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"alex garcia lopez gerry conway john ramirez" Discussed on Capes and Lunatics

"A lifetime warranty where he can get there through the link on our website Southgate Media Group dotcom good whatever time you're having different welcome to season two episode ten of just punishments where we are reviewing season two episode ten that dark hearts of men. I am your host. Termi dip Professor Esser with me as always is my very skinny very rich very amazing. It's mas tonight's episode dark. Hearts have men as Medani in KRISTA debate. WHO's worth saving adding Frank Prepares Storm Rousseau's territory a brutal encounter pushes pilgrim back into old habits are directed? Tonight is Alex Garcia Lopez Gerry Conway John Ramirez senior and and of course Ross enter marvel credits are episode. Steve Lightfoot gets created by <hes> Steve Lightfoot and Angela lamonica written by credits week Amman. She's once again are <hes> <hes> our executive story editor and the person she pushed around is just a regular story editor hardest working manage show business. This week can kristen. This was a neat episode. This I read like this episode it. It plays with time but <hes> we opened up of course with frank and billy running the gauntlet basically the initiation into their you know elite Special Forces group where they run the gauntlet at that run past each of the other a senior members who each you know punch them and kick them and the like and two things struck me about this. I is was of course billy goes I and he goes through it and they're they're. They're punching him hard. They're doing some face shots you know just to take that smile off his face and then when frank runs it looks a lot more brutal for Frank White. Did you feel that absolutely and I was wondering why that was yeah because they knew tougher or maybe not the kind of personality he is. He probably got underneath everybody's skinned during training or whatever and e probably mouthed off to a lot of people and they were waiting. I I think it's an interesting little touch that they throw gives you a bit of his relationship to the rest of those men aside and especially points Russo out special because they got along so well because obviously the rest of the men had some tension with him and at the end and he's the only one that offers in his hand to get up nobody else yeah what I thought was most telling <hes> and you know I think I think maybe you know Frank. Castle is probably real killing nerd invert clan in killing clancy was actually in best way to kill someone close range is this this this this and and then he was so good at it and that kind of over shined all of the older recruit so I think that might event something but what I thought was most is telling us even though frank in him you know they're going into this so bonded but this second Franken's to the end of the Gauntlet Russo who of course went through I and so is now officially initiated it takes that sucker punch on him goes to goes to comfort them and then immediately sucker punch to kind of basically look like the older twins. I am three seconds older than you man and you know what's interesting. I thought a little differently early because to me if you sort of if you think about it these they're doing it out of love you know the it is violent. It is whatever and I guess in a way it's sort of like elastic area grievances or get it out before you bond on in this brotherhood so it's done in a matter of of love and in that moment he wants to share that with him also. That's how I saw it like you know. It's like I'm your brother in this too and I get to have this boat may we are you know just it was a celebratory thing I <unk>. I that's how I took. I can follow that logic <hes> although I guess there's maybe this other level of it which is like yeah. It's out of love but it's also an out of a love that is kind of sick and twisted luck. It's the kind of love where there there's always meant to be a power they now. This is just to prove that you're not you know you're not gonNA. I mean it's there's other ways you can look at it but I can't. I can't think that when you're pummeled especially after the tumbling pulling Franken's 'cause they're even kicking him when he's on the ground there and he's getting back up and all that kind of stuff you know <hes>. I don't think that's as much out of love as it is an attempt to sort of reminds someone of their place and Dan you know to to to remind you. There's a hierarchy here and this is where you are in the hierarchy and I think even along those lines that goes into that idea that these guys maybe no frank castles going to be overshadowing him so this is like this is gonNA neither one chance to say hey. There's a pecking order here before <hes> before Frank Castle says yeah I'm and I'm the head rooster you know so <hes>. That's a that's. That's neat weather that goes I think now we get. I think we go do go from that right to fill room. Yes because we get beautiful beautiful seen this valet a violent and not just <unk> violence but you know sometimes there's violence that that's made for the viewer to enjoy it stylized and whatnot and then there's violence where it's meant for the perpetrator to enjoy and we just get to be voyeurs and that's what was it was so visceral and and raw and not stylized just real. I thought it was absolutely beautiful and it really sorta gives you the sort of emotional punch that you need fantasy him declined back into his old ways snorting cocaine off of his blood stained hand. You know that could have been thirty blood on that hand yeah and you know not for nothing. It is it is about you know. There's no it's the are synonymous thing and you know I'm not GonNa Lime in after I stopped drinking for land and I get those great ideas about how maybe just won't go back to drinking and I I drink man on right back to where it was because it is it is something that is calling to something that takes a lot of a lot of that directed effort to not be that person and you know he had for so long Ben this enforcer her for the Schultz's and he could do that only because he was keeping everything so compartmentalized when they basically tell him to let loose and he's like. I don't think that's a good idea human services. I don't think it's GonNa be for me to go to New York. New York's which is again a classic thing for any addict you know that when they're trying to be cleaned it got to avoid the people in the places that trigger them right and Dan you know but they say you have to do this for the good you have to do this for us. You know and I think you know I think there is this quality here. which is you know <hes> on this quality here where he is going into a spiral and we see him? You know we see not only him. Beating these people needed that and just cutting back and forth from him Clinton himself and like when he pulls the guys Teeth Avenue this you know what I thought was cool about that up to this point we had only seen him STOIC and completely tra- love his emotions. This was the first moment were we got to see him be afraid vulnerable broken down like laid bare and not having the facade of of this image and it humanized especially in that moment where he's pulling teeth at these. Crying as he's doing it it just all of a sudden I liked the way that they cut back from that back to the scene the fight and then back to him so immediately humanizes him and then all of a sudden when he's in that fight you sort of care for him and you want him to be okay. I thought it was really nicely and of course it makes sense it. He is crying because he is key is watching himself himself from this moment and I think you know when he gets the phone call coming in and he kissed ignores it you know and I don't know if we get the resolution that phone call this episode of next episodes that it is posited second time towards the end of this episode I think again. I think we don't get yeah. I think it's next episode we find out what that call was about it just other we do get just to give just to give this story. It's encapsulation now. He goes next door gets one of the hookers from next door Y- Y whom I'm assuming he's pain. I'm assuming he's still got a role bills right. I don't think it was hard from to pay. You just wanted to take this guy hooker because he was due to find his own. Here's what I thought was interesting about that seat you hear him saying in the other room slowdown. I got you the hour so this guy has enough money to hire five girls for an hour but just for an hour or sleep disorder like it seems like I don't know saying is slow down. I paid for the full hour but he had five girls. They're like five girls for it. Just it just kind of some friends coming. Oh that's okay because the guy but then the out I don't know it just seemed saying is what is their quote was. Just watch it again today. <hes> was slowdown. I'm paying for the full <music> our basically meaning don't make me don't make me finish too quickly with what we're doing here because I actually I wanNA do more. My friend gets here. I guess I guess concerned so but what I love about that is he has money right okay. We're sponsors. Okay the completion to that whole narrative thread. I think definitely should leave it in their yes but hey boys go. Get yourself something nice by yourself something pretty yeah Tom what no just just go get your snap but then okay everybody stick together okay. You don't WanNa get a snack. You WanNA call okay okay. He was just the one that has to okay gotcha. He was the one that was a sign that role yes. He just wants to chill out his phone and then go catch boogieman later okay. That's yeah okay. I gave the other too much money but that's fine. I Made of money. That's what I would say anyway here pilgrim as we get back to this story <hes> you know yeah so other should he was conferring like a party and he you know when Totem Poles the gun. We don't see what happens next but I'm going to shoot. I'm going to basically make this assumption because you only comes back.

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