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"albert huggins nolan turner" Discussed on KNBR The Sports Leader

"The ESPN app. Probably vice stadium Santa Clara, California about forty five miles south of San Francisco. Just a little bit north of San Jose, Sean McDonough, Todd Blackledge, Donald the sidelines. Holly, Romany and Fitzsimmons. Clemson after its best drive of the night six place. Sixty five yards has taken the lead back twenty one to sixteen quickly. Holly Rowe on the Clemson sideline. Pulling the college football semifinal last year against Alabama. Clemson running back. Travis E T N was largely ineffective in their exit meeting. In January is offense coordinator said, hey, man. You faded on me the season he has gone back stronger. He's worked out more in the weight room. And you could see if he moved out pile of about six Alabama Ben down the field. He is definitely in great shape. Using that leg. Drive to score there at the single season rushing record for Clemson this year now over sixteen hundred yards for the season one of the free finalists Philadelphia. Walker award is the best running back in the country and what the job and Taylor. Wisconsin. Here's the kickoff from left to right, BT Potter bombs. Another one. Grabbed the back of the end zone landed about eight yards deep over the head of Josh Jacobs. So here comes Alabama back on offense. And what a start for to Tonga Loa. He threw. Early in the game for the first touchdown of this game by either team the for the game. Now, he's twelve out of fourteen for one fifty three two touchdowns and the interception and this Clemson pass rush. But it's been so outstanding this year. Fifty two sacks not able to get close to him right now. He's throwing on rhythm and starts out of the shotgun. With Josh Jacobs on his right? A hand off to take up the nice putt at the twenty seven yard line. A tackle made by Albert Huggins Nolan Turner the safety side of the former Alabama player, Kevin Turner. He made the tackle though. I'd rather whiffed on the tackle Huggins made it. I think right now the Alabama offensive line is controlling this front. Seven of Clemson as good as they are so far in the ball game. Second down and three Alabama. Moving from right to left ball near hash. Mark tongo. Buy low empty backfield. Five receivers free to the right now. Motioning do the right? Josh Jagan stack into the backfield. He takes a hand off on the right hip condo by Loa and runs left to yard short of the first down Nolan Turner up there again from his safety spot. Leland Furlan Christian Wilkins, there looks like they've gone to charter instead of us after myu got beaten the coverage against Judy on the big play in the first quarter for Alabama quick snap on third down in one hand off the Josh Jacobs here. It doesn't look like he got it needed. The thirty five yard line in the official headlines linesman trips Sutter from the near sideline Margate about a length of a football short. What will dick Sabin do on four inches Xavier? Thomas made the tackle the true freshman only tried to snap it quickly. But they they didn't rule Clemson Xavier Thomas is extremely explosive off the line of scrimmage relating the offense on the field. Both teams are substituting. Ten minutes to go the first half plus twenty one Alabama sixteen the tide lining up. Zip to go for it on fourth and inches. Direct staff to shake wind up on the wildcat. Again. He has the first down running up right guard. Got it to yards despair out to the thirty seven yard line where JD Davis linebacker tackle Bork wants them. Nice job running low underneath his pads ran right underneath the blitzing linebacker JD. Davis. It pulled the left guard Lester cotton ran behind the right guard. Got a good block. I intend Alabama nine thirty five to go. First half back in the shotgun. Three receivers. Too wide to the right? The running back Jacobs behind him to the right? Takes a handoff straight ahead and other good whole expenses off a couple of it. Lunges forward to the forty five yard line for gay debate. Sean I thought last week the absence of Dexter Lawrence would be a bigger issue against Notre Dame. It was not I think it is tonight. I think Alabama running the football with some pretty good success eighty seven yards now in the first half. This is a Clemson defense coming into the game only allowing ninety yards per game. A lot of runs up the middle. Notre Dame got dominated the semifinal by this Clemson defensive line, Alabama winning the battle of the line of scrimmage right now to the pistol hands off with Jenkins. Nice running right back toward the middle of the field and slips down at the forty four yard line of Clemson. But if Iran and another first down for Alabama six plays on the drive all of runs by Jacobs said that one eleven yards. He's been the go-to guy. The last two games the SEC championship game. And the Orange Bowl. He's been there leading rusher. MVP the SEC championship win over Georgia is forty two yards rushing. Eight carries Alabama on the move again trailing twenty one to sixteen. I the Clemson forty four. Out of the gun. Here comes up next to a straight back. And it is too. By Trayvon bringing it back up the near sideline across the party still going across the forty five. Front of his own sideline. The celebrating Tigers are actually gonna Markham at the forty seven of Alabama. There was a deep throw along the near numbers, and he just overthrew his intended receiver. Jerry, Judy and overthrow him by about four or five yard well and in both interceptions. It was the corners who had is on the quarterback who peeled off of coverage and made the play both times the corners reading the quarterback and pick them up. Thirty five yard return. Trayvon mullen. So each corner is had an interception Tongo by Loa through four all year Easter on to the first half tonight. Clemson back on offense. They marketed the Alabama forty seven right hash, Mark. Here has Mark. Let's see if they don't try to go down the field Jeep right here out of the gun Lawrence. Close to the line for Alabama. It's a hand off state ahead AT, and that's back left. And does inside the forty five of the forty four other tackle for the great winning Williams middle of that front three paraly-. Bama redshirt sophomore from Birmingham, unanimous, all American and the trophy winners the best interior linemen the country nearly midway through the second quarter. Now, Sean McDonough Todd Blackledge but Holly rolling and Fitzsimmons on the sideline. Twenty one sixty months. It has the lead a back and forth fight. This has been out of the gun. Lawrence time is he has a short set the low flow in the left what for hunter Renfro made the bed. Grasp Raper rolled by Lord sees about two yards. Short of the first down just inside forty and Clemson lines up quickly with third down at a short three up. Honey. Replay. Did look like Renfro just did get his hands onto the ball. Third down the short three along to seven minutes to go and a half left hash. Mark Lawrence in the gun. Three receivers the short side weapon wide to the right? Straight snap the war to grow has it. First down just inside the far sideline. He caught it about the line to make in one ahead for a couple of after the catch the thirty four yard line of Alabama. Tackled by Patrick's tan. He is at his best third down. In manageable finds those little pieces in the defense and uses his quickness to get open for quarterback. Or is he part of one of the biggest players in college football history. The game winning touchdown to the title game two years ago against Alabama with one second ago from the thirty four I down. Here comes up west Lawrence. Got it. Clan. It's incomplete look like it hit Justin loss there. My hands running a slant from the left with Patrick ser, tan, fellow freshman and coverage but the ball was dropped. They brought Shaheen Carter a safety man on a blitz from the right side. Patrick mistakes are tan was in coverage on that. I thought it was a good drove I thinks her Tam Monday got a hand on the football as well. John Simpson had his helmet taken. All he had to come out for this place on new left guard in there on this. Easter is the running back, Matt balk burst into left Gardez experience. They shipped taster TD left side of Lawrence slightly. Here's another Alabama. Plus, he wants to three pack padded up in the air. Still by Easter for about a two yard gain on the far sideline. Pretty Jennings is coming on a blitz deflected. The pass shorten to the left. They're very lucky that was the completion. He patted it straight up in the air piece Takata behind the line of spinach near a far sideline and actually made a short gate of it to the thirty one yard line. They picked up three here's third down and seven they need a twenty four by fifty two dollar half. Twenty one sixteen lady out of the gun war. They show Ben. They rush more straight back steps into the pocket. Tamari Rogers wide open fighting inside the tannin swung down farside live by Savion. Smith. Twenty five yard gain on third down and seven first and goal. I catch for Rogers in the game so much attention paid two hundred zero on third down. He was the clear out receiver on that particular play. And Rogers gets the catch for the first down Lawrence up to one forty eight passing. Alabama's one fifty three months leading by five China, add at first engulfing just outside the five left pass. Mark the far has Mark as we look at Donald a pistol ET on the running back takes straight ahead hand off and goes nowhere ran into Deontay. Thompson the safety who is up there around the line of scrimmage. Lawrence after a shaky start as found a nice rhythm. Both teams with a nice balance of running past tonight. Five minutes to go the clock. Running in half. Second goal Clemson from just inside the five yard line. DTM the running back. These on the web hit the warrants out of the gun. Rogers went emotionally to the left and comes back to the rain on the line. It's a shovel pass. Touchdown. It was going to be an option run to the right after warrants took the shotgun snap. He took a couple of steps. Stop shuttled it too. Anthony Jennings whiffed on the tackle and Travis E TM a touchdown machine has his third of the night. Well executed they pull John Simpson. The guard Jennings was unblocked could make the tackle. And big John Simpson came there and cleared the area out for ATM Trayvon Baldwin's interception. Got started. Drive a five yard touchdown pass officially through rushing scores and our receiving touchdown. Greg Hugo's extra point is good. Lawrence started two out of seven Travers seven out of eight passing sex and Clemson opens up a little bit of breathing room down with four thirty eight to go in the second quarter. It's the Tigers Twenty-eight the crimson tide sixteen. You're listening to the college football playoff national championship, presented by AT and T on ESPN radio and ESPN app. NPR's.

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