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Angry Alice On Why She Loves Fred Norris So Much  The Howard Stern Show

The Howard Stern Show

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Angry Alice On Why She Loves Fred Norris So Much The Howard Stern Show

"The Howard Stern show Alice has always had a crush on Fred people, and I think that's absurd but okay, no offense. Okay. It'd be Jillian barberie I have angry Alex Alice has always had a crush on Fred. And she asks about him every time shouli talks to her and she's not happy with the new studio because Fred is placed behind a wall. So I don't have to look at him. And she does not like it. I don't like the big TV found my Fred. Yes. Now, you have said in the past that that TV is blocking Fred. All right. Why did they did they put that big thing in front of him like day? What do you love so much about friends? Oh, I love about Fred. He just has a brother, and I liked the way he looked for them. She has multiple shrines to Fred like these little eight by ten while frame photos of Fred in multiple area knows about that. And that's pretty amazing. Well, this deserves to have on a bad day. Fred think about there you go. I that's I'm going to fricking blowjob either nine angry blowed angry glow. Listen, every blow go I wouldn't do that to her. You wouldn't punish her that? No. Well, I liked it for it has a fan in Alison. Thank you. Howard. Stern's.

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Booking the Worlds Biggest Artists, Comedians and Performers | Bobby Reynolds, Senior Vice President of Booking, AEG Presents Las Vegas Shares How AEG Makes the Magic Happen

Thrivetime Show | Business School without the BS

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Booking the Worlds Biggest Artists, Comedians and Performers | Bobby Reynolds, Senior Vice President of Booking, AEG Presents Las Vegas Shares How AEG Makes the Magic Happen

"Ladies and Gentlemen Gentlemen on Today's show we're joined by Bobby Reynolds the senior vice vice president of booking for a e G WHO's Ag is the organization responsible for booking big time. Artists like only succeeds. Jim Cafe Paul McCartney Billy Joel Blake Shelton ducks in Harmon. Jovi dally pain artists. You know and now we don't need further do the senior vice booking. AG BOOP BOOP BOOP BOOP BOOP BOOP and bobby take get ready to enter the drive time show not even started now on the top the systems to give what we got cone takes the books books sees wisdom and the has the father of five. I'm so if you see my kids please. Tell them Cassini now three to what he yes yes yes. And yes thrive nation on. Today's show we have an incredible guest. This guy is the senior vice president of booking looking for a E. G. Bobby Reynolds welcome onto the thrive time show. How are you sir? I'm doing very well. Thanks for having me. Hey Bobby I think a lot of our listeners out there are aware of what it means to book things but the maybe are not aware of what a and E and g stands for what is a Eeg AG. Oh Gee We're pretty edgy presents. AG IS THE PARENT COMPANY AG stands for and Shoots Entertainment Group. So we are privately. Held company owned by Mr Mr and shoots based out of Denver Colorado We also probably bore brand names. You might be familiar with. AG owns and operates the staple people center It all Adelie live in downtown Los Angeles suppose. La Kings who play there so a g was ag presents was formed out. Live at of that brainchild. So as the senior vice president of booking. What what do you do during your day Well IT'S A. It's a mixed bag so I'm a senior vice president for AG presents. Las Vegas I run our business here. Our business here. is to produce predominantly resident shows at different hotel and integrated resorts here in Las Vegas. So a Lotta guys. That do what I do around the country. They'll look to book look band or two or three at a certain venue big or small For a night or two. It's a pretty. We call one off concerts. That's pretty turn burn type business. The other another sector by businesses torn where a lot of big artists have national or worldwide tour promoter and take a touring artists and they have one integrated team that works with them throughout Their touring endeavors throughout the US or the world. Like I was saying we do a a bit of a hybrid of that. So we work with different artists Place them at different integrated resorts around the Las Vegas Valley elite and we produce runs of shows these artists. So it's Selene Dion her she is the kind of the inventor enter the Modern Day Headlining resident model that has spawned opportunities for many many many other artists of all shapes and sizes but in all fairness it was my boss that had this idea and had this concept and gave it a shot nearly twenty years ago Caesar's Palace And since then we've we've taken that mindset and worked different iterations with different artists on what it means to be a resident in Las Vegas We've also expanded expanded our portfolio venues so that we have really something to offer everyone whether it's a more intimate theatre smaller theatre theater-like at the encore theatre a win whether it's a big rock show which we produce over at the joint at the hard rock and of course the coliseum. Caesar's Palace is the place we worked with for years. And you know we often try to Expand our portfolio of venues and artists that we work with to try to bring this residency model to to A whole bunch of people that have all different tastes and certainly with forty two million visitors a year to Las Las Vegas. There really is something for everyone to do so you do. Interact with the artists like you interact with comedians like Jim Gaffe again or artists like the Brian McKnight directly. Yeah of course. That's certainly a question. I get asked a lot But yeah it's it's important for us to interact with our clients like it isn't any business for that matter you know the day to day. Interactions happened with their managers or their agents But when the artist is our guest at one of our partner Hotels of course. We want to make sure they're having a good time that their that their rooms are good at the food is good that they on an off night had tickets to go. See your show they they wanna go see if their families are in town Would they do. And how can we give them a better experience. That's our. That's our beat potatoes eidos. We need to make sure those artists are happy and and taking care of looked after. I am not going to ask you for any questions that you can't answer obviously But but with with you work with so many big personalities a certain personality that strikes you as being the funniest person the funniest comedian the funniest person. I just thought yourself. I cannot stop laughing right now. Even though I'm trying to be serious this presents open question. I I mean. Look the Comedians that we work with and the other the question is who is the most difficult to work with people. WanNa hear those things. I would see the artists that we work with. These are proven artists comedians whether they're in bands bands or singers He's proven people and they've been around it for a long time in my opinion the two comedians that really make me laugh a ton of Sebastian MANISCALCO and Jim gap again. Those are two artists that do residencies with at the winner of the encore theatre the wind and and there's just something about those guys and I might even throw Joe Cooley into that mix it just seems whatever they say is funny they just have a way of green you know. They're not trying to be serious and I'm laughing at them but we're having a conversation. They say something and you just can't help it to laugh. They just have a real all right. Speaking presenting themselves that It's clear how they became comedians. Because it comes so natural to them. What is your favorite sports parts team in the in the NFL? Do you have a favorite team. I grew up in New York and my favorite sports team has the raiders. Do you remember Jim. Mora the coach of the saints. Did you ever that Guy Jim Mora. Yeah of course one thing about him. That was so funny is that whenever he was trying not to be funny he was at his funniest. And if you remember the sound clip but this is Jim Mora playoffs. We'll talk about playoffs playoffs. I just hope we can win a game. He's like furious that he's trying to be serious. And every time you get a a- Alan Iverson talking about practical probably the two phases. Yeah Okay so now you obviously done. You've worked super hard tonight where you are in. And you've had some awesome opportunities. I believe created as a result of that work ethic. Tell us how you started out. Man Tells your story. We love to talk about from the bottom to the top. Where was your bottom autumn? Where do you start yes so I was born and raised just outside of New York City and seventeen years old guy that I knew friend of my family elite They bought a nightclub in midtown. Manhattan called the Ritz. And I definitely wasn't young enough to dean. There wasn't young enough to drive into the city city from where I grew up but I mean three or four nights a week. I would draw while I was still in high school. I would drive into the city Many times how my parents back and we'd go work at this at this at this venue and it was just the way for me to make some pocket money. I never really thought about the business behind music. You use a consumer of us. At the time. I would go to a concert or I buy. I buy buy tapes and and that was my. That's all I really knew of music music. I was a consumer and I was a fan of it but they started to go to this club and and do anything right I would. I'd be a bar back. It'd be a bartender abused security regard. That'd be a production run or whatever I needed to do that day I would do it and I was one of those things that did it feel like work I mean I I caddy I delivered pizzas. I I worked in Delhi. I did a lot of things that don't like work. This was one that did it and I really recognize that there was a business behind music so that was my a senior year in high school from there. I went to small actually bullets every university in in Vermont and When I was younger I was probably more of a procrastinator tomato and there were two options for my work study program to earn money towards tuition one was washing dishes? The other was being in student activities and I don't know what it was but soon activities sounded a lot better than washing dishes and come to find out. Student activities was to work with cultivating entertainment. Around the campus. That's pretty cool. Because I was just kinda working in entertainment at the lowest level This past summer so I started booking bringing movies to the to the theater on campus then bringing comedians and then bringing I finally brought a bad ended up to the university and it was just something again that I would skip class on to sit in an office as a freshman And and book shows and that was really by education. That's really where I knew there was a A business behind doing live events after that. Right after college intern at a booking agency And then got a job working for at the time. This tiny little company called the House of Blues. which was I think building their fourth venue in the US? Time in Myrtle Beach South Carolina. And I moved down there and went to go work for House of Blues News. And you know that was over twenty years ago now and since then the company has pulled up they got bought by live nation and you know companies but he's changed a lot but that was my. That was kind of the early early steps that I took towards this career. You know when you go to a EEG presents dot com and you check out the AG presents dot com you click on artists. I have a conspiracy theory kind of an elementary theory here. It looks as though you you basically just taken the names of every person that everyone knows and that so you work with Alicia keys. Alex Alice Alice Cooper as by the way we're going into the I'm just I'm skipping Alison Krauss you go. I mean amy grant you this is just on the as folks in and we we keep going. I mean it's going have you booked to everybody. I mean it seems like who's the artist. I'm not asking for your favorite artists. I'm just asking. Who's the artists were you? You met them and you said to yourself I mean again bad company We're talking about. I mean just unbelievable when you. Who's the artists that you met with? Where are you thought to yourself? What am I doing this is awesome? Well probably the the the pinch me moment that I had Was Working with Paul McCartney pretty little the Beatles way back way right And we we opened up the joint at the Hard Rock Hotel and casino is. It's one of our clients and opening week We had the killers. Paul McCartney Bon Jovi. Teddy Joe you didn't. Oh that is sick. I had to You know being in a dressing room. but sides office and sitting there with with Paul and in some of the executives of the hard rock in my bosses that was one of those. What am I doing here? This is over my head. I got a funny story for Ya when I went to college. At Oral Roberts University the guy lived across the hall from me and who got to be good friend of mine. His name is Ryan Tetter and He's he's obviously the front man for the Republic and I remember him saying that he was going to write a song someday for you to and Paul McCartney in that he was going to do it. And now if you Google Search Ryan Tetter. He's won grammys and written for Taylor swift and Macartney and there's just so many huge artists that he's written for have you made a list of people You're going I will book them for. Ag there it's GonNa talk that list. Sure I'll come to push one day but I don't spend a lot of time I'm Chasing those things down I spent a lot of time focusing on the task at hand Info from the on on things in front of me. You know otherwise you just get caught up a little too much personal taste and it cut the wrong deal. But I'm super satisfied with the artists that we work with. It's crazy I mean nellie now by the way. Are you a a master's cold color. Are you the master of cold calling you know I used to be something. I haven't I haven't flex that muscle call in quite some time and again part of part of that is we just work with work with some of the best resorts in the world with so so many great partners whether it's GM win Hard rock which will turn into Virgin Hotel Casino in the very near future all all these different places in Las Vegas that that stands for excellence and have their own niche rights or the hard rock is the rock and roll place and win. They're very sophisticated high High end type veal and all of our partners play a different role. What we don't spend much time doing anymore is is working with small accident in small rooms? It's something that I did earlier in my career. You WanNa do it again your Diet House of Blues. I would do a lot of calling and trying to get disbanded or that banded spending or or or things like that oftentimes. I'll get bands cold calling me so someone wants to get booked and they see my name in the paper here my Somewhere and they give me a call and try to get in. I think some people are probably dismissive of those folks. But I remember when I was the guy on the other side of that call and I always are we take their calls and try to give good advice or if they sound great then try to work with them. You know. There's something kind of sexy about cold calling. I mean don't you. I mean in a in a deep dark workplace of your soul. Don't you want to just pick up the phone call tonight. Yeah I mean that's like it's one of those things where when I was when I was younger. I was never intimidated by doing it. Best best part of my personality and I I actually liked it you know. Oh that was fun again. I just have. We have so much stuff going on right here. That is the task at hand. Cold calling is something. I don't do much anymore if if I if I ever had to do it again I think I'm pretty sure I would jump right back into with with these. I feel like you guys at ag should have a cold calling Olympics over there at the women and you your best guys who are now the top who used to start off at the bottom and you guys cold call and see who can close the deal. I now I would pay to watch that show now at the win. That would be a pretty good reality. The show actually right. I'm serious. The Art of the cold call. Now you the Wynn encore theatre recently was recognized for doing incredible stuff being one of the top ten highest grossing Venues News Globally in Twenty nineteen under five thousand seats and you guys bring the artists in their correct. Yes so we have A. We have a deal win in super bowl bring the artists which means we are the promoters that the wind chooses to work with it was It was a relationship that started a few two years ago with Mr Wynn himself and continued to flourish The most impressive thing about that a venue under five thousand capacity to be the ten in the world. It's amazing it's an incredible athlete. Yeah and and you know me and my team and the team over the wind all deserve Some some praise on that when you think about the win the encore theatre only has one thousand four hundred eighty seats so there are many many many other theaters rieter between lean fifteen hundred and five thousand. That didn't make that list. So I mean this. This comment is so not a scientific one. But if you we highest grossing theater in the world under two thousand or three thousand capacity from staking under four thousand capacity to so we're working working with a much much less significant capacity and truly through the efforts of my team And the the brand recognition over the win just the way you get treated their things at the wind just are a little bit more expensive drinks more expensive foods more expensive rooms more expensive concert. Tickets are more expensive. Why is that well because when you go there you get treated impeccably? Well the services great. It's clean it's not smoky. Loki everyone all the staff is very welcoming and WANNA help you people in Las Vegas. We'll pay more money for a good experience. We've proven that and and we do it in a really really top notch way and I don't mean we're we're pretty good at it. I mean we are we are in the world and that's that's something that I feel good about saying I it's an it's really nice Point to mentioned and again. I'm not the guy though. People don't know who shows I'm I'm I'm just someone that's the ticket desk and and hustles and get shows in there would allows us to. Do we do the team to win. All the front of House staff that people that customers customers interact with that sets the tone so as soon as you walk out of that property. You're too high class place and then when you walk into the theater it's beautiful. I designed nine the hallways you walk into winded. The wind design the theater. Everything about it is prestige. Would we did was recognized that and we brought our model to the folks at the win and said Hey we have a shot doing this. If it doesn't work then we lose money with you if it does work. Geez we love to be your partners is and that was about. I don't know three years at a hundred shows ago. Bobby final question for you. I want to respect your time here. It's twenty four hours before Bieber takes the stage twenty four hours before Jim Gaffney and takes the stage. What are your responsibilities? Well I always say if something if I'm really busy at one of the shows if something then something got messed up My responsibilities twenty four hours out just to make sure my team has everything. They need to get their job. Done right make sure the artist is happy. Make sure the sound and the lights are all working. Well make sure the venue is ready hostess artists. What can we do to put a unique spin on things tie sent to the artists room to to make him or her smile when they get in there or have a memory or stimulate some sort of what one of their senses have extra fund? That's really what it's all about and I like to think at this point in my career to my ten year We have the team on hand that just organically and instinctively does that kind of stuff because of I to worry about that stuff every every twenty four hours I would I would myself crazy. Bobby I appreciate you you so much for joining us today. Manny congratulations to the entire team. A. E. G. She and all the success you guys are having. Is there an ask that you would have evolve our listeners. A half million folks that listen to this show each and every week. Is there a certain website you want them to visit as an accent step. You want them to take. What's the ask you have for all of our listeners? Well I think for all of the listeners. I don't know whether today G. show or not go see go see a concert. Go support live. Entertainment go support music go see a comedian And Jesus Debris Las Vegas comes to one of our shows but it really is good to choose supported the arts to support live entertainment not only for the artists and not for any sort of You know philanthropic endeavor but to go have a good talk with your buddies or good out with your with your better half and go make some memories. I hunted percent agree. Bobby thank you for your time and hope you have a great rest of your day you too thanks so much and now without further ado three what. What if you could gain access to download each and every book that I've ever written for free? Well that'd be terrible because I don't like you you okay. We're making a big assumption but assuming that you do like me and you like to thrive time show you can now go to thrive time show dot com forward slash free dash resources. That's thrive time show dot com forward slash free dash resources to download each and every book that I've ever written for free. Download the book version of each and every book that I've ever written for free. Just want to chime in hero quick. I don't like you or capitalism. I've like like we should all get free stuff. Well I am in the process of explaining where you can get free stuff and you can also download all the helpful infographics infographics Oh graphics on firing one zero one. The perfect hiring system the principles from a daily Internet marketing won the lead been management management system managing humans went on Logo Creation. One why Google loves wordpress time management. One Oh one we also have an incredible Info Info graphic about the importance of calling your leads often because the average person no longer answer their phone unless they are called multiple times and unless they received a text from you. Also have the importance of file nomenclature one. Oh one sales lead conversion one. Oh One and much much more and it's all available for you to download vote for free right now by going to thrive time show dot com. Are you suggest I staff to move my money. Yes for free. Isn't there a way you could just be men. I mean why do I have to move my body because I'd Be Causes Me Zion. Whatever I would never go drive time? Show dot com come on forward slash free dash resuls would never Tom dot com forward slash free dash scores all right. Let me clarify. If you have the capacity to move your fingers wrapped up show dot com forward slash free read dash resources to download an e book version of every Single Amazon bestselling book I've ever written and all the Info graphics that have the power to change your your life.

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Rumors of 5G and TouchID's return

AppleInsider Podcast

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Rumors of 5G and TouchID's return

"You're listening to the apple insider. podcast welcome to this episode of the Apple Insider podcast cast. I'm Victor and joining me. Is Wilbur back to that dental. Okay how are you could could lose truck here. So easily. As William Gallagher. How no how are you victor? I'm I'm fine a something. I was waiting to Vincent or something like that kind of Yuji this And I always think to the victor the pardons okay Fair enough fair enough. Well I am thrilled to have you here nation. That just makes me wary was what's going on. Let's let's just do my Niro season and you're talking about what's been happening. What's going missed well so so you? There's this cool thing. I talked about this before when we first learned about the U.. One chip the ultra wideband chip. That apple was employing in airports pro. Oh and I feel I remember. This is about the new patent. Isn't it right well so back back before the patent appeared. Ah I had posited that what this was going to allow people to do was airdrop by pointing your phone at someone else's phone because it has the ability to understand direction direction and it turns out I was onto something. Why don't you tell me about previously? When introduced the did make a difference? Straight up straight away didn't it. It could put certain things if somebody else had the same iphone issue it would put them at the top of your address. Listen that was nice but but now you can just signed a lot. Well you will be able to just slowly rotate your phone on the desk in a conference table I have a friend. Rotate dazzling they're pointing at each other. You can flip back and forth with whatever you need especially it turns out if your name is Charlie Bob Dave or Alex Alice. Why don't you Alex I like tonics? Owen this a Bob. Are you seeing. Alice doesn't live here anymore. I think you're saying I wish you. Yeah it's actually really unusual for Apple Pie it so we've got those names from a diagram in not in the text but the diagrams works his patent dry. It's very unusual to see names. But they're trying to explain. There's a range of people involved. Why not personalise insane me names really but yes after that AD patients that have to do with how to make sure it works issues the fact that are you making this connection but there to mobile devices so one of them is likely to move what happens then when they tell each other of lost is cut early sort of things remarkably detailed interesting stuff solving one would think who is really small probe faceting reading? So what's interesting interesting here is that I'm looking at this patent. And this pain does not about the one and ultra wideband which which was as we were talking about useful for aiming at stuff what this is doing is using optical transmitters and receivers as an alternative well it looks like now. I'm wondering if it's going to be sort of Augmented thing whether US bits of whatever's the most relevant thing but yet specific I I would say not the reason that this is I would say maybe not as that when you patent stuff you patent it to throw in the kitchen sink so that no one can work around your patent. Basically try and cover the world's to protect it all and in generally there's a core technology so this this looks like an alternative form of of doing this kind of transmission so at Apple's discussing using optical optical transmitters and receivers which is really similar to infrared you know back when we used to use Newton's and back when we used to use palm pilots you could change exchange contact information and files over infrared using to palm pilots aimed at each other line of sight using their adviser. This well remember which one yet get in there. I probably did that on a Kanga. I always got mix up between Waterloo was won't be as with Wall Street Wall Street. I was writing. I wanted to know which one it was like to. Very much I owned a Wall Street. That was that was my first Mac. Laptop yeah I built it out of spare parts. Actually okay. I'm you hot anti-tank infrared transmitter rancher. Who are not plug it? It never used the infrared on that one. But yeah so this is this is what they're doing is they're they're patenting that sort of transmission but instead of infrared they're saying any suitable electrical lighter traffic light source could do which means that you you don't have to have You could play anywhere. Basically you know the light service could be vertical cavity surface meaning laser for example or led or an alleged or anything else. And what's interesting about. That is what part of the IPHONE already has. Led Year old at the screen Yeah and how natural would it be to say I want to share something with you and I point my screen at you and you point your screen at at and it picks up the work yeah so I think that's that's where we're going with this now. Of course we we still think the U. One chip is pretty awesome. This optical thing is just one way of leveraging at you one is definitely where I think. We're hot on the future. I want to talk a little bit about Apple Watch. Why do I like Apple Watch so much even though I I don't have one million no you didn't have one and you liked one? The great join us. Join US love to love to don't have won a future. Apple Watch may help treat Parkinson's disease or diagnosed tremor Simpson's yes or at that story as well has has changed a bit about it better. It's quite it's quite funniest. Apple is is being quite gentle in its description of why it wants was to do this thing. It's people I mean so. Many people have symptoms of Parkinson's or full on Parkinson's also tremor symptoms for it. I'm and currently eight. Another is like a known scale for measuring is that clinicians can use. That can only be done with the test when the patient is is with the clinician. And in between you kind of reliance on the patients to remember that symptoms occur apples phrase but it was something polite like might not be the most reliable reliable thing and yet face ditsy public because the illustration is of a somewhat stooped older gentleman. He had the impression they they were being polite but she any of us. Are we going to remember minute by minute. Details as something even as important as this. We're not but you're watched can be looking constantly for it and actually applying Matt scale as you go through your day. It's not only at the end of the month or whatever you see your doctor is. He's always checking. And since the symptoms symptoms symptoms seemed to be caused by getting use the medication at the already on or anything else being so nicely balanced. The this is come through and that changes ranges depending on your medication situation. What you're doing and the watch is there with you all the time aware of what you're doing and the suggestion is that it will be able to help pew as a patient know when you're going to be in trouble when you need to take moments or something like that and also log? That's important hortus. I don't know how you hand it over to you. JP At the end but you get the complete list which actually must be caught along read full when if doctors collect keen on this well second-by-second took about the last month. Second Buzzed second well. But you want to highlight the outliers right. You don't have to look at all of the seconds but it can say here's where you actually were completely trembling and losing Dallas. Yes so another amazing years Apple Watch for I mean this is what you love it specifically all of these health benefits Yeah Yeah Okay so we all know how VPN protects your privacy and security online right absolutely but we don't talk about a a whole lot is that you can take your TV watching game to the next level you can use a VPN to unlock movies and TV shows. That would is only available in other countries I'm sure net flicks if we don't match mention if Joe Net flicks I love that idea. But I suppose you got an account you're paying net flicks. What's the difference way you are well? So these regionalisms come down to two who gets syndication my shoes on everything and their rights issues behind that but most viewers. Would you agree. Probably don't get involved in thinking about account I can't imagine Spending a lot of time checking out the process. No actually hang on the birth of Russia's guilt sometimes we do get through the process but as an individual. Oh I know that you do. That's why I said knows transit. Sally going to watch Let's have a discussion about who has the syndication rights this week shall we doesn't have. It does very boring programs. Yeah and very boring households. So cheers over the weekend I used expressly began to binge on doctor who on UK. Netflix did not try the PC. I play things. I'm just I recommend recommended because there's more Dr on played on Netflix. I appreciate that so anyway. What was nice about this that it was really simple is fired up the express? VPN APP change my location location. UK Refreshed Net flicks and it works and the way it works is that express. VPN Hides your IP address. Let's control where you want sites to think that you're located so you can choose from almost one hundred different countries so think about all the different net flicks libraries. You can go through US Jason. There's a side benefit. It's not something considered before always VPN for security. And I'm going on various ships. I'd rather be on feel safer knowing I was going through a VPN. Instead of Ghana's how many different Wifi hotspots or even different countries But this is definitely an unusual. Take on this is like a extra bonus now now obviously saying watch doctor who does nothing for you because you said but I can do that on I player so you know and a good example would be rick and Morty on Francenet Fuss or Brooklyn nine nine on Canada Netflix I can tell you I went to quite a lot of trouble to get to see Veronica Mas on here live. I'm I to buy zillion via Ike chains and that was complicated. Because I don't have an account all sorts of things but I was so that effort and this is just this comparison express. VPN works with any streaming service. Hulu BBC I player like we just mentioned and it it does work. I can make that work in Youtube. You name it there are hundreds of. EPS Out there but the reason that we use express VPN talk shows is. It's ridiculously fast. There's no buffering. There's no lag you you can stream and hd no problem and compatible all your devices phones media console smart. TV's and more so you watch what you want to watch on the go on the big screen wherever you are and if you visit visit the link that we're GONNA put in in the show notes if you visit my special link right now express. VPN Dot com slash apple insider. You can get an extra three months of express. VPN Piano for free support. The show watch what you want and protect yourself at express. VPN Dot com slash apple. Insider William robocalls caught a lot actually the the majority of course I get these days. Milan line ridicules do you. Yes do you get recalls on your phone your iphone. Yes yes sometimes. Does she know how often so in in the US we regularly get calls from. Oh calls on iphone and it's It's it's really frustrating. It's really annoying. And one of the things that happens is that the robocaller spoof bouffe real numbers and sometimes I get calls from people saying why did you call me back and and I I didn't call you sir. I don't know what you're talking about. No I just got called by you and you and Y'all trying to something. No Sir I promise you I don't want to sell you anything. I have nothing on the line. I do hive. No Oh no no no. I've I've no interest I don't know and I'm sorry and And you know they'll call back a minute later. Why you you call me again? No I promise I didn't I really didn't and so. This is a huge problem. Not just the receiving of these terrible things but also the spoofing part so anyway the US House House of Representatives in Congress voted on Wednesday they passed the pollen tune telephone robocall abuse criminal enforcement deterrence. Act which is an acronym traced so the traced act four hundred seventeen to three. who were the three now in this in this day and age of of hyper hyper partisanship of of point scoring by dunking on the other party? And things like that four hundred seventeen to three shows that we can all come together. Look what Robo for just rs of united the country like no one else. They've brought us back together. They've United Americans Americans. That's wonderful. I see one hundred seventeen to three. So what the legislation does here is that it basically requires phone carriers to implement call authentication technology and blocking services free of charge to customers and it it grants government regulators a little a bit wider berth in identification at punishment scammers and so there exists a little bit of technology already. At and T.. Offers a service called call protect but You get charged a monthly subscription to access. All of that. Yes this this law this bill. It's not a law yet. It has to get signed into law but this bill we'll forces providers to offer S- call streaming tech consumers without fees so it It it has to go through the Senate after this and then be signed with understand. No I'm incorrect. I'm incorrect. This has already passed through the Senate so this this is passed the Senate and House with unanimous support basically and and so now just has to be signed into law by the president but This is not a question about the law and things it's just. She said the people found you after they've been found at the one thing you know in the UK is you do not return a coal from westbound right because that proves that you're right man right cool things that are here interesting no with the with the spoofing of real numbers to place these calls so in the US. There's a thing called the do not call registry which was a complete waste of time and completely unsuccessful however the law provides is that if you can can catch who was actually at the dot behind the number they can be right and and so some people call back. Mostly the the people that I've had called me back have been long haul truck drivers and elderly women who carry you would hope and having having long haul truck drivers and elderly women. Angry with me is not high on my list. If someone like you doing all these terrible things these fundings as people get fined. Does the person who puts you get any kind of financial reward. I believe they do explain why in my I saw is just blocked. I I I know lots of people who will never answer a call. That comes up with numbers. I don't know if it's a ninety minute in that context but I get a lot of work from different places and I just can't rule it up you have to answer you have to answer and then the first beckoned is. It's not about your credit card credit cards fine but we want to sell you a new credit card or or have you heard about solar panels or open enrollment is coming and we can sell. You knew half of go away his yes yes Does your home have windows. Would you like new windows. No what I would like is five G. and QUALCOMM QUALCOMM is set to actually deliver on that promise. Yes no not really qualcomm President Christiana and said on Wednesday that. They're hard at work on a five G.. Modem Solution Lucien for Apple iphone. Good basically this is this is sort of an important first step. As part of their multi year licensing agreement and and priority number. One for them is to help apple launch their iphone as fast as they can. So it's it's going to be interesting to see how this works Apple was already sort of in the process of finalising. Its five. She modems when the two companies settled the legal legal dispute that we talked about in the past and so it's not sure exactly what's going to happen is is apple going to use qualcomm Zara. Front end are are. They going to use qualcomm package of antennas. We don't know but but if if iphone one is going to be compatible with millimeter wave five G. then they're going to need us qualcomm so it's going to be interesting to be compatible with Because if they've already gone down the path and and have already dedicated all this engineering resource. Enter testing it now. Then then it you know potentially is a too late isn't a question Previous a NBC saying that qualcomm effectively hinted that From Apple Apple was bringing in a five G. R.. I found this year and we've had so many rumors were social events that I hadn't realized it hadn't actually been said. He said that it was hinted number. We've talked about what they said and I didn't actually phone but now you just coach them directly saying apple so this is actually the first official yes acids coming announcement coup. Yes okay. It's not saying that it's going to actually happen in twenty twenty. But that's the expected date sticker. Yeah you giving you take away so talking about people give and take away or rather take away and then give so BMW remember being. I've got four or five Outside the Hash right now yeah. It's days a week. Quick Sue a BMW formerly had been charging their customers their car owners a subscription to use apple carplay. If you wanted to have apple carplay you had the eighty bucks a year or two hundred and fifty bucks for a lifetime or something like that which is absurd they are the the only ones demanding a subscription fee for service that actually costs them. One time. Okay well you got to make money somewhere to survive live but yeah poor poor. BMW Not surviving so in an interesting turn of events. They've actually indicated a change in path for once indicated there's an old joke about BMW BMW drivers never using their turn it caters and so now that I've explained the joke. It's no longer funny. But they've the they've reversed put the brakes. They've they've really. They've parked their previous plans. Anyway they were jerks before I I am pulling no punches were ridiculous jerks charging for airport or carplay and now in the UK. They've gone ahead and say they're not gonNA do the subscription that That that previously brisk drivers would have received a year's free subscription and be prompted to pay eighty eighty five pounds or one hundred eleven dollars per year for earlier versions our earlier cars that run earlier versions of their their head units they had a lifetime subscription fee of two hundred under thirty five pounds to pay so so what's happened is customers have previously paid subscription for the model that are not subject to the annual fee. Will we'll be offered a free unlimited so if they may or may not receive a refund and and the subscription is ending for the UK We don't know if they're going to keep doing this. And other countries so BMW could continue to be Turks and your country carplay but at least in the UK. They're they're making a U-TURN you've run out of some now having it is nonetheless Nemo Nemo come assist the. I'm I can come up with some more but I won't rustic shift but okay. I your play USA. They've they've put it in gear and they're going down the right road now I can. I can do this. Just leave you to show US RESCUE IN A. Are you a regular car. Play user historically yes. Although for the past six months I have not been and that's due to the quirk of my vehicle being disabled while I toured apartment and my well I took the I took the rear axle off. I rebuilt the the the rear end. Control arms the differential driveshaft Put in fresh motor mounts. I took a whole front end apart and sign just taking too long. You got bored George. You decided to yeah basically basically not felt a little squirrelly. I called up the the dealer in a couple of shops and got quotes on all the costs and just just labor parts. It was basically the cost of a new car. But I like this car and so for a fraction of the cost have done but it just might me with the Christian was going to ask you sir. I know well my wife's car. My Wife's car had car play in it but that transmission died so I bought her a fresh car but I have not yet transferred. carplay overs the fresh car. So I've just been living without carplay. It can use barely. It's tough chromosome COUPLA CON. So we're not drive it. I'm an Iowa thirteen eighteen and she's still not so we see a significant difference depending on whose book that Ashley this or one element that I think is better on her older device and when he ain't turn by turn navigation I can't get it to be The map view to be as close as you would have on your iphone screen. It's still kind of semi pulled back overview a couple of times that's been really quite unclear Roundabouts and things like that so CRA strating. Then you can't help me and that three D. view there should be a top down view as well which might help you but you must be a tough time. Because I'm pretty sure that's what we are using I like the three birth. I don't fill about with much because usually I've thought about it when it gets into the car and we have to drive somewhere so hang on a minute. Mont do it when you're still parked but set the navigation allegation and CG from change things it's a busy lifestyle hit you know learning experience for all right speaking of learning experiences masterclass. Lets you learn from the very best with exclusive access to online classes taught by masters of their craft. You know you can. You can learn how to design games. You can learn how to to producer direct movies from Ron Howard. You could learn about photography from Oh my goodness Annie Liebowitz Serena Williams teaches tennis. There's there's tons of courses in pretty much any kind of subject you could think of Chris Hadfield Teaching Space Exploration Right. When are the chances that you're going to learn from an astronaut pretty slim? It's incredible as a resource goes. It really is so you know. I recently checked Out The game design class and and I loved it. I was such a sort. I haven't joined up yet but I saw a bit of Jodie foster took him at filmmaking and Jodi foster so what did you learn from Jodi Foster Iowa. I'm such a fan of her work. I think she is so interesting for it. Listened for hours and she was talking about in the bit. I saw Just practical stuff by the way in direct things but the it was just it makes you feel Macaire film and the scariness of it every time. That doesn't go away and it's just very simple. Very plain very honest really compelling but she just served as as longtime listeners of the show will. No I'm famously unfunny but I was I was watching Steve Martin on comedy and and those lessons and is this all coppens. Are you practicing. Okay no no. I'm really not. Don't don't take this as any indication. Asian what Steve Martin teaches. You know what what one of the reasons that I took away from. That was that Steve Martin's comedy is largely around around setting up and then breaking expectations. And it's that breaking expectation. Twist at the end. That makes it funny. And it's one of those things where I I must be the worst person for for this kind of thing that I love the the understanding of how that works and you can see it in other comedians. You can see it in other words Martin Short for example and Martin Martin shorter very similar. And so seeing that how that that kind of talk and how. That sort of comedy works is really intriguing now. I haven't obviously. I haven't set up and broken any expectations here. But it's it's As a writer I I've been fascinated me analysis of jokes and higher In apparently off the cuff thing It is not in the slightest off tough it is honed to the table. Rehearse the position of Comma in the joke makes it funny it or not and UH sleep fascinating so I'm really quick Keno Master plus a chair. I must dive into this. So with over sixty eighty five wide ranging class offerings. There's really something for everyone. It's an easy way to gift this personal in meaningful. Yeah so it's it's an easy way to give a gift that's personal and meaningful. If someone in your life likes barbecue. Aaron Franklin teaches. Oh Yeah I mean. There's really something for everyone in here. we'll write teaches game design and theory. And that's that's one of the courses I've taken that I thought was really cool because Games are are light comedy one of those things where it's really well figured out and yet people think I could just do that and don't right it's one of those things where there's a whole lot of theory behind these things that the art isn't that we don't see that right away yeah You know if if someone in your life likes photography let Annie Liebowitz photography course is huge of sober guy. Last wake Andy mentioned. His aunt is only Liebowitz. I asked him to shake my hand. Fair wow well done on very cool okay. So anyway masterclass doesn't necessarily have to be for yourself. You could give that as a gift for a limited time when you buy one annual masterclass all access pass for yourself. You'll get another one to give away for free go to masterclass dot com slash apple insider to get it started with this limited time offer by one all access pass and get one free to gift at masterclass dot com slash insider. That's that's crafts so generous. That's that's really is I think so. Now we've talked a lot about security and privacy and especially location data haven't we. It does come up up from time to time. Yes usually with facebook involved in the conversation. That does something else this time. not this time this time a this time. It's a company who has offices in Cupertino Try to narrow that. Darren uh what zip code formerly at one infinite loop not know anybody there there too so Brian Krebs. Brian Krebs is a security journalist and Brian Krebs figured out that the iphone eleven pro and and potentially other iphone eleven models periodically ping the GPS model module to gather location data even when users have turned offered disallowed location data for APPS. Krebs demonstrated the activity and video captured on an eleven pro running the latest thirteen point two point three zero s which showed that it continued to collect. GPS data for certain absence system services despite manual disablement of individual location services and iphone phone settings. So what's interesting here is that iphone eleven seeks. GPS data even when an application services switch is set to never request the information. Okay do we know if not higher than why is it so two things here right two things here. One of them is apple says in their privacy policy on location services that the handset will periodically send the Geo tag locations of nearby Wifi hotspots and cell towers in an anonymous encrypted formed apple to be used for augmenting this crowd source database of Wi high thoughts and cellphone towers the company. Benny says that. Location based system services can be disabled individually in settings but crabs found that iphone her. IRS makes exceptions for certain services So basically if you leave location services turned on but disable it for all of the APPS. IOS assistant will still phone home with GPS module Israel data if you disable location services entirely than it. It should disable all system services services as well but of course when you do that you break a lot of fun features yes. It's always a trade off but if you're walking into the Pentagon or something or HQ if you walk into the Pentagon or G H Q. Your phone gets left at the door. Doesn't it enough. I mean if you've ever been so these sorts of offices even if you're allowed to bring in a phone you tend not to be allowed to bring in a phone that has a camera and it used to be that there were services that would actually remove the camera from your phone said it was approved device for bringing into the kinds of places But policies have changed. Obviously as as phones have also become listening and recording devices. And things like that. So it's entirely possible that depending on which secure location when you're going to leave the door. I sometimes been asked did that. When I've worked in schools as visiting author some of them requested I in a prison for a few days doing some stuff and they did as well so it makes sense but a different remarkably hard? Keep reaching for my found in my pocket and it's the phantom vibration in your leg and you're like that's yeah and even if a river cool I would've taken it but I'm sure I'm sure would've got a supply chain report by the Economic Daily News that claims that apple and suppliers pliers G. I S. are having meetings about bringing back touch. Id Really I don't know what to think I was strengthened. What do you think is this well? So it's possible that they're talking about doing it as an end screen ultrasonic fingerprint reader so instead of actually having a circle home button touch not it's going to be underneath the screen okay. It doesn't Samsung discipline other or didn't they do as they were using. QUALCOMM technology failed So Msci quo is believes that this is going to happen. He's been predicting this. What do you think about that? I mean it's an interesting one for me because Apple's put out advertisements saying that face time time face. Id is much more secure than touch ID. And so it's a little silly to to say this thing is more secure. But we're bringing the old one back. But at the same time if it's affordable it's more affordable than the the touch the face. I D sensors then it makes sense to do because it allows you to bring a low cost device depart to market and people would like to have low-cost apple devices that makes sense which okay so. Is it possible that this be happening sometime. A for some other The IPHONE SE to launch. Ah possibly I mean you previously predicted this for twenty twenty one. So we'll see now this could be using welcomes ultrasonic technology I mean that's that's what he said at the time but there are others that adopted in the year sense so the technology might be the likely one now. Apple is being sued over the butterfly keyboard. This is unsurprising right now as you just seems I I actually. She told her keyboard when he said that about Face Audis Gracious. Let's go back to the rubbish from before there is an argument that with the cable is although they cleverly called ended a magic keyboard. Yeah and it's not rubbish. But the butterfly keyboard well there was a lawsuit and apple made a motion to dismiss this lawsuit. I think that worked apple. I'm guessing from your tone of voice that the judge should go on. You've been very very good will let you off at this time. Don't do it again. US District Judge. Edward Davila handed down an order in San Jose. California and saying apple failed to present convincing arguments amounts to toss the claims apple in their motions. Miss said that they presented owners with viable options. I remedy the problem including at home. Troubleshooting methods repair program and they extended the repair program to include two thousand eighteen macro-models. The program is an appropriate remedy because plaintiffs can have their keyboards fixed charge and or receive a refund for expenses if they paid to have their keyboards repaired plaintiffs however note the voluntary programs ineffective because exit failed to address the core issue further. Faulty keyboards are being replaced with parts that are identical leaving the door open for failure. That is good point. Yes and So plaintiffs are seeking damages legal fees and demanded that apple publicly disclosed. The keyboard designers flawed And they're asking apple to fix or replaced defective units with the latter demand covering reimbursement for the purchase replace laptops and Yeah took expensive up and the judge is letting it go forward. Do we know what will happen next when things are scheduled. No eventually do it always feels like especially on aren't they and then in. I took a clue eventually. Yeah the optimism there but for a settlement. You know what's interesting here is that there are two problems anecdotally. Which of course not evidence but it's it's evidence of a few things that I've heard I have heard that apple has a limit on how many times they'll replace the keyboard that people who've had it done three three times and go for a fourth or four times to go for a fifth get told no you have to live with your keyboard. That's not working but it's not working. I can show you. It's not that's fine live with you've taken advantage of the program too many times. That's similar toasty. Hard and easy to believe Burch. Okay I don't have but I have anecdotes from people have experienced that so it might be store related because I had a big from remember. What Chisma I one and my local store said yeah tough so found up multiples false British customer service for you? That was harsh but fair with the The thing that I kind of you know since apple redesigned the keyboard. I sort of wish that they'd designed a replacement module for these. That went back to Suzuki doesn't seem possible. Also though does it the first when they when they replaced the keyboard. They're replacing the whole top case when they manufacture these things the keyboard and the top case single angle unit and You know clearly they must be separable at some point in manufacturing but it's it's not designed as a serviceable part and doc thought. The metal was at this One single piece of aluminum. Yeah so cut so yeah. It is but it would have been smart. If they'd been able to replace it with the sister key module that would been admitting more of a problem to begin this lawsuit more teeth but it would also been good for service this yes I I. I do think that the cable stuff is overstated. They're they're it's. It's still a small com problem. Everyone I've used capable for keyboard has been find another. She liked that. But I have to say since sixteen came out I've abandoned the thought of buying a thirteen until he gets one of these cabinets and took the money for it. Frankly but I mean we're we're sort of this weird dual position where we know by the numbers that give in relationship to the number of units shipped. It's a small percentage that it actually have these problems but it's a very visible problem as if you're the one that it happens to it's a hundred percent failure rate for you. Yes yes and end apples acknowledging through the repair program. Certainly doesn't make you feel good about the product knowing that it's already subject to repair program. So it's it's very difficult position to be in. But you know what feels great right Chocolate St Keyboards Chocolates tea nice keyboards and paying off my interest credit cards getting a lower rate and saving money. I we agree to agree. We have a win refinance your credit card balances and save with credit card consolidation loan from light stream so you can get a rate as low as five point nine five percents. APR With Auto Pay which is much lower than average credit card rate interest rate of over twenty percents. Apr You can get a loan. I'm from fifty five thousand one hundred thousand with no fees no application fees no origination fees no transaction fees no prepayment penalties and the application process is all online so you can even do it right from your phone and get your money as soon as the day that you apply light stream believes that when you have good credit you deserve a low rate and great service. And that's what they deliver and just for my listeners. Apply now to get an additional interest rate discount. The only way to get this discount is to go to light stream dot com slash apple insider cider. That's livestream dot com slash apple insider fern additional discount L. I. G. H. T. S. T. R. E. A. M. dot com slash apple insider subject to credit approval rate includes point five percent two auto pay discount terms and conditions apply and officer subject to change without notice visit livestream extreme dot com slash apple insider for more information speaking payments stuff. You can now pay for London Underground rides with apple pigs press mode. Oh yes you can an embarrassed to say good it is how embarrassed. Are you not enough. That I'm GonNa shut up now clearly but enough offset on self conscious. The thing about it is previously. You would walk up to the ticket barrier tap the side button on your choice. Hold the phone of the phone other. Watch over the reader walked through London. Nuisance would occasionally we say seek assistance. You do it again. And he got through but now you just wave watch in the general direction of really. Don't press any buttons on its open structure there's no touch. Id Authentication Asian you. Just get to express walk through turtle time-saving under two seconds and yet I now. I've done it once an thirty nine months since this searched on and I I would struggle to go back to. The old way is not ridiculous so smooth running but particularly I was trying a lot of gear and equipment bags full and previously would have done this year Russia to stop new just thing so you can let your dog walkers on the button now assume that's kind of Shimmy me sideways Shimmy on the underground nothing wrong with that. Wow so this came as a part of Iowa's twelve point three and and you just as you say don't have to have face idea or touch. Id Authentication to wake the phone. You just wave it and it saves seconds which when you're trying to juggle all your stuff and get voyeur reader lined up and all that is is huge express modes works for up to five hours after the power reserve icon appears on the iphone. Ten are newer. So that's really useful. Now obviously reliant on this you may want to carry reserve battery just in case power serves gone. You got got no way in pro so actually I have no worries that the Dole. Yes this express. Transit thing has gone live live on of course transport for London Portland's try met and C Tran buses. Max Light Rail and the Portland Streetcar. As well as implementations in Japan and Beijing and Shanghai in China Newark's MTA is working on it for some lines. Starting in they started in June two thousand nineteen and they're planning to have wide accessibility by two thousand twenty neo. So funny one for someone like me because with New York It's a flat rate anywhere on on the ground on the cheap but go there and you just pay at the point of entry whereas hit you have to tappenden tap out because there are different tariffs and and things. Yeah so Wants New York has done a little bit. It's not like he can only travel between two stations. Is We get on the whole network and frontier and and I just love that. Yeah well New York's and artifact of its history right Newark wasn't one system always it used to be three separate separate companies managing it similar in London. It's it's it's a long history there and surely the Felicia mentioned this Have looked at the New York Times that amendment two even if subscription to map the history of the map gorgeous map. Think it's weird geographical map. And so you know as a UK a person. I don't know why Newton adopt the kind of Useful rather than geographic. Stop that for you because if you read the New York Times thing they tell you so originally they had a map that was non-geographical and it was disorienting and hard for people to use. Stop right there. That's a bit of understand because London used to have a geographical map and it was a mess on a serious hurry back invented this one and It's here's here's the problem. What is the point of the map? The point of the map serves two things. One seeing where you want to go. And how and where you're starting at but also needing to know where you are on the map when you're traveling and now I don't agree at all. I just need to know where to get off where to get on where to get off on mount mildly sadly curious of how many stops in between. I don't need to know that I'm under. You don't feel anxiety as you're approaching your stop needing to know that your two stops away or one. Stop Away so so that you know when to get off the very different from nine. I'm under fifty thousand eight. Let me let me explain needed to know that you're under fifth. Avenue was not the point the point of the geographical map and the way that it's drawn was explained in one of the first slides there where what the designer of the map initially did in nineteen seventy seven or seventy nine or something. Something like this. When they started this project was he wrote all of the lines with his eyes closed and sketched what he experienced Syrians when he went on a curve physically nice but but it actually works because you can see see and feel where you are and understand where you are in relation to the map? which is the whole point of a map to begin with? I have this funny failing that every single station you stop at has is the name of the station pretty clearly done so if I know my stop is the one after fifteenth then. I'm good I don't need to know exactly Kluwer or which curve stops this is the first one that's before the last I'm outta there. I'm not gonNA argue with you other than than to suggest that you should come to New York and ride it and see what you think. What many times? It's my favorite place in the world. If you want to defend that map you explain to me. What they're four buildings on it and three of the Marlins dollond something? The buildings are are for the most part related to transport one of them is the Museum of history of the transfer. MTA FOR NEW YORK. You got to know where you are in relation to that museum at full time point. I'm says yeah okay but one of the good things that they did and the reason why geography works for is that they They made central park about about the size and shape of central park and they made the the lakes and water bodies inside central park more or less accurate to what the shapes our previously they had not been. Because if you're trying find Orient Yourself on a in relation to where the subway is those things are helpful to do all right here without them. Well just because your superior doesn't mean the rest of us aren't we need help. We need the map K.. C. There you go learning all over risk how you don't need a special Ma'am you to better anyway. Well that's it. Bases in mind is a superior intellect Daego Star Trek were thrown in for you for free Google had a big change this week and I'll tell you about it in one moment I want to tell you about Mac update or Mac update or can automatically track the latest updates of all applications. Install on your MAC launch mack. Eight or to see at a glance which of your apps are out of date and with a simple people click. You can update any outdated APP. Don't waste anymore time manual searching for updates downloading installing and cleaning up. Let Mac take care of everything for you Mac update or can run silently in the background and check your apps updates every day and let you know with convenient notification wants a new update for any installed APP is available and it detects updates for over thirty five thousand different APPS and can automatically update more than five thousand popular APPS with one. Click after launching. That after you'll see a list of all your apps and their version information absolute available updates are listed in red apps. They're up to date are listed in green and there are filter. Option to display just outdated APPs or ignore APPs from being updated furthermore you can automatically backup apps before updating or make safety backups of downloaded updates. Mac Up later is permanently free for discovering updates for your APPs. Updating more than ten APPs using backup later requires a one time purchase no subscription scripture reason registrations needed and all apple insider readers and listeners. Get ten percent off by using the coupon code apple insider during purchase. So you can scan your apps. You can maintain the overview you can stay up to date and say secure and there's no registration needed so you have total privacy and there's just a one time I purchase with no subscriptions no distraction so update all your APPs with backup later. Get Ten percents off with the coupon code apple cider Google East stint around. Yeah I was asked me if you've heard of them basically. Yeah I actually I remember the day I I heard the name but BBC we see. Newsroom requires telling racing the sound silly but Google is really good yet. No I was I was in. Israel was asked if I'd heard of it. Yeah it was nineteen nineteen ninety-seven but yeah So Larry Page and Sergey Brin of course the founders and they used to do this thing where they would hold town hall meetings within Google and take questions from Google irs and and then this year they stopped showing up to the town hall meetings and on Tuesday they published a blog post where they are stepping down from their their roles as CEO of alphabet which is the parent company of Google. And and they said we've never been wants to hold onto management roles when we think there's a better way to run the company and alphabet and Google no longer need to CEO's into president. And so what they've done is they've put our Kyw in control of of alphabet as well he's CEO of alphabet now. Also which means he's in control of Google which means he's in control of startups like Waymo like the drone company wing like the life sciences research from fairly and and biotech company Calico uh-huh and also the investments of serious capital G. and Google ventures so page and brin going to be actively involved involved board members and of course they're going to retain a significant portion of company shares meaning. They have majority voting power but Man Soon Dr it and he started as a humble project manager like he was he was in charge of Google gears. Way Back when your crew for forgotten Google Guess yes okay. How does that work again? Well apparently very well for him. So that's good fantastically for him. So this is very cool Good job sooner Dr Great and and of course they're all sorts of things that we can criticize about Google Technology and of course android and things like this But I think it's really really really nice to see a humble product manager become. CEO and president. This is pretty awesome. Big Changes Okay definitely. So that's that's what I have for the show today. What are you got Just admiration and And I it's check only focus too terrible to go size. Didn't it at the end of it all right well. Thank you so much Wilbur for joining us for this week and of course if you're juggling your iphone trying to to waive your way through transport for London will hear all about it next time. Just we'll get paid more than I do. Yes okay where can people find you on the Internet. Walter Yeah exactly then. What about okay? You can email me at William Apple CIDER And Find Me at W. Gallagher on twitter and you can find William At v Mark on twitter and Victor at Apple Cider. Come speak to sort out. Please be careful how you do that. You did everything this week. Where somebody Amount the wrong person about something and it was how she was highly entertaining. Even you could have gone worse. I'm okay fine. I'm VIC APPLE CIDER. And that's William Apple insider DOT COM. And we've enjoyed Loyd this. I hope you have to and we'll be back next week. Please join us back next week. Please emails to tell us what you'd like to hear more about and we'll see you then.

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No More National Anthem in the NFL?

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Biz With Katie impose on the iheartradio APP, apple, podcasts or wherever you get your favorite shows. Thanks for listening to the odd couple podcasts be sure to catch. US, live every weekday from seven PM to ten PM. Eastern four to seven PM Pacific or Fox sports. Radio Find Your local station for the odd couple at Fox. Sports radio DOT COM or stream it live day on the iheartradio APP by searching. F S. Listening to Fox sports, radio. Yes. That's right. That's right. It is the couple I'm Chris. Broussard along side. My partner while Parker and we're coming to you live from the GEICO. Fox Sports Radio Studios Fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percents or more on your car insurance visit, GEICO DOT COM for a free rate quotes. Was Rob Parker. How are you brother I'm doing great. How are you Mr Chris Broussard? I am well man I am well. How was your weekend? Not Bad, not that did too many things, but got outside a little bit some fresh air, but nothing major feeling. Good things really feel like they're opening up out there. Yeah a little bit more stores are opening. I see some people I'm not ready to go into restaurants yet, but some people restaurants o'reilly I didn't know that Okay Yep and I think at the end this week Chris. The gyms and I did go get a haircut. The Barber shops are open so Gao thank God. Yes, thank you. Feel like a million bucks and. I think this week. That gym's open up again a think. Oh, year or or the Fifteenth Crystal! Either distended a week or the fifteenth. So that's when you'll get all your big muscles back I need old. I, do less not. We gotTA. Go close patches of yourself. Underwear I know he's got. A woman. was taking a picture of the hat on. Those skivvies might have the soccer. Move from that I'm going to move on from that. March this weekend route I saw the pictures. Family and I've March and. People out there. Yeah, a lot of out there. Chris, the pictures or tremendous all the pictures and videos that you posted on your social media, accounts and yeah I mean. What was the Bob like? It was. We're not I. Marched in Jersey, there were some pictures that you saw probably from a march in New York to. For the King Movement, but my Marching Jersey it was a nice. Obviously, it was very positive you had. It was mostly white Americans mostly. But there was plenty of people of Color Black Hispanic various races. There are people giving out water you know as you walk out of houses, tons of signs, not just among the marchers, but like people put banners on their bushes. Houses walking by one brother was playing fight to power by public enemy. His And so it was, it was good, and then they had you know they rally had a rally in and all that, so it was good man. It was good to be a part of and you know people are believing and hoping that this leads to real change, and we're obviously getting into some of this. Because some of these people hoping for this lot of them actually are professional athletes and we're GONNA. Get into that, but let me welcome in the. Crew, of course, we got DJ Alex Atari Shirt on the ones and the twos Aka Alex Vegan on a magic city. Monday we got Super Producer Rob g running thanks. Hey on the updates. It is my man part of the big three part of the Big Three Brian Finley. So you know it's a good day for updates all right rob. Let's get right into this thing. And we spoke Friday Friday was a big day big day for the NFL obviously several of their star players including. Patrick Mahomes saquon Barkley Odell. Beckham junior and many others Ezekiel Elliott. They put together a video. Demanding that the NFL I, E Commissioner Roger Goodell will make a statement. Supporting black lives matter. Saying they apologize for the going against squelching the peaceful protests of the players and saying that they condemn systemic racism racism systemic racism, so the League getting Roger, Goodell did it. and. Not Surprising, the you knew it was coming rob, he got the president's attention. And this is important because we know according to a deposition that the owners admittedly were intimidated by President Donald Trump when he turned it and change the narrative. And made it not about capper, nick, protesting injustice and protest the the killing of unarmed American citizens. Trump changed the whole narrative to it was about the flag. Football players were disrespecting the flag when. The reality is that. Don't let the facts. Get in the way right the reality is that capture. Nick went out of his way. To be respectful of the flag meddling with Nate Boyer, the army, Green Beret, who we toyoto right, and boy, suggested kneeling because nearly in America at least has never been viewed as anything disrespectful. You go to church you kneel down, you pray you kneel down. You know so. He said that would actually be a sign of art. Honoring the flag and the veterans. And so still getting your point across, so Cabernet did that and yet. President trump change the narrative and many fell for it. And now Donald Trump is continuing that and here's what He. Posted, on twitter rob just several hours ago around noon this morning. Could it be even remotely possible. This is direct quote from President Trump that in Roger Goodell's rather interesting statement of peace and reconciliation. He was intimating that it would now be okay for the players to kneel, or to not or not to stand for the national anthem, thereby disrespecting our country and our flag. Rob This is gonNA. Be Interesting to see how the NFL has this and you seem to have. I saw your column very column deadspin today. Is that your answer to it, but go go ahead and share. My answer. The headline on the column was NFL should drop national anthem. Embrace Change and Chris in that column. They ask Adrian Peterson who of course plays for Washington? If, he would be kneeling this season and he said without a doubt. I think it won't be the ideal or of WHO's not. whose whose kneeling Chris the Question Ob, who's not kneeling? Do you know what I mean as we go forward right close where we are and because of this movement. So my point was if the NFL one of the gray ladies in the country and I'm talking about. ICONIC BID. Right one of those institutions that go back a long way if they could. Make a change. It might lead others into. Understanding that yes Chris. the NFL can change the NFL's willing to make some concessions and change things, so my thing is, they should eliminate the national anthem. Nobody else. In the country. Has To do. The net has to stand up for the national anthem before they work. Nobody garbage men radio, talk show host. Bakers. Butchers anybody else. Everybody else gets up takes his. Say Bakers Butchers candlestick me. Close. But nobody nobody else does it. It doesn't make you less less important or less of a an American. Chris well, we go to the movie theater. Do you stand up for the national anthem before the movie or the the the event that you know? And Remember Chris when we were in school, and the pledge of allegiance us to stand up at your desk. Put your hand on your heart. You remember that yeah. Schools don't do that anymore, I'm not saying. But most don't. So. That's gone by the wayside. And if two things that could come out of this for the NFL A. You show that change can happen. And, that is not the end of the world by making a change and being you take the pressure off the players to allow them to be stay focused on the message and not have the pushback. To Push Back Chris from where we are and maybe some NFL fans and some people who who aren't down for the cause who still don't understand what's going on done like it and. We'll have a hard time seeing all these black players kneeling down come pro prior to football games, so just eliminate the whole thing and then Chris not forever. If there comes a time when we feel like this countries in the right direction, people feel together. There's some real unity this some fairness for everybody, not not not perfect, and everybody's going to be treated exactly the same. But improvement to where we feel good. We're not a divided country and you want to bring that back and all people feel cool about standing up and doing that, then you could. Always we introduce it. There's nothing wrong with it. Up until two thousand nine, NFL, players were not an ot required Chris to come out of the locker room for the national anthem. It was only after the NFL started collecting money and I'm talking about individual teams. Oz in two thousand fifteen. No, I mean after twenty, two, thousand nine. They started getting teams got like six point nine million dollars from the US Defense Department, and also from the National Guard then the flags came out. Then all the players have to be standing out. Then all the displays 'cause. It was used as a recruiting tool. For young guys to look at it and say man. That's why that's awesome. Look at the display and all that to try to get young people to be interested in the armed services, so my point is just this. We, don't need all that. The NFL could do a lot of things if they just decide to step aside from the national anthem. I hear what you're. Your intention is and I think. What you're saying is, you would save players the decision. Of whether or not to nealer or stand for the national anthem. and. Let's face it most of US black white. Whatever our race or ethnicity may be. You know we're not. You think a lot about the national anthem. When you had a game, you know like you. You stand out of respect generally, but if they if I went to a game and there was no national anthem. I wouldn't really think twice. You know we ended. Marriages, I don't you know you wouldn't think really think about it? Here's the problem that I see. Two of them. In doing what in your view would be actually an act of trying to keep the peace? On, the one hand you would take away. The players vehicle for protest. Even though it's not about the flag or the anthem. It is the best opportunity they have to protest that bring A. Decision that's fine, but it's still part of and we're GONNA. Get to this later. But Snoop Dogg came out well Matt Barnes said he talked to Snoop Dogg and they both have her from players NBA players who are and I talked to some people today and heard the same thing some NBA players they wanna play. Many of them WANNA play. July thirty first in. But they are concerned that if they come back in play, they will take away from all the attention that is focused on the racial situation in this country, and they'll be there by saying. We need a distraction. They don't want to just be a distraction black. Americans are looking at this as a potential sea change in America including the great athletes. And so that the attention we you don't want me to Wayne. You don't want it to go away. And so you take away that opportunity yet. They could wear a black band on their arm or you know. Black. La, but that that you know is not gonna be as strong in my view as if they kneel during the anthem. See I think I think that's one thing and I think the second problem. Is that you will upset. A lot of fans who like we said they had this moment in time. They're somewhat indifferent to the anthem, but they are. They view themselves as American patriots, some of them even black like that, but mostly white. Who if you take away the national anthem. They are going to be upset. Donald Trump will play it. A, he'll say. The NFL is sold out America. The NFL has taken away the national anthem. They are unpatriotic and those fans who will go watch these players play. Even, as mad and upset as they will be that they are kneeling for the anthem. They'll still go watch them play. They'll still bet money on them and all that. But they will be highly upset I believe if you take away, they'll get used to the dudes kneeling. But if you take it away all together, I think you could end up setting both sides now. Black people might be like Oh. That's how you do it so now you take it away. 'cause we were GONNA protest now take it away and whites on the other side. Who On the other side will be like? Oh. So now you're not patriotic NFL now. You don't care about the ATHOL. And so I think you could upset both sides. Yeah I disagree totally I. Just I think that. If you want to have a a talk, this country and a change of things, this is as symbolic as it can be that they're willing to change. You have to make something big. It's not taking away anybody's right if they want to kneel before, but we're near. Win New whenever whenever they want to before the game starts. Saturday I want to get into. Yes and the big circle and kneel down before the game starts and have a prayer. They could do the whole contest the same Chris. That that would be your tension. We're in unity if all the players before the game, kneel down in circle, and in the middle of that NFL shield the same exact thing, my point is changes coming, and you could upset. The apple cart of the people go to the stadiums, but look at the masters in the streets who want change in this country. That's what I'm talking about a Lotta here when they see a lot of. People Neil into. Like. They believe they wanna see people kneeling. At the game nine. You're right I'll give. You are right. That players could easily gathered in the middle of the field and pray. Ally strong. Has Green, it would be great, so that's a good point, but let's see what the listeners eight seven seven, ninety nine on Fox, eight, seven, seven, nine, nine, six, sixty, three, sixty, nine, should the NFL consider getting rid of the national anthem all together. We'll continue the conversation with you. NEX Is Chris arrived the. Fox Sports Radio. Be Sure to catch live editions of the odd couple with Chris Broussard Rob Parker Weekdays at seven. PM Eastern Four. PM, Pacific. On Fox, sports, radio and the iheartradio APP. A career and application development at ddat means owning the opportunity to impact the preparation of our nation for the future join DDAT for challenging work that advances your career apply now. NJIT DOT com slash cars. GD Is an equal opportunity employer disability veteran. Tuned into the couple with Chris and rob. We're coming to you. Live from the Geiko Fox Sports Radio Studios. Easy to save fifteen percent or more on your car insurance with Geico go to. GEICO DOT COM or call eight, hundred, nine, four, seven eight. The only hard part is figuring out which way is easier, i. Let's get to these calls. Eight, seven, seven, ninety, nine on Fox. What eight think about the NFL getting rid of the national anthem? Let's dog was Willie in Detroit. You're on the odd couple of Fox sports radio. WHAT'S UP Willie? The NFL should consider taking Because the NFL owners have always been about pay to play patriotism were they take money from the Department of Defense to honor people that should be on for free so I really believe they should take it out. There shouldn't be collecting a check to say that. We should. Respect, our military and you know what willy probably most shameful thing. The NFL has ever done teams taking money, and then they parade these veterans out to get the big ovation, but it's it's paid patriotism. There's nothing worse than that and I wonder if if fans knew of you at the stadium and you knew that that the Defense Department had to spend money for that guy to come out of you would react the same way. Right Right Chris. I mean that's one of the just low. Really Right? Right can't believe it. Monte and Georgia you're on the odd couple of Fox sports radio what's up Monte. Carlo Man. Up Brother man long time, listener, first-time caller man waiting. So long. I I'd be working a lot so I'm really much. Get a chance to to really let you guys, but listen and see what what what you're. What you're reading is what you're thinking about what I'm thinking about. See if they match. ROB I like you, and then sometimes I don't like you. I'll just be a book. Write this if we take away the protests. Then we violence the movement right like if if they not able to see what's really happening I, we. There's no protests own on display. Then you. Wait hold on, hold on. Humane! You mean like the pictures from Europe. And all the people across world not hold on. I'm about what what we've seen so far. You're telling me that. If all the players go to the center of the field before the game and cover up the NFL logo and lock arms together on their knees that that's not gonNA be powerful. You don't need the anthem. You don't need it, but what your? Rob Rob Rob Rob. What I'm saying is if we're going to. We don't need reformation in my opinion, my opinion and this is my humble opinion. We don't eat reformation. We need transformation reformation changing the ground things in a room. Transformation is changing the heart. I think we need to transform the heart and the only way that we transfer. Transform the heart of America is if they see the pain that we go through I. Don't WanNa be. Opposite of my wife and brother, nor do I want to be opposite of my black brother? I I'm I'm absolutely true with my black brothers and that just things. We have to clip up amongst ourselves. I appreciate the call. We could agree to disagree I'm glad that you called in how jt in Texas you're on the couple Fox sports radio what's up J. T.. How's it? Going Really also man, thank you, brother, thank. You I think I think we might be missing the mark maybe on on both sides because one of the things That! I think that we need to do is more inclusion than exigent and if you. If you get rid of the answer, right, you end up well. Let me let me start a little bit. Let me let me backtrack a little bit for real change like in the sixties and seventies right you. Had you had to have a lot of different groups? Come together. Right and you had obviously the black. Right and then you have liberal. And then you have moderate wise even had like the clergy yet religious all these people have come together to force. Change right and are we in a? Kind of similar moment right now. Right and I think if you get rid of the anthem, I feel like you might end up losing some of the moderate whites out there. I disagree I think that there are a lot of people out there who are looking for change you seeing. They're pulling down statues of questionable bad people all over the place to go to be all kinds of stuff. We got a story coming up in a little bit with. Kevin Youkilis who used to play Major League Baseball and the petition Chris I would I would never see where they want to take the name off of the Universe's Cincinnati's baseball stadium more shot. Who is the racist owner of the reds around this is this is going around. This is not just stopping people looking back in history to say well. What are you doing that for? She's dead. You know what I mean. She gave two million dollars to the school. Or whatever this? This is a movement I. think that's bigger than normal. Are I. WOULD NFL players Beyond Board with the League getting rid of the anthem Super Bowl champion Chris, canty has the answer next, but First Fox sports radio has the best sports talk lineup in the nation and catch all of our shows at Fox, sports, radio, DOT COM and within the iheartradio. APP Search F. S. are to listen live. We've got super bowl. Champion and F S ONE NFL analyst. Chris canty coming up right now on the discover card celebrity hotline. Get Your Free Credit Score Card today. Even if you're not a discovers customer, it includes your Fico Credit score and checking your scorecard will not hurt your credit. Learn more discover dot com slash credit scorecard limitations. Do apply, Chris. Cabrera. You Guys Happen Yada Hope. Your families are going well instead. Say Thank you, man, we are, and we hope the same for you, and it's been a while since we've seen you, so it's definitely good to good to wrap with you less. Obviously there's so much going on I. Know Rob Going to have a question about this right in the moment, but I want to ask you. Do you think that right at this moment? Most or maybe all players in the NFL are going to kneel. For the national anthem if it'd be if when the season resumes or when they started a lot of. Players are going to have some form of protest during the National Anthem I know Adrian Peterson went on to record this weekend and said he thinks a lot of guys around the NFL will protest and take a knee, not just the black players, but all the players, and so I think you'll see solidarity on that Front Kingsbury came out this afternoon and said that he would support his players out in Arizona protesting during the national anthem, including taking any, so I think there's a dramatic shift in the minds of. The people that are running the League office, but the people at the club level in the NFL when the big well family has shown the way that they have shown that they want to support their players and being able to process everything that's happened over the last couple of weeks in the fight for racial inequality. I think that's that's that's sort of a barometer in terms of where I think a lot of NFL teams will end up moving toward ultimately trying to empower their players and amplify the message that tried to silence for years ago with college after. My today. I vote a column for Deadspin. Dot. com basically saying that the NFL should just remove the national anthem altogether that nobody else has to. stand up. During the national anthem before they go to work other than players and sports writers. And fans who you know as far as the. For their job. What do you think about that where you just take it out of the mix to focus days on what it is that we're talking about? It's not about the flag, and then if people wanna just kneel together in a circle as a show of solidarity on the situation, but you remove the flag totally from the conversation where you on that. Well I don't think it's necessary. I think we're in a in a different place than we wear for you to go as a country. You're not think that you have overwhelming support for people that from people that would. That would believe in the players. Demonstrating in that fashion during the national anthem I. Don't think that we we have to remove the national anthem from sporting events in order to keep from being a national controversy I just don't think we're there. I think the needle is moved in terms of you know how people view this particular issue just because they recognize the urgency that we need to have. have in fixing racism in this country I. think that we saw the video of Derek. Shaaban kneeling on George. Floyd's neck for over eight minutes that was enough for America to look itself in the mirror and say you know what we've gotta do something to fix this because this isn't right and the reason why George Florida's dead in port it because he's black. And that has to change, and that's what the players we're talking about in two thousand sixteen, and so to try to. Manipulate the Messi, manipulate the message or misrepresent what the protests was actually about. People have moved beyond that now with everything that we've been faced with the last two or three months with the pandemic, and now I think folks recognize that what we were talking about back in twenty sixteen with never about disrespecting the men and women of the on forces, and it was never about disrespecting the flag, but it had everything to do with forcing America to live up to the ideals that the flag symbolize. Super Bowl champion. F S ONE NFL analyst Chris Canty, joining the couple of Chris. You saw the players video that they made demanding. A statement from the NFL Roger. Goodell basically said exactly what they asked him to say on his video. I feel like to make if you apologize for squelching the protests, which that's what Goodell did he apologized? I feel like you have to at least I. Don't know where Capper Knicks, head is at right now would even WanNa play in the league. Would he think it was just a PR stunting rejected or what? But I think he should be offered a job in the NFL, and do you feel that way, and do you think players may be should push for that? There were toward the the rest of the players in the national. Football League had to make it twenty sixteen. Because you guys were concerned about their career mortality if they decided to support Colin Kaepernick's in protests alongside them. I think their concerns were justified. Because we've seen what happened to Catholic, he's been out of football for the past. They can't get rid of the Holy Chris. Is Unity. They cannot get rid of the whole league. The players Union this week. They allow the end up. Over and over Rob Rob lifted I'm not gonNA. Argue any of the points that you're making because listen if we did have solidarity to that degree in the players, union we win every single collective bargaining agreement negotiation. But you know that that that's not what happened, so the reality is. The NFL players and the Union are our faith with pretty tough constraints because of the nature of the sport and and the duration of the career span. You're talking about a little over four years. Players aren't willing to sacrifice any of those those potential earning years. For the greater good, and that's what you would be asking them to do so I just think that's a tough. That's a tough position to put players in. You know they've they've worked their entire lives to get to this point and to have their dream taken away from them for a political well, not even which should be a political staff, but just a human rights stance. It just seems like it's unfair, but now that Roger Goodell. has this submission that the NFL was wrong? I think that sets the tone in that changes the dynamic in terms of. Opening the door for players to protest in that fashion in twenty twenty. CAPPER NICK is back gets offered a job, or do you think the NFL should or will do that well? It's tough to say and I know that sounds like a cop out I. Don't know that there's anything that Roger Goodell can do. He can ask that. Hold guys remember. Him. No, no listen. I don't think that there's anything that Roger Goodell can do to mandate. That A-team Higher Colin Cabernet, because then you start getting into the weeds with collusion and things of that nature, but. If. The NFL is serious about it. Inspire change so so the initiative and the programs in the funds that they raised. Four four changing. You know what what's going on with social injustice and racial inequality. Then why not offer Colin Capri Colin Kaepernick position within the League office in order to help facilitate that we know the work that Colin Kaepernick has done. This guy is literally put his money where his mouth is with the know your rights camps, and all the other work that he's done with grassroots organizations in communities to fight against racial inequality and systemic oppression. So I think that that would be a tremendous sign that the NFL wants to be at the forefront up his fight against racism in this country. If you were to try to involve Colin Kaepernick. Official capacity we saw the partnership. Roger Goodell rolled out with Jay Z. last fall, and they were talking about trying to to tackle the issues. You Know Everybody knows what Colin Kaepernick was kneeling for. Jay said we all know. I was kneeling, but but I haven't really heard a lot about the inroads that the NFL is made with the programs that they were talking about starting I haven't. Haven't heard a lot about the work. Being done those initiatives so I think now would be would be an opportunity for the NFL. If they're truly about change and they want to try to right this wrong with Colin capital to some degree, they need to try to involve him in an official class. I don't know if that leads to him. Play football on the field this fall. I'm not I. I think the NFL needs to revisit that chapter with Colin Kaepernick in order to try to figure out a way forward. I that's our man Chris canty. Chris Thank you man. We appreciate the knowledge and we'll get you back on again soon. Stay stay for your family. All right good guys I brother. The hottest game in radio is coming up. Next sources say the couple. Kristen Rob Box sports radio. So be sure to catch live editions of the odd couple with Chris Broussard and Rob Parker Weekdays at seven PM, Eastern, four PM Pacific on Fox, sports, radio and the iheartradio APP. Hey, guys. It's bobby bones host the bobby bones show and I'm pretty much always sleepy because I wake up at three o'clock in the morning. A couple hours later I get all my friends together. We get into a room and we do a radio show. Share allies. We tell our stories. We try to find as much good in the world if he possibly can, and we look through the news of the day that you'll care about also your favorite country artists are always stopping by hang out and share their lives and music to. Wake up with a bunch of my friends. I ninety eight point seven W M Z Q in Washington DC, or wherever the rotates you on the iheartradio. APP All right. It's the art couple Chris Rob, and it is time for your favorite segment. Sources say. Everybody my sources say these two been covering sports for nearly three decades of peace. I will say this. Let's put the big J. journalists to test its sources say that's right. Is sources say the Fox sports radio's every single Monday eight forty five PM. Eastern where we? Challenge Chris Rob put their one hundred and eighty seven combined years of journalism experience to the tests fellowship between a good source and a bad source, so let's start guys story number one. My sources say that the Baltimore Sun published an Article With quotes from Patriots owner Robert Kraft about the return of the NFL with a headline that read quote. Robert Kraft sees a happy ending for the NFL. Chris! Is Good. I'm GONNA say that that is false? I. Think that's true. I think they tried to work it in. Horses come on. Man. That's a New York headline. Yes. The Baltimore Sun. Why normally on the front page of The New York Post? Roy Rogers had some beautiful balls. While keeping that in mind story number to my sources say that adult entertainment website strict chat has been fifteen million dollars for the naming rights for the New Orleans superdome. Rob Parker services good. What's it called? Strict Strip chat outstrip Chatham. Sorry Strip chat I'll say yes, because the other one was trying to get. The stadium in. A porn site or whatever so I'm GONNA. Say Yes, that is true. Yeah I. think that is true as well pro. The strip chat superdome sounds good to me. Try whatever over. Story Number Three Rob Parker up to two one over Chris Restart. My sources say that Pro Gambler Vegas Dave sold a Mike Trout, rookie baseball card at an auction a few weeks ago, and it fetched the Wapping Nine, hundred and twenty two thousand dollars Rob Parker sources good. I'm I'M GONNA say no, that's not true. I think he got that amount of money, but it was somebody else, not him. Yeah, I think is false. Wow really for how car one of one he said he paid one hundred and eighty grand for a two years ago, and he got, he got nine, nine, twenty, two, thousand. That's unbelievable. It would be somebody else. You know how I know baseball cards still of all the trading cards up there. Yes, sir, they're the biggest right. Yes! I thought about Jordan car going. Going for like sixty five grand or something right like is not even close. That's chump. Change all right here. We Go Story Number Four Rob Parker still up to my sources say that former rams running back Trung candidate was pulled over for Dui Arizona over the weekend, and at one point, try to get out of it by screaming quote. I know Kurt, Warner? Chris Art on my sources good. I'M GONNA. Say That that is true. I know Kurt. Warner. I'll God all right. I'll say true. You sit on a throne of. Wow all right here. We go story number five. My sources say that Dana White. says. He's willing to give two hundred and fifty grand a charity of ESPN radio host Dan Lebatardshow Greece to fight him in the Octagon Gosh. Rob Parker my sources good. How much did you say two hundred two fifty? Yeah I'M GONNA say that's true. I'M GONNA. Say Fox. It was more. My goodness on magic city Monday. Give me some dog bills. Rub My back. Call me big, Daddy! Yes big. Daddy, Oh, yes. Look keep keeping the. Hopi hear moaning and groaning a little voice right now. Fox Sports radio has the best sports talk lineup in the nation catch all of our shows at Fox sports radio DOT COM and with the iheartradio APP search F. S. are to listen live. That's right. It is the I I am Chris here's rob we are coming to you. Live from the Geico Fox Sports Radio Studios, fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on your car. Insurance Visit GEICO DOT COM for a free rate quote. You can also follow rob and me on social media I am at Chris. Underscore Bruce hard on twitter. Chris Broussard Sixty eight or Instagram Rob Rob. Parker F s one or both twitter and the Graham. We'll be joined by Kevin Youkilis. The two time world series champion. Only with us in about twenty nine minutes at the bottom of the hour. That should be a lot of fun I'm looking forward to that definitely. Yes, yes, you know him personally. No I don't. I'm cold, right? You know who? Is. Yup. Just raves about you and says he's a great guy. I don't know him personally I've been around quitting. You know scrums interviewing. Personally, okay all right well. Let's get right to it rob. You probably like this misleading article that was in your journalists. Misleading misleading, would you stop and lead people to eroneous conclusions? Doesn't fit your our. Do you just richer narrative now? Chris got his pennies in a bunch of. It says Air Rogers has the highest playoff war wins above replacement since two thousand and six. To the Patriots have two of the two top players who are non quarterbacks. That's Julian Eshelman and safety Devin mccourty. Rested atop fi or fours Ed re, top, five Ed Reed and Richard Sherman so. I you you up for air rogers. And, I imagine you think this is some type of indication for why he is only appeared in one super bowl. During his fifteen year career Chris Fair. No, that's the weakest thing to just put all on. Can you know that's so? That's so weak as if it was his fault that the tight end misty onside, kick, and Seattle or is his fault that the defense gave up forty or more points in five playoff games. They're looking at taking him what he was able to. Are you trying to say all the other stuff? Let me cut to the chase. No, I'm just trying to tell you that. He layoffs then Tom Brady. Yes, he has been their. Chess. That's all I'm trying to tell you when I'm done, which you? Know each offices go ahead, go ahead. Make your little weak argument day week is because. He's he's. Already Riyadh's. He's got undefeated undefeated. Tom Brady's lost so while really to rather be six and three in the super bowl or one in. Oh, I don't know ASS Lebron. Would you rather be? Lebron just. Six. I'd rather be portrait you know. Let's. Pick or one in. Oh, I'm perfect one thousand. You can't get any better than that. He got one. By Mission Rob Parker, he is not qualified for the conversation 'cause he's only been that. Yes, but that doesn't mean that he hasn't been better since two thousand six. When you when you take, Walk Consideration Conversation. Because when you talk about other stuff, it is about multiple when you're going to add if you because because of Joe Montana's four, no three eleven touchdowns, no picks three MVP's. Jerry Rice, my one without right under selling you, Rogers numbers wise dodgers. had. been a better quarterback and we know this Tom. Brady has been very lucky. That's why. People have adopted people. No, no. No other people have today one because Rob Rob. What. Alex. The load my right. Those guys and they're around and. They do not what? Not to be trusted on any brady conversations, whatnot. Let me just give you the impartial stats. Brick desk. No No. Radically No. The node voltage these stats. How beat the bowl? The you're doing? Just let me. Play. The numbers and you tell me. I don't. Alex hit. Call me when Lebron has six championships. The film arguments I need, Sean. Up Jeez. Super. Yet but when we talk about Steph Curry. Same exact thing just hits air can. Get there rob G. can you please give me those all I'm GonNa? Give you is the number since two thousand six in the playoffs now. Kristie, I think you'd want to hear this. Because some of it would make better all right Tom. Brady, twenty and ten sixty three percent completion percentage, two hundred ninety seven yards per game, which is about Oh. What is that forty more than Aaron Rodgers averages fifty eight touchdowns, thirty picks qb rating of about ninety, which is very good. Aaron Rodgers ten innate, so he's not winning as much sixty four percent. What? What is your favorite saying Rob Parker? We hear rob. Them. Ahead Rob. And losses leave four percent completion so about the same. It's rainy. Wow, as you sixty five again. I never get to the Super Bowl, except wants to sixty five yards per game, so a lot less than Brady, but forty touchdown twelve picks qb rating of one hundred wash. Clothes. CLO-, that's even closely-knit. Club a win. He don't form away Chris Stopping numbers in your. Way. Too Serious you watch delight. Once, every three possession it Chris Louis other thing. Chris doesn't want to own up to it. He knows that Brady's been very lucky. Tom Brady could easily have one super bowl win if it wasn't for three teams melting down and make him bad plays. Tom Brady is overrated when it comes to the big game, he just is. He's been afforded the luxury of having things. Boo handed to him including an interception Seattle and an. An Alabama's kick against Carolina I could go on and on. Atlanta blowing a twenty eight to three lead in the second half. If you really honest with yourself, he hasn't been that guy and all those early super bowls. Will all about an invitation? He hasn't been dominant. As as as a quarterback are you done? This is sad. Michael Lanes the lanes I wait a minute wait. Wait one lesson unless you go one last thing. Okay, here's Tom. Brady's highland worse throw at ten years. Tom Brady all right there we go. Rob Burger. You down your own words. Number One rob Parker's favorite saying no way. No, HOW SWORD! When it comes to wins. Me Mu, get, Dr Right. It's a short menu and here's what the menu says. Brady six Rogers. One Brady nine Rogers won the second most favorite saying from Rob Parker. Anybody can win. That doesn't separate. Anybody can look up in win. If I rogers is so great why the only got one? Because anybody can win why? Tom. Brady gets it done in. How dare you call him lucky way? He has more than twice as many. More than twice as many. Game winning drives in the playoffs as any other player in history. He's got thirteen game winning drives in the playoff second John elway with six thirty lie manning with five year boy. Aaron Rodgers as to Rob Parker to cause. He's usually ahead. He doesn't fall behind like tall. Really had so my. Rights. and He needs a breeze. And is Jimmy Garoppolo. Break in order for him. The complete to deal somebody s to choke in order for Tom Brady to have that chance. Why is he got thirteen game winning drives? Of in the Super Bowl Oh, and you know what whom he's actually one six super bowls so every single super bowl. He's worn. He has led the game winning dry. Out of Them, if Bella checks, defense would have held me okay here, here's the other. Talking about. is in the. Bath there were eighteen. And Tom, Brady somehow chuckled at the notion. It was scoring thirty five points a game that was supposed to be the greatest team ever assembled in NFL. History and Tom Brady was held to fourteen points that is exhibited a or how when it matters most Tom Brady doesn't show up for the big games. Really, that was a big randy, Moss. Yes is stopped. They were supposed. Giant just. Nine seven. What happened there Chris? Any points in that game, no baiting Lord. He's got three super bowls. In the first three Super Bowls Adam Viteri. Go winning draws who put video? Stope within the position to kick the field goals. Why can't Rogers do that? He got a field goal kicker. Why can't he do that? Didn't rob. I like Aaron Rogers. He is a great quarterback and all time great quarterback. But. He is not Tom Brady. He's a better physical specimen Tom Brady, but he doesn't have the intangibles I. Keep trying to teach you. About something. That's what you would still go ahead unique shirts. That's why Doctor Koch intangibles are important to quarterback play. If it was just about the physical tools, Montana wouldn't be in the goal conversation. It's about the intangibles and Aaron doesn't have nearly as much as Brady. Since the simple as braise proven it. Then you want to give all the credit sabella check. Where was Bella check before drew, bledsoe got hurt. Boo drew, Bledsoe who's a very good quarterback in his own right. But with Bella check is cokie where five and thirteen. Brady steps in and Saves Bella check. And the rest is history. Yeah Bella. Check won two super bowls a defensive coordinator with the giants nothing all of the other Super Bowl does Chris Lucas stop? All, you want! They play the game. The last super bowl against the rams they they warned mess so tina three. Tom Brady who. Are Goatee three. We gotta give him credit so Tina three. Show with a high flying Tom Brady. Three. Dollars a score. The wide receivers coach. You wanting you to talk about this heartbreaking credit thirteen to three. Tom Brady to pick. He didn't even though it touchdown and Super Bowl. But you want to say that it's all about Tom Brady. What is the total Joe's favorites beat? Say Luis. Wanted Seventeen, this? They don't even score a lot of points. When they lost in a giant seventeen, fourteen again Tom Brady when they lost to the giants, the second time twenty, one seventeen Tom Brady those big scores. They're always squeaking out whenever they do win. 'cause Tom Brady, has performed that will in the Super Bowl, okay hold on Tom Brady at least wins his numbers in the Super, bowl no matter how his worst numbers in the Super Bowl aren't like this area Rogers. Four NFC championship Games here's his numbers rob. He's thrown for. One thousand thirty five yards about two hundred and fifty yards, a game, six touchdowns, and the the guy who's magic in the regular season, and never throws picks in the NFC title game for some reason. That's all out the window. 'cause he's got seven interceptions six touchdowns, seven picks in four NFC championship games. If he were better in those games, maybe half wore rings or at least more Super Bowl appearances. SNOUT if you want to check the scores of their defense giving up Amerada. It would. Have? Your. or He's forty. Points Tom. Brady has happened one time and it's entire career. It's happening Aaron Rodgers four times. Air Rogers has not delivered in the big and the war corvair while the war all you. Hit It Alex. Alice, please don't. Please don't pass. Me when the broadcast six championships? Arguments. I need Sean. That's right. It's the only argument I need rob who. Really do. Bed Awfully. Did you tell Chris so corny at? Park. At six in the morning, right, it's forty. You got nerve talking about hornbill who's been a better playoff quarterbacks playoff quarterback since two thousand six. This should be an easy when Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers, we will continue the conversation with you next. Chris Rob the couple. Sports radio. Call me when the broadcast six championships on the film. The arguments I need Sean be sure to catch live editions of the odd couple with Chris Broussard then Rob Parker Weekdays at seven PM Eastern four PM. Pacific, on Fox, sports, radio and the iheartradio APP. Aride is Robin Chris on a magic city Monday asks right and. We brought to you by GEICO. Because although we're apart these days, we're sharing more than GEICO share more with the guy. Go give back as a fifteen percent credit on car and motorcycle policies for both current and new customers that lasts our full policy visit. GEICO, dot com slash giveback for INFO eligibility. All let's get to the calls. Robin who's been a better playoff. quarterback says two thousand and six Tom Brady or Air Rogers Sam. New Jersey on the odd couple of Fox sports radio WHAT'S UP SAM. Hey Hey Chris I'm actually a packers fan, but I'M GONNA have to agree with Chris. I mean Tom has six and Arrow only has one not. He's. Hurt. Was Determined as what young. Enough, but you. Sixty six man you're like we say what you weren't six out of six. Child now I know or not counting the rings Mo.. Off We are we talking about who's been better? But we're not. We're talking about winning wise Indian ago. In since two thousand, six's create been logged in net. Robbery Georgia you're in the couple of Fox sports radio. Hey! What's going on man? Look I. I'm out of saying either one on them, but I have taken on, I would take. Air Rodgers. Listen to me about Tom Brady Tom Brady. I know lucky your quarterback in the NFL history. Tell them he played in the weakest envision. So he gets to the playoffs, he gets home field starting. Let me ask you this. Hold on, hold on, ask you. This is thirteen game winning drives twice as much as anyone else in the history of the NFL luck. Luck. He's been. Stop if that's not stopping Chris can. You. Don't want to listen to what we got you got. You. Just shut down your entire argument. Talk. Go ahead. We why he got a lot of opportunities. As man! You gotTa make good. Was Talk. About the defense. Stop It. His arguments is bad as yours rob. No it's it's called sense and you don't have any pastor John Our guy since plaster Jonah Florida. You're on the odd couple Fox sports how you doing. I'm blessed to gentlemen. You doing great. Yes good to have you. Back to say I got a bone to pick with the young brothers quick and few months ago. I'm a pastor, so I don't get to get on the radio too much guys. But if you months ago, you ask for our black coaches to get an opportunity coach, but the game at least a decent quarterback are running. We don't want any of that. We want an opportunity to coach. There's been so many white coaches that has had nothing to coach with and have failed. Just Jefferson, Opportunity. We're asking for an opportunity. The. Man! You? Know that's that's all we're asking for one chance why chance right and the key and I keep watching them go back to the wheel so many times our coaches they have fail repeatedly repeatedly with other teams in his still gamble and they failed to if they have a record failing. May Come on. Get somebody that may fail. He may surprise you and give you more than what you're saying and I got news for you. If we have a black brother, head coach I believe the players are GonNa play a lot harder. They won't Hammer Sixteen as much as he wants them. So, what's your bone with us? What's your bone to pick with us? Because we didn't disagree, haven't disagreed with anything you said. No Yup my bone. Love is months ago you after we get an opportunity and lawn of you said I'm not gonNA say which one because I don't remember. But we said at least there was a team with a decent quarterback are running back or some kind of defense. was wanted to remarks you made, and I said to myself out loud. Just give us a team. We, just want a chance. Because that's one in the lead they have spent millions on have turned out to be flopped. Are That's pastor John. Very Nice Chris and he said you know what off the air. He said you're. Argument for Tom Brady was blasphemous, would always. Keep, that out of your stand-up to speaking of which. STAND UP! We need we're in a pandemic where we on the stand up. We all segment on it. WHAT'S WE'LL DO? We'll do a what you call. We're ready I'm going to give you what's today? What today's date? The seventh June seventh. Is, the June eighth today. I want to do it before after fourth of July. Man Just do it is been a liar and a half. Go pick a date one month July eighth. What Day is that rob? Is that a good day? To Light. The Wednesday. High a worship, is they. Can we do it on a worst Wednesday you're gonNA. Keep it g I. She radio I'm trying to hold on my little GIG I. Know this will do this. We're GONNA MAKE YOU WANNA. Give it as true to Rob Parker. As possible, we will record it when we do the inside the Parker podcast so I can edit throws beeps in there for all the foul language that roused inevitably going to be good, and they will running back like that. All Right? That's not fair for is not a worship why? Do you on. beeping on and worship win. Okay, we'll do it on the back. That's. Is that the Fourth of July Rob? Don't don't get out of control. Rob, he can't be all. It'll be good and you know what. That's about the CEO. Make me laugh no. Lab Make It fun though you. Along with it now that's good i. Do we have a day was the date on that Monday or the Monday after the June sixth or July sixth by now we'll. We'll air it on the thirteenth. Okay, we're. And they will make you aired on that following. Monday, okay Monday July thirteenth. We'll do it there. It is done. Look at you getting all these laugh. Tracks and beeps and it's just like. Watching a Sitcom on at home. They got a laugh track sitcoms. That's how come Utah Martin was forty all these years. Martin was funny. Let's get to one more caller can squeeze one more in. Joseph in Virginia Joseph. You're on the couple of Fox sports, radio. Good Evening I. WanNa! Say Brother. Congratulations on getting your kids through college brother. That's a big thing. Remember. Why do have to say I do have to say Chris I. Agree with route as far as Aaron brother. He has no defense. He has had how. Did you numbers in in North NFC championship games. I understand that, but when this man is leading a court, Warner Arizona put up fifty one point You can't you can't. You can't work with it. He needs some help on the defense village I. Have a good one high shade it. You texted that Guy not in. In Virginia he ain't from Detroit two-time world series champion. Kevin Youkilis is calling for a radical change in the world of baseball. He'll tell us all about it next, but first clock sports radio has the best sports talk lineup in the nation. Catch all of our shows at Fox. Sports radio DOT COM and within the iheartradio APP search F.. S. are to listen live. The couple Chris Rob Coming. You live from the Geiko. Fox Sports Radio Studios. It is easy to say fifteen percent or more on your car insurance with Gyco go to GEICO DOT, com or call eight, hundred, nine, four, seven eight ut. Oh, the only hard part is figuring out which way. Is Easier Rob as we said we're going to be joined by two time world series champion. Kevin Youkilis in a moment Let me let me say I want to. Hear some of what you you WanNa, talk about an okay so university, of Cincinnati, pitcher and senior captain native more. Wanted. African American. Chris who recently graduated from UC, and he's called for the school to change its baseball stadium for more shot stadium, because quote, honoring an individual who was openly racist and for a lot of people who do not know. Marge at one point Chris. Talking about Eric Davis and a couple of the players called them to other people in this got out her million dollar. N. words. And Marge eventually was forced to sell a team because of Some stuff she would say openly aces to even talk about. Hitler and owning US Ross Thicker Chris, and all of that. So when marge died, she left two million dollars to the University of Cincinnati, and Cincinnati named the Baseball Stadium after it. And when Nathan More Chris put this out and got a petition together a lot of players. Have signed on on the petition including Kevin Youkilis so so We were interested in talking with Kevin and getting his feedback on this. This might be a wind of change Chris in this society where we all right now. No look you're seeing good signs and what I'm. My feeling is that. We need to this could be a watershed moment for our country, but we need to make sure it leads to legislation and I'm talking about Syria. I won't get into all the specifics, but serious legislation to change things in this country. Look, we all talk about you know we won't heart change and yeah, ideally we do want heart change, but more than that we need fairness in terms of educational opportunities in Economic Empowerment and the justice system, and if somebody's heart isn't change, but the rules are fair, and the laws are fair, and things are equal this it. They still have to play by the rules, and so that's when I'm looking for some people's hearts, not going to change, but. Many like these young people out here rob their hearts are are different. But now you have to put the legislation behind their hearts. This as tragic as this was for George. Floyd, in his family is bigger than that even and so we have to keep that in mind. There's no doubt about it, but also doing change and I get Moore's point here. Is Not Celebrating People Chris who been divisive racist at openly like like not not to celebrate those people and understand it ain't right just because somebody right to check, and it's supposed to cover up and. So, so I love the idea of of fixing something. The legislation of course is the most important thing, but there's some other symbolic things you saw some of the videos Chris over the on social media of the statues. Being pulled online. There's a lot of there now now. Let's get to Kevin Youkilis cabinet. Welcome to the couple. Hey. How's it going to tell us? Great to have you on? WanNa. Ask You about your supporting. Your fellow alum from the University of Cincinnati. That's where you played. BASEBA- and he's calling for the stadium to rename itself. Take Take Down March shots name and rename it. What led you to go ahead and support this young man? You know first and foremost I I kind of keep a low profile on a lot of things out there, and you know I think one of the things that people talk about now is. Using your platform to do good, and that's never my intent. I go out there and speak about things when I feel like it's the right time to speak up and the the young players you know young men at the universe. Cincinnati have got this petition going, and it's all based on what they've done to research. What the name Marge Schott means and her pass and different things she believed in, and you know me personally I for many years have. I in, let's let's be like so people understand when I was at university I, I'd played Johnny Bench field. And then they got this brand new stadium that state of the art and they funded it through the Marchand Foundation, and I never was comfortable with that name at the university that I love so much. That taught me so much about. Racism, ethnicities, different religions I have so many great friends that I made along the way from there and. I'm Jewish guy, and if you do any research into the background of Marchand thinks she believed in it went against my values, and my and my family's values of being part of the Jewish community, so it was hard to see that name on there and I said things to the powers that be. and. It's just complicated. You know when people give a lot of money to certain things. It's hard to take away those donations and renamed so. This is the right time and there's no better time the now to. Do this and I'm just super proud of You know the guys that Universe Cincinnati that has stepped up and on their part and Kevin. What you said is so true when you see what's going on in the country, and all the young people on the street and the different ethnic groups in different colors, and all kinds of people coming together, saying okay enough is enough. We have to have changed. What does it sometimes I'm I'm watching and I just can't believe what I'm watching and the number of people out there who really looked like? They've had enough and they WANNA. Make some real change in this world. Yeah I think I for. First and foremost about the timing of all this you know, there's never a good time right in. The cove, it and just mentally. People are just just going going crazy because of covid. Then you know the whole thing George for that happened I, think the tensions of the country just risen so high for many different reasons, but you know for me personally. It's the things that I've witnessed things. I've washed my life. I just seen so many things I've heard so many things I mean I. Remember when I got told. I've been told I'm going to hell for being Jewish to my face I've been. I've been called different names and you know. Once, punch somebody I'm not proud of it. because I was called a a derogatory name, but And, you know it's one of those things that I was young. I was dumb. I was a teenager and it'd probably wasn't the right way to handle the situation and I've learned from that but I. I. I just I, just super proud of. You know I grew up in the nineties and I I tell people this. The nineties were an amazing generation of change and. Reform in ways where I remember like just you know Nwea. Dr Dre. You're getting to pock. You're getting biggie. And Boys in the hood was so powerful, and you know white kids in the suburbs. We got to like. See this I mean. We were the first generation that got to see this, and it was powerful in connecting and I'll tell you what my college experience and the friendships. I made You know my senior year. My roommate was black and we had riots that year in Cincinnati, and we just sat around and share stories of growing up, being Jewish growing up and being black and I learned a lot about that and. I just think that now. That I'm a father. And I had children and my daughter's mixed, so you know for me is. them to grow up in a world where people don't care about their skin color. Don't care about the religion. Don't care where they come from. You know, and it's usually the parents where they come from. You know most of these kids are second generation, but I think it's one of those things where we just need a break bread more. We need to sit down and have dinner and talk about things, and and not and not get defensive. You know I think a lot of people are getting really defensive and just listen. It's time to listen and just. Out. Kevin you obviously play the majority of your career with the Red Sox Boston. You want to world series there. You probably saw the communist by Torii hunter where he said. The in word there L. More more than one hundred times and. He, actually had a no trade clause in his contract, so he wouldn't be traded to Boston because of the racist treatment. He got there. What are your thoughts on that? Well you know I. IT hurts me. You know I know Tori as a person. I've always had the utmost respect for him. Probably one of my favorite hits, they hit a high fastball. does a lot of damage that high. Around and say Torii hundred played in the game today he's hit. Fifty home runs a year. Because everyone's doing zone so Tori man. He missed her calling man. You was born too soon. Buddy, kill it. Know even more. I mean killed it then he would have been even better today, but. You Know Boston was tough. you know it. Being a fan favorite there. Being a white guy. Know Jewish in Brooklyn right down. The street is a very Jewish neighborhood. I was lucky. You know they love me, but I did see some tension with even my own teammates, and there was one incident where. A fan of came running down and was being extra towards one of our our black players, and I just got fed up and I stood up, and I told him to shut up and if he doesn't like you, get the hell out of here and. I'll never forget that moment because I was boiling. Because you could just see, there was this tension, and it wasn't the same tension that was towards a white player, but You know. For the most part I'd like to say to the Red Sox fans. You know it's not the majority. I, it's a minority of people that act like that, but you know the minorities too big, and you have to eliminate that, and there's no place for that and hatred towards you know the black players that are on the field that in and I. Just I just feel awful I've always felt awful about it and I wish I could have done more to help those guys during that time. Cabin you've got. You've got a new podcast. Can you tell people about it real quickly? Yeah so the Greek gotTA hops podcast It's it's on your spotify, your apples and thirty other different I think various forms. Of Tuning into but I'm just sitting down with a bunch of people. I gotTa Bruecke Loma. Brewing Company and Loma Coffee. Company Coffee Roasting Company and I'm GonNa have various guests from baseball, too? Beard a coffee to. You know all different types of people and just trying to sit down and get to talk to people and and learn about their professions, and some of their success stories there some of their failures along the way to and just getting to know people and and try to learn and teach people that want to listen to. Some success stories that might help them out in life. Kevin Gray stuff man. Yeah? Minoan and he'll. Definitely good luck with the podcast and thanks for the stories. Yeah, thank you guys. See more. Coming Your Way Chris Rob Fox sports radio be to catch live editions of the odd couple with Chris, Broussard and rob. Parker Weekdays at seven PM Eastern. Four PM Pacific on Fox sports radio and the iheartradio APP. iheartradio is your source for the best most unique golf podcast around full of insight and great conversations like playing around with me page Rene. Hanging the PODCAST, the shack show with me Geoff Shackelford get grit with Maxima and Shane. Dakin farm knacks homer, and I'm Shane, bake and also the host of the clubhouse was Shane Bake and you can check out all these amazing podcast on the iheartradio, APP, apple, podcasts or wherever you listen to your favorite shows. All right is the I couple Chris Eh Rob, and we are about to bring you shop talk. Nobody's bothering. You. WOULD HAVE To! Shop That's right. It is shots the couple of Fox cordray. Do this every single day at eight forty five PM, Eastern. We just got something that happened. Outside of the world is sports. We had a really heavy cross fit topic. We're going to do, but it's going to be really short segments. We wanted to save it probably for tomorrow, but instead another story comes to US courtesy of the New York Post I. Don't know if you guys know this, but. Chris Cuomo's wife has an live yoga that she does. You know it's pretty cool to help. People wanted a yoga at home while apparently during one of her more recent sessions Chris Cuomo was walking around outside in the background butt ass naked. What's everything was hanging out? So here's the question, guys. If you're at home mighty if you're at home. Is it ever okay for a man to walk around butt? Naked? Rob Parker out of the shower. In the bedroom. No, this is just walking around. No, I. Don't walk around naked in the house anywhere on your home property location. Can you walk around, but? You and your wife in your house. If you WANNA do that, it's fine. Or if you want to do it if you live single, you could i. mean that's fine. Show place as you got the windows. You know covered in clothes and all that. Obviously your couch US plastic covers all. My. Doing. Outside I'm not saying I. Do this but I'm just saying if you want to. It's fine now. As I you better have high fences, or you gotta be like in some very secluded air like my neighborhood where the neighbor's can see in our backyard from both right left and the back. There's no I can't be out there. Naked No! That's just human decency. I know you walk around naked. Don't know true story. I actually got out the shower one time for towels to walk across the hall to get a towel and my wife saw me and I covered myself with it. Stop Yooglie my goodies. I trying to walk around naked at all my house. I already already know we're ECOMOMIC. Empty Nesters in thirty years. What are you Alex? Allie he's into the free the free lyft. Says even want to put on a first skin. So you know the rob I'm actually all on board with this cat. Not only do I sleep naked. Not only do I. Gain make it not only do I. Enjoy being naked. It's one of the most freeing experiences to know youth. What do you mean you eat naked to when you're having breakfast in the morning? There's no question Rob Colona. Now I'd be on the board naked. buttoning your path right now, you. Going my goodies. That is way too much. Come on, don't hey, listen you. Try. You ever slept on silk sheets naked? Come on. Out Get. He's visions out of time loan out of my mind. What our left Fox sports radio has the best sports talk lineup in the nation. Catch all of our shows at Fox. Sports radio DOT COM, and within the iheartradio APP search. F. S. are to listen live we are the are couple I am Chris here's rob becoming you live from the Geiko Fox Sports Radio Studios fifteen minutes could save fifteen percent or more on your car insurance visit Geico Dot, com for a free rate quote. We got a special guest at the bottom of the hour is. FIVE-TIME TIME Major League, Baseball all-star Torii Hunter. WHO has. said that, as we talked with Kevin, Youkilis the former Red Sox star. That, he was very much. racially assaulted. Harassed in Boston so much so rob that he had in his contract, a no trade clause the Boston because of how he was treated in just taunted and called out of his name, and so on and so forth so that'll be a very good interview. Tori Yup and we've heard from other black players Chris. Who Have Gone Jones? Adam Jones had an incident. There see Sobat the. The said it's the only stadium where he's been called the N. word, the only place was in Boston so so yeah, we're looking forward to hear from Tory. Yes, rob, we talked Friday about the NFL, and they're in an interesting situation, because their players released very strong video, several of lived superstars, most most notably Patrick Mahomes on Friday or Thursday night, and they demanded that the NFL. Obviously led by Commissioner Roger Goodell would come out and make a strong statement in support of the players in support of black lives, matter in support of the peaceful protests that the players did starting in Two Thousand Sixteen, with Colin Kaepernick and in support of the tearing down of and condemnation of systemic racism. A Roger Goodell did just that on Friday. And President Donald Trump who by the owners own admission? In. The deposition a few years ago. They said that they were intimidated by President Donald Trump and that that's why they allowed him to basically change the entire narrative from one of Colin Kaepernick and other players condemning social injustice, and let they let trump change the narrative to them, disrespecting the flag, which was far from the truth. And now with Goodell, making this statement, saying apologizing for the way that they squelched the players, peaceful protests President Donald Trump had out today with the tweet rob, and here's what he says. Could it be even remotely possible that Iraj? Goodell's rather interesting statement of peace and reconciliation. He was intimating that it would now be okay for the players to kneel or not to stand for the national anthem, thereby disrespecting our country and our flag rob. What do you think that? How do you think the NFL's going to handle this? While that's why I need to do something to get ahead of it, but there's no way there's nothing that they can do now. We see the people on the streets. We see what's going on. Adrian Peterson. If you know Daniel Schneider was one of those owners who didn't want his players to kneel Chris and he's already said he was asked. Adrian would he kneeled is coming season without a doubt. What's his quote so? I just think that guys who probably didn't WanNa get involved before almost have no choice at from what they've seen. And I wrote him a com today, and it's been Chris that it will no longer be about who's kneeling, but who's not kneeling. That's how I think that's where the shift is. You know what I mean that. That is very possible. Be Kneeling I was GONNA. Say It's very possible. I don't know if it's going to happen or not. None of us know obviously but I think it's possible that. Basically the whole league is neely. Of players because you've seen so many white players, particularly a lot of star quarterback Tom Brady Aaron Rodgers. Carson Wentz. And you've had the black quarterbacks like you are getting a lot of support from the white players Zach, Ertz and others have come out in support, and so I think it's possible you could essentially have the entire league. Grab kneeling. No and you know and at the NFL's woke now. Supposedly Chris know we're sorry. We should let you peacefully protest, and now we're. GonNa Change Our way, so let's see what happens, and that's why trump is already putting this out their rights to to rile up his base could because that's what they that's what? Some of his base was probably the ownership. Probably. Going to be interesting to see. Do they stand with their players. Or do they buckle. Choice. I don't think that that's the reason. Goodell said what he said. He sees the temperature in the country Chris I. Just don't know how you go back to that. And if they were to like say we're GONNA, penalize somebody or or whatnot he can't. He can't. What are you GONNA do. Out It would be out absolute outrage and use the other thing whiz. Jerry. Jones Chris Nothing. Haven't heard a peep. O', day! He loves his black players Jerry Jones to best. Where is Jerry Jones? Nowhere to be found. I rob speaking of this situation and we you and I've talked about it. We mentioned it earlier to. This is could be a watershed moment in the history of this country. Let's just face it man. There has been. The problem, the biggest problem in this country since before it was even you know it's an independent country before it was. The United States of America as far as being independent racism has been the biggest problem. And as far as African Americans have come rob, and you know this. You're very successful I'm very successful. We know many. There's many successful individual African Americans, but even no matter how successful you are. There is still a tension. Between you and your country? Right. We still in our country that we have defendant and fought. To protect like everyone else that we built. We still have to tell. You know people in our family. How Watch out for the police how to behave yourself right when you get stopped i. Tell them. You're going to have to be better. Than Your White American counterparts. We have to tell them that. We still have to go out of our way to affirm their greatness, because you get so many signs outside of your home and outside of the black community that you're less than in our country, so there's always this tension. Always and this could be a moment if the right things are done. Where maybe that changes for good because I? Think we all including many whites would love to be able to move past this racial problem. It's GonNa take a lot, but I think it's a chance. Some of those millennials thought that I think we mentioned this before right which was. Bomber was elected I. Remember like debating my nephew, Alvin about this WHO's about thirty one years old Chris. And always post racial. Yes he thought wow, yes, because they said they had a black president. What are you? You can't tell us anything. Do you know what I mean like serious? Look they voted for form. They didn't vote. They didn't say oh and go vote for him just because he's black. Voted Form and it was, and it was big time, and he got elected again right, right. But still was a lot of things that a lot of bad things happened during the trial. Here is this is not just after. This is not just under trump. That, this stuff is going on this week. How on? Time right well. Basketball Players Rob, in the NBA. To they feel they see the potential that you and I and many around. America, not just black, but many of sea. And Matt Barnes, who's got the great podcasts? All the smoke was Stephen Jackson. He was on another podcast. The Dunk Bait with Joe Cya Johnson recently, and he was saying that he and Snoop Dogg the rapper. Had heard from players. Around the league. That and in Matt, mention guys from the Lakers and the clippers that there are whispers about some teams, not being comfortable, coming back and playing. I did a little digging. Talk to some people around the League and what I've been told. Rob Is that. Players like I've been told the Lakers flat out. Really WanNA play because they brian is working out, and he's working out with some teammates, and they are getting ready James. Harden and Russell Westbrook putting in hard work. So players. A lot of players want to play. But players are a bit. They don't WanNA come back. And distract the nation from what they see as real legitimate possibility for change. They don't want to take away from the focus on George Floyd and combating systemic racism in combating. Social injustice and things like that they rob. We hear it. People say what we need a distraction. Sports is a distraction. We need baseball. We need football basketball just distracted from negative stuff. That's happening. What! These players don't want to be a distraction. They. Want people to folk. They look we. We all understand. Because the nation was on lockdown because there are no sports going on right now. I'm not saying there wouldn't have been any attention on George Floyd, but it wouldn't have been like this. And so. I think it would have gotten a lot of attention but I. People, right? It wouldn't have been like this because you people going work there. Lee Now. You're in your house all day even if you're working. It's a lot easier only because so many people are at home, right that and so that's what some players are feeling. Don't want to distract from this moment. Do you think they have an I'm not saying they're not gonNA play, but do you think they have a legitimate concern? I'm not so sure that them not playing people are going up the whole country's GonNa like okay. The playoffs going on Orlando. Now I'm GonNa drop to the CY. There are a lot of people in the grassroots out there working on this Chris, and I don't think they're gonNA. Let this moment not that there's anything wrong with having basketball as well and I. Don't think it's going to derail. It's it's. It's two things. I understand maybe not warning to You know. derail this thing and liked thought process, but it's also a little like like the country's GonNa. Stop because they're playing basketball again. I think that's a little naive. Yeah look I think they're going to play. But I think their concerns are legitimate. And I'm not saying there will be no attention on this, but we. We see this all the time. I mean this isn't new I mean how many the started at least recently with Trayvon Martin and I mean how many more have happened since then and this is the one that has resonated. And I agree with you I think it will continue to resonate. Why can't play where black lives matter? Stuff or t shirts, or even when they're playing or armband? Chris, maybe that's sure so that have as you watched the game right about that. How? I. Feel and because what on black lives matter so that every time we watch Lebron and we watch anthony. Davis or lettered. You see that every single time. Making a statement and still be you know what I mean? Keep here. WHO's focus on it? I, do think from what I was told that that is the way the Lakers are looking at it like they do want to make some type of statement, but they wanNA play, and so and they know that's a big platform, right? That's going to be a huge platform for them to make a statement on. I'm sure they're not the only team while the Lakers might have a lot of time anyway after the first round, so they might be really day losing in the first round. I'm just saying stop stop. Stop it all right, but it's interesting and We will see what happens, but let's throw it out to the callers. Eight, seven, seven, nine, thousand, nine, or Fox eight, seven, seven, nine, nine, six, sixty, three, sixty nine. What do you guys think? Would the NBA returning to play end up being a distraction from the Social Justice Movement, and if so would that be a bad thing, we'll continue the conversation with you. Next is Chris arrived. The Fox sports radio be sure to catch live editions of the odd couple with Chris. Broussard and Rob Parker Weekdays at seven PM Eastern Four PM Pacific on Fox sports, radio and the iheartradio APP. Is the. Is The odd couple Rod. You buy autozone. All of those got more ways to get what you need. When you need it with their free same day, pick up. You can play shoreline and grab what you need. Today at more than fifty seven hundred dollars on locations that's in store or curbside visit Arizona. Dot Com today to start your job fast. Get in the zone autozone. Let's go to the phones rob. Do you think? If NBA players came back and played and I guess that could go for any of the athletes any of the sports would that be a distraction to? What is going on in the streets and the protests, and all the talk about changing systemic racism are rooting out of our system. You'll turn away and eight seven, seven, Ninety Nine Fox all right. Let's kick it off with Jay and San Antonio. You're on the odd couple of sports radio. What's up with her learning shaver? Thank you how Ya doing great. Yeah, I don't I. Don't think anything. Could disrupt the protests at this point I mean we have immaterial in one, thousand, nine, hundred, eighty five. We had any bird. That's about nineteen. Eighty nine of leaks ninety eight rather and they drug is body. Wasn't GonNa Change I'll tell you why I never thought about life. Why was see? CAUCASIANS PUTTING UP A. Jesse, Owens? Disarm because we got everybody's attention. So so no, no, it wouldn't disrupt interrupt anything. We got we got. We got our Jordi speaking on. So it wouldn't disrupt. Right yeah, I agree I. Just think this is different from before Chris. This is really the picture. The people the young people. It's amazing mark and Sacramento Urania Couple Fox sports radio. What's up Mark With going on gentlemen unless? You. Very good, you know what I think that it's just the opposite very rarely. Do Young powerful for Black Man. Powerful voices get a chance to speak with. People have to listen, and they're doing it together I think they should go play and keep speaking. That's the difference they can learn. Both I saw you both in the sixties. They can do both. Playing. Keep speaking. Yes And Mark. Would you think about my idea of like? If they had the NBA put the black lives matter patch or something on the shoulder so that when we harvard in the Games, if everybody will see that the NBA will all on board. I will go even further net rough. This this, we're talking about football on what's going to happen when football starts in the neely, the NBA can be test what could happen and if those guys communicate and that's what I'm hoping young. We talked about communication. Talk to each other right, Hey! You guys pick up the phone and talk to the Brown and Chris Paul. How are you guys? GonNa handle it. You know why because the NBA's going I? Write, let's talk about it. Let's talk about it coordinated. There's a way here's what that communication with the talked about helps. These young men know how to do that. Let's see him do it. You've seen the young people out here. Communicate and tell everybody where to go Chris Right and Rallies and everything it's been incredible Harry in Columbus. Ohio you're on the odd couple Fox sports radio. Hey! How's it going? Brothers how you doing? Great man, how are you? I'm doing well. I I say I. Push back on crystal. I know you said that we need some serious legislation. I personally think legislation really do anything. I think it's more of a whole structural Gear down. I'm not even talking about legislation because I'm saying by I. Mean you're basically asking people put us in the situation to get us out. You know and people who benefit from a system of white supremacy to change it, so you know I mean that another. Another structural tear down. What does that mean? I mean when I say structure tear down I. Believe like you know and I do. Agree with boating I believe in voting at the local level like I. Mean I think we all look at this because when we say vote. Think Presidency I think we have to start literally individually each local system. You know getting the people getting when I say structural I mean I believe we need to get funded are funded or black funded in an open, minded funded a politician rather than getting from the two parties. You know we only have two choices. And, either know either party meet. We voted, but they don't have You know Black People's best interests. I think. Someone and then that's my and I'm not just. As I. Mean when I say legislation, I mean this can't just be Ri- ri-. Everybody feel good. There have to be lost changed their have to, and I'm talking about serious stuff. We not get into that. And the other stuff, too. It's about to me. It's about holding people accountable. That's one of the biggest issues Chris that. If you have some bad cops, they'd. They gotta be prosecuted. They have to be arrested I still wonder Chris Right now when Minneapolis fire. Those four guys had they arrested them that. You're fired and put them in handcuffs I. I don't know if we have this, do we? I'm not sure. You might be right. I'm dead serious. About that day. That day bio. Shown your bad. Days and turn around and they put the handcuffs on him that day. I don't thing is. This is bigger than just police brutality, and that's what I'm talking about. I'm talking about. This, movement though is what I'm saying I. Don't Know Andre Massachusetts you're on the odd couple Fox sports radio. Yeah you guys. Thanks for taking my call listen. I have to agree or have to stay in of the NBA coming back. It won't be counterproductive for the social justice protest, because it'll give us the opportunity to see all of this talk. As Chris alluded to all of these ideas in action, NBA has long been the most progressive lead in terms of empowering people of color, giving them opportunities voice a platform platform David Stearns vision. Let's bring Michael Jordan. Protest because it's in the CBA I just want you to note. And then. Article that you that you wrote engagement in terms of how this is going to play out in the NFL. An interesting point here is that there's GonNa be no fans, so there's probably going to be no introduction for them to protest. You know what these leaks coming back. There's going to be you know. What are you GonNa? Do an introduction for for nobody so. They'll do anthem no. Unless, that's right unless they get rid of it, but I don't have the national anthem I would imagine I mean right now that that was just an idea, did no. And I think rob to your point, you're right. The NBA has a rule that players must stand for the anthem. But look if they if they neil. I don't think Adam silver do anything. I really don't do law. It's interested I. Mean it's on the books Chris now. If you're right, it's definitely on the book but I also think that I haven't talked to the players about this, but I think the players. In my opinion, is they, they may stand for the anthem. And go like. Protesting some other way like you say, maybe it is a ban armband or something on the jerseys you know black lives matter whatever I think. Player like on. They may, but they feel like I don't think they want to go against the league because they feel like. The League is in their corner. And that's my opinion. I may be wrong I. Don't get your Ryan I think. Might do whatever they want. Because it would show support to the people out on the streets, I just wanted to show support to capture nick to my right. Is it did a degree of that? Because everybody knows I, think at this point Chris that he was wrong I mean there's no other way that. Colin Kaepernick was wrong, and this guy was trying to warn us four years ago about the ills. What was on all right? We got back. We got five-time MLB star Torii hunter coming up shortly. He's got a big time bone to pick with the city. Of Boston. He'll tell us why next be sure to catch live additions of the odd couple with Chris Broussard and Rob Parker. Weekdays at seven PM Eastern Four PM Pacific on Fox sports radio and the iheartradio. iheartradio APP I to the couple of Chris Rob Coming to you live from the Geico Fox Sports Radio Studios. It's easy to save fifteen percent or more. Your car insurance with Geico go to GEICO. Dot Com or call eight, hundred, nine, four, seven at l.. The only hard part is figuring out which way is easier as a five time all star Major League Baseball. We are honored to have him on the odd couple Torii Hunter's story. Welcome to the show. Third Rock Chris. How you guys doing doing great man, thank you for coming on the appreciate it and we appreciate you speaking out. So boldly as you did recently about the treatment, you received in Boston when you are visiting player. Tell us about that in some detail. Well that bad treatment actually happened in a lot of places in in in this country. You know I've had the cancer. The roles that incident there and can't see Roy took care of it right away, abandoned guy for life. and The incident and Boston. It happened several times I kinda got numb to it and just you know I. Look Out, be like calm down or whatever and you just kind of let it go, but you know it really got me when I was younger, but maybe like two thousand and one, too. I saw kids. You know up there. Saying the word and no one was I was looking up telling him stop, stop stop those kiss him saying that, and they just threw their hands up. All the GROWNUPS everybody around and was was just kind of. Egging those kids on, and that's when I you know what? I'll want to about I couldn't play there. It wasn't a red sock. It wasn't a red sox spot. It wasn't the players out there. It really wasn't the fans for, either. It was those couple people in those in those stands that didn't stop it. You know we have I. Don't think they were aware. They thought it was funny. You know that they call in that out. Say Tore you suck, they say. You can't hit water. Sell out of a book. They can say whatever. You call me that Ambert and I I jump in the stands. Fight you then. I'm the militant guy. Right so. What toy I was going to say. You you, you're not the only player black play talks about Boston Baptists said it's the only place he's ever been called the N. word. We Know Adam Jones had a high profile situation there and then a lot of the people try to deny that it ever happened I mean you can't have all these instances. And Act like nothing happens. And your stance about you know not being traded to that town wanting to be there I think that's the way you handle it as you stop. If you guys don't appreciate or respect black players whatnot. Why would you wanna go play for town like that? I mean well, you know some guy's gotTa keep a job. You know they get a job. Offer there and they don't have any other. I understand that you grew up in that organization. You have to have taken an accepted but you know I i. just I just feel like A. Kid In my wife walking in the town. I visualize all that and something happened to them I. Don't know what I would do. You know is someone called him out their name, or for treated differently because of the color of their skin, but. You know me standards about the red. SOx Is not about the red sox fans. It's about. just being aware you know. Let people used is that God gave him he gave you to. He gave me two years and one mouth. Just stop look and listen you know and and and hear the cry that we're. We're trying to tell people just be aware of it. Call it out, see it. Let's expose this. Is racism. This this hate this unconscious bias that's expose it and people can start talking about an stopping it. When I saw those kids fan that no one stopped him now these kids are like CEO's somewhere, or they might be owning the company, and there's and trust me. They're treating people bad because no one. Stop them in that moment when they were nine ten and eleven. CRYSTAL GO FOLLOW UP When you see the kids, the young people millennials out in the street in full force now black, white Asian just like all these kids who are holding up signs. Saying. They're not gonNA. Take this anymore. What what does that do for you when you see? What's happened in this country over the last two weeks in a hazard slowed down. Man I gotTA. Tell you that's pretty awesome. You know I our next generation, the young generation that's all future, and and just to see all those kids. You Know White Black Asian Hispanic Latino. Everybody's coming together for that. And for for equal rights or or injustice or or racial divisions whatever it may be, they're fighting for it and I really love what they're doing. I definitely think. It's relationships. We gotTA start. Building relationships you know we say love like if I'm I'm married and you. You're married and you know people that are marry. You know people that got divorced. And they say I. Still Love Him or her, but. I just can't be around and that's because you don't know each other. And understand that keeps to how strong know me know yourself. Get to know your spouse, and then that's when you you last. That's love bringing together, but we've them knowledge understanding of one. Another is what keeps you together and I think that's what we have to as a as a people Miss World. Tour. Do you think that baseball has a racial problem? I mean obviously this may not be baseball's fault. I. Wanted Your opinion, but now I think is about seven percent African American. Dusty Baker's talked about the lack of African American managers Do you think that there's a racial problem or this is simply african-americans not really playing baseball as much anymore. I think it's it's A. It's a lot of that also think there's. like I said some unconscious bias. You don't you don't understand you. Know and you choose not to pick it because of your predeceased notions, you know you, you know you make that decision through your family or TV or whatever it may be has helped you. say that they might not know what they're doing. They got the label of their lazy or or you know just just anything and I think that we're not in those positions when I'm coaching, positions when not general managers besides was Kenny in Chicago with the White Sox. Yeah, so we don't. We just don't do that. I think it's. You know it's. It's trying to get better. But I said this twelve years ago on Hbo and I got scrutinize for you. Know I said before you know it, you. You're going to have less than ten percent. And as you rarely see any African, American players plan. And and here we are. Less than ten percent I got scrutinized for I. Remember that because I spoke about that on I. Take if you remember I supported your your calls. You remember that right right? Yeah I, mean I saw it. I saw it I I live. I was able to live through the baseball era of the mid nineties. You know, and then early two thousand, and all the way up into two thousand fifteen, and I was able to see the trend and the swings and I'm like this is not going to be good I stopped saying black utility players I stopped saying black players that are making less than ten million dollars most as you gotta be. Most of them are star Star. Star you got be a super duper star to be a black African Americans. Say Black player African American player. In Major League Baseball so basically. You're saying you know Fred voiced. Do you remember? I mean Jerry Royster. Do you remember him? Yeah I know Jerry Royster. Player. Who played around those schedule? Lasting story the players, and the owners obviously have to come together and get a deal done. Do you think this will happen? We've got about a minute to go. We'll have some sort of baseball, maybe not. A hundred and fifteen games with maybe eighty games. Yeah, I think we get a deal done once they agree to the pro-rata rate, but they came low i. know that's part of negotiations. The players the players hot owners, though and now they're seventy five percent, which is eighty something games, and the players will come back with something counter, and then come to a happy medium and I think they're to get a deal done. They just can't not play the game and and and leave people limbo. Tori great stuff man Shea joining us. Your family will be safe out there. Man Yet there you may be safe and God. Bless you. Yes, thank you so much. More I coupled with Chris Arrive Coming Your Way Fox sports, Radio Fox sports radio has the best sports talk lineup in the nation catch all of our shows at Fox sports, radio, DOT, com and with the iheartradio APP search. F. S. are to listen live. It's the couple Chris Rob wrapping up a magic city Monday. And we got some interesting news. We'll let rob g introduce it. Tell us was handed in the world of M M A. I don't know if you guys saw this, but conor. McGregor decided to retire for the third time in four years. It's very tough time in the world to see a guy like that leave. He put out a nice tweet saying that he was going to buy Mama House and so naturally when I say he retired for the third time in four years. Most people don't really believe in taking him seriously, so we did an interview with ESPN the following morning on Sunday morning, and he gave a little bit more of a behind the scenes as to why he's stepping away and one thing he said was quote. The game is not excite me, and that's that all the waiting around nothing happening going through opponent options. There's nothing really there for me at the minute he continued. I'm trying to get excited I'm trying my best. And when the Anderson Civil came along I was like. Yeah, that's a good fight. And it didn't seem like anyone really cared anymore, so it seems like he's lost his motivation to fight because he feels like he's already. conquered the UFC world. Look I. Don't believe that he's retired I think he'll be back. And I think that I do believe that athletes can lose their motivation if they have conquered everything and they feel like they are on top of game. There's no no more mountains to climb, but saw the Gregor's. Name. Yes why? You haven't had a Dayton a few years is that? You retired from dating. But I don't. McGregor is not there. I mean now look he and here's the other thing. He's not washed up either. I mean. He looked tremendous in taken. Our cowboys aronie trauma. He had that what shoulder bump or whatever it was called that he was hitting him with it was incredible. How quickly he dismantled cowboy, but he can't beat Khabib He cannot be could be and I think he understands that. All his lip service about one to fight him. He can't beat him. And so now, what's there to do win a bunch of you know. Non Title Bouts I. Don't think he wants fight could be. For all his lip lip service where you rob either Rob Rob. You're not really in May, but no I'm just. I'm cool. If you want to really retire I I agree with you that most of these guys. They claim that they're done in not done, they'll. They'll always be some fight or some money to be. Had you know what I mean usually come back for rob. Do you more into it than I am? While number one, it's weary here. Chris, broussard be correct on multiple points in the same topic never had. Wanted to make you feel good. You would've. Wanted to. Sounds about right, but you're right. He's number one. He's I think he's lost three of his last six professional fights or something like that. Okay then he's lost two of the last five whatever to a five year. Yeah, so it's not like he's just running through guys and it's no competition. I mean he's not even John Jones who. Feed it right other than no the disqualification he can fight was is adjusting. Ghaith is actually has the. Yeah! I mean He. He Tony I in which is was impressed but Geisha. GonNa fight could be, and that's already set up. The same, they have the same management so okay, okay? But Like you said I mean. He's not. He's just a money thing. It's the it's about building the. Money exactly. He already has the built in contract that he signed a few years back. We're GONNA. Get paid regardless, but I think this is just his way of saying. Hey, there's no gate I'm not going to get as much money, so let's just be quote. Unquote retired, and so we can have fans back in the building, and then I'll do a big triumphant return in Vegas. You know right five point five million view by pay per view buys, or whatever it is because we're going to be hard offer sports. Business, move on his part. That's all I. do think he's also a guy that gets motivated by the crowd. He may not WANNA fight in an empty arena. I'm not saying he couldn't be great because he's a great fighter, but I think he's the guy that just loves to perform. He loves you know the crowd to feed off of their energy and give it back to. Work with no one was around, but that's another story. You better get some better material for your stand, and now you're excited because now you can just go ahead and be yourself and cursing. Get Ron. No. Gee, I, remember that I. Read. That you know the one joke. You cannot tell your favorite joe on. My show colliding. If, you're wondering how police brutality got to be so bad. Now police became so eager to shoot. You Might WanNA listen to this week's episode of behind the bastards where we talk about. Lieutenant Colonel David Grossman, the most notorious police trainer in American history and the inventor of discipline called Killala Jersey which he talked to the Minneapolis Police Department and more than a hundred other police departments around the country listen to behind the bastards on the iheartradio APP apple podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts. Forgotten is a new podcast about hundreds of young women who have disappeared and turned up dead in Juarez Mexico. Right across the border from El Paso. There were not just random victims. The women were picked. They were selected. I mean there could be an abduction in broad daylight. No one thought these were like ghosts. They were killed for a reason. The burning question is. 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Texans/Steelers Breakdown, Astros Getting Ready for Playoffs, Gerry Dulac

The Sean Salisbury Show

2:52:40 hr | 4 d ago

Texans/Steelers Breakdown, Astros Getting Ready for Playoffs, Gerry Dulac

"The. Homemade avail quarterback. Sean, Salisbury. This is the Sean Salisbury show. I will be on a Thursday. We like to call this the Thursday edition. Of the Sean thousand show sounds right Adam Sager. Michael, Connor in me I can't believe that he the Houston cougars role. Oh and five and football this year five no everybody's forfeited. Over five. No. Schedule has cove five. cougs. What are we call five strikeouts in baseball? Five dragons. Now, what do we call it? If guy strikes out five times, we know what the Golden Sombrero is. Right? That's four. Isn't it? So what's five if a guy comes to the plate strikes out five times. Even though it wasn't the maybe his fault bad call by the emperor cove is not sake night that night you sucked take a day off. Well, North Texas has the virus issue. And four positive covid tests this week it up in. North Texas. and. This game is postponed. Well I take that back canceled. This one was canceled. Things are going great listen I. Feel bad for the kids are bad for you. H whoever's running their twitter account. They tweeted out on Monday this week and we're doing the show and he said we'll try this are four times a charm or whatever. It's game week they put all the information out now. Not Half I can't believe that. In truth the discontinued to happen. Okay. So let's look at it this way. Should they be playing? Even the north? Texas had four cases should knows guys be sitting out and? At the rest of the guys pass. Why? Why can't they play? Can somebody give me onto helped me? There's no real answer I mean yeah. There's no rhyme or reason why they doing say so I asked the question it's basically become redundant because we don't have an answer because it makes no sense yet. They put in his pro somebody on the team tested. So even though the rest of the guys are okay. And you H is cleared to play where we can't play. Zag is that what you're telling me? So four guys who may have the virus and maybe one hundred percent healthy. It is tested positive and even though they're going to have to go through their protocol, the residues can't play right? Maybe this explains why North North Texas gave up sixty five points last week to SMU. Maybe yeah. How was that I picked North Texas to get inside the fourteen points last week have that one where they go and they only gave up sixty five. So you're saying the VID slowed down right slow down North Texas and they lost by thirty right? Okay makes sense and I'm just trying to drink the week for specs last week, which will do tomorrow is much better than the game. Yeah. That was an ass whooping. Open A beatdown so Notre Dame wake forest was also cancelled. We're up to roughly twenty five ish games somewhere between twenty and twenty five games now either postponed or cancelled. The season so far and we're just threw three weeks. As a I mean. AC's now has to push their. Championship game back to December nineteenth because they now have two games on December twelfth. And what happens if Notre Dame has to cancel or postpone and other ACC game. They put it. I have no idea. Or do they just start? LOPPING Games off. DNC AA I mean it's not even the NC. Double A.'s job here. This is the conferences that have made their own rules and The big ten of told us what the limitations are in terms of being able to practice is being able to play a game being able to. You know do this or that and. But they're still what? They're exactly a month away. They still have a month till they play. So I just I don't know. Greg Sankey says is he's he's concerned. He's concerned about SEC football. because. Everything he seen so far if this is the protocol you have to follow like we said at the beginning, how do you follow this and still think you're going to get a season in? I don't know how you do it. One do test positive. You're not gonNA play. Take about that. One is responsible. For everybody else running sprints because he was late you know what I'm saying like how back seven in the freshman high school you later everybody's late. Yeah Now it's a guy test positive I think I saw a stat. Of the foot is almost fifty thousand students that have tested positive and colleges across the country. To have been hospitalized. I think that's what I said to. And nobody died from it. Of the college students I'm talking about that saying that those to listen I I still to this day. Not Saying I still certain smells I can't smell in certain things taste the same in they're completely different foods just say now I get a lot of it back but there are certain things and I read up on this couple months ago. That said there may be things that. You'RE SMELLS Won't come back on for a long time. And there are certain things like that smells just like Dat and they taste the same but they're not even anywhere near the same food and then all of a sudden you'll like drinking this start this this energy drink, right? I can take just fine, right? No, no, no no issue. And so it just it's it's odd. So nobody's blowing it off and say in two hundred, thousand people in the United States dying serious it has but I'm just talking about football and we don't have to go over the be redundant with all the statistics and all that I just. I. Don't know why. If I if you test positive sags. But we don't why why we can't play. I I don't. I don't understand it goes back to the mask thing the most ridiculous. FINES IN NFL. History. All these hundred thousand dollars, and then what two, hundred and fifty grand to the team. Because, Kyle Shanahan in Sean mcvay did dimmer mass with they're calling plays and kept it down there and Sean Payton. So we test every day. They're all negative or you wouldn't be able to play. Guys are tackling the sweat and breathing on each other you're on the sidelines and you. You're coaching. And we're GONNA find you find a hundred thousand dollars. It's called. It's all virtue signal one point seven, five, million dollars in fines. For for five teams right after. Spend even more on testing leads money back right off spent more on testing. To allow them to go play yet if they're all cleared in the bubble and and even if you let fans in the stands and you tested through the week and you're negative again, obviously nobody got you right. So, why? Why why does it coach have to call plays in a mask? I why I'd I'm not well Sean, you don't want the player, Tonight Sean Payton not dying because a covert on the sideline. I'm just telling you he's not going to. Matter of fact, Sean Payton, have covid. Yea, that's what I thought. Okay. So I just don't listen. You may not like certain people's approach. You may not like how I feel about mass I would have been one of those that would have got five hundred, thousand dollars. Because because on the sidelines during a competitive game, we've been tested and proved negative and guys are tackling each other and hugging and high fiving, and they're not getting fined. I would have been a guy that was complex I would not have mask on the sideline at my job calling a football game at a stadium with no fans in it. Sorry I would not do it. I would I would be 'cause I got news for Andy Reed's mask ain't doing diddly squat. Against the virus. The plastic. That's it. It's virtually singling. We'll look. Mike Tomlin Andy Reid, wearing their say at least. So you know what boy so's advertisers are people watching the fan at home that's watching how how do we do that I don't understand how we got people hugging and high five and in doing all that. But. Now, there'll be some the SAM looking they're celebrating and they don't have a mask. Well, that's her job. Said, you know what? To take a chill pill or take two of these Commun- the morning go get yourself some rest and quit watching if you're mad the two football players a tackle each other and they tested negative the virus and they want to do their job. Okay. But I you're you're you're not calling me and convincing me that Sean McVeigh. Should be wearing a mask in empty stadium while his players tackling after testing negative, and now it's three hundred. Basically it comes out didn't they say one hundred for the individual to fifty for the team? Yeah. Three hundred, fifty, thousand dollars within the organization over. Over competition are we making marathon runners when that whenever that comes back in if they if they were allowed and in with no fans do they have to wear a master run twenty, six point two miles Okay. Yeah. That's what I thought. Those guys are bunched together like sardines to write eight million of them running marathons point is. Listen if he tested positive, keep his ass home. The coordinator calls the place tested negative and everybody else. That's in the stadium supposedly tested negative players. Why is it going to wear a mask? You know why? It's a simple signal did you're not doing? You're not you're bad boy go. We're GONNA put baby in the corner. That's all it is. That's all it is. I would have been I would have been Sean McMahon Shane Handwriting game they would have called plays and got into excited with my teammates without a mask on I would have been fined one hundred, thousand dollars because I would have had trouble throughout a game getting excited doing it. Sorry. I just I just wouldn't I tested negative my players tested negative or playing a game. Why do I have to wear one outdoors with fans in the stands? Now all of a sudden you WanNa tell me Sean pulled down for the place but pulled up in between because now, we got eighty thousand in the stands and we're just a little concerned that I consider it. Yes I get it. I don't I don't understand the protocol and just in college I don't under the. Abbas compassionate is it gets I don't understand why four guys who got tested positive and the rest of the guys didn't why that should stop you H in north Texas from playing. This weekend. Send the four home. Let them. Well, what happens if somebody tests after the game Saturday? Okay, you and. They play tackle football somebody bay and guess what he gets to do. Quarantine yeah that's the problem. We're record the healthy ones. We used to quarantine the people were sick. We now we quarantine the healthy ones and punish them because somebody else well Sean you're not and it goes back to the learnt you worried about the Graham on main here in Houston you know actually I'm not addicted grandma on Maine's not getting sick because data Hoeger sens coach at a game in the University of Houston unless your MOM's the grandma in Houston and you're playing and you're worried about guess what you should have done and she lives with you. OPT OUT MOM right. Just listen. We're playing. So if we're GONNA play, let's be a little bit. Have a little more common sense to this. And compassion you can do both actually you can have rabbits introspective fashion that. which I don't see the big problem we've seen in multiples of these games where you know one of these four players test positive or two of these four or four players test positive mulder too often wineman. So now we have to quarantine the entire offense of line room. And all those kids. So then they essentially can't play a game because obviously you cannot play football game without offensive Lineman I mean you need them but the fact is the dumb rules that we talked about. A month ago two months ago whenever it was they came out that if you come in contact with one of these guys that test positive, you quarantine for minimum of fourteen days and it differs a little bit from conference to conference. But the big ten remember if you test positive, you're twenty one. Minimum. So. It's just that's the problem here. There's no. The whole quarantine. Thing is. Not to just kind of a joke, it's a complete joke. We'll come back and discuss if you want to call and chime in seven, one, three, two, one, two, five, seven, ninety again has nothing to do with anybody want anybody dead. or any of that but I just don't understand why four players at North Texas test positive why they're if they're being quarantined and everybody else tested negative why we're not playing football. We're supposed to quarantine the sick I thought or those that are tested positive and they may not even be sick. So I just don't get into no I hate to tell Ya. Dana Harrison's not responsible neither is the descends Latrell responsible for your sister in Florida. You your sister in Florida her people around her in the rest of it. Now, if they live together, they're both responsible and maybe they should quarantine and opt out of their jobs or of a football game. It's called common sense in respect is also called compassion where it's needed today. What else is compassion the eighty-five guys here one hundred guys here University of Houston that passed their tests and that they're fine and they should be able to play football since college football's allowing them to play. makes. No sense to me quarantine the healthy. That's a smart thing. The Hell's going on in Society Sports Talk Seven Ninety? John. Salisbury show continues on seven ninety and continues in your home. Say Alexa Play Sports Talk Seven, ninety on iheartradio. GUYS WE'RE DISCUSSING SAKES On three, two, one, two, five, seven, Sean sows. We're here on sports. Talk Seven Ninety always appreciate you guys. Too long and it's on Thursday we're talking about the University of Houston and how what a sucky feeling. Five Times either canceled or postponed culverts hit him because of. You know on whether it's irresponsibility unfortunate. I just don't understand will sean you realize if one gets it, it might run through a whole campus casual quarantine them. While the other suffering if they pass the test, that's what we didn't society, right? You you've got six quarantine isn't that what you do for instance, if you go to a certain country and they say we we had tissue we gotta quarantine you for a week before you go back and you take your animal or did you bring fruit and you get my point? Well did you bring fruit is is the race Brought fruit as a whole bunch of labral. Pairs in my back on the plane just seemed like the thing to do. I just don't. It yeah. Sean when he got well how do Travel I went on vacation just to bring fruit back when I could drive down the store Heb and grab it myself in my own home country. So No, I'm good. I just don't understand. Okay. Oh. You got the flu. You gotTa Quarantine for okay. No problem that will get you got. Hey but ninety other guys tested negative. But we're we're going to punish them not let them play. As, we could start to think about this. Why in the world? How are we gonNA FINISH THE SEASON? On time. College. College. Football. Championship game back week already. So what are we going to? Eventually it's going to get to our the ACC championship games after the national title game. Bit facetious. Obviously. But how the Hell I mean, if this keeps happening I, don't understand what? Listen, you put the protocol in. And you say we decided to go back and play. So we feel better about it. The Major League Baseball's feel better about it 'cause they plan on putting fans in the stands for the championship series in the world series NFL's going on with fans in the stands and they're not getting positive tests. Yet, but we're gonNA, find the coaches for not having a mask on the sidelines and they tested negative. Okay. That's The. Common Sense. Doesn't rule supreme in society so we're playing and we're going. I don't understand why four dudes are Disrupting University of Houston from playing Texas those Texas North Texas. Those four guys just don't get to play. Did anybody else tests WT. All of them did coach. Okay why can't we fly but it's weird because we've had some games where kids have sat out and they've played there is. WAS UTSA or somebody thought it was a West Texas, team. Played and they had to play without their starting quarterback because he tested positive and the game went on and the backup started and they played the game and what? It is I can't we do it here? Well, they're not playing for what really matters. Yeah. 'cause life doesn't their football careers matters, but they're the football. Right. Right. So they tell us not to kids, but some of these rules so I don't get it, and if all of a sudden you come out of this game and Wednesday of next week a right tackle tests positive. Guess what he doesn't get to practice or play quarantine. And the rest of the guys can play especially those that own you were. Tested negative or positive last week. You didn't. You didn't get really sick. We tested you again. You feel you pass it. Cool. You compare this week. I just wonder how many have we had any cancellations of the smaller schools in Texas highschool I I haven't heard any I haven't seen any I know the big school start this weekend. With their first six, five as. So. I haven't seen I haven't seen any stories saying you know maybe some school in someplace I don't know that but I know this, they're playing and practicing the guys I trained getting excited and switched football as usual and if none of them test positive God, bless them good for the high schools. If one test positive guess what you keep him home he home schools he quarantines and the rest of the guys if they test negative go play. It seems logical to me. It seems logical to me if I mean. I if if a salesperson here or are you test positive sex guess guess what. Are you get sick with it? You go home do your stuff at home and guess what we're GONNA do. Come, to work door job. Yeah. But see I want people to die so I'd probably show up at least that's what people have told me. Of course. Malls. Sneezing and stuff the callers that have called in and told me that's what I want. You appeal to die I don't care. About the grandmother in Nova Scotia. That lady I, swear? To you don't care about her, let's go to Nova Scotia. You want to go like full house and you want to go there. I think recently I hit by that hurricane. Up with the Scotia. Yeah. Yeah. Theo. Theo was up there. Yeah. I. Think it was like this week ten deals not give the name Theo Ted. We've been a lot of bad ted's one in particular. Goes. By the last day Monday, you ever heard of it although you're gonNA say Roosevelt. No Theo Bundy. Good Guy. Now now, he really wasn't we could a quarantined him, his whole life and everything would have been fine. Keep him away. But he's dead now. Okay. Wait. Let's do that one. Oh, you doing. Okay. Asked me sex winded CEO Bundy die I'm going to say God whenever you all I'm GonNa say Theo. Two Thousand Five No. Before that was. Going to say that early ninety S. I'm not sure ninety, ninety one for Teddy, he's close your closing your second one, but he wins because. Tonight. For Nine, hundred, eighty, nine. Teddy died eighty nine. News earlier I know I thought Windy. died in prison, right? Oh. Gee Diane present. Okay. Because he was killed by somebody in there right it wasn't. He wasn't put to death. He was killed by a prisoner in my right. Then they somebody kill him in there or was he was he executed account remember how he die didn't somebody I know what's The guy? Who? WHO's The guy who Who was a Camp Cannibal? WHO's Guy who eight people? You know talking about who killed him in prison. Jeffrey Dahmer, Jeffrey Dahmer that killed him. They killed Dahmer quickly I mean he was at least if I recall right but I don't remember how Bundy died how all my Famous. Killers confusing. Part? I jolly engaged on my mind well, the three neighbors. But Theo bundling the you know the three John Wayne Gates, he was a normal human being. So? How did Theo Bundy died? Say? He was not executed well, didn't he die in prison? If he did what I say to. You he was executed. Okay. So he now how long was when did he? Chair okay. So when what's his? Take place within the seventies. And Eighties. To the Electric Chair? No when. Nine, when he died what he did his it went for a long period of time. I. Was like Sorority Sisters in the South, right? Yeah. Okay. WH when did he start ascribe solid documentary I can't remember what did he start? He is arrested in seventy five. Okay. So it was the sixty seventies. So he was on death on death row then for what? Decade something like that and an aunt so they did execute him. So he wasn't killed in prison but Dahmer was if I'm not mistaken. So eighty nine would i. say sags two, thousand, five I was only off by what sixteen years that's. Why did I feel Bundy was alive till two, thousand, five, sixteen years. Ear Sixty. Glad you knew he was dead. That part I did though I didn't know. Jeffrey Dahmer, got child, and prison, or beat to death for. Child. He. Dahmer gone. So I just back to delve Scotia so you're. You're not responsible for the store owner in Nova Scotia. Just they are thought, it was the grandmother. I am of. You want her to ask. What you do. But let's go sports talk seven ninety what let's go to delve a I. think we should play a fishing trip to Nova Scotia show Yes. You guys have fun off the docks of efficient. Yes. That's GONNA come say I'll pass you're going to pass so we just prefer to stay. All right we can stay we can sit on the boat and fish doing the show right although that's not good for fishing all the talking, but you know what? Keep it light whisper was golfing great show. Like this and then we will discuss Sean when did. Quiz be on I was only sixteen years off on Theo Bundy. What's the big deal? Pretty good sports have close I'm within two decades John. Wayne see that dust dudes a. Face he was in the seventies when he died no later. Oh probably eighty, ninety two. I don't know health when a he di ninety four. Eighteen. Years. Eighteen years off hell I don't know those like you said, all those guys those guys are bad guys I don't pay attention. The bad guys I just want him dead. Eighteen years. Eighteen years off Hell I. Don't know those like you said, all those guys those guys are bad guys ran tension bad guys I just want him dead. Jaffa gazing died in the seventies. He like a guy who was born in the twenties I don't. Ninety Seventy S he's dead though do we interviewing? We can't. because. We tried to reach out to the guy who is dead, but he he was not not on. John Wayne gave was not available for comment what a wack job that cat was I've been up by where that will happen because just now that job suburbs of Chicago that job. So he died in the nineties Yeah Ninety Four. Sports Talk Seven Ninety Guy. Who Killed People in ended up dying the prison where he died like? Fifteen miles from where I grew not good sports talk seven hundred. Sean Salisbury, continues on seven ninety. Question in Christian plant one free. The Big One. The big question of the day on the Sean Salisbury show. SAR. Waked up this morning. Yeah. Woke up this morning. Thank goodness. Thank the good Lord. The another day. Congrats and yes, are you. Guys. northside. Mike said Yes bundy was executed. But he's dead so we can't get to him for comment. I reached out. We reached out to to Bundy but he did not have come that. He's been dead since. What'd you say eighty nine? Eighty. Sandwiches at eighty nine. He's been dead awhile. I don't think he can may not thousand five. Two, thousand, five, eighty, nine, he's dead. Casey was ninety four and the seventy s okay. He committed his crimes of the seventies better and died in the ninety seventies and eighties right He. Won't work JC's over a fairly long period of time to like a lot of those serial. Murderers what a wack job that guy was right here I'm thinking I'm going to New Orleans because my my oldest boy's birthday this week and he's a chef down there and I'll second by woke I don't know I had shrimp poboy on my mind this morning. So lead me to believe that we we talk sandwiches and we talk what's good and bad mail and what goes on it, but I was thinking of hot sandwiches. Hot Not, cold. Just. Hot. Now if you're a guy who elect for instance me. If I'M MAKING A. I don't like hot Turkey sandwiches nominee to cold cuts. Turkey now I like hot ham and cheese sandwich. I'm in ham melted cheese on a ham. With you know one of the bread I'm all in. So I was thinking what is the best hot sandwich going? Grilled, CHEESE COMES TO MIND. Are you a poboy I mean public one thing about. I'm critical of those I. Love Them. But sometimes go get a poboy they'll give you four shrimp and the bread so thick. You're just eating brave. Yeah. Bread and you get down there. So we'll where's the meat I need overloaded mean on a poboy and soft bread soft I don't need the bag get. You know the cuts, the roof, your mouth, the bad. The heart out the bad yet. But when you bite into it, you hear crunch from here to New Orleans and it cuts the roof of your mouth like. Captain. Crunch cereal. No I don't need that debates are to dip to dip into a soup to soften them up. So if you're going to dip into from Upton, just Gimme soft bread on my public but I find that the some poboy people that aren't the real give me less shrimp or lobster or roast beef whatever the poboy as you like. And the breads way too hard. So I was thinking what's the best hot sandwich on the planet seven, one, three to five, seven, ninety. Now have you guys. We've all eating Bologna at some point I do would you rather have a fried Baloney Sandwich or cold Baloney I would need balloon. Hundred percent cold. Sandwich last night. I've eaten Fried Baloney. But I if I ate fried Baloney growing up what it was sex just the fried. I didn't have wasn't on a sandwich. Now and I'll eat I mean I like like I'll tell you guys like tuna melts. No, you don't eat to. Guy I don't eat tuna much anymore I did as a kid more but see that's that's now that's a sandwich that both the ham and cheese you can do hot cold the tuna melt where you got melted cheese unlike bread that's been toasted and the Tunis cold but everything else is hot. Or Cold Tuna Sandwich which I like tuna sandwiches you would never he'd or then you've got the fried egg sandwich as opposed to just egg salad. Sandwich. Friday so do I so so my thing is, what's the best hot sandwich going? I think you'd be hard president. The hottest may be the best maybe the simplest. Can you go wrong with grilled cheese sandwich done, right. You I mean honestly is. The basic grilled cheese frigging sandwich. Can you go wrong now people can say, well, the best hot I'm just WanNa know what's the best some people like hot roast beef gravy on it I've had that too hot roast beef sandwich and he put the gravy on it with some pro. provolone cheese delicious breads, the key. So don't call up and say I'll bet coal tuna Santa out to I don't want to hear about a cold tunes we know that. So I'm thinking could limited it to poboy or what's the best poboy but just a hot sandwich. When you're making, are you more happy if it's not Friday for you sex I mean MC. What's your favorite hot sandwich? If it's not fried eggs grilled cheese grilled. So you like. So you like what I said you liked the ham and cheese big melting cheese on. Tom. Right okay. Now, do you not ham cold ever all you don't. Get a cold like a ham and cheese cold Sampson may on has to be ruled Gotcha. Okay. So that's a good one. So it's the bread that the hams hot the cheese how breads hot. All right say. So are you more apt to go hot ham and cheese or see I'd be more apt to go cold but I love hot ham and cheese when I do it I'm with you hot achieve may taste better. Yeah, I get. Cold bribes. Right so do you have do you either? Want you guys? Okay. So for you, it's not it's not Friday at hot eggs hot having I'll have a I. Have I have my eggs in the fridge 'cause I'm GonNa. Get. My fried egg heat up after the show. But I mean, it was a BAGEL BAGEL CC no. Bagel actually bacon with it. Yeah. Nice all right. What about you? What's your favorite hot sandwich. Now. I love me a now you give me a boy that's done right With A lot of shrimp on their or the meat on there. With the proper sauce. Yeah. I'm all in but don't give me that over that bread where it's called a bread poboy right where you give me four like I said, I've tasted a few those some ass place that a slap a poboy to go that ain't. No poboy gave me mini shrimp and there's five of them and after two bites and I'm just eating bread I can do that anywhere. So. What's yours sex? You got one choice brother one hot sandwich and that's the only when you get to eat who what is it? Like. The one that pops to mind is like a hot beef sandwich with the is you on the side hot beef injection Saroj know when you say as you always makes me think of dumb and dumber where he's driving the van. WHO HAS ROSE FEVER So you like you're talking about sexy, not a prime rib sandwich but shredded. Yeah cut roast beef with like it all it's like a French dip. Yeah. French. French dip. Yeah. That's make sense and you dip it in a sauce at soft bread. But in their little a little bit of texture and crunch to be dividend that is you sauce and maybe add a little raw radish or or cream to raw horse. Annoy. My GRANDPA, eat all the time. PUT IT ON I. Can't have I gotTA GO French dip with the sauce dodge the odds you sauce and I gotTa have normally creamed horseradish. It's really spicy I. Put that on that thing to you to have it man for me got to got to got to got to Garett what you got for best hot. Best. Hot Sandwich on the planet. That's a very simple. I've been going to the same place for about Twenty Years in Orlando Florida it's in Winterpark I'm not GonNa name unless you ask what is it? That here. There were no competition with them. sound like a sandwich shop here saying Sean you endorse our products. I'll go to winter park unless if you're telling me at subway, then you're we got a problem. Okay. So what is It got debtors 's okay. It's Dexter in Winter Park and they do a press duck sandwich and it's French bread. It's toasted with stuck in it and it's got re cheese on it with grilled onions and they press it and it's just amazingly crispy in great and savers. So it's OK well, it's on duck in the French bread and what else? With brie cheese right hand grilled onions I hate to tell you this. It appears that Dexter is permanently and grilled onions. Oh, they shut down. Yeah. Your host brother. You'd better find a new one because apparently because of covid. Permanently, close. Well, that sucks I I hope it opens back up for you, but let me let me go back to when you order it. Do you go in and say Duck Duck Goose is that your? Seixas. Pretty. Close I. Just I. Just say me that Press Duck Sandwich I guess like I. Said, you know, I, I have to I have to get it somewhere else now but it was you know I went there and that was the only thing I ordered because You know when you eat a sandwich and you get the cheese and pick that per protein and then and then like I said the crispiness. I'm very. Perfect Perfect Garrett thanks man breathes a little underrated to Brecon be underrated sounds good a duck down the Donald. History that why you saying? To Talk. I think it was awesome. I'll tell ya underrated sandwich next underrated sandwich next will you agree or disagree it will take your call seven, three, two, one, two, five, seven, nine, the best hot sandwiches the poll question it's up you tell us don't don't come in here. Give me a coal, which next will you agree or disagree it we'll take your call seven, three, two, five, seven, ninety, the best hot sandwiches the poll question it's up you tell us don't don't come in here giving me a cold tuna sandwich hot sandwich. Doc Duck Duck goose comeback. Let the celebration Star Wars Sean Salisbury, on sports talk seven ninety. All right. Obviously, the poll question in the hot sandwich, we got a lot of Texans talk coming up today at. Eight thirty. Jerry a dull act from Pittsburgh. Post Gazette. Talking. steelers, Texans matchup, and we Texan steelers if we're going that way since the home game for the steelers, but you know there's hot a meatball sandwich done, right it's hard to be frigging phenomenal chicken parm sandwiches hard to beat you mentioned Al's beef. In Chicago now, philly cheese steak with cheese was one of the legitimate ones. In in phillies off the hook. And I said I don't eat hot Turkey sandwiches, but there is one SACHIN. Chris Saucedo brought this up on twitter. And he said a Monte Cristo sounds from I. Think Bennigan's is what he said. He at you from the restaurant from a Ben against I can tell you this and that's with Ham. cheese. Turkey. powdered. Sugar on the outside the bread depending like a French toast type bread and you've got jam and I got put boys and Berry Jam some people like grape jelly or what have you the best. Monte Cristo in the United States is at a restaurant called blue by you in. Disneyland. When you get off of you, you haven't been to Disneyland Right now Disney. Disneyland. People know what? I'm talking about the the pirates of the Caribbean ride. When you get off at, you have to walk through basically the restaurant that's inside pirates of the Caribbean. It's dark, but it's got lighting and you Kanki you go as you shop at eight o'clock in the morning. You can't get a reservation. They're even seven o'clock at night. You just can't every. It's the blue by you restaurant inside pirates of the Caribbean at Disneyland in Anaheim California is the Best Monte Cristo Sandwich in the world period and it's the most popular item on their menu. If you ever go there and you can stop in there if you WANNA wait or if you're fortunate to. Get reservations that sandwich will melt in your mouth. It's the best money Chris on. It's not close. I'm sure Ben again all these other place Monte Cristo Sancho place in Arizona last week to really good at the breakfast club in in Scottsdale Awesome I'm telling you Monte Cristo sounds is one of the five Sanchez on the planet hot sandwiches at blue by you in in a Disneyland. An inside the pirates of the Caribbean area but hot sandwiches the best on the planet I think it's don't you guys think that if depending on where you are in the country, it'll be like if you're in Philly you're going to choose the cheese steak most of the time. If you. A lot of people you know what I'm saying a high lobster roll. Now I like the hot lobster Roll I. Don't like not a bit cold lobster rolls. Cold I like lobster roll hot though he. Now that I think, I just don't eat same which is really because of the bread I just don't eat a right we don't buy lunch me right you'll eat an egg sandwich but you don't get a lunch meat part of it we we haven't talked like pulled pork sandwiches none of. Pork Yep. was telling you before Tim and brank getting you guys real quick is the Cuban sound when he mentioned pressed the duck press. Ouch went Garrett did a Cuban sandwich the pressed, Cuban Dipped in spicy mustard with the good pickles on it. Stupid. Man. Good Cuban sandwiches. Is really really good. All right. We got Tim Tim best hot sandwich and the country. Ever in the. Best sandwiches an Alvin Joe's Barbecue Sean you mentioned the. Threat Ballboy with the hard bread and not enough strength. They load that thing up there you can have another meal which is. GonNa, fall off while you're eating it and it's made with the south is French bread but there is. One of the best in. Alva-. What's the name of it? Joe's barbecue and album Joe's Barbecue Alvin. So soft French bread with with a double meal sized shrimp because it's fallen off there and there's enough shrimp to go around for to. My wife she she don't even order. She just eats what falls off mine I love it man that's great. Tim. Thank you. Okay. So the shrimp poboy. In Alvin I. Liked it. Do. They ever do that and not on a shrimp boy if the shrimps done right the sauce, you don't want overload right much softer proper sauce on it. The shrimps done right you don't need to pound it with sauce, right but the bread batters frank which you've got best hot sandwich in the country. I would say not just imitating. Plays called Cadillac Barbecue and they do Cats thing which law they argue sounds. strumming manning off the chain So my house made Nichols. Unless you're. The man you know, what? How could I because that may be I keep thinking because of cold stress sandwiches but a hot Pastrami was Swiss. On Rye bread some like pumpernickel some like that seven whatever it is but A. Red Hot research and hot mustard with the proper thinly sliced pickle in there every now, and then you'd like to throw on a little thousand island. If you're going to keep the mustard off, that'll help to how how can you not think of hot. Even, if the Guy. From how about you sex? Yeah. Yeah I grew up in A. Cold most of the time here I have had it Cole now romance with you? Mayo on it and stuff. So that was an end some spicy mustard. That's how we did it. So yeah so the You want to chime in throughout the day feel free cash that shrimp poboy Alvin sounds pretty good right now. Joe's Barbecue and Alvin. Beef Yeah. All Dude come on Dana. Likes beef put some jarred Nera Dude. That's true. When you just talk about now we said specific sounders and where they're located the owls beef sandwich in Chicago. Hard to beat if you're just talking about the out like a French dip style sandwich, the beef hard stanley sliced. Even exist here in Houston that. Any. kind of beef sandwich like not like that. When it comes to house beef dipped properly if you don't dip it, don't even talk to me right. Sports Talk Seven, hundred a lot of Texans talk. Astros lose. grinky wasn't his sharpest self, but they lose. So still on hold what what's happening in a postseason wise but They get beat by the mariners and we'll discuss but we've got Texans talk next and again the match up of. and Bill O'Brien's approached the press conference of what he says about it. The steelers offense, a steelers defense and Basically, not sure what to make of the slow start. So sports talk seven hundred come right back. It's Sean it's sags. It's MC. It's you best hot sandwich in your in your world or if you have a spot, that's great. But once the best hot sandwich on the planet sports. Talk seven hundred. Bill. She's Very. This is the Sean Salisbury show. Where guys. Talked about the university at Houston and the protocol that. If a couple of guys tests positive somewhere well, north. Then, you don't get to play if you're university Houston even if your players. Are Capable of it, and they tested negative or if eight other guys that the north. Texas tested negative. So another postponed or canceled game, this one's canceled. And the University of Texas has faced this one way or the other five times already. It's just what I say texts university Houston Texas University of Houston. Has faced this again, they can't even get it going so. The absurdity of it I mean from Washington State and Rice Memphis Daler and now. North Texas. That's a that's a fifth game. All right. To the Texans we go. Let me. Let me read this to you and I want you guys. This is done what you've seen. How in depth this isn't tell me what you guys think. Bill O'Brien on the Texans offense. And I saw this on Mark Berman's post yesterday. Fox Twenty. Six Not where we want it to be. Let me delve deep into this for a second. Bill Bill on Texans offense. Now, you guys break how you guys break this. This is tough. This is in depth. Not where we want it to be. Do I hear him set. Yeah. Let me hear him say. We've got a long way to go. You gotta get going here. This week we got scored Winston, the other team we gotta get going. So it's not where we wanted to be quite obviously. Working hard to get better. Take. Can listen to that for seven years. This is not. Something that is the I hate when he does that to reporters that ass legit questions like Aaron Wilson does I hate when he just sits there and spews the same crap overnight working hard it's now really wanted to be wealth fix it actually do something to fix it for once. But could you do me a favor hit that again and I want you to pay attention to one small part. Of the exactly what you're talking about listen that again. We got a way to go and we gotta get going here. This week we've got score. What's the other team we gotta get going? So it's not where we wanted to be quite obviously. Working hard to get it better. I gotta you something. I had zero idea coming into work more points. Yes. That's just. Not Know that that is great insights a just great coach. It's pretty telling you think a guy that's one more than lost her know that by now yeah. I say Tau, you've gotTa do what more than the other team he just figured it out so he's trying to. What you gotTa, do though score more than the other team. You you do. Yeah. Well. Anyway. Let me get this straight. You're talking about in a professional football game. You have to score more points than the other team to win. That is the goal. And their office is not where they want it to be. On those two things, right. They're pretty shocking revelation and we've got to get better. Yeah, scored. Winston. The other team a are we working hard to just Winston the other team? They there's one guarantee under bill. O'Brien said they always work hard. He never wants comes says you know we're really not working hard this week. I've wait for that to happen. You know what we we did work hard this week and we scored more points than the other teacher. Rockets tell us they didn't play very hard but they didn't play hard. Bills just tells you every week that they're working hard. Wire, sags concern though I didn't know this I I mean I've played sports for a long time. And we all cover it. I had no idea. What's the goal again? Scored with the other team. Okay I mean if he wants to win. Okay. But if he doesn't, he doesn't have to score more points than. When you think about it, we really dig down deep and think about it. It's true. Statement. Analytics, yeah I means what it what. Metrics that's called. That's evidence metrics right there. A are you shocked right now? You know I'm not shocked at all what what did you know that going in now I didn't but I you know it started to make sense to me last week when I was watching other games as well that the team who had more points actually won the game. So I you know he's on to something. To check with a few other people I'm reach out to Ian Rapoport to make sure this is crack reach out to that dead person reach out to the dead person to see if they have any comment I don't know. If they'll be able to answer even if they can't answer it but they agree that you have to score more points than other team take. So yeah. I'm GonNa tell you what you're my I'll tell you who else may have that answer Elias Sports Bureau. I'll reach out to them as well but they just tweeted out breaking. You have two more points than the other team I. Had No idea man I'll tell you. That's the great thing about learning on. You're in this business. Let's ask. Do you learn more about the Buzzer to that? It's sports? Guess Co wrote the other team? Yes. That's exactly right unless you WANNA tie. But I'll say how you score more points the other team and what you do every day what are they doing sexy or what working working hard working hard every day yeah working hard. I mean I would expect nothing less for a team that's got the highest highest payrolls in the League right? Straight cash homey you family yeah. I think they spend the most on their offensive side of the football team football here. Let me ask you guys this pertain. Okay. Are we where we are? They were they need to be. No. They're not. They're not close but. Let me seat. Didn't he actually what he said here acquire Thank. You said, we're not where we want to be did he say that sex? Did did bill say that he's he's our we want to be working hard to get it better. Okay. All right. I. Look I'm confident. Now he told me that they're working hard to get it better. T nats confident about. That he at least knows that yes, they're working hard to get it better. You do question when they go out there bill that they have to score more points to win. Yeah. Because the way so I really don't care how you score them. Right guys. Now that's not in there. He didn't tell me that in once you score. You have to hold onto it right you can't let it go and let them actually end up scoring more points than you. Yeah. You can't let them outscore you say fifty one to seven. Hits. Sixty minutes Zeros. When it gets to all zeroes. On the scoreboard it actually needs to say. The other team, right Texans more other team less I would you think the broadcasters on on on a broadcast? Let us know that this week on TV now probably not because they haven't figured it out yet bills. I. So it's not where we wanted to be quite obviously you know Bill Brian is he's He's the guy that when he when he tells you A. tells you a scored or a game if he used the losing score, I that those kind of got try not say they lost seven twenty one to. Twenty. One seven that's built around. It doesn't matter if they were or away you put the winning score. I always do that's a that is a pet peeve of mine with anybody all we lost one, two, three in the game. Now you lost three, two, one, three, two, one yeah no, you one, forty, two now don't play you want twenty eight, twenty, one, please don't put the lesser score I ever Iraq. That just tells me. You don't know and I did not know that you needed to score more points you have team, but I'll tell you what sex thought working hard one again. or or no not working but but we're not where we want to be hit that one Roku not where we want it to be quite obviously. See here. Did you hear the end of it huge revelation quite quite? A long way to go I appreciate the he recognizes that we see that they're now are they WANNA be? Is it obvious? It's obvious how obvious why not where we wanted to be quite obviously huge quite obviously. Forget score with the other team. I am flabbergasted that I learned something. I can't believe I listen to media thing is he was a mood he was in a build mood. Well, I'd be in a mood to it onto I gotta cut him some slack there. I'd be pissed too. I'd be pissed at you know the fact that I keep doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result working hard to get it better. Oh my gosh. The same crap. Every time of microphones, but I am concerned about one thing. Yes. Winston the other team. They WANNA. Be. So it's not where we want it to be quite obviously. Working hard to get it better. It's obvious. Thank God. We don't have any. Not where we wanted to be good, obviously, we get fired after the segment because. We have. Mission no we take. We're just having a little bit of fun bill listens to this. He has to laugh everything. Yeah. He's got a laugh. Listen I'm one of those. Probably right now but I, know you out people the city get pissed I actually one of those guys now I haven't stood on the table and an jumped up and down for it but. Actually said. that. As a coach, if he was just the head coach. He's not bills us. He knows football. So it's not where we want it to be I. I understand I've tried to defend you I've try I've been one of those guys that's actually defended him more than most not only in this town, but around the country. Team. That I didn't know. What that's revealed to you more points than baby, right? So I think that bill's got in this you gotta have a little sense of humor because bills probably listening to say, and we'll note sherlock. Of course of course. That's I mean. We didn't just uncovered, but I had no idea. You had to score more points team. So it's kind of funny. It makes it sags Was it obvious or are they? Is it not obvious that they gotta get better at that position on offense? Where we wanted to be quite obviously. Right, well, hopefully, it'll be better of be better. We're GONNA. We're GONNA. Stick it out, and then we are going to tell bill how score more points than the other team. We are going to give them an idea how to do it. And you remember yesterday when we talked about how fast the steelers defenses, there's a few people around the country that have looked at some tape invalidated what we said on the show yesterday. They may not play faster sideline to sideline and more aggressive defense when it comes to speed this whole year. If you thought it was tough the last two weeks defensively. Stay tuned they've got there. They've got a game they have to play and quite obviously they're gonNa have to score more points than the other team sports talk seven hundred we will stick it out next. The other team. Charles. Barkley, you guys thought I put on some ways since my playing days usually Shaw Solos borough are. Now back to the Sean Searle Bara Sean. Knuckle. Sean Woody here not. Now Salisbury. Steak out. Brief steakhouse on the Sean Sounds Barillot. AMC Let's take this thing out. Because we gotta find a way to have more points than the other team to win. Yeah. The Astros have really been struggling to doing that three to two last night. Zag rinky works into the fifth, but it's been a bad month. Overall September hasn't been horrible. He's had one really bad start, but he hasn't been a quality stuff. I'm serious right now should he be game one starter just based on the way he's pitched I don't care about his veteran status should he start game one of the postseason? Zach grant key yeah I let concrete and key sometimes plan say when he's not pitching as well as we like I changed his name. Zach Cranky. I would start him in the first one just because of his walks he did nothing to do with this. I think his mental toughness and. They'll go, right yes but right. Robert Best Pitcher, right? Yes. He keady and the best stuff. Oh, there's no doubt. There's no doubt but you know who they're running out there. There were agree just for the simple reason of it'd be last year lease will be short. Yeah. All Very. So it's been rough and. You WanNa know what a good. points. Points if you score more points than the other team you win. Bill told us out. Yeah. Do you know that in baseball score more runs and I'll tell you what else is a bad combination When you're not hitting not pitching well. Winston, the other team, the good news there pitching. Well, not talking about what were just speaking of Gra Shit. That's right. General. There's some other guy but when you put. If, he's not on and they're not hitting. It's it's a bad day I. Mean I hate being that person but we have reached beyond the point where They can baseball stupid they can get hot in something can happen. But the the evidence this season tells us they're not getting hot. Well, if you're and they're playing, they're not playing good baseball going into the most important part of the season, which is the postseason. You say you WanNa play your best baseball. Last couple of weeks of the they've not done it. They're seven and nine, their last sixteen games and you make a great point of. Optimism is one thing facts or another right now and did we ever just? Maybe that maybe that this they are this year. Yeah, they are. Out to been a bad now, I will say he had some terrible luck again last night he smoked a ball shortstop of the bases loaded two outs like. He did have a hard line drive, but Korea has been a bad player for extended period of time now Bregman is not played Bregman. It's been a bad baseball player the second MVP vote last year he's a guy that's a sub seven fifty. Oh, ps this year he's not been good. There's been no power you lease fallen on. I think that the hand is clearly an issue that they talked about but still he's got nothing. Nothing. When you start to look at the guys who you're counting on. We can say they're going through a slump sixty games worth. For the most by Vanity Fair start you. We. We talked to the assistant hitting coach yesterday choice snicker. And he pointed to it. He was like I think. We're having these questions across lot of cities in baseball because it's been so weird because I just don't think are comfortable this year. I, guess the biggest issue here is I think guys just they didn't get the right ramp of normally get and they're just not comfortable. I. Was asked a question on the show in Cleveland yesterday. About them. And From covid. To just the ramp up to. There's even you're GONNA get people that ask the question this was included to is. Banging trash cans at they're not hitting as what you know that you get asked all that and I get the question. And but I think it's a combination of a lot of things and I. I actually think the mental side of that grind that they expected this year may have taken its toll. They're not hitting. Well, they've been banged. I mean it's a lot of things but I hate to tell folks this. This is who they are this year. Yeah it is the true. They're not winning the world series. No, they're not they're. In a short series like I I'd say it last night I think back to the two thousand, eighteen team that was that played Cleveland. They weren't great offensive team that you're they hit home runs but they hit like in the fifties they just weren't consistent at all Marvin Gonzalez. was horrible all year and then in those three games where they sweep out Cleveland he was the hottest on the plan like that kind of thing can happen in a short three-game series the started, but that's not sustainable for a entire postseason. It's not and so to get back to yeah I think rinky gets the first start. Just. Because he's cranky but I can tell you this right. Now, the best pitcher on the staff is the guy from the other side. Who can who's and. Who seems to mentally have pretty good grasp right now right as we talked about yesterday. Yeah. Good player and by the way right now. The postseason matchup would be the Minnesota twins for not the you don't want change. Don't want that. No, you don't. You don't want that one. No I don't think many people do best hot sandwich in the country who you got sex. What you've got now is we stick this out last night tyler hero thirty, seven points as the heat win on twelve, one, nine over the Celtics. Jimmy Butler had a good game. Goran dragic was pretty good. Played good decent basketball Jimmy Butler solid three one is it over they're not losing three in a row. Yes that's series is done. Won't let them. That's series is done. It's not going to happen as much as I like to think that it's going to be a series there the Miami will win that they may get beat a game or two but if even if goes seven Miami's one in the series, I I actually thought Boston was GonNa win last night going in I did I thought that they you know Brad Stevens is good coach, but we got actually to really good coach isn't that series? WHO SPOELSTRA and Brad Stevens both of extremely, extremely good coach. I can tell you this though going into the game, you got a choice, you can either be goat or hero. You know what I'm saying it's to break especially when it's play offs and he was. He was a hero last night. What would you ought to be I? Don't you gotTa score more points than the other team to win right you do. You do to be the all you do or you either you got to do that to be the hero or you actually have to have. The name Hero. Both guess what guess what you are. Hearing. been on one, he shot his. Shot an I G model. Yeah and she's been hanging out with him in the bubble. He's He's living life. Does he do you think she had? Do you think they look at it her portfolio together? Yeah he comments on her pictures I. Love. Most about it. I don't know why I get to this and say you gotta finish a question but I don't know why get to this. But I just laugh when somebody says, he wants to see my portfolio when models the portfolio kept a sale I got my pictures here but it's more. Scandal pictures? No. Not The scan just normal wants their in their. You know their. Thought I'm talking about regular models not. But you know how they walk in the old. School. Briefcase. Know they're studying, for the MED school to. Know why you gotta be hey in. I, why do we portfolio? Is that just a professional I gotta get my portfolio done is that why they sent the? It sounds perfect. It does yeah portfolio. Okay. So folder with your portfolio, we hold here but you're holding the long briefcase you know people care art work. You hold near your briefcase, the your portfolio. I gotta get some portfolio shots on sags made I gotta get them done because I night I know this if you're. Photos. Are you know like your portfolio's better than the other person probably pregnant to get a better chance at a modeling job? Just like if you score more points than the other team you usually with it's true and if you're a hero and not a goat and your namesti, you know last name Sierra guess what you are sex. A Hero I'm ignoring you. For that okay. For that whole hero thing euro that you big. Hero. Okay. What else you got for me Do you think do you think do you think that the Lakers would rather play the Celtics or the heat? Celtics do I think you're looking the nuggets? dammit. Celtics y Miami's tougher. On realize the nuggets got the Lakers one on they were down in the series now they come back Miami fits. Matches up so well against the Lakers. Actually think there's a major. I'm not so sure that Miami right now isn't as good as any team left. Jimmy Butler has played Lebron tough over the years and he will have an attitude in the I mean you got Jae crowder you can also throw it Lebron. You Got Igwe Dallas still who is just a veteran what Jae crowder to keep shooting threes now don do that. Don't do that. So do I think Miami is a good matchup? Yes and do I think that Miami winning the title as. We get to the finals I, don't I'm holding for the Lakers, really hope they do but tell you this nuggets heat in the heat win at all I'm not so sure that going with the way they've played that I wouldn't think that Miami should be the favorite in the finals. Better and you picked nuggets heat in the finals with like the heat to win and you just put down a good chunk of money on it. The odds you got. Oh my gosh. Should you know what you'd be? To your family and friends very wealthy person possibly is. Very wealthy person. Pays for your bill. Let's gotTa Brag us in Boston. I off sports. Sports stocks. You have to score more points than the other team to winnable something we learned today it's I. Don't know that's debatable seven, one, three to five. With the other team yes we do concept the best hot sandwich of the country wasn't it's not. To be quite obviously obviously, it isn't working hard to get quite obviously we're going to work hard to give you reasons that the Pittsburgh steelers will get beat by the Texas Week. We got a long way to go on Yes sorta we and it's going to be a break, but it's not a log on Sports, Talk Seven Ninety Stupidity reigned supreme this morning. Also check this out. I should've worn shot only cares about cold hard facts. Back to the Sean Salisbury show on sports talk seven. Ninety sportstalk seven ninety. Bill was also raving about the for the most part the Texans. Sees the steelers defense. As most of us are I'd said yesterday. That this is about as fast. An active defense is there isn't a and I'm not so sure. I don't know how you can tell me any different to who has more sacks in the game jj TJ TJ. Big. Brother's probably GONNA. Trimming big brother's GONNA try hardest to lose that battle. I would agree with that I just don't think last week. Jj said he billy sixty eight percent of snaps because he was dealing with a groin injury during the game and he's still had to tax. It's pretty good. On the injury report yesterday. Can play. But I just to me I, think you're gonNA have a hard time. I think TJ watts tied for the league in sacks with two and a half or three right So did you did you just say that the? Bed is the easy buddies, TJ though of course, because he's going to be facing Titus Howard. I go with just going to be hard. You're GONNA have a hard time. That defense runs man that defense runs and keeps running and keeps running. And they know how to get to the quarterback there edge rusher. depre- and and get after we know TJ Watt, they're active in the secondary so you devise the plan. I might concern as they play close to the vest on the road and are afraid to lose. That concerns me. Talking about the Texans, knowing that defense goes in Noah what you're getting going in knowing the protection issues you've had knowing that you're getting gashed on the run game. The other ways you don't WanNa you WANNA limit their possessions I I don't know if this is now you'll take a win any way you can get it i. don't think you can score seventeen points or twenty points in this game win now so if you're playing scared By a dog okay I don't think you can go into. And Win now give you reasons how how you win. You better the protection of if they go a little more max protection or keep bax in limits, the number of people you have in the route so watson will have to be even more precise and if you're. GonNa. Empty and get people out of the backfield and get people out in the route. Net night. Now you better you can't hold long. So you're it's one of those. You can have to be precise to be dynamic and you're going to have to. Decide. How you'RE GONNA protest ego in and say, let's just attacking go big. Because the Pittsburgh steelers defense is not gonNA play passive they never do. And it can run. So matter of fact, their linebackers can probably lean in a foot race. Run with your running backs, I'm just telling you they can, and this is a physical nasty team. Average offense won't be good enough. You score twenty points or less. You're not in the game I don't believe I don't believe this. I do not believe the Texas Defense on the road right now is good enough to keep them. Pittsburgh. From scoring three touchdowns in a field goal. That's just my belief now can they of course and do I hope they do? Yeah. Absolutely. But I'm going by what are we like to call in this town metrics analytics evidence? What tells you? To need somebody to explain it seven, one, three, two, one, two, five, seven, hundred, you guys tell me. What evidence do you see that says we're capable can't keeping the Pittsburgh steelers. Low scoring well, Pittsburgh's not, very good. To. Go in there with that attitude and watch what happens. Oh, they're not Pittsburgh Kansas City your Baltimore. No. But I got news for you. Baltimore goes in and plays at seventy five or eighty percent and Pittsburgh plays their best when they play Pittsburgh beating them. So be careful. And Pittsburgh's defense take a backseat to no defense in the NFL this year none not one. Statistically they may be a little less than points or yards allowed they when when you line up You'll can roll through any head coach and League I. Say Gimme five defense is. Getting through Pittsburgh without mention their name. So I just. You're probably have to play your best game and here's why. It's game three. It's time you know what your team looks like. The first two games you know what your expectations are and you know that you can't creep into a deeper hole. So there better be and I cannot fathom when I when I hear people talk about. Well, there's got to be a sense of urgency. Why do I have to preach that? Why? Why? In the world who I need to preach sense of urgency in game three when row to I'm not saying they're not urgent but whenever I hear it even game what we gotta have a sense of urgency then play faster. Send that message during the practice field. Start off in the two minute drill to something change the temple because we think you're gonNA stand pat and go like we said yesterday eighty yards five times in a game and beat the steelers grinding it out with the way you played a few ex. If you exceed yourself play great offensive line like our expectations were that you'd be much better up there this year maybe. But I don't believe you're going for five eighty are drives to beat the steelers you better. Do something different not go ahead and I pulled this up I saw the St Pelizzoli tweeted this I, think was actually this morning. He put up a chart of. What the Defensive Front likes to do, and the Pittsburgh steelers far away are the team that blitz is the most in the NFL and they're far and away the team that has the most stunts and and you know different setups. Upfront. Each play in the League it's not even close to anybody else. You're talking this year this year. So forth, dogging was last year Baltimore and Baltimore's seconds still internally goods is there you go. But I mean there's ramped up like a lot more than even Baltimore so so far through two games. So you're gonna see even more of what you saw last week with in my opinion better individual players in a terrifying that you didn't run the. Ball well against Baltimore last week it. All right to maybe try to help mitigate some of this. Now, you I mean there's no way to think David Johnson is GonNa. Come have a great game running the football. Yeah and not more defensive giving up some of the run a little bit here, and you weren't able to do it and Pittsburgh through two games as the best defense against the run just got to be sitting there saying well. It's gotta be. Protect protect ourselves when the throwing the ball we're doesn't go back to Watson's got to play perfect win her not when I say perfect I mean we asked to. Like really excellent to win. Here's what Bill said about the steelers defense. Now I mean you decide for this or if you go in, you're saying well, I don't know how we're going to get it done. Very consistent defense they do what they do. Okay, which is pressure. You speak four bill because I've seen them play. Palaiseau Lavalle. The PRO football focus stats they're very good at it whether it's based defense or nickel defense. They have guys that can rush. Obviously, he likes obvious has been a big T. J. Watt but depre- but the inside guys can rush meaning the guys opposite of Bud Duprey T. J., watt inside them. The DB's can rush the linebackers can blitz. They all have an ability to get to the quarterback. So it's a very difficult defense to go against. It's a defensive prides itself on toughness and physicality. Would I tell you guys yesterday all the years of my plan and watching there's never been a defensive consists in my mind that every single year. Did Not just pride himself but lives it hasn't been defenses that have been better but this is what they go by and it's strong. And it's going to be a very physical game but they do a good job. They're very consistent on what they do. Now when you say it's going to be a very physical game. guess what you better you better match it. The. You'd better friggin match it because if you don't match it, it'll be it'll be a worse, ass kickin. Because the one thing I, know that they don't have any problem dropping back and ben thrown a bunch but if Ben's in the twenties with his attempts, the low thirties if look out. And you'll know early in this game, what the intensity of the Texans is I'm telling you. You will know early George what's on your mind man? Yeah. COUPLA questions. First of all, WHO'S THE Best quarterback ever to put on a Mike Easy of Warren Brand Tarkenton Brett Farr Tommy Kramer Sean South Very Hang. Well. I don't I set a couple of questions that was one that was one. You didn't get the I thought JJ WATT was on a screen. Yeah. He told me. That's not what he told me when he called, he said I know how they can stop the steelers and that's with The Best Player, the best defensive player on the planet Jj Watt. Help George first of all, Jj Watt that point in time was the best defensive player on the planet. He's not a top ten defender right now but he's a great one and I'll tell you what you talk about effort and play. He will be blessed you. He still may be the best defender on their team and he's been through surgeries and everything I ever stepped bless you. I think the JJ Watt I respect him as much as any player in the league. He's not the best defender on the planet, but he's a hall of Fowler not anymore that's just the fact and then. His brothers better than he is. Fighting the commercials yeah that Aaron Donald Did you see what Aaron Donald did this week I. HE I forgot who it was the offensive lineman. He literally one handed picked him up by his elbow off the ground and threw him off. The ground I can't get past how he treated Zeke Elliot and week one. So he's just he's a vicious. So Hey, listen and I understand but George didn't even bring up the question that he had supposedly about Jj what is now the best player on the planet on defense anymore but I can make the argument. He's one of the best at his position of all time. Yes he's a great player, but he's not the best anymore. So there's that as far as quarterbacks I. Don't know who the key named Tara Tarkenton Tommy and who else and then me some are far. I was on Minnesota longer than far but farthest better. Okay. they'd Kramer Rice Guy Better Fran Tarkenton better. Rich Gannon was better. Wade. Wilson Dante culpeper. culpeper because he put up big numbers but you're kirk cousins may you should get? Of me I-, cousins puts up better numbers, but I'd like to think that I. I in certain situations, I could make you or Taveras Jackson. Now, we're talking now you're in my range me, you know sage Rosenfels rosenfels. Good. One sit fairly similar guys as far as backup started some. By the way yes I don't know what George was getting at George. Let's put it this way. Better than you. Randall Cunningham Randall Cunningham. George. I don't know if he was joking or having fun with it, but I'll have fun with it back. Now I was I was not the better than Tommy. Web Me Joe Web for sure May. Not, even close Joel just signed back there or one of the NFC teams. I don't WANNA which. Yeah. If you're talking about. Tommy and Fran Tarkenton lions. Take. All three of those guys over me six ways to Sunday twice on Sunday and always. So there you go. So there's two things I do know I'm not the best quarterback on Vikings or any of those guys. George. So I'll have the laugh with you. I'm with the ten years but I was not the best not even close. So there you go. So there's two things I do know I'm not the best quarterback on Vikings or any of those guys. So all have the laugh with you I'm with you ten years but I was not the best. Not even close and not better than did not even in those three guys category. We're the best on this show right? Right could be used and I can tell you this and Jj's not the best at his position in the League right now either so there that answers you both both questions the JJ had a little bit better career than most of US sports. Talk. Seven Ninety Soda at Home Program Subtle Weight Loss s Ota State of the art. State of the art. Okay. You feel in fact Outta shape I'm just GONNA. 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Here's what I've eaten and look at the Progress Soda Weight Loss. The weight loss DOT COM Click the TAB in the upper left hand corner and see what it's all about. There's no better. This is a lifestyle change and one where you don't feel like you're sacrificing much when you diet in your mind, you'll keep dieting when you have a weight loss program or a lifestyle change, you'll lose it and it will stay off in the food you eat. Delicious Soda at Home Program Sorta Weight Loss Dot Com Soda Weight Loss Dot Com State of the art. WE'RE GONNA have to turn this over to Sean. More Sean Salisbury on Sports Talk Seven Ninety You were talking about we don't have to go through the whole list would give you those. We're talking about real quick. The George brought it up we're talking about is vikings right as not as overall career. Viking Vikings all Terai Okay and so they have mean nineteenth on the Vikings all time list right quarter. Okay. Just as a Minnesota Viking been around from yes. They have good on you. Thank you very much. Franchises Sandra right behind him as Matt Castle. So Castles Twenty. Okay and Castles had a pretty. Bad for a guy who didn't start at se and I missed two full season but from acid in started game and I see pretty good for him to go onto his NFL career, right? Yeah. Rot a free runs. Behind. One. Yeah. Okay. But here's now listen when you hear this and it's not brag but we're having a little fun with this but I've done by just as Vikings and we're talking about one of these guys, one of my best friends and the other one I respect who's raised to unbelievable son. So I'm nineteen eighteen that would be one taveras Jackie as a Minnesota Viking quarterback for years there as a Minnesota Viking quarterback I'll take that bet I'm not there's no and ain't happened. I'm sorry maybe a better pyro man he was great on and the place. So well, I, got news for him. He could not okay as as a Viking quarterback, I'll give you all those guys. It's not. It's not hard to bypass me and football history I get it but sometimes you gotta stand up I don't believe that they got that one wrong. What else? Seventeen Jimmy Mack McMahon Viking quarterback up get him on the phone overall Mac best listen the Youtube Duke, it and old. Guy Guys know I, love I want to hear you on even mackel say. Oh, did I play with? But as a one year guy. And fight now has a Viking I disagree with as more back. He's a super. What did he started games? What he went? Seven eight Games maybe I don't even know but that's not the point the point I'm just asking for trying to paint the picture. Is. A Viking I don't I would argue that I'm going to lean towards argued that as a viking, Mac obviously had a much better career and we'd have fun with that. Okay. WHO's in front of Mark. McMahon, is a viking. He was eight and four. Then if he want to just go buy once these longevity Max argument with Archie Manning was running for Archie man and let me just run through some stats for all archie manning there he was Owen to completed fifty five percent of his passes for two touchdowns and three picks. Okay. I'm going to say this as. Paul they had archie manning ahead of. That see that's history they went archie over his career, of course, but as a Viking Nah art shouldn't be busy no touchdowns now as a viking. That's the only thing. I will ever be ranked fourteen, two nine. As a viking. Listened as a viking the only ever have in my life that. I. Yes, that's exactly congratulate. Thank you very much. All right. So that was Kinda Fun. Anyway, who's better fouts are farve. Farve WHO's. This fouts fall under the more. Fast because we're talking about San Diego, this fouts fall under the top three underrated quarterbacks of all time. It'd be right area him. I think more Warren Moon still massively underrated concur completely agree. Completely agree. I'm trying to think of another underrated one. AIKMAN. Do we. You're underage and because of the players he played with, we know. Ace. Cutting. There you go. Thank you very much. Thank you and good night. There you go a little bit of fun but the Best Viking quarterbacks in my mind culpepper was great. But Fran Tarkenton without a doubt? The toughest. We ever had one Fran Tarkenton to they Dante call pepper. Brett farve for they had randall content. Brett farve did it and what? Two years? Three, one, two years secondary so. It's Tarkenton and then the rest of the guys fallen culpepper numbers were alarming if he never got hurt and would have stayed, Minnesota, the rest of his career adding up blown as he would have been fabulous but still Kramer's five plus tax and Tom put up and worn was there for a short period a long period of time. Now, one love cut Warren plays a whole career there it's worn and Fran Tarkenton then culpepper but hell I can tell you warrant at the University of Washington. Warren with the Edmonton Eskimos warned with the Houston oilers worn with the Minnesota Vikings he's like in the top five or top three or top to of all those franchise right? He's number one in most here. In Edmonton Minnesota, he makes he plays three years and makes after that storied franchise and makes the top three or four list worn underrated highly-indebted. Tarkenton deserves to be the best because of his longevity with the team, right? There in the giants both so Do, the did when we come back as I do want to discuss. Let's find ways to win the game this weekend. Can. You. What's the one major league you gotTa do Win. Well, I mean we all know. There's what we found out that there's this there's one way to win. With the other team so Okay. What you have to do that's all I'm going to play when you ask. Okay. So you think there's a chance. Yes. Yeah. All right I'm still waiting to hear back from my sources on. Sure. Yeah they're close to me I'm just waiting to hear back. All right. We'll wait for sex sources to find out if what against eggs? If the you know this is true guess with the other team. All right. We'll find out sports talk seven, Ninety hour number three next. Former quarterback. Multi renshaw Salisbury. This is the Sean Salisbury show. Very. Sports Talk Seven Ninety hour number three, the the question we have of the day on the poll question that you can find sports seven ninety twitter among our wheat re tweets and share with you. What am I can you hear me? What do I feel like? I can't hear myself you probably. Is that what it is. Yeah you're talking to me. I don't hear me. The. Poll Question Up Sports Seven, ninety, dot com or sports. Seven Ninety I'm Sam Blah John Sports seven ninety twitter about the best hot sandwich and the country. and. What is it but we are also discussing these Houston. Texans, and the Pittsburgh steelers in, we're trying to find ways. And I know that the I thought. Well, they're they're pro athletes. Of course, it's going to they got a shot and they do. The they got a shot, the question is how big a one and that's what we're going to find out where breaking down so. Do, they have to play if they play like they did the last two weeks fellas, can they win? No. No chance. And all the I. I don't think with this defense. steelers are going to put on that field I just can't can you guys every yeah. Yeah. Okay. Explain why? I'm asking somebody jumping. Sorry I'm looking around saying, are you guys hearing me? So keep talking? Like. No I think what the defense that Pittsburgh is gonNA throw out there I think the talent, the what brought up last segment where they blitz they stunt they try to confuse the offensive line more than anybody in the league and when they do that, we've already seen how this offensive line is played against a really good front seven in the Baltimore Ravens, and then a solid front seven in the Kansas City chiefs. This is probably the best front seven that they faced in the first three weeks. That's where in not to mention. They haven't all pro and Meka Fitzpatrick Joe Haden a great veteran. Terrell Edmonds is a first round pick who's very physical in can stop the run and then make some plays in the back end. So I think this defense is just loaded and as we talked about their fast men's Williams and Devin Bush can cover basically anybody on that roster out of the backfield or at the tight end position. How do they score enough to win this game as my on the Road Yang the road yeah. I pushed a different button Mc you know how sometimes you? Push the different button to. Go and that's why I was looking is any hockey. I can't see sex. Why is this? Be Paying attention to this show, and then you guys are talking to your look at Sean did you see that Brook, trout look like dude what are you talking about? We are talking? So there you go. It's all fixed up and ready to go takes I agree with you. So let me ask you this MC. I'll get your thoughts on this and I'll give you mine but if a between the first three games. Which quarterback give me the order quarterbacks you take I three games of their opponent. Milomar routh has were okay. GimMe Defense Utech. Pittsburgh Baltimore Kansas City agreed Gimme run game you'd take. Baltimore Kansas City. Pittsburgh. Candy. Baltimore. On what what what what you reggae run game Edwards alerts been awesome okay. You Take Baltimore. A Lamar Jackson Go Baltimore. Kansas City Kansas, city Pittsburgh, you more used to running the ball Kansas City's kind of new to the scene Edwards continues to do this I think they'd be like to be. Baltimore. Literally, all three running games could be okay. Now let's include the Texans. Let's let's go through checklists. Defense Pass defense definitely last run defense Dan last ofensive of line. The way they've played we're talking about the first two weeks. I three weeks last quarterback. Last he's not be. Might be. Right now right. So. What in this game between the? Talking about who's better over the long alright. Just this year. Coaching. Last definitely laughed. Andy. John. Mike Tomlin Mike Tomlin Andy John I don't care how many of those three. And the gap is significant between them and Mr. Moore Point production-wise wide receivers. Last the last. Kansas. Production. Kansas City. You guys now get my drift ahead into what I'm GONNA say is. So what does this mean? Well Sean. You know let let's they could go in there and Pittsburgh could play and they could actually elevated. But yeah, they could. Let's hope they do. But all's we got to go on is what we've seen and what we watch on tape we watch on tape now and I know that they can say that were about eight ten plays away if we make those eight ten place. But you haven't made those eight ten and Bingo you made like one or two of Dingo, and we've seen a road game in a home game and did, Hey, has they have they been peppered with the brutal scheduled to start the season sure. They have. Yeah and it'll get easier and they go on a four game run where they went all the Games and get hot. But Guess who you're not playing in. January. If you're in. You're not gonNA play the jets right? You're not playing. Jacksonville. You're not my way of Buffalo team like he did last year, we were the quarterbacks in his first postseason game and I got news for you right now off buffalo played the Texans Buffalo's better. Yeah. Right it's GonNa take you winning your division than being the highest highs while. You're not planning bad. You're not playing the You're not playing the raiders with Connor Cook. Yeah. Okay. You we can go through bills. Playoff existence has been very lucky. Yes I wins. We can go through and we know how high we are on our quarterback here. The teams are going to face if you do. You will. We can roll through the quarterbacks you may end up facing if we were talking fourteen weeks from now. You've plan three of them, the I three games. So include yourself. Then you go who's playing better right out Tanna Hilla Deshaun town. Okay Now while I understand who's better but. Do. You know who's got the most plus twenty yard place. quarterback in the league I think right now it's not to Sean it's Philip. Rivers. I believe look at the numbers. Philip rivers in the first. Two Games I think they're plus two or maybe it was over the quiz at the course of two games. there plus I mean Philip Rivers when you look at his got stop the picks but sex I don't know if we can find maybe maybe I dreamt this but they were Tom Budget, colby percent and look I was looking at some Philip Rivers Jacoby reset and saying, well, it's Philip rivers. Is it really now Paris Campbell's out right sex sure shredded knee, right so you start to look and say, okay well, what are they going to do their? Philip. Rivers is while turn the ball over in the first game was. A couple of bad turnovers but still put up numbers and was pretty efficient. So you are improving at that position point is. And Josh Allens plant matter. Of Fact Josh Allens third the MVP voting in my my opinion. Yeah and Rogers Josh Allen or the MVP that case. I mean and Josh Allens most improved player in league. So I can make the case of right now if you were going with a pro bowl starter in the AFC. It's him. It's him you put Mahomes and get but see pat didn't play well for three quarters last. Numbers aren't where It's Lamar Josh Allen Right. So now, we've got down to the what we consider the fourth or fifth or sixth or seventh the best quarterback in the AFC and right now he's possibly the starting quarterback in the pro bowl. If we're playing after game. So plebeian is it ain't going to be easy and. Sean has to carry I. WanNa be able to say that this team at some point is going to win games when the quarterback average. And you're going to say we'll Sean, does anybody do that? Yeah. Those guys in Kansas City their quarterback average last week. Yeah. He was average I. It's not like Lamar Jackson came out and just roasted you last week here in Houston, he did he was just a good solid player Ben Rothlisberger wasn't. Ben Rothlisberger hasn't scratched the surface about what he's going to put up numbers wise and they've won games UAE because when Ben's not plans best guess what they've done connor runs it well, and their defense is kicking. Your ass. So at some point time you gotta say will. Daddy when it comes to lead in this franchise guess what every now and then you gotta carry data on your shoulders once in a while. You know it's got to be scared of the Texans. I think you pointed out yesterday Mc. And we've watched him in Big Ben just hasn't look fully back yet big Ben we're used to seeing so far through two games completed sixty eight percent of his passes five touchdowns. One pick, which is really good. Guess what Forty Yard. Ben We ain't seen right for for a guy that's the kind of average been. Completed almost seventy percent. He's like, okay. Now I feel good. Somebody's for four sixty at some point I'm just telling you. He's GonNa. Hit you for four fifty or four, sixty, some defense sex giving rivers numbers if you've got him in front of you. Hold on one second. The Felipe icon Philippe. Changes Name. Yeah. He's completing seventy seven and a half percent of his passes. He's got two touchdowns three picks five, hundred, seventy, seven yards. The picks concerning but look at his completion percentage. So, and that's Philip rivers playing what bad right now when it comes to touchdown passes and I do believe they got a bunch of twenty plus yard place I. Think I would have to go back. And I don't know what the number is but I do believe they've increased their plus twenty yard chuck plays. It feels I thought I. saw two, hundred, ninety yards a game right for a guy who's playing right now he hasn't done that since two thousand, fifteen average football for him. He'll cut down I mean he may throw some picks, but he's GonNa end up thirty touchdowns this year I'm sure but the fact is they're running more efficiently. So she gave my point and. They are two three picks, two touchdowns, Mitch you had to play perfect to be. Damn near perfect to beat Indianapolis are now. So my point is about this win is this going to happen here? When. Is it GONNA be that? Hey, man to Sean wasn't very good. We want thirty one to ten. When? When are we getting that? Because if I if I open the sense and say to Sean wasn't great, which is great a lot. You guys know I think he dresses in a phone booth I do but he also is not. In Superman's criticized because maybe he got off his flight or got out of didn't dress as quickly as he wanted to in the phone booth but the SEAN special. But if I start my sentence in this game this week and say this sean if I opened up and you guys don't watch the game and I say, Hey, welcome money morning guys. Played. Okay. They'll have lost by two touchdowns right? If I say to Sean played good, you'll say. Were they close. If I say to Sean played great. You'll say they did had to be in the game. They might have won if I open the sense and say Pat Plato played pretty good bullet played. Okay. Are you saying can't say chiefs lost I'm saying how did they win thank you and what did tax play in the end it's because the run game is not utilized like it should be what twenty two carries for David Johnson in two weeks. That's not nearly another way worried about the words. My issue with them on the Game Mary's Game I hate that they come out and they look I can understand one to establish the run early but it's they overdo it like they come out and they have like three or four runs that are clearly the not getting anywhere if this is the past. Okay. Well, let's do this jump the other team. Let's come back and discuss and in fifteen minutes we get. Jerry Dulack from Pittsburgh Post Gazette Tom. This matchup I want to discuss one thing. You said it. That established the run. Isn't there a way to establish the run by setting up with the patch I think. So sports talk seven ninety. Is the Sean Salisbury show and his name is. Shawn. Really. On. Sports Talk Seven Ninety You hear the phrase, it's Sportstalk, seven, ninety, two, seven, one, three, two, one, two, five, seven, ninety. The poll question is the best hot sandwich in the country called the best thought we've everything from AL's beef. Hot Pastrami to the Monte Cristo I don't want any avows be. While if you went to Chicago like Al's beef. I've never been a Chicago. You get. You inject that right into your system. Delicious. So good I don't you jack to beef into my system right? If he got the philly cheese steak, you got the hot ham and cheese sandwich you got the underrated. Pastrami. Swiss. Having, there's a Lotta, you've got the the the basic, which may be the best. Just to simple hot grilled cheese sandwich. Just. A grilled cheese sandwich. Pretty Damn good. There's four cheese grilled cheese. He can make it home to come on now. You actually put the cheese on the outside of the bread. That's. All. Could double down outside and inside family. To give a show I'm billy. What's it called an angioplasty Maybe, if you do it every day three meals a day but we're also coming at some sports seven hundred on twitter go ahead and re tweeted, and you can call to check in one three to five, seven, hundred open for you the whole show. You talked about we heard the to me one of the most overused phrases in sports. We got establish the Rania. There's two things that it goes both ways. One is I can't stand. A team the. Abandons the run. Abandoned the run? Because they had a three and out or to. Stop. We just gotTa get away with it right unless you know you suck and we can't run the ball and we're just we got throw sixty one times like last week even though they have Joe Mixing Jill Berle had throw sixty one times because was that kind of game you'll get into those sometimes, I don't like coaches at didn't work at at your job if you don't make to sales and you're going in your a real estate, person somebody doesn't buy from you does that mean you're GonNa stop and just say I'll see in four months and not gonNA. Know you're GONNA continue to to grind. So? I. Don't like people who run or abandoned the run because carries matter. I sex I. Don't know the answer to this one this week. I will bet you. That the teams. That Attempts. That had the most temps did not lose many games in the run game over the run game in the run game. I will bet you that if you had more attempts than the other team, most of the time this past week. One Yeah, you won the game. So the run game matters now DMC to get to years establish the run. establishing. The run does not mean in if you think it does I'm I'm here to tell you it's not the case establishing the run does not mean you come out and run the ball six straight series. and You keep running it go three and out three and out three, nine, three, nine, punt the okay. Established in the run can be very simply this establishing a beat that's establishing stupidity, right and insanity. What is establishing the run that every now and then it is. Okay. Well, did we see the Kansas City chiefs do that against Texans? Let's spread them out. We'll throw some. Edwards Allaire and just what their reputation alone. When the Texan see the Kansas City chiefs spread out and go four wides which they do a lot of flex the tight end. What is your initial thought with that quarterback quick game screen game throw pushed down the field. So what do they do? Obviously, you extend their defense and five on five we can run in they did and guess what happened. The gashed. Yeah. Now, guess what happens the next time if you beat them in the playoffs or other teams that watch the Texans or watch the chiefs on film on tape as they go through the season? Now, you must respect the run game big time. So What do you do? You say well, maybe now we got to stop the run more and what does that do for mahomes stealing money throwing the ball down right 'cause it's mismatches all over the field. It's the same here and it's the same anywhere establishing run I can. Establish run running throw fifteen times in the first quarter. You do know this. Yeah. Just my formations and throwing and while it's not a legitimate run the extension of the run, the short game getting back the ball on a screen route or getting back the ball on an option right out of the backfield a simple simple long off even though it's a throw but just if we're just quarterback hand to hand. You can actually established the run by doing it in the middle of the second quarter. Till the fourth quarter, you can come out and run it eight times in a row and not feel like excuse me. I just have never understood this either if you're averaging seven yards carry in your first eight runs. Why don't the nighttime? Yeah exactly. It's okay. I just hate the way that they tried to establish it. That's the thing. Is that we saw last week they come out and they call these plays were hey, David Johnson run into the line. It's all my does try dive play Mesa over and over like, hey, run some outside zones. On Zone Teamer, just change it isn't it? Sometimes when I'm watching a team run? Doesn't it feel like the coaches like well, just just call a run here let's at it's like a bridge to the next play call throw like it's. A waste pitch when you're up Oh tuned account, right? It's like, okay. Let's get you know a couple of yards. On maybe they'll wave at it. If they don't, it's one and two I'm still headcount but in the run game, maybe at breaks. But if it doesn't, we expect to be second nine I. personally hate hate hate hate running on first down. Well I've come. To obvious if you get a yard, then you're setting yourself second and then they know you're passing the next to downs probably you would think so I love to come out and throw the ball infers down well, a lot of people like to throw it when they think you're passing it and run it when they think you're don't over think throw it when they think you're running it and run it when they think it's okay to run it on third and seven to spread out in a different way because what am I? Right or hell you can run a toss sweep if the safeties back in they're playing to high safety. So for me, it's it's there's there's different ways to get to the run game in different ways to do it but I've always I've always marveled y you have success doing something. For instance if they're playing off coverage in the passing game. And you've got a team that loves to be give you what we call cushion. Playoff. And you got tyreek Hill. And you're running hitch routes and they're gonNa continue to let you throw it. There is nothing wrong in the sports world I don't know why maybe fans think this or coaches get caught up in their habits and their routine yeah. If, you had success with one play that you can't come back with the same play. I sought now Kudos to the Cleveland browns. Stefanski did it. They opened the game last week bootleg Come left. Made. Apply. Come right back stretch play bootleg right saint play other way. Success on both now. You may change it up the next time but why not go back to it I I've never understood why if you're doing something and gashing them why you can't run the play twenty times in a game I don't care. That was one thing I actually did love about Gary Kubiak begging today when he was here was that if something was working, keep at it, beat him up until they. Prove to me. You can stop if punching you in the face and you ain't stopping it I'm GonNa. Keep punching fail and I have not remember the playoffs last you guys when the forty niners played with Garoppolo thirty eight times in a game or twelve times and all they did was run but why would you rush for Damn near three hundred why the hell you handed off why throw? Yeah they improved they can stop it hey, quarterback fresh doesn't even have to change his uniform stopping it I got dude. Meeting. Games over I'm going home. Why waste it? Yeah. So I established the run does not mean. Coming out and handed enough and vice versa true. You can hand it off eight times and still be a successful throwing in a row. You can actually come out and throw at the first eight plays of the game smart. And then start running that's called establishing the run by formation and motion and setup and pre-snap snap. You can create establishing the run just by the way you're approaching off their sixteen games. Last weekend just did the quick numbers. Teams that ran the ball more than the others most attempts went twelve and four. All right, and do you know do you really only one of them was like a wide wide margin? It was three, three two, and then the chargers ran the ball twenty two more times than the cheese, but it's the cheese. And they were able to come back and win the game. Aberration. So that's really Anabel operation. They had to throw in the end to win. Okay. who were the other three? It was. Let. Me See here. DENVER. Danger Backup quarterback by to backup quarterback injured. had. There you go. Lanna ran the ball three more times than Dallas. Dallas. Had that crazy comeback in and remember Atlanta random or what was the score at the beginning of the game twenty eight to sing whatever was they were kicking their ass there's two and what's the last one? I must not have written it down. It was one of the last games I did regardless if I said you can if you run the ball more than you throw it we already we already know Carolina over Tampa. The Dave have Christian. McCaffrey and then the other Guy Tom Brady which is okay. So and if I shallow crossers, if I said short passing game under ten yards or under five yards or under equal a run a Betcha, the Tampa Bay passes I'm up in attempts meaning if you extend the short run game, right we discussed bottom line is even if you look at it like we did twelve and four, you win the division and may have home field advantage just think about that got to run the ball, but there's ways different ways do it. We'll talk next to Pittsburgh Post Gazette writer and he also works for the steelers Radio Network Jerry Duller. Next right here on sports talk seven hundred. Sean John is the wise. He terminal judge who sits on high. Has the final say on all disputes. Back to the Sean Salisbury Show on sports talk seven ninety. Nine sports talk seven, hundred shot sows ratio show. He worked sees a host that the steelers radio network also. Writes for the Pittsburgh Post Gazette Jerry. joins us here on the Sean Sows we show Jerry welcome in. How good of the steelers defense compared to what you've seen in the past just in a two game start with the not not a big body of work so far? Well Sean Good. Morning I I think You know the one thing we haven't seen a lot. We've seen a little, but then it's GonNa be hard to maintain the pace. They sent last year with taking the ball away. And that happened early but make fitzpatrick but. two things I thought it was significant that they were determined to stop the run. In Week one against Saquon Barkley, and they did and they sold out against it they rushed five as much as they rushed four. Stack the line of scrimmage and they put their secondary as my time like say in harm's way. By letting them play a lot of single coverage and and they got burned once in particular on a forty one yard touchdown. but get stopped a run. And I think that was positive for them because the one thing this defense feels. Is keeping them from being an elite defense if you will is their ability to shut down to run. Shut down to run the way they did in two thousand and eight shutdown to run the way they did in two thousand ten and into that last year teams ran on them and we saw. We saw Denver run on them early last week and they did it with a lot with their zone schemes and they'll stretch plays and. best. I can tell I haven't seen the Texans a lot, Sean but you know I know they used to do that a lot and if they come out doing that again that's something that the steelers have always had. Problems defending so But but that's what I've seen from the defense very soon a lot of talented players. Their back end is is is very good. And they pressure people as as you well know and nineteen quarterback kids last week I mean, really that's a staggering number. and they led the league in sacks were tied for the lead each of the last year. So you know they could get after the quarterback they still do that of course. And they have, they have the people to play in a very aggressive defense if they want and then Jerry. That's such a great point and here's the problem here in. HOUSTON. Is that right now they're they're letting their quarterback get hit and they're missing hot reads and all those things, and this has been one of the worst units on their team which was supposed to be improved this year. So if you're the steelers and you know they're not committed to running the ball very much and you're getting hit, I would expect as a top. Pressure team in the League right now because if lots and doesn't play great right now the Texans have no shot so I would imagine we will see much of the same, not just in the past game run blitzes from the steelers again, this week to try and force long-yardage situations and turnovers, and to live by what we've always known the steelers, to, do Jerry. Clip your but on defense physically. Right and that's and that's what they That's what they've been doing. Sean and Yeah I I you know I at the time probably like a lot of people was puzzled and and shocked at the Trade De'andre Hopkins and to me. that. Puts even more pressure on Shawn Watson. Even though you know even though I know he's the connection with with the Andre Hopkins it puts more pressure on. Shawn. Watson, to try to win the game and the steelers will identify who's the biggest issue just as they did with Saquon. Barkley in New York was the biggest problem or issue with the Texans, and it'll be the shawn. Watson and I fully expect them to come at him the same way they intended to go after drew lock of course, he got hurt and then they went after his backup. Jeff Driscoll who was you know obviously a whole lot less mobile than to Shawn Watson but that'll be their focus this week to go after him sack. Hit Him and. Saka. Jerry Dolok Pittsburgh Post Gazette. Rights for them as well as host the steelers radio network. We're grateful to have him on talk in Pittsburgh Texans. You know rough scheduled for the Texans and to start out but they haven't really been competitive in the first two weeks. If I were to walk in right now Jerry and say I hadn't seen the steelers at all and I said meant, Jerry fill me in on what offense what type offense we're going to see this week. What would you tell me? Well despite the fact, Sean at the steelers are the only team in the league they have a hundred yard rusher in each of the first two games. I'm not GonNa sit here and tell you they can run the ball very well. we saw Benny Schnell run well in the second half in new. York. and you know how both the chiefs and especially the ravens ran through. The Texas so You. Know on paper you sit there and say you know that's a good way to attack them and I'm sure the steelers we'll try to do that. They get David Castro back there pro bowl guard He hasn't been he hasn't played yet this year. So I'm sure they will try to do that. But you know when when you know when your offense is is centered around Ben Rothlisberger. You know they're going to put the ball in his hands. Did they want throw him forty one times no but those they'll do whatever they have to do to be successful and so. They gave him a lot of a couple of a couple of new weapons this year, Eric Brown tight end. You know he's down the seems guy and Chase Klay Pool, their talk pick You saw right off the bat and training. Camp Sean that this guy he'll go either way. He'll go down to sideline. He'll take the land over the middle for a big man he gets the top speed very quickly. And so you know with three young receivers they have in addition to him. you know they can throw the football and you know and ben still feeling way he admits it freely last week he was talking about you know feeling comfortable in the pocket you know whether stepping up whether whether drifting and then he's talking this week about you know his his his footwork and when his footwork is lazy, his arm can get lazy and so it's just little things you know that he's trying to. Work through to get back to a comfort level even though he's been very good five touchdowns and only one interception so far. I you know he's still he's still feeling his way as he pointed up played six quarters last year he's played eight this year. That's fourteen You know that's that's that's basically three and a half games in two years that he's played in. So there is there is a rush if not comfort factor that I wanNA say battling but he's trying to read his way through right now. Jerry Dialect Pittsburgh Post Gazette and steelers radio network joins us here on sportstalk seven ninety. Jerry I love this. I'm one of those guys with my my co host. Producer also tell you that every year that comes around when Ben's healthy I always, and he looked like us in better shape this year it looked like to me that I always think he's capable a number one of five hundred yard game but also to be like a five, thousand yard thirty-five touchdown guy and so I'm wondering from you dialed in, let's say we're into December. If Ben Roth, ASPERGER's healthy. What are we going to be saying about him as on the field football player in two thousand twenty. Sean two years ago we passed for five thousand. League in in passing yards As the season goes on. If he stays healthy, you know obviously whatever amount of time it takes him to get back to where he feels. He can just go and be that gunslinger again obviously again, they would rather be a little bit more balanced You know a pass to run. This year than past years but they it was built powers Mantra. Always you know you throw early to run late. And Ben. Rothlisberger. was part of that and and ideally that's the way you know he he would like to run it but. You know. Ben Is. He he's coming to camp in great shape but I I will tell you this Sean, he's coming to camp in great shape the last three or four years. You know he's hired a nutritionist. He works hard. He's a big man. Yeah. Two hundred, fifty pound man. So it's not like he's GonNa come in and look to fifteen but he keeps himself in shape and you know he there were a lot of people who are on him during the toward the end of last year when they saw him with that big bushy beard and heavy clothes and he looked like man. Mountain Dean Right? Well, he's he's fit and if he if he can stay healthy for the most part, which you know typically has in his career, they do a good job of past pro for him That's their number one priority. There's no reason that this offense with the guys that they added If they have to lean on Ben I I, mean I have seen nothing to make me think he can't be the player he always watch jerry what S- try to sell did reverse it now. Now you're you're cover let's say you're hearing your your Texans Guy. Sell me on and you said you haven't seen much but you know what's coming to town you hear the buzz there your dial Dan. How are the Texans with their performance? The first two weeks? How can they beat the steelers me a game plan that says, here's how you beat Pittsburgh in Heinz field this week. To Sean watching you know Last week when Jeff Driscoll came in even for drew lock, you know he was able to move them up and down the field a few times You know we saw that in New York in the first game. Against the giants with Daniel Jones he he'd throw for three or four hundred yards, but you know it was to seventy to ninety, and so they had success that way to have to throw the ball quick obviously, and whether it's dump downs. To David Johnson weather it's Stroz to your tight end I know a fuller wasn't involved wasn't even targeted last week. If I'm if I'm not mistaken but it's it's the Sean Watson is going to have to do it. He might have to do some of it with his feet but to me, that's the way it's going to be up to him when you have a quarterback like that you know whether. It's the Shawn. Watson who I will tell you on they really liked in the draft when he came out I mean they consider taking him that's how much they liked him even though the time we probably wouldn't have made a lot of sense of probably one of the reasons why they didn't but but they liked this guy and so because of that I know their focus will be on Sean. Watching. All right. Jerry. Let me leave you with this Jerry Dulack more minutes here on Pittsburgh Pittsburgh Post Gazette writer columnist, and also covers the steelers. He's the host of the steelers radio network. Why Would Baltimore was here last week they didn't really get out of third gear didn't need to to win. What's the difference between? Baltimore and Pittsburgh I contend before the season started Pittsburgh's going to close that gap alone. Baltimore's really good. Why Do People Think Baltimore's better? GimMe a couple of reasons. I'm Kinda with you. I believe the steelers closed the gap I still think Baltimore's not only the best team in division. I think they're the best team in the AFC if not the NFL I know you can make a compelling argument for Kansas. City. In AFC and I really like Seattle in in the NFC and it's all because of the quarterback Yep Russell Wilson and Patrick Mahomes and Lamar Jackson to mean Lamar Jackson is almost unstoppable. He throws the ball. And I thought this last year obviously so much better than I thought he ever did in college and his ability to run But yeah, I could see i. see the Ravens being another thirteen and three, and I could see the steelers at eleven and five and that's steeler defense. Look you know darn. Well, they spent the off season. You know they have plenty of indoor time. They spent the offseason trying to figure out ways to contain. Lamar Jackson even though they did. A decent job against them the two games last year That's GONNA. BE THEIR FOCUS and we'll see how they handle it this year. But I don't think there's any question because of the steelers defense, which is better than the ravens defense that they have a chance to close that gap especially if ben stay healthy and the number of receiving targets he has and GONNA be one hell of a match up when we think about this is we let you go jerry. Got Hall of fame quarterback who's capable of five thousand yards recently and this year and the fake even park. It's you have sad is gonNA. Be One hell of a matchup. When we see think about this as we let you go jerry. got a hall of fame quarterback who's capable of five thousand yards recently, and this year, and the favourite is Baltimore when they play because of the quarterback. So that ought to tell the Texans that mahomes Lamar, Jackson that this cat they're playing this week, you better hit him or it'll be a long day if to Sean doesn't play great I'm not sure they can go into Pittsburgh Win Jerry Great. Great stuff man we look forward to to jump it on with the again we sure appreciate your time in in coming in and Sharon Lois. The Pittsburgh steelers and what we're up against this week. Thanks so much brother I. Appreciate Ya. Anytime, Sean Nice Chat and we can stay. Well Great. Thank you. Great Chat with you too. That's Jerry. Dulack Pittsburgh Post Gazette, an hosted the steelers radio network. We'll come right back sports talk seven, nine, hundred and discuss Jerry had to say in the approach interesting. You know what's healthy is working and feeling relief. You know it's not healthy being out of work and stressing about it. So stop hit the reset button and let me give you some options that may be help your life and maybe change it right. You can start a new life as an it pro and your career in four months or less from the comfort of your own home even zero computer experience instead of waiting to see what happens take control now, and let's get to control your future and start. Now, go to my computer career dot edu take the free career evaluation today helping people start an it. Chris while we do right it's exactly what? We do live online classes, meet twice a week, and they start soon to get what you need and learn to start your new career more than just a my computer career is going to help you get into the industry by working with hundreds and hundreds of employers. The higher the my computer career students nationally accredited financial aid including the my computer career emergency relief grant of up to thirty five, hundred dollars. Is available to those who qualify online classes start. Soon, you don't need to be techie they you do it online and they meet twice a week. So we'll take the frequent evaluation today and my computer career dot Edu. It's not rocket science, but it is my computer dot Edu. Coach Orson. Touchdown readers you've got the Sean Salisbury show on sports talk seven nine Oh cougs. We'd like to see the cougs play. There's one small problem. is they're not playing again. Yeah. Yeah. Kovic, beat day somehow stopped. A Lot. Of Scrimmage Games concern. What you're, they can give you a nickname of. The cold you've nineteen. A player we've ever when you're playing Sean that you went to normal summer camp and everything and you geared up hey, we might start the season actually now in October we're kind of just playing it like maybe. Like three months because this is the crater. That's a great point. craziest crap ever think about this I'm relying on some Doodoo as. Some other city. Not to test positive. So I can play against. You think about this, you're the starting quarterback of the the the team. We'll just use quarterback but any player you have to you game plan you put in five game plans for five different opponents. You're studying tape of other opponents and they did one of the one on the fly. Fly, which was cancelled obviously what day before and then? You don't get to put any of those game plans into action. Because because. Nobody else control right four dudes tested positive. In north. Texas we don't off, they're sick or not. They just tested positive but the rest of their team didn't they can feel the roster. Because you're testing rapidly. And extensively and your team. Seems fine and you still can't play the game because well, instead of quarantine the sick we get to corinth we we're GONNA make sure everybody else suffers over it. Instead of just saying you for can't play goal with the protocol we tested negative for the rest of the guys. Let's go play football it sucks and I don't agree with it. That's just me I'm just a simple caveman but I don't agree with it. All right. Jerry could said now guys. I. Want you to visualize this the best defense they've played this year. The Texans. Is this team now listen to what we were talking of understand. wholeheartedly. There's no sacred cows to the point where they're not beatable in the league if you play well and Shawn Watson is. beat the chiefs last year right and had a chance to beat them in go to the AFC championship game. The listen when you've got some good players Watt. Read. Tunsil. Johnson, can be a good player. You've got at least on paper receivers who need to elevate but a quarterback. Dairy even said all starts look at the success of the teams this year. Rob Burger. Jackson Wilson Murray. Allen. Mahomes. Rogers. They'll have one thing among other but they all have one big common denominator. The Guy who has the ball in his hand now? With those other teams they've got guys that are rallying around and playing pretty well around him. Now we go to. Breeze. Didn't play great last week. What happened? The law. Yeah. They lost Brady didn't play great the first game. What what happened? To Sean now, he faced to the best arguably the two best quarterbacks in the League in the AFC should say conference in Mahomes and Lamar. And the rest of the supporting cast is better than this supporting cast period it's proven. That's the facts. Now does that mean you're not capable of elevate your grown ass man and I'll say it again, the difference between the best team in League in the worst team League is great quarterback play four players are five maybe eight ten plays a game simple. The forty, nine, hundred eleven that they've got injuries. They haven't made eight ten plays in their opening game against Arizona. The quarterback is now hurt the forty niners are scrambling. And they were in the Super Bowl last year. So there it is. So for the Texans are the steelers beatable you damn right there. beatable. Their beatable and it's not like we're we're build up while this is the best team. Oh my gosh. You're playing the back in the day, the Russian army or you playing. Against a team that's eighty five bears no, no no slowdown throughout the. Plano army back in the day when the. Hesse. Reference references say well, they're better. The Russian on tougher than the Russian army back in the day with Yvonne Drago Right. So now we're. We're playing. The steelers are good but real quick break. We'll come back and discuss this ad nauseam and our number four. Think with Jerry Della told us. The difference between the St the first of all the steelers defense is the best of the three and they clearly in my mind, the best of the three Baltimore's good can't say he's getting better Pittsburgh the best of the three faced. Think what he said why is Baltimore Better Than Pittsburgh He said the quarterback. Lamar. Right Now you're facing quarterback is completed. Almost seventy, percent sixty, high, sixty, five, thousand, one pick is played average and it's going to the hall of fame has got Super Bowl rings, and you're facing a steelers team that the surrounding cast is really good and Ben capable of well five thousand yards because he did it the last year he was healthy. So. You'd better not. You don't think it's a far fall off from the Marta Ben Rothlisberger. That's all I'm telling you sports talk seven, Ninety hour number four next. Classic Chevy sugarland. Classic Chevy Highway Six. Relax and enjoy the difference. At Classic Chevy Sugarland Jeff Sebastian Mike got go see him. See they made it. They made a point and tiffany and when I went in there and sat down with 'em months ago before I became part of their team, it was like. I know this is why I'm part of this team the way that they treat the people they work with. Is a reflection on the way that their customer services to the way they treat you. Phenomenal right. 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Sugarland is for the last ten years ten years in a row and classic Chevy Highway six Classic Chevy. sugarland classic Chevy Highway Six dot Com is open on Sundays tell. There is no better in this town or in Texas period. Former NFL quarterback John. Sounds. Very. This is the Sean Salisbury show. Our number. Four. We will continue to talk Texans here shortly. This is a huge game. Nobody wants to hear Oh. It's a must win. It is. It is. If you. Now, if you believe in analytics I've been told in this town we're supposed to. A million times a team won a world series. Two of our three teams use them right and I believe the Texans have some sort of use. But who knows how much they're choosing them I always laugh when people say well, the analytics and football will we do and we study tape and say on third down at six twenty percent of the time backed up, they play cover two, and then when you get to the red zone they play. A press a man free eighty, five percent of the time. Well. When you watch tape and you plug it into a computer we've had you know that's called game plants. Hey, here's the numbers of what they do when we're in four wides at the twenty five yard line eighty percent of the time they like to play. Quarters cover for. Okay. So then I'll call cover four Peter. And the other twenty percent time then you better just make me a smart decision and play right it's called analytics well. If you believe in them which you should because it's evidence on tape, here's what you should believe. Is that this is a must win. Because if you thought the statistics were bad when you went. Oh, and three while we've done it before here the good. Then that just that even makes it even tougher to thank you can do it again, all our teams used to it don't get too used to it. Oh and three. What are the stats there a sex? Do we know? I don't remember what exact year it was, but it's like two point one percent of teams that have gone Owen three may have made the playoffs two point one percent of teams. And the way your plan. Does that. Tell you that did it Owen three the way if you go through the way, you're playing that that two point one percents going up or down. It's gone down. Yeah. So if again can't can they? Yes I'm gonNA tell you this. You can give me all the rigmarole you want. And all the hyperbolic statements people make you can tell me about the scheduled. Dave play. You can tell me all of it. Every, every every ounce of it I can tell you this. If Shawn Watson plays average, they won't win. Yeah. They just. It's a bummer for him because if cave whose can't say play this week Baltimore Yeah you. Guess what neither one of those quarterbacks could play average. Or their teams won't win normally if their quarterback plays average against average team, they're capable around him this week, they can't y because the team's good. Play against Pittsburgh to Sean. Sean COMPLA- average against the jets and then the win l. for his shot can't play average against this one. I'm not saying he plans on it. It's just you think about the burden men in the you think about the burden, the price you have to pay you go in there and play average against that team if you better have a good supply of bodybags. Protection this week. I'm just telling you you better have them and they better be on the sidelines like sometimes you get. They parked the truck there and they did there's there's a medical staff late on the sidelines and every hundred we've seen that before I can high school stadiums in the zone if you don't protect that poor cat. He doesn't protect themselves on time. You better have some body bags there because it will not be what they just did to drew lock. They knocked them out what five six weeks and I, and I'm not even it's a reference and not even say an injury let's hope not hurting as. I mean, let's the more. It gets hit the more susceptible you are. What happens and that's what does defense does get after they get after they get after you they hit you in. All it takes is one of those guys to just land on them like they did drew lock reminds me of guys you know how when a coach gets fired and a players after the coach gets you didn't WanNa fired they coach done wrong then it's not a. We. Loved Him. Guess what you should have done. Played played better. Okay. So where we love to Sean Van, we got a chance. So if you're an offensive lineman or a back, that's got a block or tied in or the play callers. You'll love him that much and you want him. You know what you better do protect your damn right and if you're Sean, you don't want to take extra hits. If you drop back forty times and throw and four those. There's a blitz off the slot. Throw the ball. Dole hold it because if you thought you had to get rid of it quick. You'd better go with the Jared Goff, Dallas Cowboy approach. One point seven seconds one point, eight seconds average I don't mean to be panicked, but you'd better be urgent with your decisions in the ball coming out because if you thought the Dallas cowboys, Front, seven can come get you. Okay. I'm just telling you better. So to Shaun's got to help this, but it's a it's sobering. When the win win one of the best quarterbacks in the league. On team right now from what we watch listen every teams got good players some more than others. Every teams got good players. This one you're good players better play really really good and your average players. It'd be great if you're a wide receiver on that team, better have a little pride this week and you'd better start you better start doing something that the reason why that they believed in you in made these deals that they thought that this was going to be high execution team you better step it up man you bet you. Better take your game to another level I. believe we'll will fuller was not on the injured list. So looks like he's GonNa play looks like it. So I'm just telling you this but I, have sense of pride about yourself because that's a those that's a tough place to go play the fortunate I. Don't know not allow fans as we pittsburgh either I. Don't know I don't know I. Don't think so but even if they are for. The crowd noise is not making right right fortunate. The you're not fit was sell out. That's A. Cell. Sitting you're saying, there's no chance to. Phenomenal Fan base that it did knows football and they are blue collar tough. They WANNA THEY WANNA play in a game. So you're fortunate that you'll be able to hear audible checks but you better be urgent with everything you do because this is fierce and Owen three usually means you're going to try to salvage season and then you're all you're doing is chasing the rabbit at the dog track the whole time all year long. All frigging year long. And you give me all the schedule excuses you want I. don't care because more than likely. These three teams you lost to aren't going to be in the playoffs and all three of our superbowl caliber teams. So there's a good chance that well. We. May See one or three of them again. If it works out that way. So they, they better play and I. Tell you one of them I just telling you think about it. If Ben plays average, they run the football surrounding cast like I said, everything's got good players, but it's incumbent upon. Secondary. The pass rush. Run Defense when we don't even look at the steelers team like Jerry told us. They're the only team in league with one hundred Russian the first two games. And by the way I checked week one. During a break, you know the two games were within one rush of the other on the two teams that one was Kansas City and one was Atlanta in Seattle because they had to throw to other that fourteen and two. When you had more attempts rushing the ball than the other team in week one. So that's overall in the first two, twenty, six, and five, twenty, six, and six. Be Smart Ronald Football and urgent with the pass and use the bread run game. Use the past game extension of the Ron please and just keep coming back to and and I think it was mentioned during that interview Jerry Dulack that you know they went out and they beat the chiefs last year. But my thing is this team as much as bill wants to tell us that it's better is not. In my opinion near as good as last year's Texans team. No I'm on I can't. There's nothing because they don't have the steady guy that you know is going to be there. Exactly. Exactly and US remember Carlos Hyde was good. Last year. Here's the thousand yard back that you could hand the ball to entrust give give it to them eighteen to twenty five times and feel like he can carry the load. They obviously don't feel like that would David Johnson so far I mean I know they've gotten down but still only eleven Russia's tells me that they're still a little. Skittish giving them the ball a bunch eleven Russia's average twenty two games. Yeah. Here's here's what I know about that. That football is John McKay used to say when people were talking about giving it to the running back I made was at James Wild or maybe when he was at SC when he when John McCain of the head coach it was he said very simply the ball heavy man. Now. I don't mean carrying forty five times going all Derrick Henry Alabama back back weeks but. You got him here. For reason, he's making a lot of money for a guy who was a backup back last year Kenyan drake. I got news for you the he better. He needs more than eleven carries a game. Or? For. The and then what miss throw down the field catches a couple balls game. What's his average catches on balls cotton? I think he's caught four was to each game. So we're catching to a game and giving him eleven carries a game. So He's had the ball in his hands thirteen times a game. Is that enough? No. Rhetorical question because again, this is we need somebody to step up and do something else. He's got five catches on the year eight targets two and a half a game two and a half a game, and one of those targets was down the field left side fade route for a touchdown that or a big play. That was thrown to flat. So and listen guys. One thing about the linebackers in Pittsburgh not only can they rush up the field that can cover but I'd sure like to see. David. Johnson. Operate space on some option routes and some things to do to be urgent with the ball and get it out 'cause if John. Dishonest. Back their. Milk in it. The bond is hand. TJ Watt leading the league in sacks after the week by himself. Sports. Stocks have ninety rolling on pulling form glass half full. But you know what we got you've gotta look at evidence in the first two weeks. It tells you they have to play better in this team cannot beat a good team right now talking about today maybe we ate they can without number four playing great burden. Yes. A lot of money. That's why he gets paid the big money, but still you're not exactly going to play a hack team. We ain't wait travel into some Harry Hatchet ask city and team play a bad team. We're playing to Pittsburgh steelers let's roll. Let's go September's prostate awareness month and amid everything else going on the out of your control this is something you can't control fellas make sure your health and this is part of it. 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It's not surgery you're not staying in a hospital and recovery's quick and it matters because if you let this fester and get worse guys, then you're talking surgery not now PA prostate arteries artery MBA's -ation Elat health seven, one, three, five, eight, eight, thirty, eight, hundred, Eighty, eight, four consultation or learn more visit them online at choose pe dot com. Hey, this Whitney Mercilus you're listening to Sean, Salisbury? Real Texan saw on sports seven ninety. Sports talk seven ninety. Well. Guess. What? SEC's playing football this week they are. Sec's playing football got some matchups that are actually worth. Maybe talking about. I don't that's not fair. There's been some match of go review on Blue Monster. Alabama but we've got we've ramped up our game a little bit here. Right? mantonse. Wins The quarterback job at Alabama. Beats, out, freshman bryce on Yep. Is a good player, but Saturday kick off at eleven. Burn. Number eight overall right now in the country I number twenty three Kentucky. All. Right. So with that said, the I think that's an interesting game more interesting than people think. Kentucky's pretty good. And they're they're solid and they'll hit you so but Auburn obviously is the favourite. Let's go down a few of them say. Because we'll hit a few more tomorrow but who you guys like in the Game Auburn just is too much offensively stakes who started quarterback for what's his name Knicks, Boehner Yep who's back in tough I like Auburn in the game and he's he's a grinder likes to run the football, his his his dad played football as well. This'll be fun but. Here's what whether it's Auburn is his dad's stevie nicks no that would be a female. But if I'm sure some of his dad was a pretty good player. But those Stevie Nicks I don't think as any eligibility lesson she's not dead. She's alive. She is alive named the group. What don't say it's eggs named the don't look. You don't even know the name for years. I thought Steve Nicks was a man. I love the old. Say GotTa be pushing seventy upper sixty seven to go. So what's the name of the name? Your? I have no idea. fleetwood MAC. I couldn't tell you one of the songs. I. Know I know Older Music is rock. You could. Yeah. You would call rock and roll. But it's not it's not heavy metal no now. Seventies. fleetwood MAC. You can't believe that sex is GONNA SAY BAFFLED WON'T BE You, don't know one of their songs. On up here you know you've. Got They have task is one of our songs sexy and that's a that's a fleetwood MAC s seat thing. There's a tongue of. You know their songs when you hear it. Would Mac my phone that. We need love great emcee we're going to get a little school stuff but. He never this song. You've had. If. It takes just a little while. This is Stevie Nicks and she's not a guy held us. On. That's a man. Woman. There's a lot of singers in the group. There's a lot of singers in a group Stevie Nicks fleetwood MAC's the name of the band fleetwood Mac is not the guy's name. Now that's his name. That's a man. Singh now Mick fleetwood is that a man it mixed fleetwood sinks. Stevie nicks sounds like give him another stevie nicks cut. On. Their see there's so many here. Sounds too much like rush. No. Don't you dare L. The Russia's. Russia's awesome. Rush does the best three man band on the planet. Neil Peer God, rest his soul. Never heard this. You've never heard the song. No. Do they've got. Classic after classic. Never heard this song either. Yeah, sakes don't ever disrespect rush. Russia's awesome. Never Sucks. Woes. Geddy Lee and deal peer. You could best drummer ever you never. Know. This is Stevie. My Dad didn't listen to this to them. I guess I didn't hear. Those. she asked. What Jolliffe Abor. Terrible music. Offset saying. Get Out I really listen the Beatles and their straight. Ass. Did. Don't you know you're bad taken? Ask whooping it here. This is looking here. You've ever heard the song. Read it all comes down to you've never heard the sun. This is classic Stevie Nicks. Sakes. Give you the right hand of good. Hitter I need bathroom break. Rush. Yes I've heard of, why do you think you can't you didn't call their mask did you did I? Hear you say that? Yeah. The Best Drummer on the planet and you're calling him ask. Sidestepped from college football because of this what happens? You card. You called Neil peered. S I think a third of the band, his his part's fine. But let's back to Stevie Nicks Hall of Fame Classic Stevie Nicks and you call it trash music, ass Close enough he the Beatles ask to. mean. All right. How about led? Zeppelin. He knows that. I. Have. My phone. Yes. But how can you hate I seen Stevie Nicks concert. How can you hate steven it just sounded like terrible slow music. And she sounds like Sounds better than that. Jesus inferred. What she sounds like. Ass. Actually eventually noise I imagine when you're taking a big dump. Music. Here's what here's a good radio the times years now to call in and rip M. C.. Add them at M. C. Seven, ninety, kill you about. Seven. Five seven ninety that now, you may not love fleetwood Mac. That's okay. But to call it as an that Stevie Nicks is horrible I'm tweeting the only musical group. That's worse than the Beatles when Mac. Gives you hate mails coming hate tweets or common. You cannot. You cannot. That's like saying, okay, who could give me a classic sags a who who's got a different voices a female. I Know Kim Kearns does we're like Alanis Morissette Different Voice Right Female What's her name WHO's The shaves her head and it's tweeted WHO's the one that shaves her head on Sinead O'connor? Yeah. But isn't there another one with short hair Shane O'Connor shaves her. Yes. Sure. Why am I losing my mind but I'm trying to think of distinguished. Distinct voices. I won't even go into the you know took groups that he wouldn't. He would know females or lead singers a female groups he would know. have one on I cannot. Say Her name like. I can picture. I'm just blanking on the name. But that's that's classic Stevie Nicks Man. It's not. You call. Stevie. Nicks has. Why am I gonNa give me a better singer. Jesus, and frigging, yes I do Thanksgiving some who might give me some other why am I losing old Janice Joplin? That's was. There you go. Another one that is MC. Of course I don't know the name Janice Joplin is that schools out for the summer. Don that. Maybe version. Are you done sakes maybe. Janice Joplin nothing like the guys who sounds out for someone. WHO The way. Cooper 'cause Alice. Cooper. is a woman's name that's why didn't want to give that to you because Alex Alice Cooper and Schick snow. Yes. He's gotTa Chicks Day but that's I told you guys a story about when I golfed when I met him at the golf course. Great Dude. He's a Greg calls out for Summer Classic Song. He said was that Jeff? Jarvis Joplin because it's a woman's name, it's easy to confuse the woman's name man's name when they're literally when you have a man named the Knicks as what? That's the man's name, but it's what it's a woman. But what is Your Voice? Okay do you think my voice is Jesus and Ferguson Yeah because I'd rather listen to that man sakes, MC things. This is general. goes out. Ladies and gentlemen. Sports Talk Seven Ninety Matt Hangar at their Janice. Joplin. School's out for. Summer. Pitches. Next Alice Cooper and fleetwood MAC followed by Janice Joplin and led Zeppelin as their lead singer and front woman. Urges listen. Right here the course this is Joplin yeah. What happened to you did? What happened to you? I don't even know I don't even know who you are anymore. Matt what you got for me man what's up well good morning and whenever you do your highlights for twenty twenty, top ten segments. You GotTa have this last you know eight to ten minutes in they're all my favorite songs are schools out for summer with Janice Joplin. Well a couple of things how he does not know. Plead back songs I I. I mean I was born in one, thousand, nine, hundred, ninety but I okay. So let me ask you in my family doesn't listen to let me ask you this. Do you know who? Lou gehrig's he's Lou Gehrig. Born after him, it's okay to still. Had One. I had one interest early in life sports, right? Now I'm to now the second interest old classic movies and Music I know a lot of old classic music. But that was not on my dad's playlists I never bette Davis says, no, go ahead Matt I've before I throw up in my mouth. From ship he's originally from Chicago Sager. A Houston Guy sexists from Chicago and he does know that schools out for Summers Alice Cooper Not Janice Joplin. So there we go. What's on your mind but one time real before about twenty years. Now, thirty years ago I got to listen to USC van play Tuck. That's exactly why go to forum and that's the and they've done it in front of fleetwood. Mac I believe at times to and vice versa. So it's been pretty cool. The head back play with in the UFC van play talk that's. Exactly why go to form and that's the and then they've done it in front of Fleetwood Mac I believe at times to and vice versa. So it's been pretty cool. The head would play with the one time I was there when that happened if I was a fullback and I was listening to that song, I could get I can you gotta way to get five yards? Up Some so much. There you go. I. Do my favorite Matt. Matt do me a favor just because I want to give you platform. Let us take quick break okay and then let's come back. Stay right there. Put you on hold because I know you've got a question about the PAC twelve stay right there we'll discuss Janice Joplin who would song does she sing against eggs? Schools Alfred. Back on Sports. He got. Well, ladies. Day for Seger's I. Guess Sports Seventy Classic. This is Craig busy. You're listening to Sean Salisbury on sportstalk seven nine. Fuck your home of the Stroz. Sports Talk Seven Ninety we are going to have a segment. Sometime, once a week I'm GonNa, pick the day where we're going to play classic music and you're GonNa name that artist MC. Without knowing who they are, we're just gonNA see how close you come out. We're going to see what your percentage just for the hell of it fair enough are you Mendoza Line hitter or not? What does that above Mendoza you will yeah. So from all Air I, my dad listen to a ton of right. So I listen to a ton of so you'll Kia they'll come to you. We're GONNA name the Irish out the song fair enough I have a lot more my phone that you realize. It's just this is Alice Cooper by the way if you didn't Know Aka Janice Joplin. Somebody else. But y'All I'm sure you're listening to ton of IT I. Mean Like I was big and still am I posed favorite groups. We listened to a lot of Steve on a lot. Jimi Hendrix because my dad played the. Talking talking about two of the best guitar players of all its Guitar Bass I listen. Maybe, we'll have a shred session and say name that Guitarist Right Wall can't go navy guitar. Name Carson who he played four fleetwood MAC or Whatever MC LOVES LIKE IN SYNC. WHO DOES IT STREET BOYS? Who Does it? Ninety eight degrees so you're prop so you're. Too. Much of your tar. Going to say six string and Played Electric Guitar said Awesome, did you know? I had a little guitar, another kid and You're too busy hitting back. Yeah. There you go. All Right Matt. What's going on man how you doing? Yeah to things like I said, I enjoyed it and I got to listen to USC ban which really powerful. But the PAC twelve Where are they right now and and you know when you see the big ten ramp up and I don't want to get in to politics because that's happened too much. But the reality is a little more or less liberal leaning on the West Coast I think also that corridor the big ten and they ramp up. I can't believe mountain is a mountain west. is also. They're still shut down This is GonNa do damage I think the PAC twelve I'm not a pack twelve fan, but I wanna see you know them compete and all that What will be the residual effect? To the PAC twelve teams if they don't play this year in your opinion, a lot of money and Matt thanks I'll tell I'll. Let you. Pop off the phone and have a listen a lot of money. A lot of backlash and may end up costing the big twelve or should I say packed commissioner's job lot of people thought that was going to happen the first place Herman Edwards. told. Me Last week in an interview that I had with him. that it wasn't if they're playing, it's just when they play. He figured that they'd be playing the PAC twelve by late October. So now, as we push towards what next week will be the beginning let the winds there Thursdays October first, right? Yes I think it's yeah. So my son's birthday is the twenty eighth month. Yeah. We're talking about the middle next week October first he thinks. That it's in line for they've had conference calls he he didn't guarantee it but he felt really really good that they would be playing in October. So we'll see but the financial ramifications and the the mental families and the. Possible lawsuits I'm sure from Families Against the PAC twelve they'll come but you're right in not put politics in about the facts. California when it comes to, it is a little more. Lean. A little bit different than some other states may very well, and that's you know that's fine for them when we love to see. Yes. The goral. Today right and I would I would imagine you're going to get news by today or tomorrow that says the PAC twelve is doing it. At an abbreviated eight, nine game type schedule Herman Edwards believes that's the case he's a coach. He's always been transparent with me and honest and and I think I'm GONNA. Go with with his beliefs because they have these meetings that. It's still gonNA. They're still going to suffer obviously because it's different year like for everybody but the PAC twelve will be playing football according to her words. So we'll see hopefully by the end of October John, what's going on man how you doing As well as good. Morning. son this and my. My son. My Son is part of years old and I try to turn them all into that Kinda music against. This generation not Maga's but my son's generation. Think the best thing. is rapidly they just don't have an. Kate comfortably, and I would kinda music and. Even try I understand it gets the point where it's appointed diminishing returns. Mandy got no shots. So if I were to ask you, you got one band or one singer to listen to. Alive or dead the rest of your life who is it? WHO's your favorite? Jesus me. With any of them all. On don't man I guess I'll hand. Maybe a bad kathy. Do you know who they RMC Ben Company that. Great Great Call by you. Good call. Say Wait a minute. And listen man my question right here Michael. I got to question. My. OUT LEAVING THE AFTER He. It's his phone. John John Thank you. I got the question. And I appreciate you John Colony, a great stuff on the music very funny and for the Astros Mc directed about how many think they're going to have to win and will they make the playoffs and I think he wants to know how how successful they'll be looking at lynch tonight just need the I. Don't know. I haven't looked to the angels playing today and angels loss right and they're they're at us and them beating and. There with the Rangers take care their business. They're gonNA end up winning me look they played four games as we can. They're going to win I. Think they're going to win thirty I think they're going to go thirty and thirty or thirty, one, twenty nine, and we all believe that they're in trouble postseason not hitting, right? Yeah. John. I. Hold Out. I would. I. Would. MINNESOTA. The sweep. John Great Call Yeah you get the point we don't don't try to can't change their music interest my man I'm with you one hundred percent bad company choice. So hopefully, the Astros will elevate right and surprise people going in and as a heavy underdog will be one of the biggest underdogs in the playoffs. When they go in, they'll be an underdog in every series, right? Yeah. So and John Hopefully Mc because you cut out at the end there hopefully MC got the question you wanted which was. How they're going to do and how they're going to get to that success. Right sexist come back and we'll give a let's hit a few of these college games and I wanNA tell you why. If you're playing against one of these SEC. Schools are a good school. Why it's better now than later and I think it's pretty obvious but. If you'RE GONNA get one of these teams in an upset after a covert or all this time off now, maybe the time to do it, we'll look at some games that could possibly happen next. Sports talk seven, hundred Doctor Viviana Kohl's. Is Houston, relationship therapy. You're suffering in a marriage that you don't like trouble in the bedroom. The partner is somebody you just tired of being around. You stop sharing feelings because there's no point. It's kind of morbid sucks right but I'm GonNa give you something you can be excited about in its. Houston relationship. Therapy Houston relationship therapy dot com go visit there and complete the online relationship assessment, and you're going to get a personal response from Dr Viviana Kohl's and a relationship repair strategy you got married for reason, fell in love. Let's see if we can't fix that and I sat down with her and she's fantastic. Funny. 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The Houston sportsworld Yeah Sean Salisbury knows how to play the game because he really played the game. Yeah. Former pro qb right here he actually has on his name take former pro qb right here. Back to Sean on Sports Talk Seven. Ninety. Hit this college football thing real quick but. You know what's in Dame what a great name and Chris Gordy Who will be up next with Sean Jones, and maybe you depending on the schedule right here you possibly on depending on something. It'll be your dog. and. He's got some bidness to take care of today but Chris came any shared what's in a name I? Love all name teams guys do do you do you know the right tackle favorite sports ever and I? Think we'll always be eljay house I liked of. HOUSTON. What about that's a classic the right tackle the properties bro Derrius Ham. His name he goes by. Brel. Ham. How cool is that? You have to veterans? Yes and you got not only do you have to but you gotta be good to hey man, what's they brought him. Yeah. Well, we don't have to be good. Veteran you should. Yeah you gotTa kind of you showed right if you had a nickname like that you should be good if you came up like if you just started calling yourself that in college than you gotta be right but if you. Since you were a child like everybody's called you then I think you'd get away with. It's a great name though only Rosa right tackle for Auburn broke. And what's up Bro Him? WHO's it a defensive end for? Auburn big, Cat Bryant Big Cat Bryant as far as I can tell you, roll ham knows do you think no real name big cats you guys speaking of names and chain did you guys notice the new player for the Mariners last night? De Strange Gordon. Too Strange Gordon Yeah he's no longer dee. Gordon. D Strange Gordon. He changed his name Truth Day put his mom's name in front of night I didn't know it. was putting the lives together for. Bringing. De Strange Gordon Always Dee, Gordon I had no idea. Big Cat is Marquette viest but everywhere I look it's just big cat. That's what. Yeah. So it's not even like depth charts and everything is just big Cat Brian there's Martinez. Yeah. So it somebody comes up, they give up a sack and somebody. Oh What the hell you're talking about what the hell Bro him yeah. They saved wasn't. His if his name is bro Derrius or whatever like we were saying like I appreciate people that know that they have a hard name to pronounce that change it up. Damn, Star. Last night for the mariners I don't know how to say his last name I said at three different ways. The pre-game show markovits it's. Come up with something else Margo Mortga. Thank you next. Exactly Margo Short enough for me. I. Don't need this long. That can't pronounce a matter of dry areas if he wants to go by go come on Bro Ham in your buddy sitting next to you is like dude, I didn't do anything wrong bro, you get some ham over there. What it's tackled bro Ham I watch Clemson game this past weekend and Dj which we had remember we had someone call in and say Ukulele. But, the per the announcers kept putting an end in there somewhere. So I don't know that. Everybody yeah, I mean if they were saying or so. France. Took to his name wrong for three years before people stars at all, it's. I've heard tag of. With. For Taegu Vilo. Your bullet was. Right, they had an end to. Talk. To Dame. There's no end anywhere to be found what it says it. But I'VE HEARD PEOPLE PRONOUNCE IT Tongue Vilo. and. It's like you say cable spell it I I I'm not finding the sometimes I know when there's some it's a silent that's in there but you're adding some that's not there does that make sense little consonant? That's out there. So Bro Ham is the right tackle for. Auburn. Now Real quick guys getting any of this. If you'RE GONNA say Gordy was talking about this too. But it's ironic that we we're saying I've been teasing this segment for about a half hour of if you're going to get good teams, now's the time to get them. For instance is an Arkansas coach, a former Georgia coach. Philippe a Franks. The quarterback. Now Arkansas isn't jt Daniels the quarterback at Georgia. Now we know what he was at sc but he's coming off bless you by the way or is that off he's coming off a you. You're welcome. He's coming off sneak surgery transferred wasn't supposed to start automatically because he's competing with Newman Newman bails out ops out should I say and now he's starting so isn't Now Georgia's a better team, but if you're going to get them. Get now and Gordon made a good point K. J. Costello, the Stanford Transfer. Leach loves these kind of guys. Gardner. Mitchell gets them all the time. Well, his cage Acosta also going to be the key, the conservative approach where the ball buttoned up at Stanford that K. J. Castelo Smart, really good football player but not real spectacular or is he going to go with Leach and they're going to throw it fifty two times in Mississippi State is going to go off. On no matter who's back there for a week, they're going to throw it a lot. I would think so too and give him an give Costello a Sunday chance because they started to say guys good player. And so I. I don't want Georgia in week eight. If. I'm a young team that's not Alabama. You know I don't want Alabama in week seven if you're going to get him. Yes so I would bet if we go through the Algorithm, they look at some tomorrow is the. End of the year to Auburn or just to. Somebody early in the year or it's a national title yeah. If you're going to get them. A segment Appalachian, state and I note I know that got you when we've been beat at SC early in the if you're gonNA, get him. Now's the time to do. Well, they're still scrambling around and they're trying to figure themselves out. You know it's been an off season where you don't know what's going on because the more they settle in the tougher it is. So I'm look schedule. We'll go with some college games tomorrow. I would imagine you will find an upset somewhere and when I say upset maybe it's the eighteenth ranked team against a non ranked team, but it isn't a team. These teams that are supposed to be beaten. The hell out of other teams are just not doing it so far this year for the most part I mean normally early in college football you WanNa make money. Take the favourite yet I felt for me your bed money I took early college football. It's like when he got up to twenty, take the highest spread I took eight are the highest should I say? Yeah. If it's ninety five, take the frigging over on it because you're you're gonNA win money usually but normally these teams that you say take the favorite they're gonNA kick. This Oklahoma state versus Tulsa. Last week was my specs pick and I think we lost. One sixteen seven and they looked horrible doing. Yeah, right. So. If, you're going to get good teams man. You probably want to do it now before rattler and Georgia and Alabama and Lawrence settle in to A. Other really get even travelers plate halfway through what four touchdowns last week and was out three touchdowns in played much but. If you're a decent team and you think I got a chance to steal one. You're more than likely got a chance to steal as the underdog early in this type of setting especially with the new quarterback in transfers type of thing, because they're still finding their way as well. Just I all I know is giving tech over Texas this week John I. Hope you're right but I. I'm not even GonNa turn the game on the honest you. Tell you need to know right there. We got spread on. It's to be Texas by Alon authorities I would imagine at least twenty I would think. I'm looking for the damn game eighteen. Okay. That makes sense. I would take Texas Yeah I actually over under seventy and a half I don't yeah. I mean if Texas played like did against you tip and. Texas Tech Toys like they did against. Hugh now here's the idea fifty plus point. Real Quick Oklahoma state play this week. Should just looked at that Oklahoma place. Kansas West. Virginia okay. Look for Oklahoma state to play better. Cody Lhasa Oklahoma, state look for them to be more high powered this as long as Spencer Sanders playing sort of quarterbacks got hurt last that's kind of part of the request. A mobile player to. Really really good guy that could with a good season could sneak up and push in. Next year's draft. He's good to go I expect them to play a much better game. All right. We'll discuss some tomorrow football tomorrow's well as John, Clayton and nine thirty, and we will have some big Texan's final breakdowns as we head into the weekend. Huge game. Great Day. Appreciate the last go on and vote on your favorite holiday challenge on the planet. It's sports talk seven hundred. Sean. Jones joined Chris Gordon next in the trenches followed by the time show with Ross, and then the eighteenth for sags and MCI I'm sean be safe out there. We don't ever take granted and we appreciate you have a good one seat about twenty hours.

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