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"albert sugar" Discussed on Xtra Sports Radio 1300 AM

"Crew put the show together John fast on updates James was apple all Ryan Hickey obviously mad at six the whole team here Zack guilds coming up next if you want to get through eight five five two one two four two two seven is the number I have NFL dot com in front of me and I'm keeping an eye on all the jackets and I DVR dat a new I was on here done tonight I would be able to see if someone to go home and have a cold beverage here and watch this and all of the gold jacket ceremony Tony Gonzalez Gil Brandt Ty law champ Bailey Keven more why you were this whole crew that got in and what it means to them just tremendous overall what an amazing experience to become a hall of Famer and getting in canton Ohio and to do it in front of your family and friends now we'll see what happens ed reed well the best players I've ever seen in regards to a guy who can break on the ball a guy who can break on the ball tackled make big plays do great things incredible so this class Ty law when you look at it we're at a point in time now where to get into the hall of fame same with baseball baseball we saw Harold Baines getting you saw a couple of players jump in to the hall of fame the people question was what did it take for them to get in longevity Mike Mussina other guys got what will give that war is going to have that debate who's a hall of Famer who's not in the NFL there is a backlog in my opinion a backlog in regards to players who should get in and the league is changing so dramatically as we speak I mean Johnny Robinson of the chiefs I had to wait this long to go out and for the Kansas City Chiefs for the great defensive backs at all time how to wait till he was an elderly man to get his jacket waited his whole life to do what people died friends and family members and finally he was good enough to get it it hurts man when you make these guys wait until they're in their eighties or late seventies Gil Brandt who's a friend of mine making Gil wait so we have to go out with a cane tonight walking with a cane the the system is flawed it really is flawed if you're a hall of Famer after your career is over get it you gotta wait I understand that but make in some way thirty forty years twenty five years to me drives me crazy what a devastating loss for the Phillies tonight no bigger Philly fan in the world let alone America number rating your score card number one in your heart Albert sugar bear barberry sure go what's happening Hey I got your young call screener trying to challenge me question me about what it collapses I said to him we have a manager gave Kapler who had a collapse away fear eighteen games twenty games about five hundred was the worst collapsed tops the Jean Marc collection sixty four and then I tell him he's working on his second collection the kid tells me we collected talking about the bridge been first question people were restriction airport number seven back when you talk about to collapse you don't challenge me or come to Philly sports what do you think about that Jake think we got a manager with one year of minor league experience who had a political actually sheer and now working on his next one and the vice president GM and the general manager get a three year extension and we're going to hope that we get a coin flip game wildcard god no sure this is the I've said this to you on all the shows that I hosted we've been friends for a while you really had higher expectations than most this year for this team all well hold on I'm a Bryce Harper guy as you know I'm a Bryce Harper guy was supposed to put this franchise on his back some judge can't do thank you is this your well the guys can't wear what I thought Harper would do it JK you listen we will know that saying and yet it's a shame that these guys get this label the franchise I know you can trust but we can't be done one along you gotta have your supporting cast do their thing but when you have a manager making moves like he does like tonight I'll give you a perfect one this game did not have to be to nothing in the third inning in the in the Buckeye problem second Hosking gets a two out double not following the two out double the manager in the opposing dugouts season is dead says basically the game F. you I'm not **** to your best Litoria center output the more basic fissionable was quite and get out of the city and make it a goal sherry so Carper makes in that direction makes about it now the white Sox get a two out double and with a base open yes think tank cap will look over to the other dugout because if I'm the manager was a guest went out at you I mean could you do a great I'm in the wildcard rage I'm going to walk a dog with this gave the gave it you still bright and it's to nothing the screen didn't have to go with the extreme age are no one player results but I'm not playing results because I know the next guy because he came up and hit a two run double tree when before he'd never know that answer because of gray you shoulda never got it should go one more on the way out what what do you want to do with this guy Kapler he got the job the GM extension what do you want to who's next who do you want to be the manager of your Philadelphia Phillies come out I'm sorry I'll tell you I want I want a baseball man that's respected I don't mean I don't need Bryce Harper to laugh at his manager when he when he suggestions his players fatal for Kerbal pitching machine the one a six game losing streak back basically last time I don't mean the JT real Muto after a fifteen inning game and the choice that the one the cap which says you're going to play first base that day I mean you're gonna DH today JT because I don't want to play on the field at the proceedings and Jake he says now okay I'll play first base and gave Styx's tail between his legs you think these guys are going to manage I mean you said you started with a place for got like this listen this guy to perform he's a puppet and I need a baseball mail like while he's back and I need a baseball mail like Joe Girardi I need a baseball mail like Larry but what I need to forget baseball manager not regarded marriage one get one year in minor league baseball I don't want that guy thank you always Delbert sugar bear bore barberry thank you the former cheese stake out one of the great callers ever come on in blasting his release because Gabe Kapler does not have the experience I'll tell you one thing that sugar said that he's right Gabe Kapler does not have the experience I've interviewed Gaby work to fox when I worked at fox he's a gentleman good gas to have on the radio but he's in over his head and he made a great point about Wally Backman or Joe Girardi I mean Joe Girardi won a World Series for the Yankees he managed under pressure why is Joe Girardi MLB network with an office in MLB network in not a manager what do you have a way to the end of the year you know everybody thought the Joe Girardi would be a cubs guy from Peoria the cubs that would be great Joe Maddon's everyone the World Series but when you look at Joe Girardi going forward Bruce pochi is retiring he's gonna go to the hall of fame that could be a spot the Girardi the Phillies I think Girardi would be great for the Phillies for obvious reasons not the match because of the Yankees and the Mets I don't think Girardi wants that but Bryce Harper Bryce Harper now needs a manager at the level of Joe Girardi who was a player on a great legendary Yankee team and a manager on a great legendary Yankee team somebody's gotta save Bryce Harper if you can't save himself Gabe Kapler was not enough of good in a ball player let alone a manager they have the opportunity to manage a three hundred and thirty million dollar guy in my opinion with Bryce Harper you gotta get an expert a winner a champion in there as of tonight with the Yankees win they are up nine in the loss column seven and a half overall the red Sox or eleven and a half out this could be the end of the red Sox in the central the twins with a three game lead over the Indians out west Houston really extending that lead eight in the loss column eight novel the athletics in the National League the Braves who Jon Paul Morosi told us maybe the team that did the most at the trade deadline the Braves with a six game lead over the nationals abilities now after the loss seven back cardinals I have a game over the cubbies the brewers or two and a half out of the Dodgers a sixteen game lead sixteen games over the giants their cruise control as they've been all year long in the National League west is a now bringing up their young guns and their young pitching if the wild card was tonight ladies and gentlemen Cleveland would host the Tampa Bay rays in a one game playoff Oakland would be out in the National League of it started tonight how would couple would this be called hosting the nationals in a one game wild card I mean this one game wild cards everything it keeps you interested the San Francisco Giants have to keep in Madison Bumgarner only three and a half out in the wild card only three now found two and a half on the nationals the brewers better get going quickly and in the one of the team the red Sox in the wild card for out everybody else after that is pretty much done so thank god I get bored silly credit I give him credit because I should read him and rep on all the time when he didn't get things right he got that second while guard right because we're sitting here in the beginning of August ready to wrap it up and we got everything going here with the second wild card which is critical the baseball keeping fan interest late in the season four row on the bench dot com if you go to for real on the bench dot com everything you need is right there if you.

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