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"alex lavera" Discussed on Dadpreneur - Business & Digital Marketing Talk

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"alex lavera" Discussed on Dadpreneur - Business & Digital Marketing Talk

"What. What are your expectations. And this is very important. Alex here is don't think of your podcast as an ad. Because okay you go and face but you create a now. You're on it and you can have leads results after like. I don't know two or three weeks of running that ad podcast doesn't work that way. It takes a different process in generous at different kind of connection. So as you just mentioned people are gonna remember you. They're going to connect with you and there are going to be thinking of alex lavera whenever they need some kind of service or when they're they need like some kind of solution or information so you're planning here for the long term the expectation. You're going to get here is to build yourself as an expert into create a or to make your your business a point of reference in that industry or in that area for people like whenever they think of something. They're going to think about you. E- cubby today. It can be in three weeks or you can be six months or a year from now. Sure and i. And i and i. That's a great advice. David all across in. And i think that you know for many business owners. You know specially small business owners. You don't have a huge marketing team. I do work with companies that have huge marketing teams in day also struggled with what type of content to create. But i i love that. You talked about quantity not being the the the northstar right that that that the numbers is not the end. All no because it's a way to nurture people through that funnel rained us right. And so now of course if you're putting out your content there and you're getting zero engagement like no clicks your website absolutely nothing and you're doing something wrong all the way around but to your point if i'm only getting five likes one comment But getting views and my audience z. Meat that's then that's fine. I'm satisfying that. And you. You start to hear that from clients and people saying hey you know what i see your content i see here i see you there and it's interesting because sometimes you know that person and you go. That's interesting i've never seen. You engage with stuff he has. He has which. I'm the same. I don't i don't spend quite. I spent almost no time and social media. And if i do it's a it's more a lincoln But i don't spend a lot of time engaging like i know a guy who hacks lincoln really understands the algorithm constantly. He's moving with it. He'll tell you. Ud to engage thirty with thirty different posts people per day and lincoln. Who has that much time. Yes to satisfy the algorithm yet. So i'm gonna go ahead and put my post..

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