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"alex satan" Discussed on WGR 550 Sports Radio

"You will have to try them all. We're on our final lap of stage number two. Tyler Reddick is the race leader William Byron is second. Byron was able to go on to win stage number one. We've had six different leaders. They've swapped the lead five different times slowed by to caution Flags. Today, a total of five laps William Byron has by far led the most laps today. A total of 15 along with Jeff Struggle. I'm Alex Satan, and we've got ourselves a whole host of the Motor Racing network team with us, and we'll cover that in just a moment. Right now. Austin Cindric is with Kim Kun after a great run early. That's right. Unfortunately, an early end to the day for Austin Cindric, you had a great run their out up front. What happened? I had one wheel drive and when you only have two other ones spinning with 750 horsepower itself. Challenging it just quite dramatic, taking the lead and then immediately losing everything so Not not a weekend that I'm necessarily going to be happy about, but looked to have the opportunity to show off at this racetrack with extremely well prepared race cars. And have a shot to win both races is, um it's really great for someone in my position. But Want to make. I want to make the most of it. I put way too much into it. Have a go that bad, Especially when you just get moved out of the lead, and then you take it back as clean as possible. And This is all you got. So that's racing. I think that was money. The motto of the weekend and move on. Appreciate protect everyone that wrote America for coming out and supporting us. It's been a great weekend that is that the thoughts of Austin Cindric down here in the Cup series garage, Tyler Reddick, making his way off turn number 14 looking for his first stage win of 2021. He's got it. Tyler Reddick across the line here at Road. America will see the green and white checkered flag go in the air, and he will win Stage two over William Byron Ross Chastain, Kyle Larson and Kurt Busch. Top five. Joey Logano will come across the line in position Number six in front of Kevin Harvick, who was seven. Bubba Wallace was eighth. Justin Haley ninth and Kyle Busch was 10 and that's her 10th..

Kurt Busch Kevin Harvick Tyler Reddick Joey Logano Kyle Busch William Byron Kyle Larson Jeff Struggle Byron Alex Satan Bubba Wallace Justin Haley William Byron Ross Chastain Kim Kun 2021 10 10th 750 horsepower Today eighth