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"alex calacas" Discussed on The Autosport Podcast

"For to be fair, I've never been to the beverage as a fan, but the orange army certainly make it look like a spectacle and a bit of a festival atmosphere, similar to sort of what Silverstone had, obviously, a bit more European feel. The one thing that did sour the taste, which is more of an ongoing thing is the booing or sorry, the cheering of when Lewis Hamilton crashed by the Max Verstappen fans. It's a difficult matter because I understand the upset and its part and parcel of the drama and a bit of the soap opera. And indeed, it's a million times worse in other sports football in particular. But yeah, it just is a bit unsavory. It's a bit like, yeah, he's already out. You don't need to like celebrate because of these previous rivalries. I know what you mean. It's where football but it's where Formula One becomes more football than more rugby. And rugby has intense rivalries, but at the final whistle. You go for a beer together, and all the fans of either side will talk about how your teams did, and everyone's Friends. And everyone is twice as drunk as at football. And everyone's still friends. And yet, in football, just because of no reason. You utterly hate the person standing next to you because they choose to support a team. And it went for me ones like that that I've got less time for. I mean, I know, was it on I was caught as last week when we were Silverstone we're doing the live podcasts from the GP racing fan village. Described it as a bit of panto. You know, you know, when the story was very fantastic. And I'm like, I don't know if I want F one to be so panto, but I guess, you know, I'm I don't know. The concern and I think perhaps to make it a bit more serious, the concern would be is if Hamilton say had a bigger accident and was injured and then you've got fans cheering because he's crashed. That is, yeah, that's just poor. Not that you need to, but you wouldn't see anybody cheering that Joe craft at the start of the British Grand Prix. No, but remember last year, when Hamilton and Verstappen came together at Silverstone, as Verstappen went through the gravel and hit and had that massive G impact, if you watch some of the Twitter videos or the videos that people posted after the event from their own cameras, the crowd, the Silverstone crowd, were like, way. Like, when he went off, there was a big cheer, and then a millisecond later when he hit everyone. Oh, that was nasty. But the instant reaction was to cheer Verstappen getting knocked off, so like the Brit fans did that and that's horrible, but still. It is both sides. This isn't British media. No, no, no, no, no. Which we told all the time that we're anti Verstappen. It couldn't be further from the truth. Definitely, if it goes the other way around, which would be fair we did see a bit of it, like you say, God has mentioned it about Silverstone and Verstappen getting booed or whatever like this. It does happen both ways in lots of places, but I think yeah, when it gets a bit more serious, that's when it starts crossing the line. The panto and the soap opera thing is one element, but if sort of danger and injury starts coming into it and they're still doing that, that's really bad. Dear listen, let us know your thoughts. You can email podcaster auto sport dot com that is you can send us an email or a social media stuff, but if you want an email, podcast at auto sport dot com with your thoughts on any of the things that we've talked about today, we can bring up your email or if you don't want us to share it, we can just send us an email and say, don't share this on the air, but we'll be back. I won't be and Hayden won't be about Luke and Matt Q will be from the circuit tomorrow for sprint race reaction and review. I'll be back on Sunday. We got Megan there, which is brilliant. So she'll join us again on Sunday Night alongside Luke Smith. And I think it is, I'm sorry, Jess mcfadden, and it's Alex calacas back in the UK this week to join us on Sunday. Thank you so much for listening and we'll be back soon.

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