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"Don't have a fireplace at. That's not always good. But yeah, I got one year. Look at you I'M Happy. Birthday. I will I did actually. Did you guys have a good. Yeah, it was great. It was just you know what? You can't do anything crazy because it's corona but you know you get the family together. It was sweet. Well, you're not actually supposed to get the family together, but you got the family together. Everyone got tested. Okay. It doesn't matter you can get tested and then on your way home stop to get gas and pick up Gerona it's just. It's it just doesn't make sense to me. I'm I'm glad that you guys are all together but. I don't think it's safe. So. I don't know anymore I'm very I'm. Just, very melancholy I'm hoping that Aleni Elena her Aleni David. Davies, her cheers me up because I was checking her out online and she's either in the all-star break brother or I think she's like CGI ing herself end because I told you she's in it looks like she's in it. I notice that she was on one because I am DB says it also says she was like a guest. Dancing with the stars using the audience so They really take on those IMDB things I. The Own. Contestants. You'd have to look it up I. Mean I I've been there. I don't know that that's I was like in the background, Paris Hilton's documentary gotTa shout on their like you saw me for like Ooh. And I'm on my I'm to be isn't it I'm like all right on there it's on MTV. This show family reunion and it's not on there. So I'm like actually acted in the show had a couple of scenes but whatever. Deviant enter all the stuff that you've been. It's GonNa, be great really. Pretty far. I was very shocked at Michael, all right. We'll let's give our call. Let's see. Let's see what she's actually.

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