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"aldridge beena" Discussed on KNBR The Sports Leader

"Mean but andrei always keeps himself in great shape he's always always in great shape i think the spurs can rely on execution and aldridge beena started guys hitting wide open shots and patty mills going to have to hit shots form as well he's going to have to hit shots for him here's something that's kind of interesting i think in heading into the playoffs kind keep keep an eye on this the warriors small lineup is not as deadly this year that has been in the panic close they haven't been able to use it as much because guys have been in and out of the lineup all the time and they won't be able to use it in this series either unless they go livingston iga dala clay draymond in k d i mean usually the small lineup is dreaming of five katy at four dollar three steph at one and klay it to that's your that's your small line if that's your quote unquote death lineup it hasn't been great this year but they haven't had a lot of time to really play that line at this year because someone's always been hurt one of the one of those guys seemingly has been heard so do they try to do that to close out games against the spurs where they go dreamt of five because i think pop will probably go lamarcus at five like he'll use him at five maybe kyle anderson at four i don't know how much he's going to try to play power and lamarcus together he.

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