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"alex suzuki" Discussed on Wealth Management Today

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"alex suzuki" Discussed on Wealth Management Today

"To podcasts. So you don't miss any future episodes and now on with the. I am very happy to introduce my guests for this episode of the tech today. Podcast is alex suzuki. Ceo of circle. Black aleksei welcome to the program. Thanks greg really really great to be correct unless you can make it This is actually gonna be our ninety second episode so I look at squeeze him four hundred because that'll be a big milestone. Glad we got you in in before that. And i wanted to I really feel like we were talking earlier about some things. We're to discuss in the podcast. So i want a little bit extra time going into what circle black is but i if you can just give the thirty second overview of circle block yet sir. Black is What we believe the unified best of breed Adviser platform yet. We've been comparative your traditional one net. We we do offer a lot of the different verticals functionality within traditional one including crm immigration financial planning risk and compliance The difference that we think is that We offer in terms of the ability to give you the third party applications that use every day integrated within our platform. Your traditional one typically is more of a one stop shop you go there you get a lot of those same functions but you get. There's you got the ones that they have whether they build them or They've made them their own by way of acquisition. Our model different in that we provide you a basic platform with what we consider. A sore or table stake pieces of functionality. Like portfolio management and performance reporting. But then we offer you really the one that you use the most like for crm for example we have Salesforce wealth box in red tail immigration workers. So that that's really. The big differences were more of a unified platform than we are in all. Yeah i spent a lot of time explaining what what circle like does to people What does when people ask me about it. Because you kind of a very different breed of company that i feel the market that most firm saying. Here's what we do in and we also do an immigration but it seems like your product and your core focus is always been we are integrators and we make things work better through our integration. Sir can you. Can you elaborate a little bit on that like specifically around the black product and other other product other platforms that have used your your core technology s or the glue to whole systems together. Yeah absolutely first off. Were fairly new technology. So we're using the latest and greatest technologies which we think is an added advantage over some of the others out there in that We have the ability to integrate quicker. Yar typical integration partnership takes four to six weeks not months or years in some cases we scale a much better so we have the ability to support very large clients. Like arby's see a clearing in custody which is as mentioned as a client of ours and you're that that integration is bidirectional which you lot can claim that they have immigration which means typically that they can frame up the application within their platform but our is bidirectional meaning. If you make change within our platform that change will be a a your salesforce application for example when you go it later if you do if you make a change in salesforce by directionally updates within the platform. So you're the fact that we're new technology we have very low Tech debt yard tech datas measured in weeks not months or years or in some cases with some of these older companies..

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