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115: Los Feliz Murder House Revisited

Ghost Town

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115: Los Feliz Murder House Revisited

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I love it go to Adam and Eve dot com and use the offer code town to bring home unlimited fun. That's a d. a. m. e. v. e. dot com and use the offer code town at checkout. A historic mahouts revisited. I'm Rebecca Lieb I'm Jason Horton, and this is ghost town. We are going to go back to where it all started. At twenty four, seventy, five. GLENDOWER's place. In Los feeless Los Angeles. The Los feeless murder house. ooh, we did this episode to because we were so excited to get things off. was a different time back. Then I was actively dating. We weren't in a pandemic. Or a social revolution, a political revolution We had so much ahead of us when I listened to earlier episodes. Obviously. We didn't know what this was going to be or what we were just kids what people are GonNa like, yeah, eighteen it was Obama's administration. I was in my late early mid fifty. Six years. Old, Weird Very Weird Dick, my act's. And I wanted to kind of go back to this because it has been a couple of years. There's new information and I paid the house a little visit. Oh, I. had a very strange. Occurrence happened to me there which I was not expecting because there's Some people talk about their maybe you're possibly haunted aspects of of anything but I don't think. It's noteworthy for that and nor did we ever kind of consider it not that was haunted creepy and a lot of dark history but not particularly haunted and I had a really strange situation there. You're suddenly a receptor for haunted shit like how does I have been waiting my whole life to be visited and suddenly Jason? Willy Nilly is being haunted here haunted. They're weird feelings here strange apparitions there. What's have you opened? Meditating now or something know when I was meditating I had none of these issues I think. I don't know maybe it's because I've talked about it and but I'm always had that shield of skepticism up I think that has i. don't know who's perpetuating it but I had a very Call it coincidental but called strange I took some video and you can find the video in a video version of this episode on my main channel, which is Youtube Celeste Jason Horton rebranding that kind of just to keep it more ghost town escort strange esque. So there's a link in description click on if you want to see the video of the house, but there's also going to be pictures that I took and something did not want me to take that video or those photos and put it to you that way ahead a little run in with somebody well, and we'll talk about that a little later would just WanNa to lay the groundwork. In case you're not familiar pizza membre episode two of. I did go on a second date on Halloween to the Los Phillies Murder House I don't think that's neither here nor there anymore. But just to give you the background that you need and I'm going to ask you about that about how that day only because i. Remember immediately I moved here talk of this House jazz of the. kind of suspended in time aspect. Of It. The, the murder part is almost secondary to the a vacant and abandoned aspect of it. Yeah, I. Think. So this is kind of. A two part story I guess it depends on what you're more interested I. think they're both really interesting but again to that a little bit later because when I first moved here, people talked about it and I think kind of driving up there. But I wasn't at that time. This is many years ago and I was like I don't really WANNA I don't WanNa see any freaky stuff. Just wasn't in, but I actually now went purposefully during the day went back and it was strange. We'll talk about that a little bit later also want to mention really quick. Our Patriot fan has some new tears. We have a new governor. That's right. We have new bonus episodes and bonus episode that's up right now there's bonus episodes for one of the tears for the Ghost towned verses. Get a little, the new ghost town verses about that, and there is discount codes for the merchandise and if you WANNA help support the show. Really does help we've really utilized. It is patron dot com slash ghost town pod, and then the tit for that let's move onto the episode. Don't want to upsell remote too much but not too little either no. Not at all say there is something particularly creepy about things preserved in time and I would love to focus on that and like why the psychology of that more in a later episode. But again, I think we've done something on the Alexandria Hotel just things where they are untouched by other. By people like messed with like a time capsule especially one that is a room and especially with the Los Angeles Murder House a room. That's so much traumatic shit has happened in. That is so fucking scary to me and I. think that is kind of the crux of the mythology around it because you know especially now in in Los Angeles and maybe the town or city or wherever you live. The want for people to just destroy something and put something up. Yeah. You know which sometimes it's understands is not financially viable or you know the infrastructure isn't a to date or code, but for a house for pretty much the better part of fifty years. Stay the way it is especially in Los Angeles. Now, is maybe even at different times as a kind of rampant. Kind of destruction of things, but it's a testament to the story that it has been preserved for so long, but it's going to give a little quick for people that. are familiar with this. They don't remember episode to which. I listened to the first episode and actually actually re edited it because we still paying. To God mainly because of me because I'm the one who's doing the talking not giving a ton of information and people I I I was actually going to take our old episodes and just archive them but then I realized it's like We're just going to have to live with it. You know we are a time capsule. Council effect and some people are like you haven't improved. What are you talking about the same Old Shit? Yeah and you're right maybe in some ways but I talked a little slower I don't talk as much about myself but I, swear as much. I think that doesn't change no that has not changed I don't think anybody wants to change. We're going to go to twenty four, seventy, five glendower in. Los Angeles. At about four thirty to five am December sixth nineteen, fifty, nine cardiologists, Harold Harrelson, his wife, Lillian three kids, and he brutally murdered his wife attempted to murder his daughter and then committed suicide. So he takes the ball pain hammer small hammer he. bashes his wife Lillian. Heddon. Kills her goes to his daughter Judy's room. Hits her but it wakes her up. So that blow to her head bulky number small waking up now to a ball pain Hanner Hammer hitting you in the head and. We're seeing your father. Because I also think that's somebody ever. You know it's it's a dreamy wake up and things seem so real you're in such A. Strange arrested state that you don't know what is real and it'd be very easy for her father like he did to be like, Hey, calm down chill. Everything's fine but she knew she in a panic and she saw her mother and then ran out of the house screaming for the neighbors and the neighbors could could here saying, don't kill me don't kill us and got to be very strange. So I, looking back on this I, kind of wondered know. Listening to some other. True crime face things are just crime stuff in general and sometimes it's you know you. you start by killing one person and then somebody else sees us you have to call the next person and then when does that end and I wonder what the story would be is if Judy didn't get up what he because obviously, he didn't kill Judy because she'd be a witness to what he did. Yeah he could have we've any kind of story he wanted to but I think it was the goal was to be done with this family. So if Judy didn't get up on screaming out of a house, he would he have just around killed her and then killed the other two kids that probably what probably happened so she? It's super traumatic is somewhat of A. Work Hero if I mean there's a lot of studies around it's not patricide sites not familiar. But. It's like a word kind of like that where the family head. Systematically murders the family and then killed himself and there's a lot of studies around like why that happens. It's a it's not wholly in American phenomenon but a lot of it happens in America and how it deals with like you know. Men and family roles and EGO, and provider ship been just. Ingrained Dynamics. But certainly, I mean like obviously this guy wanted to kill his family and also just from my recollection. He was he was pretty. Surprised to no one very unstable and dealt with his own a mental illnesses etcetera I also wonder now let's just say he he successfully killed his whole family. Would have necessarily killed himself or could he have just we've some story? Hey, listen I'm a I'm a doctor. Yeah. What do you? Like somebody came in here and try to rob US I'm Livin is nice house up in the hills and they killed my whole family I just got home. I can't. Be in the mind of him or what happened but I also I saw that he had a copy of. Dante's inferno the. Comedy Comedy Divine Comedy von Divine Comedy opened on his nightstand the night that it happened. Very strange Jerry very, eerie and he had you know issues like you said with. Mental issues, psychological issues, but also issues financially which chat, which again I think a lot of the Times too and I think I keep thinking about the unsolved mysteries. Episode to that we we covered a couple of them, not this one in particular but about how that underlies a lot of masculinity and provider ship with a lot of men and when they do kill their families, which again is that word of the tip of my tongue but I'm not sure what it is a lot of it is like inability to provide. Financial dire straits like money being tied to sell food and just being able to be the patriarch of the family not being able to do that anymore who are you if you can't provide exactly and then worth the fact that nobody else in the family has any say in their fate just contributes to this like Ego maniacal ideal of provider ship in fatherhood. He got screwed out of a business deal with the partner with some kind of medical device lost a lot of money on that. Judy got into a car accident with the other kids not her fault on Vermont and Los Fellas. Hill. Yeah. That's still pretty hopping area. Remember that address because it will come up later. Okay. Little Foreshadow Oh boy you know was not her fault the recoup some cost of maybe the medical, but they couldn't recoup the cost of the car. It was a lot of financial things probably happening he was you know somewhat sort of ill and you find out. If he had a lot of coronaries. Three, the had them because he tried to commit suicide previously a couple of times. So after Judy's out of the House running screaming neighbors, you know from being there and you know I don't know how dense it was, but it's It's colder, SAC which is kind of scary. Itself is yeah. Blocks off but there's houses there. There are. There's also there's a lot of trees it's really private to surprisingly private. It's right nestled into Griffith, Park. It's really old part of town and that is scary too because I think in a lot of, as you couldn't hear like she was lucky that she was heard as she screamed and ran in the house. So when Judy's other siblings woke up her father Harold Peril Sohn said go back to bed. This is a nightmare and then he took. Two doses of Nembutal, an NAMBI empty and then thirty one small white pills, codeine tranquilizers, and was dead before. I, arrived. Pretty good way to go though if you were to choose he's doctor. So he would know that I wonder if there's the stresses of being a doctor in the late fifties I know. There's high suicide rates with dentists, turnover change interesting I that's what I believe. SOMEBODY'S DENTISTS I. Rated suicide from what I remember I don't know why but. He's for that sticking your hands and people's mouths all day I in my mind if you're if you're a white man doctor in the fifties, your God. Whatever you want. But not if you've made some bad decisions yes. Business is this. On well. I always think the nine hundred, Fifty S. Economy wise things are booming, but maybe the late fifty s the sixties times are changing. There's more. Better, doctors more doctors more constitutionally better than this guy. He he prescribed. You know a cigarette for breakfast cereal for lunch and tax for dinner my sensible cigarette. But you love that I actually very into that Diet I I've been smoking a lot lately admittedly and it's Not Good. It's not good for my health. Surprisingly we found Razi. Thank you heard here fodder. For us all we are very brave speaking the controversial truths we've never heard from judy or the kids I believe the aunts. Took care of the other two kids, and there is a letter that previously this at Judy wrote to her aunt says quote family on a merry go round again same problem same worries only tenfold my parents so to speak are in a bind financially. So it's probably weighing pretty heavy. Yeah. Got My current. So to speak like they're barely her parents that soave Dr Yeah and you know I don't know if she's you know she's eighteen Anglia pretty probably Moody Teen Yeah or you know Like anybody any at that age yeah. So the house after. This little break. We're all spending lots of time at home watching, TV making sour dough starters doing some light math. Okay. Maybe not so much the light math. We've a lot more free time on our hands. You know they say about idle hands here's an idea why not keep yourself occupied some entertainment provided by my friends, your friends Adam and Eve I've been a huge fan of them. 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Well, we're here for you. There's care packages there's discourse when you need it, we're here to give it to you and. How are our mayor's Gaddis Janette link been forsyth and we have a brand new governor. This is so exciting Chris Wick is the ghost town governor and there's only room for one. There can only one hypo only one at a time. So unless Chris relinquishes his governorship. Only be one. But we want to thank all our patrons and all of our political leaders in Ghost town. Thank you very much for the support could not do it without you. We have probably as you're listening to this, the ghost town merchandise I think is thirty five percent and he can find it a ghost town pod Dot com slash shop I think, and we have Promo code for any other time for our patrons and there is a new. There's the new patron tear cat check that out I think I think it is Alderman. Yeah. We've been knows what an Alderman does all do it now you do it now. I looked up. Comptroller Alderman House better. So. You could find that bonus episodes episodes without any ads we're talking. Yeah, get. It is patriots dot com slash ghost town pod. Thank you for people that review on Apple podcast we have. Essentially two youtube channels we have. Ghost town podcast. Then youtubecom Seles Jason Horton for some. Stuff and you have all the stuff tiktok. Everything's goes down pod check it out. It's great. It's just more content empire you're helping US build a very underwhelming empire. Yeah. Congratulations as a non nine nine, a non financially viable. Empire, but thank you all the same empire all the same. So let's just get right back to I'm down with that. Excited to get back. Let's get married Lewisville's boulevard. Let's get down to go down the road up into the hill a little bit and hit the house. So. For the better part of fifty years, the house was untouched in one, thousand, nine, hundred, sixty, the house sold in an auction to emily and Julian Rica's. Now. What House is famous for are these photos, Christmas tree on open presence magazines food. And from what I gather there's people that supposedly rented the house because the in Rica's Rica's has re Kansas Rica's lots of SNZ's they never actually moved in there they just ask. Maybe at a steel. I mean how much does a murder Housego for other lot very little very. The house goes for two point, five, million I looked up who is that more or less than the home alone house No. What the? I might be more is it? Yeah it's. It's a big house in Chicago suburb but I think. Yeah. All right. That says something to be says something to me and you know some people said, well, it couldn't be the peril sins house because they were Jewish while we have a Christmas tree because like I know plenty of Jewish people selects cultural holidays don't think it means. To be out I'm you're I mean my parents the docks or something or a are they my parents if you a Christmas tree in my parents house, they would throughout. Okay. So I think we'll let my mom's first husband which we didn't know about till. I was in my twenties different story for different PODCAST. But her she I always ask her why they got divorced and they got divorced when she was twenty, seven, twenty, eight she was like he wanted he was Jewish doctor to Oh. She was like he wanted a Christmas tree over Christmas and she could not I mean, her dad is my grandfather, a Holocaust survivor he's an immigrant so I get that hits home but it's an interesting thing with the cultural divide between Jews, my parents and other parents may be these. These they could I mean you know you don't know the the level but then some things are you know there's you could see magazines that are dated in. After nineteen, fifty nine. So. What is actually the Perelman's are not is. Kinda of for debate base photos of some people say we don't know, and also there's a rumor that these people that rented it on the anniversary of the attack. That's when they essentially found out like PS Hewlett. Murder. House, and you drop that influence. They waited. Day literally. Abandoned the house there like word gone out of here, and that's what was left behind maybe I mean no no that makes sense to me to all of this seems pre plausible as to why it's so preserved it's still terrify whatever it is. It's still terrifies me. Rudy and Rica's their son, he inherited the house, but he did not move in and according to the La Times in two thousand nine. I don't know that I want to live there or even stay there in Rica's told them. And he died in two, thousand, fifteen, he had no children. So there was no one to pass it along to and two thousand sixteen it was back on the market and as far as I know and as far as I've seen, it is still on the market avenue I, mean, I'm not versed in looking up Zillow, but it seems like it is on the market and I've seen. Records of the price was three point five, million I looked in our how accurate is just two point five million. Seems like a really good price. Yeah. For this is a hospital so I can't believe some murder person murder person some in true crime enthusiasts, Trent resonator had Ireland man exactly. That's it. Actually, it should be like it should be a celebrity like a kind of Gothi celebrity should get it I believe. Now this kind of crosses crosses world that that Stasi Schroeder from vendor pump rules maybe wanted to buy that house when I was Kinda looking things up and I believe this, the house she was talking about is she wanted to. Get, married there live there whatever it asked. and okay. Yeah. I think that she it seems like her thing that's definitely her thing. I mean, she eventually moved into a house in the hills that had I don't think any haunted history to it, but it had beautiful granite countertops as it should as it should I don't I think. Again it's like, do you really want this? Do you really and I know Stacey really leans into the her macab Shit but like it's kind of like why? I hesitate to look up the places I live in zone history. I'm like, what am I gonNa find you know you don't want to. We could be sitting in a murder house right man we probably are someone didn't die here would be surprised but I'm not looking into a right now. Ten to. I went to that was like you know what I WanNa do this episode want to bring Something to some new dynamic. Go to where all started and it is very narrow. You driving if there's like A. There's is is a party in the hills. It's a nightmare. Yeah. Very narrow. You can't fit two cars side by side. Yeah. There's nowhere to turn around so I you know go up there it's. It's a pretty. Overcast Day. So it's a little weird but nothing nothing write home about as they say. I get up there and I see the house and the facade is as it was. Yeah absolutely. There's a lot of barbed wire. There's a century twenty, one signed. So it is for sale and. The inside as. I. Know in his current as icy is is pretty much gutted. So the insight is absolutely gutted. The outside seems to be pretty well preserved. It looks as it did and you know to get up there as I was wondering like, did you did you? Did you have to climb anything because there's the okay. So here's what happened with it. So that's the same experience that I had where it was like inside was gutted outside look great There was a gate gate when he went there, there's a gave him pretty well sealed show when I went the gate was not shut. There was a single rock holding the gate in. This is pretty I. Mean There's A fortress. You and US talking about it maybe. And you went up, we went up to the house. which I I mean I don't know if I wouldn't have done it probably during the day I'd probably have to. Yeah it was pretty it was pretty creepy. Some alcohol within us to help with the courage to do that I, have some pictures dig up for sure it was very. Very creepy But yeah, the was totally open. This is pretty to concede photos on her instagram or. Post them on Patriae and such I got a lot of photos now I, wanted some video. Okay. So. The process of beginning video is that I'm the where it was parked. I can just roll down the window I didn't WANNA get out take up space intrusive. I wasn't really looking to make a huge scene I just wanted to. Capture some video and some photos. So I go to roll down the window of my car. Electronic. Windows and will not roll down. All the other ones I'm unlocking locking everyone. Else's fine I mean this window does not wanNA move. Whatever whatever I don't know what the problem is. No big deal. opened the door to get out. Go to with my iphone, my modern iphone, take some video. Camera. Will Not. Press. Play. WHOA. Because I have a lot of dream sometimes that I want to take a picture of video something and it won't work, and that's probably a common it's like you know like I'm. An. In School in my underwear whatever. But it just will not work. So I'm like. Clearing out eventually have to. Start like a restart my phone it works for like two or three six in the dark it or sitting messing with your window and your votes during the day. Okay. It's not that because I don't think I would be able to see things. So during the day, it's probably like one PM. Okay. A pretty innocuous time. It's not the witching hour anything we now know. The video will play two or three seconds and I'm like, what is I'm getting really frustrated. And then a maintenance worker, his truck was there he comes out and he goes to me he's like this house and then he shows his arm as if he's got goosebumps and he goes. And then walks away God damn. Yeah. So then the camera works Oh videoing A. Thirty seconds of video just to show what it looks like would it might be like to live there street. And then. I get out of there. Yeah. On the car around move and I'm really upset about the window I don't want to get this fixed as soon as I hit Vermont and Los. Feel US remember I remember that the accident happened. The window just goes down now. That is terrifying. Also Vermont Lewisville's maybe like three blocks, four blocks from it right yet. It's it's pretty essentially the bottom of the hill. If you rolled down the hill from the house. That's where you were here. Yeah. That is so creepy. Homa God I don't like that. Yes that. That is. What happened. So you realize you don't need to go there at night and have a drunk now double blind date there you need to go there at one pm you gotta go when you're a total square like me who doesn't bother. You, the tire tempting fate thirsty. I'm thirsty for all this. Go on Halloween night like how fucking basic could be you gotta go to lunch time at one piano time Tuesday yeah. Full stomach totally sober. nope. Intermittent fasting very empty stomach. Never eat right.

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