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TRR269 02 21 19 - Threesomes - Jay Leno - Survivor

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TRR269 02 21 19 - Threesomes - Jay Leno - Survivor

"The. Welcome to the row report with wral Garmon. Well, Hello there, boys and girls. Welcome to the Ralph is court for eighty Thursday. It is February twenty first so happy to have you joining us today. I cannot tell you how big today show is a huge voice. You hear by the way. I am remiss for not introducing the vice host himself, Mr. pants. Hey, everybody. I, of course, I'm your old podcast Powell Ralph Garman. Yes, Eddie, it is massive massive. Let me tell you the content. We have lined up for today's show. Not only is it Thursday. That means another visit to the classrooms of Ralph sex university where we will be talking about triad three people in a romantic slash sexual relationship. Triples through rumble troubles. That's right. That's right is what they call themselves or the comes up. Strangles triads is whole bunch of stuff. We'll get into that. Last night was the premiere of a brand new season of survivor Manso Carey, and I will be sitting down to break down that for with the survivor report as well as all the usual stuff, including some of Eddie's drunk thoughts. So as you can see we are packed to the gills impact with show today. So let's get right to it. As you know, we love to hear from you. There are several ways you can contact us here at the Ralph report, you can write us an Email if you're an old fashioned. You can take out an e man lick stay up put a stamp on it and send it on over Ralph at the report dot com is my address Eddie at the Ralph report dot com, if you wanna converse with vice host Steve at the Ralph report dot com, if you have an idea for ask Brit or anything at all. And then of course, you can always leave us a voicemail message twenty four hours a day seven days a week. On the Ralph report hotline. It's pretty easy. Do is dial one eight three three. It's just that simple. If you're in another country, if you're not in the United States or Canada, just jump on Skype and use their keypad punch that in and that'll get you to as well, we love it when you leave the messages besides reading every single Email, and I do I also listen to every single mail. So even if you don't hear it here on the show, please know that I got your message, and I do appreciate it. But I do grab a handful each and every day, and I throw them onto the front of the show in a segment we call lovingly Garmin on the line. The. A lot of people when they leave voicemail messages, have suggestions have requests have ideas of complaints. But in called just to say this higher L E N two star general from up in Santa Cruz listening to Wednesday morning soda, and I just wanted to call you let you know doing. All right. You mean clock we're doing all right? Good to know. That is a nice message to get because we do slave away here on the route for port for as little as fifteen cents a day. If I've ever mentioned that I never heard that. And to have someone called to say, hey at a boy nice job little Patton the but nothing wrong with that or a little pep talk. Thank you. I appreciate that. Eric also called in with a great idea this sprung from the fact, we did a deep dive a couple of weeks ago on the TV series theme song from match. Remember, we talked about the lyrics to and where it came from suicide is painless is the name of that song. And he had an idea that sprung from that. Hey, Ralph nutty, this is Eric in Rochester, New York, and yes, it's fucking cold here. Yeah. I love the show. The reason I'm calling is. I really enjoyed the deep dive you did on the mashing song. I've heard you lament the lack of theme songs today shows, and I'd love hear recurring segment of the greatest TV theme song show of all time or. At least maybe a best tree where street from unity either way low. You mean it by that's a great idea that idea we should do a segment about our favorite. Tv theme. Saw. I would love to do that. Let's do that on Monday. We'll plan on that for Monday show at will break down our three favorites. And then later on in the week. Maybe we'll hit up our three least favors. I always hated will the world don't road to the beat of just one fucking different strokes that was repugnant. So there you go teaser. Okay. What I'll be talking about sometime later next week. We also got this call and this made my day because when we do the segment like we do on Wednesdays of one hit wonders, my hope is always that playing that song will jar a memory from somebody's past that haven't thought about that song in year. And they hear us talking about on the show, and it gives them a smile. Such was the case with our man Alec era, Salik only talking shit that you blow my fucking mind with that popcorn. One have wondered I remember that song from like preschool or fucking kindergarten or something like twenty five ish years ago. I remember celebre reason teacher would play that song a lot whenever we like the play or something much shed a playlist of some sort of always seem to fuck and come on. And I was a kid. I was a Asari awesome. And at some point I started to think that it was just. Faking didn't exist and there it is. Solve the twenty five year riddle. Love you, Alex. They're thinking that he imagined that song as a little child going play to popcorn. And then he heard at twenty five years later and all those memories came flooding. That's what it's good for home on that is an achievement that I will carry with me for the remainder of my life. You're welcome Alec. That was awesome. Also, love it. When folks contribute to the show via jingles and songs and some little Diddy. They put together, and that's what our good friend bond. Jan bonded. We were talking yesterday about Eddie pences chair. I have this is the second chair of had to buy for Eddie because his ass is so special could it needs. I like how you shift the blame onto me. I'm Jay saying that people complain that Eddie's chair wasn't up to snuff. And so I got a chair, but I didn't do my due diligence. And so the chair really wasn't really grown man sized. So I had to get a sick and share. And now, I think it's okay. I. I had to share with the first share. This is technically my third share on this show. That's true. I've only had one tier Eddie's had chairs to show you the rank of who's who around here. This is at he's third chair. We think this is the keeper anyway Janna did a song to celebrate. Eddie's. New chair. He's got a share. Eddie's. Gotta chair. His ass. Feels things are fair. Hole but fits on the chair. What is round to making use it on that tiny still the army said when Eddie seated they found him looking also lame. Ralph you felt the pressure and his tiny heart K. Will never be the same. Eddie's Ghada chair. Eddie's gotta chair. This isn't a commercial, but Ralph got it from way, fair dot com. Dot com. Ed, he's gotta chair. And I don't really care, but I do. You went to all that hard work. Nice. It was very nice Janice said in her Email, by the way that she said along with that little song I'm thinking of singing into my American idol audition. I am such a great crooner offsets. The lock I think jam may be aware that that may not be her art form, we should do a duet. But she certainly went out of her way to do something. Nice for us. And we appreciate that report. You can be just like Janet, you got something to contribute to the show or something that you wanna talk about. It's pretty easy. All you. Gotta do is. Call me. Perhaps the greatest thing to come out of the army on the line segment is the person who suggested that we take any Pence, and then we slow him down to half speed. And when you do that through the miracle of technology. It sounds like Eddie Pence's drunk off his ass. Now, here's the irony. Is that Eddie does not drink? He's not a drinking never been drunk in your whole never have never have what a waste what a waste of a life right there. I don't know if I've been sober my whole life. We work perfect together. He is. Never been drug. So we get to hear what it would be like if Eddie was sitting on the corner barstool some place three sheets to the wind pontiff caning on any subject matters counterpart into an alternate universe. Right. You're on the other side of the interchange. And people love this so much. It's become a regular segment here on the Ralph report, and it's even got its own jingle. I can't see the close enough from your face. It's drunk thoughts. Five my teeth. For work. Well, a lot of people suggested this week's drunk Eddie thoughts or Eddie's dry. Gotta get that name. Right eddies drunk thoughts. Like, for example, Chrissy, four star general from prince George BC, he's jested along with many other people that we take the segment from this week show. I guess it was last week show. And we were talking about ferris wheel will on February fourteen. Ferris wheel day Eddie Pence doesn't like ferris wheels. And he let everyone know about it. And it's even more poignant when Eddie's drunk so here is this week's edition of Eddie's drunk thoughts. It is also national ferris wheel day depends is like ferris wheel. I love the ferris. That's that's okay. That's not the merits the the horse thing that goes around would be married marry around the ferris full the thing. It's takes ya. Right. Takes you up takes forever to get off of. That is not a thrill ride or it's to be oh look at that. And see my house. Physically boring. Oh, Eddie fares was horrifically or you are it's so boring. Have you ever taken a date on a ferris wheel boring? It's romance you're making now. Yeah. And you chatty look at it. And then you had this amazing view. It's it's a it's it comes for me. Kinder and simp- your time trapped up there. And so that's the experience to get wherever you are. When you're on a ferris, get perspective, and a point of view that gives you gives. But they get on it. I want to get off the view. Okay. Give me off this one in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina to huge one. And you look up over the land. Coach rare. Thirty forty fifty seconds. And then you want to get off. What's your hurry? What do you do that? So era. To do trust run over. The course. Corn dog and not take my wife for Valentine's Day. I just passed out. Yeah. That's that's the point as always say at the end. We're Eddie's head hits the bar where he just goes on contest. God. That's so oh, that's the best. All right. It was days. Eddie's drug thoughts. I can't see the close up from your face. It's. Drunk caught. Five. Award. All right. Take a look at the counter the hangs here in the back cave here at the rough aboard studios, we love to see what holidays fall on each and every day of the year, not all of them, however are acceptable. If we disagree with the holiday, you will hear this. If we agree with the holiday, and you're allowed to celebrate you'll hear this in a segment that we call holiday or holiday. On. We celebrate Ralph. Only two holidays today. Well, just a couple which works out because I told you we got a jam show it worked out, well, so we'll have to burn through these. But it is national grain free day grain free day rain free day day for you to eat all of your meals with no grains in the that's a healthy choice. I think it is. But it says that the reason you do it. It's because it's a remarkable way to devote an entire day to loved ones who have to cope with dietary limitation. So if you have someone in your family that is perhaps gluten sensitive, right or they can eat, grains, intolerant. Right. You join in with them, and you also refrain from eating you suffer for a day. They're sad. Eddie, and I have a very good friend named Gaby Zamora and Gabby is extremely sensitive decanting anything. She will get very sick. If she eats anything that has gluten in it, and it's a real bane of her existence. Every she has to go every restaurant. She goes to she has to find out if they have gluten free up didn't read for she'll be sick. So what we should just take Gabby out, and we all should eat. Gluten on the you'd be our press for you. Anyway, it says it's a way to recognize the difficulties of a restricted diet, but it celebrates the family and brings everyone back into the kitchen for a meal this designed just for them. So if anyone in your family has a wheat corn or rice allergy or some other auto immune disease that finds them eating celery sticks at the latest family gathering office party this way, you can feel them make them feel included by engaging in national grain if eight seller sticks with them, and then go in the other room in what you need to eat a burger whether nice. French fries so grain free. Look, I I don't know why it has to be a thing. Can't you just accommodate the people in your life who but dietary restriction rate, but look if it makes them feel better. Like, I said Gabby suffers all the time having to be the odd man out when it comes to snacking and eating and stuff. So that makes someone feel better do it. I'll talk it up for a day. I'll join in on national grain free day. And if it couldn't be more diametrically opposed to national grain free day. It's also national sticky bun day that's exact opposite of national sticky. Bun day the sticky bun for those of you that don't know. And if you don't you're just you're just losing out out. I guess I should ask. I didn't even sticky bun. That seems like something even you choke down the sticky bun is one of the great pastries. It is a rolled piece of Levin dough that contains Brown sugar and sometimes cinnamon and when it's before it's cooked. They put in a pan that is lined with those sticky sweet ingredients like maple syrup or Honey or sugar butter. And then when it's done baking, they flip the buns over. So that all that good stuff is top. And that's like the icing for the sticky. Bun the origin of the sticky buns may be interested to know is like all good things. It came from the city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is good things. Come out of true. Brought there in the nineteenth century by German settlers who brought their baking traditions with them when they began settling in and around Philadelphia. And that's where America I got the sticky bun in German. It is called the Schneck and sticky. No, it's called necking. There's necking and Schneck in is the German word for snail. Oh, and when you think about it, that's the shave. It spirals in on it self, and it's all slimy. It's not slimy. It sticky and called a slimy. Bun. It's called a scuz- known eat it that way. And so because it's shaped like a snail the Germans call it the Schneck, and but we in the United States, call it the sticky bun, and it is good. So we say yays. Yays dish neck, and is there large German population Phillies, that were a lot of German people settled there a lot of Germans a lot of Irish lot of Italian. Well, like most of most east coast cities settled that way. But it seems like a disproportionate amount of German settlers came to that area. Okay. Because we have enormous amount of what they call the Pennsylvania Dutch Shell just north of the city and Dutch in this particular case doesn't mean Netherlands Dutch German. Okay. And so a lot of the good stuff that we eat there in the Philadelphia area. Scrapple like the sticky from all from the germs. It's interesting too. There you go there you have it. That's today's holiday or holiday Barack Moreira. Schneck in bash nook and sneck. It is time now to take a look at all the entertainment news with a segment we call the show biz beat we were talking about this a little bit yesterday. But this jussie smollet. Yeah. From empire. It's just unfolding and worse and worse for this motherfucker. And rightly so if this is if everything turns out to be true what they're accusing him up. Now this back you should pay piece of crap. All right. Here's what we know. So far there is now footage surveillance camera footage of the two brothers that we were talking about yesterday. These guys were extras on empire were friends with jussie smollet, and it by all accounts at appears as if they were all in some sort of conspiracy together to fake this attack that was had on on him with. They do it. That's what I don't get. Well, he's the star of the show. There wanna be actors their extras on the set. They're now going to be subpoenaing his financial records just a small aid them as. Well, that's what the Chicago PD assuming money trail. But they now have surveillance camera footage of them checking out at a store buying the items that were used in a staged allegedly staged attack together all three of them there at a check three brothers. That would remain Ola and able Sundar ago there from Nigeria I believe they were at the checkout counter, and they piled up the items which included ski masks gloves bandannas, sunglasses and red baseball cap. So they weren't maga- hats. They were just they were just red baseball caps. And they're seeing buying all this stuff the day before the alleged attack. So now the Chicago PD as of yesterday anyway, said that he has gone beyond jussie smollet has gone beyond. He person of interest now to a suspect in the crime of filing. At least filing a false police report, how not to mention what other. I'm sure they're going to try to hang on him when this all shakes out. But it's looking worse and worse for this guy man, and they sound like an credibly stupid bad guys to they really do. You. Don't go to the assault store and buy all of your a one time. One time was put a sign on your round your next planning. No good. Oh my God. Yeah. It's pretty stupid. This sounds exciting, and inspirational, however, the first reviews for captain marvel starting to roll and Disney had its first public screenings on Tuesday of this week. And now they're starting to hit the internet some of the reviews, and they have all been glowing. Well, of course, why do you say that the Disney wouldn't release them? Disney didn't release didn't release. These are the the pre press releases that are coming from independent critics who went to see the screening. And now, they're going back to their their outlets media outlets, whatever they may be and they're all say about today's. And they're all saying, it's amazing. I'm excited here. Some of them ET. T- from entertainment tonight. Meredith Kyle said, captain marvel doesn't OS anything. But holy cow. Does it deliver? I guess you saying, you know, it's great to have a a movie that starts from ground zero. It's not it's not predicated on any progress films. Also from den of geek dot com carols hero moment was very cathartic and true to the female experience. Not sure what that means may there. But good. That's good. Sounds good. From the rap dot com. Here is my reaction, captain marvel absolutely soars, and perhaps the best review has come from Mashabela dot com. Where reviewer Angie Han wrote wealth is fucked about captain alluding, of course, to the fact that captain marvel play a large role. We assume in the next was powerful superhero Warrener's in the world universe. Yes. So I guess she's gonna come back and kick some feno folks, which is awesome. Now on the flip side of that coin we have a phenomenon that this first half. Opened I guess really in a big bed way with Djeddai the last Jedi where there was a deluge of negative reviews before the movie even came out because it had a female character and an Asian female character specifically, and there's this weird phenomenon now in the geek boy culture of like white angry right wing geeks. Let started at the force awakens when Finn was a black guy dorm too, right? Yeah. But they were also part of the game or gates thing that happened. And there's a comics gate anytime women seem to get into a position of power these guys get flipped out. And now it appears that rotten tomatoes is being overrun by multiple fake accounts. That are posting negative reviews of captain marvel before these people even see it a like, oh, boy, I off this will be worse than the last Jedi. I'm calling it. Now, critics will love it. But the audience will hate it writes one review, I've never seen it. But I'm just gonna right exactly idiot. This one is so telling by the way, an anonymous user posted why marvel decided to cast a very vocal racist and sexist aimed at white males. I'll never know. And this comes from an interview that the star the movie Larson said when asked are you concerned that young white men won't respond to this movie because it's a female lead. And she said, frankly, I don't care what young white men have to say about my movie, it's not. My concern. She was basically she cannot control that she doesn't carry on his truth. Well, young white men everywhere took that as an as an affront, and they're pushing and then now she's racist and sexist because she said she doesn't care about what young white men would you care about young white men. She also said in the interview that she thinks there should be more female film, critics in journalists who cover film, which I think is a fair beef as well that gives you a balance my no, no, no that we got another review on rotten tomatoes, saying tired of all this social Justice warrior nonsense. Strong women equals more Hollywood bullshit. No, thanks. What's it? It's an established character that's been in the marvel universe, by the way. The same reaction say they said was that they haven't seen it for more of a movie since can you guess, what movie also got this treatment? Black Panther panther shocking. Back was that character was brand new to who whatever happened to the nerds the geeks being the sympathetic people. Understood what it was like marginal. I those are real gigs. Those are people with political agendas, I suppose true geek fans, I think they're just it didn't use to be those streams didn't cross usually the people who are really racist. And and homophobic, and sexist very rarely seemed like re part of that, gray culture. Usually that was a kinder gentler part of a subset of society and more accepting. I think people has political agendas have found ways to just make everything divisive. Single thing. We take pleasure and they find a way to make it divisive. And maybe now that superhero films and comic book comic book universes in general are part of the giant landscape of popular culture that's been more inclusive in terms of the people who follow that kind and then making the first black super hero. And then a fee, a, strong female superhero. Those are things to divide us politically, and that is very threatening. Because you know, what happens when that gets on those who'd with small penises get really upset those movies get made than they start taking things away from white guys because that should be a white guy. Plain black. Panther, captain marvel. Why why can't that happen? Why can't a guy dressed up as a chick and p? Apparent guys when it's someone in drag like the, yeah, it's it's depressing. But I just thought it was worth mentioning because fuck those. Yup. All right. Let's take a look at today's celebrity birthdays. It is Thursday February twenty first all these stars were born on this day. Jerry Harrison from the talking heads is seventy years old today. And this is not him playing at the top. This is obviously a bass intro. But it's one of my favorite talking heads songs of all time. And I just wanted to hear it. Into. I'm nervous that. My. Relied. Why? Estra say. Got damnit. Gary Lockwood very talented actor was in two thousand one space odyssey was the first guest star in the very first episode of Star Trek, he's got quite a oh, well Sifi cred to his biography. He's eighty two years old today. Actress Tyne Daly, you know, her best probably still was half of Cagney. And lays her granddaughter goes to my son's school. What does Sarah sear, occasionally, we'll grin daughter deal? Hey, cake caney and or lacy whichever one you played. That's like it never fell the too. I mean, I could tell them apart. But under we have ever knew Benson and hedges Benson. You know, the plays actually on. That's probably the mustache, right? Anthony Daniels c three P motherfucking. Oh from the Star Wars films seventy three years old today. That's gotta suck the crawl into that suit for him. Does he? Yeah. I saw the set. They had some set photos taking the helm shouldn't put a seventy now three year old man in that suit with that helmet lakes. It's his life's goal. His life's mission. You know, me and the claustrophobia be able to wear that that helmet all day long nuts. William Petersen CSI star. Of course, just a talented guy. Sixty six years old Kelsey grammer. Frazier himself is sixty four actor Jack Coleman who so good on heroes. Did you watch heroes when it was on ABC the first season? I didn't watch that stuff. That was the best thing. You've made a good choice. He's sixty one Christopher Atkins is fifty eight. You don't hear from him much any don't. But he was in a movie called the blue lagoon with she'll rook shields back in the day. A lot of us that van very clearly match over ruined on an island with Brooke Shields. And it's just like, okay. Well, I guess let's just we're in nature and sex is natural. So let's just bone on the beach and got caught beating off behind the rock. Didn't we all singer, Mary and carpenters sixty one years old today, primarily known as a country music star? But she's a singer songwriter at some crossover success in the early nineties, especially with this too. Shouldn't have. Actor William Baldwin of the acting Baldwin family is fifty six years old today actor Titus Burgess from the unbreakable Kimmy shit. Kimmy Schmidt is forty years old today. Actress Jennifer love Hewitt is forty years old. It's funny. I had that in my mind, whatever you do don't say shit. And that's the first. Comedian director all around good guy. Jordan Peele key NPL is forty years old today when I first met Jordan Peele. He was promoting the key and Peele show over on comedy central. And he came into the radio station where I was working to promote it, and he came up to me and said, I can't tell you what a huge fan. I am of your which surprised makes I had no idea. He would know who I am. And it turns out he didn't know my radio stuff at all. But he's a huge Joe schmo fan. Wow. And he said that was one of my favorite TV shows of all time to this day. And then he became a big producer director. And I have never heard him up for the movie. Jordan Peele is forty years old today. Ashley Greene of twilight is thirty two years old today. Actress Ellen page from inception. Juneau is thirty two years old today. Actress Sophie Turner from game of thrones is twenty three and we were just talking about the English beat and general public was it maybe even yesterday day days ago. Ranking Roger of that ban. Also celebrates a birthday this week. He is fifty eight years old today. Here's some more English beat. And by the way, I got schooled by some army members. When I was asking, why would they call them the beat because in Britain, they were called the beat as we're we just worried that people would know they came from England. It turns out the record label here in the states had American van also called the beat the beat really. So in order to separate the two they dubbed them the English beat. Here's one of their great tunes. How many soundtracks this song Bennett? I think I just heard that in Spiderman homecoming, I think. That's great stuff. That's it for today. Celebrity birthdays, I'm Ralph garment I walked show biz. And today is Thursday. That means we fling open the doors of that institute of learning known as Ralph sex university. As well. To him. Grant. What the week here on the row report, we tried to delve into the mysteries of human, sexuality and shine some light on them. And of course, your questions are always welcome. That's where we got today's topic Tanner called in. He is entering into a brand new relationship, and it is not a common one. It is what they call a triad is a relationship a romantic often sexual relationship between three people as opposed to people. So he had a question, and he called and left us. This message. Hey rouse, Tanner Harley here for star general. I know you guys cover a lot on the sex you thing, but I was curious if you've ever covered a triad relationship, I've recently entered into one, and that would be awesome. But anyway, L M B now, you can imagine the difficulties in a regular relationship regular normal, but just to relationship between two people. If the complications the emotional complications, the clashes of personality of different wants and desires trying to compromise. Everybody has dealing with one person's along. How is that? Just for you. But if the permutations probably becomes like nine different ways of fucking things up. I just don't know how it doesn't get in that situation where two people side against one person almost like human nature or just animal nature like pack instinct, I'm sure if it happens all the time, then I think you have a series. But I'm sure there are times when someone's feelings get hurt or someone has an opinion and one person agrees and the other person in the throttle. They're known doesn't agree. There's a lot of permutations and potential pitfalls in a relationship involving three people and Tanna reached out and wanted us to take a look now, we did sort of glossed over this when we did our route sex you on poly-amorous, which are people who feel the ability to love multiple people often that it involves open relationships if you're in a couple or a single person we'll have many boyfriends and girlfriends, but it triad is a specific kind of poly-amorous that we're going to narrow in on today. And I wa. To talk about it because it can be confusing to some people who are unfamiliar or can't imagine themselves in a relationship like that. So I wanted to talk about the different types of triad relationships and the different dynamics in each of them. Now, just as a basic definition, a triad is relationship between three people, and it usually involves all three people actively involved romantically and sexually with the other person. It's known as delta or a triangle, or as we mentioned, a try it. Now, there's different kinds of triads and it breaks down into these basic different types. Now, of course, there's as many different kinds. I'm sure as there are three groups three people in a group together. These are the basics one is called a closed romantic triad. This means that the three people in the situation are all in relationship with each other. And that is the extent of their romantic and sex life. So that they find every. They need sexually romantically. They don't go try right one of other partners. So this is a closed relationship. They don't have sex or date other people the three of them are a closed romantic or sexual relationship now, depending on the dynamics which is who's involved usually one of those persons is bisexual, right? You have to assume if women and a man, and they're all involved with each other than the women have to be bisexual or vice versa. If there's two men in a woman, the men in all likelihood will be by sexual as well, but you can have three women together. Three men together. You would think they'd have to be comfortable together. Exactly. And they have to find what they want from each other. And I think that's the one not the one I don't wanna judge. But that's a upside to having a romantic relationship in a throttle, which is you can get different things from different partners and still be in a closed romantic relationship. You know? So that's one type then there is the close. Romantic to one partner triad. It's called witches. How's the best way to describe this? If it helps think of this relationship as a V, so if you look at the capital letter v at the bottom, there is the point that would be the one person, and then they're dating each person that shoots off to the left and the right to people are dating one person. Right. But the people at that that person is dating aren't interact with each other. Okay. So that is called a V relationship or a closed romantic to one partner triad would and that person in the middle called the hinge. Shale that works that would require a lot of scheduling. I think I would think so too. Yes. And that case it's often, obviously, a heterosexual, man or woman has to opposite sex partners that makes any sense, and if the women aren't by sexual than understandably, they wouldn't be in a relationship together. Another type of triad is the open triad, and this would be like any open relationship where all the partners are free to have sex or romantically John's with anyone that they choose to. So the primary relationship is the three people together, but they're also free to date and have sex outside of the relationship that's known as an open triad. And then this is interesting. This is called a closed diatoms, which means to people with open partner that means there's a basic couple at the center of this relationship and their relationship is with each other and with the third member of their triad, but they are exclusive to each other and that partner, but the part. Owner has an open relationship where they can go off into people. Exactly. So it'd be like having a marriage with a boyfriend and girlfriend on the side. But that person does not have to be exclusive to the married. Couple of cents got cell as you can imagine all of these can go up in many different directions. But those are the basic breakdowns of the trials. There's even something called an ace sexual triad, which is three people living together in a relationship with no sex involved whatsoever. Sounds like roommates basically, but they have enormous love for each other. And this is often case where three people who identify as asexual people who don't aren't interested in sex with anyone they form a three way relationship, and they that's that's their family unit tribe. So there you go those are the basic breakdowns triad relationships. I thought it would be interesting to talk to a member of the Garvey who has been in a triad for some time since Tanner's just getting into one. I thought it'd be interesting to hear the perspective of someone who's been in one for a while. And so I sat down with member of the. Armie stephen. And we talked about his relationship. He's bisexual, and he has a boyfriend and girlfriend, and they are a couple with child and the three of them live together as a family unit. Interesting. Very interesting. I sat down with Stephen. And here's what he had to say about try. It's great to talk to a member of the garment who's actually currently involved in a triad. It is Steven how you doing, sir. Do a wonderful. Ralph and yourself, I'm well, thanks so much for taking some time to talk to today. Of course, of course, I'm really glad to help. And I think it's going to be fun. Yes. Should be an interesting topic. A lot of people have a lot of questions, and I hope we can cover some of them here. How did you first get involved in a try it? Well, I've only been in one and the one I'm currently in. And it's actually with two of my best friends one. I've known him since practically preschool and her I've known her since we were in high school where they couple first. And then you joined yeah. Actually, we we were all together friends like best friends, and I ended up joining the military. So I left her a few years. They got married while I was gone. I came back for the wedding, of course. And then after I got out we ended up getting altogether, and I eventually moved in to the house with them about two years ago. Okay. So let's talk about how the decision came about for the three of you to enter into a relationship together. Because a lot of people. I think a lot of hard time even wrapping their head around. How something like that happened? Right. Well, it took us a little bit too one night. We were all just hanging out, which we did every night practically we had a few drinks. And apparently they had a discussion about me joining them one night in bed. I'll was always attracted to her end him some that we never discussed and apparently both of them were the same way with me. So one night we all got together. And after that, we had a discussion the next day or something. And then we thought it was a one time thing and kept happening. And then I was over there more often. And then eventually said, you know, what we love this. We're all in love with each other. We can do our things together. And or what he's happy. So they invited meetable event with them. Okay. So I'm assuming then that you're by sexual correct? So that is a three way relationship where you all have sex with each other. Yes. Or as coupled off to okay, you're living together. What is the living arrangement like to you all sleep in the same bed is they're rotating schedule. Right, right. Well, we do have an extended family home here. So it's a full house downstairs in an apartment upstairs. So they do have a child together. So I live upstairs in the apartment upstairs with a couple of my roommate friends, and they live downstairs her and him their child and her mother lives downstairs as well. And everybody knows everything with the exception of the child. Of course, there's no reason to bring that into a young kids world yet. So pretty much uncle Steve lives upstairs. They all our friend best friends in love each other. That's pretty much what gino's so the Paris still sleep together each night. I just come up here. So you guys are open about this to all your friends and family, correct? Yeah. Actually, it's wide on Twitter. What is the reaction been of those who maybe are unfamiliar with this unconventional relationship? Funny because it's F. I I was definitely apprehensive town, my parents, especially coming back from the military and everything and they're like what happened and I'm like, well, I'm the level. Both of my always have been and they both understood my parents are very day are a little traditional. But my father always told me do what makes you happy. No matter what took that to heart, and this makes all of us happy. So we did that and they all understood my little sister. She took it a little different. I mostly because she was mad at until her before my parents, so but she's really happy for us. And obviously the woman it's in our relationship her mom is happy. She lives here. She with us all the time. So she understands in really gets it too. So I've had it easy all of event of pretty easy. No, nothing negative really from any of our friends and family. That's amazing. You have a support system that allows. You to be open about this. Yeah. And like, I said, we're very fortunate very lucky 'cause I know there's a lot of people out there who don't have that type of support system or the family turns her back on them, and it's horrible. It's like seriously, don't you want your family, your friends to be happy that should be all that matters. Now is this a committed relationship? Are you guys exclusive with each other? Hundred committed. We do not date with anybody else. They could do whatever they want. And I could do whatever I want that was the rule at the beginning. But a came out to be no if you wanna be with us, you got to be with US Vice versa where it's just uh three. And that's it. And we've all agreed a hundred percent on that. Are there any complications in a relationship involving three people because I know that when you're coupled up with just one person at best it can be trying difficult. There can be his shoes. I can imagine that's compounded with three personalities involved. A kind of a little bit. But at the same time, you always have somebody else, you can talk to about any issues, you're having with the other person's like, maybe do you have an argument with say, I have an argument with her him. I can go to the other one and say, hey, this is what happened? I need perspective on this. I I need to figure out. Why am I getting upset over this? Should I get upset or should I should have done this? And it's easier because we're very open. We can talk about stuff like that. But yeah, there's other times where it's like, I wasn't feeling good. And they were downstairs leg all week. And I really get the hang out with anybody. And I feel bad. But nothing crazy like we don't have too many issues. Are there any jealousy issues? You just mentioned that they're hanging out together a lot in. Maybe you feel a little bit on the outside and given moment does that ever pop. Exactly. That's the one thing that have happened to me once and I don't even know lie. It was so stupid. Because after we talked about is like, well, I was over reacting just over a motion at that point. And. Wasn't feeling. Well, so everything's just built up on it. But yeah, it's happened. But the good thing is it's like, okay. It's jealousy. Over somebody else that we're all in love with. So what does it matter? How long this relationship been going on for years? I think no four years somewhat. So it's close to that that started. But again, like we've all known each other. We've been best friends for decades. And as far as you're concerned is this your relationship for life. Are you guys committed to each other to the point where you feel this will just be how it is forever? That's the plan. Anyway, we we've all talked about it. We've we've said five year plans to move out of this area somewhere else were saving for houses and stuff. It's been nice. And we were always helping each other out here. Always it's it's definitely a family. I don't even know how to explain it. You mentioned the fact that they have child as child grows up. Eventually if this does continue on you will have to explain the arrangement has that crossed your mind. At all definitely has. But instead of it's not really forcing it instead of bringing it up. I we're gonna wait for her to ask the question nets. The is like, you know, what until there's an actual question about it. There's no reason to worry her about anything. She's in school. She's a little there's no reason for that yet. But yet definitely we're not gonna lie. If someone out there listening to this, and they are interested in being involved in a triad, or it's something they're curious about do you have any advice for someone who's been doing it for four years? Now, you had this feelings even before you got together with this couple. Is there anything you could suggest to help them make this a successful arrangement of my biggest piece of advice, especially if it's somebody that you're trying to that you're friends with sit down and talk with them. I mean, be have very serious open conversation with them about it. I never would have thought this. What happened as much as I've wanted all those years. I never would've thought it happened until one of them started in all. You got to be honest with somebody. But there's also communities out there that I'm sure you can find I like I said I've been with these guys since I started. So I never had the need to search it out. But I know there's online communities out there can help ask questions and stuff. It's been so amazing to get the perspective of someone who has done this and done it successfully. It sounds like you are genuinely happy, and you're jeez. I don't even know you can't say, you're others. You're the the the phraseology gets complex here. The rest of your family. I guess it seems like they're very happy as well. I'll extremely it. Seriously. This is the saved my life. Wow. That's that's a pretty strong statement. It's honor percent true, though, wasn't some bad places after coming back to save me. Well, well, Stephen, I could not be happier for you. And for your husband and wife. No, I don't I don't I don't know. Honey. We never really thought of it before. All right. Well, I'm glad you and your honey's seems to be very happy together. Thanks so much for spending some time with us today and sharing your thoughts. Thank you, very very very much. Appreciate it. So there you have it for someone especially if you're bisexual. It sounds like an ideal relationship. So literally the best of both sounds pretty good. And of course, as we mentioned it does carry with it the same potential pitfalls at any relationship does feel like that's where has to have even more open communication than just a regular couple. As you heard Stephen say, yes, you have to be in constant communication, and there are moments where as you mentioned, human nature will take over and people get their feelings air, someone feels like the odd one out, and he said, you constantly have to address those things and talk them out and keep things healthy, the only if you hold shit in invariably that will blow up so Tanner. I hope that helped answer some of your questions. I wish you all the best and let us know how it's going because shit. I don't know maybe talk, my wife and miss. Maybe get me a girlfriend will deal funny unicorn wouldn't that be nice? That's today's Ralph six university. Speaking of my wife, I'm glad she's not here yet. Because I'd probably get a swift kick to the nartz that comment. We love to break down our favorite TV shows for you every week we've been doing it with the bachelor this season. And last night was the premiere episode of another one of our favorite shows. One of the few shows we watch together as a family. It is vibe over there on CBS, by the way, I talked to Jeff Probst the host of that trying to get him on his against that'd be great. Yeah. He's good man so carrying I sat down wash the show last night. And here's our breakdown of last night survivor. This is survivor. Well last night was the premiere of survivor edge of extinction. That sounds so scary and dangerous. And no one knows what it means. Getting of the episode Jeff Probst announces it's the thirty eighth season. I'm survive. Here. We are still watching and breaking down for you on the survivor report. Joining me, of course, as my lovely wife Kerry everybody, and we watched last night's episode. We're here to break it down for you. Interesting batch of survivor contestants on this season. The first couple of sets is kind of hard to get a vibe on everyone it. Yes, it is hard. And there's always a couple of personalities that stand out, sell, you know, so much really big personalities in those are there decide if I like the girl with Terrell or not we'll talk about Wendy in a bit. There was it isn't odd batch because there seems to be some real seemingly disadvantages. That some of the contestants are carrying around this season. I was surprised like Keith. For example. They jump off the boat. You know when they get on survivor. They offering everyone in a boat, and then they make them jump off the boat, and and put all the supplies into their rowboats and head into short to their respective camps and Keith jumps off the boat. And then he's got an a revelation to announce to everyone. The best out here. Not never pitted. Open water. The actually me who will swim caused me to be the first one going Keith can't swim. It strikes me if you're a person who knows yourself well enough to know that you can't swim. And you've never been an open water. Maybe survivor isn't the game for you. Maybe could he have jumped and tried to land a little closer to the boat. He jumped and landed right in the middle of nowhere to I'm not even concerned about the first thing of getting the the fruit into the rowboat to camp every other challenge on survivor entails you going out into the ocean and diving under and getting a buoy and releasing something else almost every other challenge involves serious swimming. Listen, I think that they should put people on survivor that don't know how to swim. And I also think they should give them life jackets because how funny would it be to watch him try and swim down to unleash buoy with a life jacket on that would be wildly entertaining to see. But I think that would put his tribe at a disadvantage the case. Then as my wife mentioned, we met Wendy, Wendy has a. Particular quirk as well that I think in terms of the social game may may work against her. Touchable city like a lot. Or like cook a combo there. Like, if I do this, I'll go and do this arm one and a whole bunch like mixed in has to be all of them. And I feel like right now, they're kind of good. But if I get really excited if I get really concentrated into something. Or if I talk about them, the act up a lot Wendy's got to Retz, she also has more than a little bit of OCD got plenty of OCD, and she super annoying, and that's separate from her now separate from whatever only might change your mind. I might but I find your super annoying even without too retro. See the. You find her annoying because of her voice. It's too whiny. Not a good one. I'll tell you that. Yeah. And it strikes me again that she says if she gets super excited or she has to concentrate hard that she's at her worst, well survivors really about being really excited during challenges and then concentrating really hard. What's again? This is not the skill set for someone would excel at the game of survivor, you think that she kicks into high gear when she has sex. Don't even wanna think about that, quite frankly with our OCD. Nope. She kind of has to do the movement put that in my head. All right. Then we met Julie. She's an Oetzi mom, and she's from New York City, and she is very open about the fact that she has no skills that would be applicable in the outdoors fiber skills at all. And freely tells people that she had one close encounter with the outdoors in New York City city, I had no now for survivors skill whatsoever. Splinter, but it hurts. Close. I can come to that I feed in the bushes of central park once and that was that was an emergency urinating outside. I don't think counts as maybe put something on the application for survivor. A lot of people not qualified to be on the show. Maybe they've run out of contest urinating outside qualify for survivor than Mr. you need to sign a bit champion. Yes. You love to p in the backyard. I will often go at the the end of the night together. Like like, just like, the alphabet wolf, and my, and my pack out there marking territory, I hope you're doing it in the flower beds and not on the new fake grass ends on. How many drinks I've had then run the teacher. He actually I like him a lot because he seems like he's got a good head and a shoulder. He knows how to play the game. And while they were on the boat before they got even the camp. The man came across a secret advantage and how great is that on the game of survivor right out of the chute to come up with an advantage. But I have some to good advantage of Thakin eighty. And now thinking I got to get away redes- pay. I gotta get away raid. This thing he did read it, and it was a menu of potential advantages. He could steal a prize in a reward challenge from the other team if he lost steal someone's vote at tribal council, he could use it for personal immunity that is an awesome area. They they have been doing unique things with advantages in idols the last couple of season seasons that have really changed the game. So it's going to be interested for Ron. So they split them up into the Manu and the comma tribes, and they have their first challenge for tribal, immunity and comma winds Manu goes away said, and it looks like that Reema is going to be on the block. We haven't really talked about yet. She is an older woman who is just a bitch. She's a cool name. But Reema remake means, of course, just stick something up your ass. She's appropriately named very appropriately. Because she crawls right up. Everybody's ass and everybody is fed up with her by the time tribal rolls around. It's a foregone conclusion that she's going to be booted out, and they don't even hide it. They say it right in front of her face, and she takes umbrage to that and starts at tribal council to mouth off to the rest of her tribe. Here's the funny thing. My name was thrown out apparently because they wanna keep the tribes strong. I'm going with age discrimination, quite honest with these because how do now if I wasn't strong or not strong. I mean, do we need to have like a wrestling competition here, we can do in tribal, Jeff. I'm just saying. Ream is this normal for you? Are you a little confrontational just by nature back home? That's polite. Jeff probe speak for are. You a bitch at Herat to or you just want your show, the normal the normal ream here. Yes, RAV no one is surprised when Reema gets voted off the island and there's much rejoicing. Then at that point. There's a twist is when we find out what Ed of extinction means as she is walking off down the path of shame after she's been voted out. She runs across a fork in the road and there's a series of signs waiting for her. And she reads them, and this is what they say. Decision to make do not want to play anymore. Bala this past in your adventure will. Want a chance to get back in the game takes origin. Get all those. So that's what happened. She takes the torch. She gets on the boat, and they shuttle her around to the other side of the island, and she has led off with no shelter. No fire. No food. She is abandoned on the other side of the island. I mean, this is not like when they used to put them in isolation. What did they call it in previous redemption is this is not that this? This is the edge of extinction. Yeah. You're right. They're just you're either going home or you're living in such awful conditions that you are you will wish you had gone home. Right. And apparently that's the twist this season is that people who live on the edge of extinction will have an opportunity to earn their way back in the game. But we don't know exactly what they're going to make them do to do that just yet. We'll find out this season now. But she sat there at the end of the episode, and she was just motherfucking the rest of her team. Just could not have a good word to say about any of them. Or the fact. That she was cold and tired and stuck on the edge of extinction. Fits through might try near mad that I pick your frigging clothes on the beach, dry, whatever cry because I'm still in the game. And I'm having to be in the game. Cold. Got a stick it out. Edge of freaking extinctions. That's what they should call the show edge of extinction. She's always she always has Bridget of Long Island quality about her voice. How dare you? She is nowhere as fabulous as bridge. You're freaking extinction now. So we're often running I think it's going to be a real good. The personalities are going to be really really interesting. I think it's going to be very good looking forward to it. We'll catch you up next week as we break down the second episode of survivor edge of extinction. And before we say goodbye, we still have time to squeeze in one. Last thing. More of my conversation with Danny robuck here in this part of the interview I talked to Danny about his work as Jay Leno in an HBO movie called the late shift. It was about the late night wars between Leno and Letterman. He did a great job in this. If you haven't seen this, you should definitely hunt it down and check it out for yourself. Here's more of my conversation with Daniel Roebuck. I was a fan of your word long before we came friends, but this role was the thing that truly blew me away. And you mentioned it earlier in our conversation. But the late show that movie you did for it was an HBO movie yet nineteen. Yeah. Because like many of us who are TV geeks. We were all caught up in the book at the time that Bill Carter Bill Carter. Yeah. A great of great book. And for those who don't know the book pretty much details. The late night wars between Leno and Letterman at the time. The Johnny Carson was stepping down from the tonight show, and who was going to be given that mantle. And they made of movie out of it. And I remember at the time when I heard they were making a movie of it saying, this is going to be one of those films that will fall flat because they will not be able to find anyone who can personify these characters that we know. So well to make us believe the story, and I was absolutely wrong. John Higgins of great actor did phenomenal job as Letterman but year performances. Jay Leno was transcendent. Thank you. And what how do I don't know anything about tell me how you get that job. How does that store that story? Yeah. That's. That's. Thank you for those kind words. So you know, my system Allah G for how to audition is to be fully formed when I walk in. I don't care less concerned about the words more concerned about the person. That's how it's always been. We did something very unique. And I didn't know J well enough, and we didn't live. It's imagine that's twenty three years ago. We didn't live in this this time that we do. Now, we're all for Mason is at our fingertips, and it's hard for people to remember that that really was only twenty years ago that all that happened. Yeah. Before that when they were getting me the footage of Jay Leno. They were sending you know. There was a guy delivered video cassettes to my house. So I could watch them because there was, you know, couldn't just look look interviews and all we knew about was Jay Leno on the tonight show. They sent me over movie and. An interview that he did with Barbara Walters or something. So for that, I dish in I. Colored my hair black with this Rouge that you could put near hair to color it. I put a little gray in it. I remember painting a little grain of you know, I did the best. I could I didn't. I'd watched Jay. But I wasn't you know, like from a a perspective of impression. I didn't really do Jay. And here's how stupid I was. When I read the book, they sent me the book, then they sent me the script, they beating, you know, my managers not the studio. I asked my manager. Here's how DEM I said, can I I'd rather read for Warren Littlefield? And Wayne rice is about the smartest guy next time. Joe everybody simply said Roby, they're not gonna put Warren Littlefield on the poster. Smarter. So I said, well, I'll read for Jay. But then I wanna read for Warren Littlefield like a moron so red for Jay. And then they called and said, they're sending you material. They like you. But they like you to review this stuff and come back, and they went a little more. Yeah. Per. Yeah. To see if I could I could do it. And yeah, I went I for that audition. I had my buddy Chuck Williams actually show for me. And it was stuff. We I don't usually do this. But he drove I sat in the back of the car we pulled up to the gate at the back of universal. And he goes to robot cure. It's gonna play Jay Leno and the late shift. You know, guys like. You know, I didn't sign anything. I didn't do anything. I was just just Jay trying to a J. And after I got the part, you know, the Betty Thomas said, you know, we didn't have anybody else to play this part. I think shit. I wish I would've known that. When we gonna go to work. Yeah. Why was I begging you should have been begging me? So the thing about the late shift. That's interesting of couplings of I could share one is my daughter grace was a huge fan of Jay Leno. She loved Jay Leno. And when they were going off the air. Finally, she said can you you know, they've been very good to me over the years. In fact, I produced an animated Christmas film. Jay's the narrator like not only has has. He always been gracious to me, you know, performer to performer he's also been grace enough to work with me, did you know him before you played him. No, no. This is all subsequent. Yeah. So we go to see the last week of shows, and my my daughter, and I and my son and my by we're all up they're getting our picture taken with him. And he said, hey, Dan, how how long was that movie? And I said, oh, my God J, there's how hard you can never have this. I said I pointed to grace I said it was this per. Ersan ago because she was born the day after we finished shooting day after so I was like her. That's how long ago was this girl standing here? When the movie came out. We were blacked out by NBC because we're a little field was still running at BC. Right. And he was not gonna have any of that mentioned on the network. So we are blacked out. So I never got to do the tonight show. John Michael Higgins, though was booked onto the David Letterman show, and they flew him out there and then publicly humiliated him. Now, John Michael Higgins is the real deal. He's a he's a great actor for those who don't know him from this project, you know, from all the Christopher guest films that he's he's brilliant improviser and actor and just super founded gut super talented guy and David Letterman had on on the show. Robert Julia Roberts, and he was talking to her about Meatloaf recipes. Perp clearly purposely comically stall, my so what kind like, and then at the end of the show goes, well, we didn't have time to bring out John Michael Higgins plays me the late shift, but maybe can meet him in the lobby after the Toby shaker yet. And. I thought damn, you know, thank God. I played the nice guy. And that I mean through the time it was funny because everybody that's the joke of it is they thought Leno was a dupe but Leno had the staying power to be like just consistently funny. Right. I've never been a fan of David Letterman. I'll be perfectly honest and that how he treated my my co scar was a port to me. And and I think it's interesting they keep trying to revive David Letterman. But throughout the course of his life. He's he's proven to be a hypocrite and a liar and not very funny to me. And I never understand why they keep giving him another chance. I don't really care about his opinion. Because you're not a good guy. And I don't know it doesn't appear to be a good guy. Maybe I shouldn't say slanders things. Yeah. I don't I don't know him. I was a fan. I remember watching him late night with my friends in college and stuff and everything and I always was a fan. But personally. Seems like he's a kind of a tortured cat where is not very happy being very happy. And then there's always seem like the happy guy the two and is by the way in every interaction I've ever had with Leno since then. And I called them the day we were done shooting. I called I called NBC. I said the tonight show they put me through the answer. I said Hello. This is Danny Roebuck calling for Jay Leno. And they went one second got on the phone like because I knew Betty it said that he had been following it asking her and checking in on how it's going, but I never bothered him. Like, I didn't wanna be that guy right to to bug him. I played folly around for a week. And now are you does a toilet? Roll come off the top or the bottom. Get the hell out of my bathroom. But you don't want to bother people like, you know, I just you know, we'd better be able to do our job like as well as we can without bothering people like Jay Leno. Just to put a button on the David Letterman. I was unhappy with all the sexual harassment stuff that came out. I thought here's a guy. Always you know, makes fun of everyone else. But at the same time was. I don't know. I just don't know. You don't take a guy like, John, Michael Higgins and humiliated? Why because he did a good job FU. You don't deserve this this money and mantle. You have. I don't know you should be on late night. Ralph garment, let's start right? Write in campaign. What America needs another late night, Tom? We only have seven, and that's it for today show. I'm exhaust man. That was a lot of show. How do we fit it all in? If we did we'll have to wait and see I may miss something. Tomorrow is. You know, I love me some Fridays. We'll take a look at all the new movies theaters this week and Steve ash will be back again with yet another UK update. And I promise you, I know a lot of people are excited we're going to try to fit in a conversation about people who get turned on by people turning into giant blue berries. And how Roddick they find that. I know one because we know Eddie knows. I was stunned. When I read this article. On point. It was in regards to Eddie's nine year old son who got a boner watching violet Beauregard turned into a blueberry during Willie Wonka and the chocolate factory trouble. So we'll find some time for that tomorrow. I promise you come on back. You're not going to miss it. I love you. I mean it by.

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