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"alex kerr alex" Discussed on WGN Radio

"We're playing one has to go tonight and you guys are obviously responding thank you for playing three one two nine eight one seventy two hundred Justin Kaufman with to Levin o'clock Nick to Julia takes over one has to go is the internet meme that's causing a sensation today were it says one has to go and you have to pick of the four logos in this case it was cheered Danos al's beef heralds chicken or Portillo's we've added to that for fun you have obviously responded attacks are going crazy let's get some phone calls in as well Carol Carol welcome to the show how are you hi how are you I'm good at you wanna play huh yeah okay so first I'll ask the question that was on the internet today is al's beef heralds chicken or Portillo's which one has to go yeah you know like the pizza place I like I like these better it is all right good all right I'll ask you a couple more ready okay all right one has to go Ferrara pan Brock's Mars or Wrigley Mars is out the job for you know like the Mars like the Mars bars adding another one for you which one has to go so Lozi Edelson Monty or Mormon Berman all right I'll ask another when you're ready right all right which one has to go news traffic weather or sports mother is all right one more for you ready okay all right one has to go would field water tower Ford city or Hawthorne field how do you feel that was amazing way to play thank you for playing she was great Carol kill it three one two nine eight one seventy two hundred if you like to play is Carol did she was great how is everyone's texting in their answers here but of course it's much easier to have Caroline to read you some of the new ones but we're getting great stuff from eight one five his Halloween fourth of July thanksgiving or new year's day I move I would say he new year's day I always answer everything's closed we never planned because you're thinking a new year's eve this is my problem all the time all rights six three else got one of mine TV news two five seven actually you have a wrong mine is which one has to go to five seven thirty two he's one of those that's a tough one eight one five asked a question Billy Corgan Eddie Vedder John Q. sack or Billy deck that's a weird combo have you stayed like in the IT very Billy Corgan you would mean music I feel Billy doesn't have a chance there with those the floor last Billy Billy deck all right this is so great Johnny's okay seven oh it's got a great one Johnny's al's beef Mr beef or Russell's well I don't know Russell's I know where that's from but I would probably say Russell's because I don't which one has to go I have been a Mister beef and forever love Mister beef al's is where I go Johnny's is amazing Chinese is in Melrose park considering and not real as part of the north and the Harlem a little bit for us that's the best just the best blue hair green hair red hair or poms I would say green hair drop that one getting them a given up on the Perm No Way the more you guys I love it keep keep bringing years in this is fun three one two nine eight one seventy two hundred once one has to go thin mints tag along does he go or some mall was three one two nine eight one seventy two hundred which one has to go mustard relish onions sport Pepperidge all right which one has to go taste of Chicago really fast Naperville Bluesfest or jazz fest that's a tough one three one two nine eight one seventy do wonders our phone number enjoying her playing one which one has to go if you're just joining us the internet meme today this is what's really kind of taken over and someone put up I mean that was which one has to go in and for logos and the logo's were of the let me tell you the ones of the first this is the exact I've I've made up a bunch sense but the logo's were cheered out of al's beef Harold's chicken or Portillo's and so we started the conversation by which one would you pick a lot of P. there's been actually a steady I would say it even but then we moved on with a bunch of others that we kind of made up in our office that were very Chicago and you know that's what's going to happen next from this internet meme it will start with those for and it's already venturing out into other things were just beating him to him tonight three one two nine eight one seventy two hundred more Carol well more carols that was fun I have a bunch I just want to give away two guys on the tax be brave and call the phone three one two nine eight one seventy two hundred eight one five his ice snow humidity and rain I CM good Nike adidas Reebok or fila feeler yeah I don't know I guess feeling because I don't know I don't you decide as much of a an American brand but I don't know I'll say Nike they can go yeah I don't like I'm I'm done with the Nike rain the rain of terror six three ounces rib fest will be in Romeoville okay great great thanks for the info I thought I was Naperville exchanging three one two says not combed not lost saggy pants or socks with sandals socks with sandals you can be dirty but you can't be gross have been fun tonight three one two nine eight one seventy two hundred it's funny to see all of these be very very we've been very good okay after the more let me get in terms Marquet so which one has to go Sears Hancock prudential AM right that's a tough one all right how about which one has to go eighty five bears ninety six bulls twenty ten hawks or twenty sixteen cups that's tough design say they're easy one has to go Facebook Twitter Instagram or Snapchat I would say snap check because I don't I don't Snapchat Elmwood park for Johnny's thank you eight one five says alright here we go gold silver frankincense armor I'll say I don't give up on her you know I automatically think you gonna give up on Myrna Mike I don't really know what that is and as the feels like that could be like a mystery prize that's the frankincense can go six three oh John Paul George or Ringo who which one has to go yeah it's got to be Ringo right seven seven three says buyers Rizzo Bryant Hendrix move after today mmhm them kind of down and hobby but I don't know I was a Hendrix I don't know how you lose by as Rizzo in Bryant amazing which one has to go to Houston Astros additions as a one five Jim crane the owner Carlos Correa Alex Kerr Alex Cora or Jose to VA and I need to see Jose's tattoo into the talking about all day and on the news I would say the owner seven oh two Gucci Prada Calvin Klein or Tommy Hilfiger.

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