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"alex ben pope" Discussed on WGN Radio

"Time for the Chicago Blackhawks postgame show. On the Black box radio network. Here's Chris Boden. Well, the Blackhawks open the season against the last team to win the Stanley Cup, the Tampa Bay Lightning and they drop old contest much more competitive night. Tonight. The final score of 5 to 2 is Tampa scores. A couple of late goes to pull away and put this one away. Taking the post came up until 9 30 tonight and we will dip in and out of some live coverage of postgame zoom interviews. With the Black Hawks down in Tampa Bay, and I appreciate Troy Marie's patients as we go through some Q and a with him as we listen to some of the reaction from the players and perhaps head coach Jeremy Carlson, by the time we're done here at 9 30 But Troy some good some bad to talk about now, once a bad but still areas of progress that need to be made. Let's start with the good because they got some offense from their offensive guys that are going to need to deliver tonight. I thought the line combinations from top to bottom or a lot more dangerous tonight with the help of, you know, a little bit of juggling and with the insertion of Philip Kirsch, Abou That looked pretty good out there tonight. Yeah, sure. Mike is active. You go ahead. Hey, Alex. I know that the result is that what you will get Detroit a minute, Alex to break it, meeting with the media right now, You guys feel that way? Yeah, I think we did way. Had a lot more puck possession. Uh, obviously still them playful. 60 had a few breakdowns there in the second. Go down three. Nothing. Uh And then in the third as well, when we need to score a goal. Uh yeah. Think way. Didn't play full 60. Is that gonna be the biggest challenge this season with so many young guys, new guys and getting that full 60 minute effort? Is that going to be the challenge? Um, you know, right now, it seems like it is I mean last game. We obviously didn't play that. Well, um, I'm dinner's on a lot, then. This game. I thought we came out strong. You know, the second period just killed us. We had to try to dig herself. Edible Hall had a few chances. Had a few power plays couldn't convert we needed to and that was the game. Myself. Misfortune problem. Early your lines active in Go ahead. Hey, Alex. You guys obviously fallible behind three to nothing for the second straight game. But do you guys like did you guys like to push back that you showed, unlike the first game Yeah, I think that's ah. You know, it's good effort out of us. But at the same time we should never fall down three. Nothing, I think. We gotta worked, You know, work part all all game and, um not have to dig ourselves out of that hole. How nice was it to convert on that power play really like 30 40 seconds into it and get some momentum. Yeah. So it's nice when you can, um, move the puck around getting a job and pulling in. I think we still gotta work on. Obviously, when we're down, 32. We had a few power plays, um, didn't convert. So, um, I'm still gonna be better. Exiles. We'll take one more for Alex Ben Pope with Chicago Sun times Your life is active and you go ahead. Alex after the sort of frustrating year you had last year as it nice to to personally get a few points on the board early on in the season, and maybe just set a better tone for this season. Yeah. I mean, obviously it's nice, but it points up, but, uh, you know, we're here to win games. Uh, try to do anything. I can't help. Team win. Um I think she got my heart and, you know, hopefully build some confidence and be good every night. Thank God that's Alex. The brink. It live from Tampa Bay as we start on our post game show with him, But I had myself a new analyst there for a couple minutes. Try so apologies for that. Right is I ask you the question. I know you had your finger up your mouth was open. You're about to answer it. That we heard from Alex. But let's talk about that offense, looking a little bit better tonight. As I thought, I thought the line combinations and and the debut of Curry Chef, Sure, help things out and made make the Hawks little bit more dangerous tonight. Well, they ended up having 35 shots on goal so that that's AH, Big, plus and You know to break it talked about it. Hey, said not a full 60 minutes And I think that for a young team that has some experience on it in experience on it that you're gonna have to deal with these growing pains. You make a mistake and for calling dearly, you feel bad. He started off extremely good. He was playing while seeing the park well and communication problem between him and Duncan. Keith Results in an easy goal to start Kappa on a three goal run where the Blackhawks just couldn't find a way to toe stop that, And that's where you you, miss, Um, a guy like even even Brent Seabrook, who understands the key moments of the game. Jonathan tapes in that situation, those type of players could be out there to slow things down to solidify how you need to play. You're asking a lot from some of these younger players to fill that and they got to find a way to be better in those key moments of a hockey game and not let like they're talking about in Game one. These brief spans in a hockey game. That really hurt them, and they again happened to them in the second period, where Tampa scored the three quick goals and just under six minutes, you can't have that happen. And you have to take that personally that the golden moments in a in a hockey game. The opening man at the last minute of the period when you score a goal, and when you get scored upon those air key moments, and the coach has to have AH lot of trust in that next line that personnel that has sent out after any of those situations. It should be very Proud moment when you get to start a game, and in the last minute of a period when you get tapped on the shoulder, you got to take that the heart that you're not going to let anything bad happen and when there's a goal scored, whether it's so whether you score the goal. And that same line stands out there. You gotta you gotta know that you want to have a shift. Keep the mo mentum on the flip side of it. If campus scores the goal that next shift, you have to come out there with the purpose. Of taking the momentum away. Now, I think it's going to be easier to do that this year because of the lack of fans in the emotion inside the buildings, but we didn't see it the first two games and again. Tampa's They're really good. Game. But like Alex was saying too many mistakes and they're on the wrong side of the park on occasions and Tampa's good enough to make you pay in.

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