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Fresh update on "albert einstein" discussed on Business Beware

"I absolutely love. Is the Albert Einstein quote. Albert Einstein was once asked if he was given one hour to save the world. What would he do? You thought about it. His answer was He would spend 55 minutes defining the problem. Five minutes solving it. We tend to want to put Bill right after the answer. We're cranking out ideas and solutions. We don't spend enough time thinking about the problem that is focused that is crafting the problem. Statement. So I'm going to assume that you listen to that show and you have completely understand how to craft that problem statement and you've got a problem statement that you want to go after now you want to generate the ideas. Ideation is about generating Mohr. And better ideas, not just quantity. That quality. How do you raise the bar on the quality of the ideas that you are generated now? There's one thing you had to do right at the beginning of ideation is you have to Think about it in the context of what is it that you're goingto? What's the bar? You are going Tio set? You're goingto Friday drawed solved when I call that innovation gap. Four. In better ideas. The more is the quantity the better is that quality? Ah, dynamic. And what we think about it is is what we call killer ideas from killer questions. I am big on question methodologies, and we're going to cover this more here in a second. And asking better questions actually raises the bar and actually will give you a higher quality set of ideas. But one thing you need to do is you need inspiration. You gotta feed yourself. You've got to come up. You gotta you gotta be naturally curious. You have to figure out what kind of gets your spark going. Me. I was originally an architecture major. When I went to College for University of Illinois in Chicago. I wanted to become the next Frank Lloyd Wright. But then I quickly figured out that I really liked computers. I switched from an architecture focus to computer computer graphics. Specifically at the University of Illinois, Chicago. I attended the more visually order photography video. Ah! Ah design product is all right. So I'm a big interest YouTube flipboard. I used to read a lot of magazines. I know. Ah read. Ah, you know, obviously them all digital to magazines I really like. One was the industrial Design magazine, which actually no longer exists, called I d. They went out of business and then graphic toes. Um, which was a magazine about graffiti artist of Monitor VD artist. I just thought it was an interesting art form and the transition from it being An illegal activity now being our.

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"On a multi city tour across the country and interviewed any criminal associates could find. The grand total would be over six hundred televised interviews. The central goal of the committee was to finally bring to light the truth of the Mafia's existence. For years organized crime was an open secret and with each passing year, the Mafia gained more influence over Labor racketeering, which could potentially bring interstate commerce to a grinding halt. The hope was the committee's findings would lead to new initiatives for the federal and state government to combat organized crime and eventually put as many of them behind bars as possible. Once Gif Oliver came to New York. The men of the five families got nervous all except for honest as Zia, who seemed to possess an eerie confidence. Despite being one of the mob's most notorious members on styles felt secure that law enforcement had no physical evidence against him in the past kings. County. District Attorney William O'Dwyer had failed to indict under stars here even though it was the public knowledge that Anastasia was the leader, of murder, Inc.. Some have suggested that a dwyer's inability was due to the oil encompassing political corruption throughout New York Dwyer did testify at the key father hearings and insisted that the mafia hadn't influenced his decisions in any way. To, this point he went out of his way to reprimand on Estonia telling the politicians on the committee that Anastas Lia was head of the mob secret police and needed to be held accountable. He even proclaims that a decade earlier he had a perfect case against. Anastasia. But when his star witness, a rela fell out of a building the case with him. Do I stressed that there was nothing he could do after that. Perhaps that was true but the committee seemed to be proving that there were now plenty of potential witnesses to choose from if O'Dwyer really wanted to see on Estonia behind bars. Yet, despite the new information, the committee was to gather there was still a host of mobsters taking the fifth. Lifelong mobsters like Albert on a STAS Lia. Or well-versed in keeping quiet. Nevertheless the key fava committee was relentless and before too long they were able to uncover Weitz a lot about Albert on Stasio. From his own brother. In trying to find a way to decommission on a Stasio the committee went after the rest of the Anastazia. Family. In April of Nineteen fifty one, forty, five year, old Tony Anastasio was questioned about how he and his brothers came to America Tony answered that they came over by boat when pressed further. Noted that most of the family had jumped ship. It was now on record that they had come into the country illegally. The committee's Angolan asking this particular question was to find a way to deport the family back to Italy. And Tony had given them exactly what they needed to begin building a case. The spotlight was shining directly on on a STAS Lia, the smart move would be to lie low and let the heat die down but that wasn't Albert. Anastas. Zia single-minded and power hungry. He believed he could freely make his next major move even as the feds were investigating him. And this move would be the most important one of his career. From nineteen thirty, one to nineteen, fifty, one Albert on Estonia served as underboss to Vincent Martin Gano the head of one of the five families. And for a time on a Stasi carried out his duties as underboss out of respect for lucky. Luciano. His friend and ally who put him there. But he and Mangano had never really liked each other Mangano thought Anastasia was stable and Unas your thought Mangano was week. They often get into verbal even physical fights. It was only a matter of time before one of them took the other out when word got back to honest Aziza that Mangano was planning to finally get rid of him on a stas he knew he needed to hit first. On April Eighteenth Nineteen fifty one anastasia allegedly invited Mangano to a warehouse on the outskirts of Brooklyn what happened next is street legend and has never been confirmed nor denied. But according to some Mangano, walked through the doors and was greeted by the barrel of Anastas US gun knowing he didn't have enough time to draw his own Mangano welcomed the head with arms outstretched. He knew his time had come. Vincent Mangano body was never seen again. When the COPS investigating his disappearance, they presumed he was dead. This feeling was only confirmed when a different body was discovered the next day on April nineteenth. Vincent's brother Phillip was found floating in the marshes in Jamaica. Bay Shot three times in the face and neck. The police never solved Mangano murders but given that he had the most to gain, it was widely assumed that Albert Einstein. Zeo was the man behind them. With the Mangano out of the way, forty, eight year old Albert Anastasia was now in charge of one of New York's five major crime families. Although he'd already wielded immense power Anastas Lia could now flaunt the official title of boss he answered to no one. Also, he thought after Philip Mangano body was found the commission wanted to bring on. STASIO in for an interview. It was against the rules for an underboss to kill his boss without permission and honest dossier needed to answer Vincent's disappearance standing before them on Estonia insisted that he wasn't behind their deaths even though he would have been justified given that Vincent was angling to kill him. Of course, every one of the other bosses was sure that Anastasio was behind it and yet they gave him a pass Anastasia's main champion with sixty year old Frank Castello. Castillo made sure that the commission confirmed Anastasia's ascension as the new boss much of this had to do with Castello wanting an ally against Vito genovese a leading figure in the Luciano crime family there was a growing animosity between the two mobsters and Castillo was determined to come out on top if a full-blown gang war erupted. And so Anastas Lia and Castillo formed a relationship based largely on the need for survival. But neither looked like they would be surviving for long. Fractures within the mafia along with the new slew of anti racketeering efforts threatened to take both Costello and.

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