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"albert frederick" Discussed on The Two Of Us

"View rebels radio presents. The two of us that albert frederick welcome to the vast shell i co host with our frederik in this show. We stopped writers and artists about their work and how relates to mental health on emotional wellbeing just to show travel warning as a result shows adult themes so if your tender disposition today say this later otherwise dive right and i'm really happy today to introduce enlighten call. This my artistic collaborator house. Saying so. i'm today. We have right to right on the shell and on your website. Thank you say photography mainly so. That's the the sort of fickle New us to express what you need to express. I'm i wonder why you say mainly a not just artist. Yeah that's a good question. I guess photography has always been my thing. Ever since while rediscovered my creative sides after school and a-levels and then i had a long break from doing anything creative really and then it was three took the iconic buck into doing creative things since then i have. Yeah i've kind of go into these other media some print making and trying doubling getting back into drawing But it always going to photography. So i guess i wanted to make the point. That photography is the same thing but also not exclusively say. There may be a blog post on my website about some prince. I've made or during that it some. Yes it tends to come to time and time again..

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