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"albert sex coburg" Discussed on KQED Radio

"Why don't you speak for yourself? John. Plymouth Plymouth, mass, very good. They were afraid to get married though for fear of offending Standish. But then word came several months later that he'd been killed in battle. And so they agreed to marry. And at the ceremony who should show up miles. Standish. And to his everlasting credit gave the couple his blessings and if three Piedmont making an unannounced appearance. Try this one Sam. What might be the romantic legend surrounding Albert sex Coburg, Gotha? Albert sacks. Coburg gotha. And most of that is hyphenated the saxe-coburg's were that was one of the lines of royalty. Right. It was so this is Prince Albert and Queen, Victoria. Exactly. Good. He he was a German prince first cousin actually. They married in eighteen forty to the dismay of all because he was a German nationality and twenty years later when he died she was so devastated, she didn't appear in public for three years. And in fact, the reason Victoria, wore black for the last forty years of her rule was in mourning for Prince Albert and then great movie. Yeah. Brown Brown and because it's slimming..

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