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"albert dietrich" Discussed on Timesuck with Dan Cummins

"Legs. Tied spread often female thugs were helping butchers to do this. Can you ever come back to being a decent meets AC a decent human being after you've done something that shitty like in the human soul, ever recover from? Going to a place that dark did anyone ever go from being like that prison guard to somebody who, you know, helped elderly women cross the street. Sadly, I bet some did it is a Megan how well the human mind can part compartmentalized just atrocious behavior reminds me of Chiquillo stabbing a raping young girls and coming home to being love and father, and grandfather, I hope hearing about behavior like this is always somewhat shocking to me man, we can be so cruel to each other. Lot of the torture was based on humiliation as much as it was pain Dansk rights for humiliation. This intelligence intelligence Yemen. So some spies Moseley was chained provided with a Pravda newspaper enforced forced to defecate in his own bowl. And then one can assume he was forced to literally eat his own shit. Dante describes the gulag meals that didn't consist of one's own shit here saying bowl of slum Guliani and three hundred grams of bread were all the man could hope after working entire day outside in cold trying to get a fake society prisoners, boiled, bread, and salt and water swelling tag on foot and prison graveyard with the result. The inmates were saying gulag was worse than Nazi concentration camp in the last. Rhino mentioned here today, Danny goes into detail about the severity of prisoners starvation. Saying having no possibility to stock up on food and distant northern camps getaway. Thugs often were taking inexperience inmates with them to kill and eat in prison slang such victims were called Cavs like like a like a baby cow even the proximate number of eaten. Cavs is unknown. Again. Oh my God. I don't know. Exactly. We're talking about with getaway thugs, but I do understand what he's saying here. When when people were just literally, you know, putting the gulags almost to be eaten all of these atrocities, many others were committed by the Soviet secret police, and that is plenty for today's super scary stuff. Okay. Then we're all now very painfully aware of how exactly terrible gulags were. And they were you know, the Russians e-group leases main instrument of punishment for dealing with internal dissension. Now. Let's talk about what they're doing abroad, you know, during the jump into the mid seventy s talk about some more spice stuff. This time was talking about a KGB agent who worked in the US Soviet spies regularly embedded themselves all throughout US culture. Believe that they still do on numerous KB KGB agents have infiltrated the CIA FBI, NASA, other important government agencies stolen, billions of dollars worth of important technological and military information. One KGB spy that the American authorities. Eventually did discover was a man known to the west is Jack barsky, Jack's real name was Albert Dietrich born Germany and based on him being caught and confessing into how he snuck into America. We're able to get a little bit of insight into how the KGB trained spies because of him Dietrich started down the road espionage in the mid nineteen seventy s he was on track. Become a chemistry professor at an east German university. But his talent and intelligence caught the eye of KGB recruits, and he was sent to Moscow to be taught to behave like an American. It's not you've got to turn the KGB down when they recruited you now. Without a good chance. You in die soon after he was sent to the US this idiotic adventure. As he now calls it had a lot of appeal to an arrogant young man, a smart young man pumped up by the idea of traveling around the world and living above the law. So this particular guy, you know, he was kind of excited I recruited I was sent the United States to establish myself as a citizen and then make contact the extent possible to highest levels. Possible of decision makers, particularly political decision-makers Jack wrote Dietrich was twenty nine at the time. I was sent to New York in the fall of nineteen Seventy-eight posing as a Canadian nationalist because no one suspects Canadian, I guess right called William Dyson upon reaching the states the fictional. William Dyson vanish into thin air only to reemerge..

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