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"alex justice molet" Discussed on World News Tonight with David Muir

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"alex justice molet" Discussed on World News Tonight with David Muir

"Update for the anti-stalin safety system. A system implicated in the first crash of a lion air jet and suspected in the second crash in Ethiopia Ethiopia sank tonight. It's politically report confirming or pointing to another cause is coming later this week. Well, it's believed a bad sensor and pilot error caused the first crash. Boeing says it software update will make the safety system harder trigger and easier to recover from. So let's get to David curly. He joins us live today. From Denver International airport and David Boeing has said they have a software fix now for these max jets, but the EPA still needs to certify. Yes, sir. Ciza told us it would be certified by today. But now Boeing has additional documentation do by the end of the week. So it could be this time next week that it's actually certified David David curly leaning us off tonight on the breaking story. David. Thank you. The other major headline late today the unexpected turn for actor jussie smollet. Prosecutors dropping all charges against the actor for allegedly staging that hate crime attack. What's bullet, then insisted in front of the cameras afterward, and this whole move to drop charges blindsided and infuriated Chicago's police superintendent, and the mayor tonight here, they're angry words as well. ABC's Alex Perez from Chicago tonight prosecutors in Chicago making that surprise deal with Jesse small et to drop charges blindsiding and angering the city's mayor and top cop. I've been truthful and consistent on every single level since day one. I would not be my mother, son. If I was capable of one drop of accused of but officials quickly block. Lasting prosecutor's decision to make a deal with small let you all know us, Dan. Do I think Justice was served? No, this is a whitewash of Justice in the end of the day. It's Mr. small at the committed this false claim under the deal small Lunt did community service and will forfeit his ten thousand dollar bond in exchange for no charges. But even prosecutors today said they too believed. He lied to police you leave that he lied on the police report. Yes, this was not an exoneration to say that he was exonerated by us. Or anyone else is is not true, Chicago. Police officials say they had no idea. This was coming. It shows to hide behind secrecy and broker a deal to circumvent the judicial system. It comes after small was indicted on sixteen counts for allegedly lying about a hate crime attack. Smaller describing a homophobic and racist incident were two men beat him and left a noose around his neck who make something. Like this up. But police have insisted they had plenty of evidence to prove small at lied, including the testimony of two brothers who said he paid them with this thirty five hundred dollar check those men later spotted on camera buying supplies for the attack, Mr. small. It is still saying that he is innocent still running down the Kaga police department. How dare him? How dare him? Does it? They person Dow who's been let off scot-free with no sense of accountability. Is there? No decency in this, man. Alex Perez live with us again tonight from Chicago on this case, and Alex Justice Molet, we should point out is still facing federal investigation tonight. Yeah. David the FBI is investigating. Whether he mailed a threatening letter to himself not to give you an idea of how quickly things unfolded here today, the judge odor, the details of this case be sealed by this afternoon. The clerk's office telling us the entire case had been wiped from their system. David Alex Perez tonight. Thank you next to seeming. There was news late today on win congress, and perhaps the American people might actually see the actual mother report more than the attorney general summary. They say it will now be a matter of weeks, not months. President Trump's celebrating victory today up on the hill. No collusion with the Russians with Republicans. And now a new battle tonight the president and the move today to overturn ObamaCare once and for all and what would this mean for millions currently covered with pre existing conditions. ABC's Mary, Bruce Ombu hill tonight. As President Trump arrived on Capitol Hill today word from the Justice department that a version of Robert Muller's report will be released in weeks. Not months report was great..

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