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"alex kellan orcas" Discussed on The Autosport Podcast

"Absolutely. And it was great because you got that big swapper on and turned four or something, or turned ten, and he caught it, and it was just such a good action. It was funny afterwards Rosberg interviewed Alonso on that sort of LED podium, which they now have. And you could tell when Rosberg said, did you like passing Lewis Hamilton and getting past him? Rosberg loved asking that question. I thought that was really nice. If Alonso can qualify up there at week in week out and we can see the race base that Aston Martin and they can develop it through the year, which, as you've mentioned, Matt, Dan fellows for anyone new or doesn't know, he was the former head of aerodynamics at Red Bull, now his technical director that Aston Martin then he learned from the best and that's going to be brilliant to watch this year. Let's talk a little bit. So we've talked about Mercedes anybody you want to chip in a bit more with Mercedes Toto Wolff said they're going to change concept Lewis was down Russell was down afterwards, anything else you've heard. I thought it was interesting to note that in the early part of stints, Russell looked quicker, even to the point where he got on the radio and went. Is the Lewis de struggling or is he looking after side? Yeah. Are you struggling? But actually, Hamilton was quicker by the end of the stint. He was still just that little bit better on time management. And ended up quiet a bit further down the road than Russell. Which I think is good, actually. It showed that Hamilton's still at that very high level. It gives something George to aim for and get even better at. So I think I still think it's a fantastic driver line. I thought that was quite interesting that early on Hamilton looked like he was kind of in the way, but actually he just managed the race brilliantly. I thought that he did say didn't he before the final stop that he could have done more laps. On those tyres. And they brought him in to try and stop the Alonzo undercut. With hindsight, you could say, actually, maybe they should have just given up the fight on Alonso. Let Lewis go longer and then he'd have had more tires to go at science with at the end. So might he have he definitely lost to Alonso, but might he have been able to beat? Because he cruised up to the back of it and then ran out of rubber. Were they both did, didn't they? Science went outside first and then Hamilton did in the dirtier while Alonso just disappeared down the road. I mean, I just beat Alex kellan orcas off the flag for when he did say that one of Mercedes who is out there and one of the Mercedes problems is that they went kind of light on the aero to get some straight line speed and try and get a laptop I'm out of the car but then that hurts you because you slide around more and you screw the tires. So I think they were probably in a compromised setup and I think Hamilton was probably doing a very good job managing the tyres that only really became obvious make more towards the end. But I did find that particularly amusing when Russell sort of just started to go and Hamilton about a struggling and he just asking a question of whether he can have the position and fires off at turn turn, which I'm guessing they're slightly staggered, but those two those two moments that was quite amusing. And I also actually on the subject of radio messages. I know you said you were listening to fernande, but you know he's giving himself a reputation now. How much of that is gameplay, where he says it's a lovely car because through every GP two engine, there is and for every year, the worst defending I've ever seen from my teammates said about ocon. He knows there's an audience he knows people are listening. So whether that's just sort of playing a game really, I wonder about that stroke about that about that too with the lap one collision with stroll, the cynic and he says he knows damn well it was a green car in his mirrors but just chose to keep him quiet and not reacting to that all the way through just in the same way as when it was announced series and Aston Martin signing and then Lance stroll sort of fired him off the road in America. That was a one incident of last season. He didn't seem to have a major grudge at trying to and then getting out of the car today and throwing a load of praise on stroll who actually is entirely deserving of that. I know there is that sort of slight debate over is it irresponsible for him to come back slightly injured and deny a chance to drugovich slash but better back then we're in a praise that kind of behavior would louder coming back from injuries, you know, to race in 76, that dilemma. I thought stroll gave a really good account of himself, but again, second guessing Alonso's actions, which is always amusing, whether Alonso getting out the car and saying stroll was mega, that's just a placate. The team for as long as possible until the inevitable flare up next time when Lawrence drove Danes to suggest that his son should get the twins front wing. Yeah, that was another part of the team radio picked up afterwards as well when he said Lance is my hero what a result. And again, maybe that was for the world feed. I'm not sure that was played. That's when the engineer was sort of telling him, oh, by the way, you're on the podium, so I need to go to this place near the way bridge and don't go to the usual place. First time, podium since, what would that be 20, 21? I guess for Alonso. Right, we'll take a quick break when we come back, we will do. Go through the rest of the field and work out who had a good day, bad day, and what it means for the rest of the season. Stay there. All right, welcome back to the auto sport. Podcast. Let's talk a little bit about the rest of the field then. In fact, I've aware that I didn't do a rundown on the top ten because I like to get into it straight away at the beginning of the show. Max Verstappen, Sergio Pérez, and Alonso with a podium, Carlos Sainz in the only remaining Ferrari followed by Lewis Hamilton and then Lance stroll with broken bones in 6th place. George Russell in 7th, Valtteri Bottas, scoring points in Bahrain because, of course, because he always does. In 9th Pierre gasly and Alex Albon in the Williams in tenth Yuki tsunoda in 11th because it's Bahrain. So of course you're finishing 11th. Logan sargeant is outing in 12th brilliant. Came mag in 13th, Nick the vries 14th and Nico hulkenberg in 15th Joe guy new fastest lap in 16th and Lando Norris was classified two laps down in 17th.

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