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"alex cantara" Discussed on GeekWire

"Flask that we gave out at the 2014 geek wire bash but how so yoga ads real i remember the time was very refreshing it was hot in there at the ping pong tournament and longlasting in lung young really works last random channel item for me we talked about prime day on our geared up podcast this week my favorite story about prime day was from buzzfeed news a by alex cantara wits the buzzfeed news reporter the headline is i'm sick of how commercial prime day has become they have this is amazon's the christmasinjuly events uh lots of good coverage of this song acquire and elsewhere in and he said the user the usual gang of voltaire's walmart ebay best buy kohls and a bunch of other retailers who probably think that they merit mentioned in this column seem to have decided that prime day shouldn't be celebrated simply by browsing amazon all day and your cubicle and hoping the boss won't notice it's time we end this war on prime day because all these other retailers are jumping in on and i are it yeah okay with that that's it for this week on the can give podcast until next time i'm todd bishop am tear suburb professional water drinker and i'm not levy and have a fancy title blazers blazer san san glamoc gain and by the way if you haven't already speaking of claire check out our new health tech podcast we got three episodes out so far were not a new one out next week on a woman with an artificial pancreas a do it yourself natural pet shootout at completely from scratch not completely from scratch he built the artificial length out at completely from scratch and she is not a quota or engineer while fastening so good to geek wire dot com slash health tech to check out their podcasts be sure to subscribe to it.

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