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"Ray B Alright Kyle Nationals and Dodgers continuing their weekend series tonight at 7 15. Nance looking to snap a two game losing streak, and they will be missing several key colleagues tonight, most notably Their leadoff man and the National League Player of the Month for June. Kyle Schwarber out indefinitely for manager Davey Martinez. He's got a significant strain in this hamstring, so Is that is that, uh, miss some time? You know, it's unfortunate, you know, as hard as he was and how much he helped us when, over the last month. We got to do without him for a while. So other guys definitely have to step up and significant blow for the Nationals Trade. Turner, meanwhile, missing a third straight game tonight with a finger injury. Backup catcher Alex A village is placed on the 10 Day injured list this afternoon. It's the injury by keeping the Nats in a big way, and as a result, a bit of a makeshift lineup tonight. Shortstop Alcides Escobar just acquired from the Royals last night. He will make his naps debut this evening. Meanwhile, the nationals entering play three games behind the Mets in the National League East Mets were winners this afternoon 83 over the Yankees. Major League Soccer just underway at Audi field in an early one Nothing lead for D C United DC you taking on Toronto FC Euro 2020. The semifinals are now set. Italy will face Spain on Tuesday. Denmark will meet England on Wednesday. W NBA mystics have lost four in a row. And today on the road mystics blew a 20 point lead. They fell to the New York Liberty 82 to 79 Ben Ray b w T o P Sports. All right, Ben. Thanks 5 47, now in Washington. Your favorite.

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