germany's role in the second World War and also the Japanese responsibility as a result of the war Thomas thank you very much always a pleasure Keith Thomas Spiro in Berlin you're listening to inside Europe let's now look back at the final months of the war here in Germany and the kind time to what the Germans referred to as student news or zero hour this special report as presented by Jeremy lane nineteen forty five for five years war has been raging in Europe cutting short the lives of millions of people and devastating towns and cities an entire continent ravaged by a national socialist regime in Germany whose political main stakes terra racial persecution and genocide in the name of one man I don't the nine ninety forty five Gemini lay in ruins waves of allied air raids since nineteen forty two he destroyed the country's communications facilities industrial plants cities and towns one in every fifty family was homeless one of my uncles and **** ten years old at the time remembers life under siege in Cologne it was terrible squeezed in bunkers or services was all for a scream my head off or evening or night and my father used to send also it's a seller and waited until the bombardment was over but it was terrible the noise of sirens still nowadays but it's being used for exercises it's it gives me shivers down my spine the tide of war was turning back the Germans that mocked fought fiercely to defend its homeland against I. lighting conditions I'm not superbly Gander continue to paint a distorted picture of the miniature landscape plans the western fronts one thing.

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