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"aleppo gardens" Discussed on News 96.5 WDBO

"Go the break rod what did you just say about how they get back in this well give him involved he is a first round pick talent if he comes out this this year and he might do that very underrated a lot of guys have overlooked in not not allow the ready backed out there sake warned barkley says he's studies him because he's so good arnold on first down give it a jones again coming of aleppo gardens at almost by delegates four more before jaylen homes rats above seventeen on that previous ron ronald jones a junior from texas what makes them so good well you know maybe it's water burger king he was so homesick his freshman season he said he missed the what a burger didn't like in and out out in california but he's a guy with great speed great power and is really good at sticking his foot the ground and cutting donald is going to get it again at this time all those robert will andrews defensive tackle robson for a lawsuit four i will say this uh ended out is now you cultures of the dallasfort worth area and i would just tell you that a north texas in and out berger is not to say was in california so you're saying a what a burger is certainly better i've said wha texas kid it's not even close to a texas aca cedric wear fur down the road of dassault texan is the running back now third intent for the trudgill it took two dardel walks is what i've said it could go burial world pittman ran a fiveyard stop and donald through with twenty five yards down the field soundings going to work now they're just up they're not in sync right now darn if not looked comfortable to me and i i understand that after the pick six but he wasn't being protected in this series before that he just doesn't look like himself so i don't keep partners plan the sc offensive coordinator was to play fast i wonder thicker rethink that now anchors something to that referred original caught away always shake it off the left side of his foot and the ball is going to go out of bounds at the twenty six yard line of it it could have been worst twenty nine yard pot out of bounds and with the twelve forty eight ready to be played in the second quarter it.

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