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"alastair road" Discussed on Thoroughbred Racing Radio Network

"They're trying to lighten the load on our little bit and see if they can't get her heading in the right direction a little bit. So I just briefed her half a mile and she was. Well in hand and I was looking forward to run on her to tell you the truth and You know she's she's been just like you said very easy to handle. She goes out there and does a job and got Evan Roman riding her so I'm hoping she'll certainly run well for all of us and and then diametric she's a horse that. Boy She stumbled bad and darn near went down in the race before and we've been kind of letting her Stay, up a little bit closer to the pace and thinking you know we might try to anchor her the first time this time and see if she'll sit back and make a big run them horses she big strong Philly and you know hopefully she can. She can reach her potential at some point. Let. Me also ask in the next race on Friday I. Do see that you've got. Ill upon me a warriors reward philly that has really out runner or her auction number. She was a three thousand dollar purchase. She's made fifty grand and. She's coming off of a starter allowance when seems like you know seems like you know the the summer was good to her and feels like she's With added maturity feels like she's moving forward. He's the horse that said a kind of a taller lanky things. She never she was hard to keep weight on when she was young horse because she was just you know she needed to come a lot further and I believe that philly starting to get better as she gets older she'd been very sound for me and at the same time. I. Think he's carrying better flesh right now than she ever had in her life. So I am kind of expecting her and she showing her form she's getting better with age So she finally starting to come around took her long time to get the job done and then when she did you know she really got it done nice and tell you the truth We certainly wouldn't. You know we don't WanNA hesitate to start on dirt again because they're racist and just an over the top four. She's been really good on the synthetic and But at this time, we'll trying to protect your just touch to see if she keeps going in that right direction too. But You know The headlines New client for me that Alastair Road and pushed my way. Those people have been great She's one of the first courses I got for him and You know they're out of Vernal Utah and they've become very good friends so certain to do well for them with her. Out Blaine Right A. Lot of good things clearly ahead and a tremendous job getting another twist of fate ready off of almost a year and a half of of various timeouts and wins along acres mile, and as we discussed whether it was with frank or in years past with the variety a great to northwestern argument that really treasure along acres mile victory, well done and. I continued success and anybody looking for. To get started. Get going. With. somebody in good hands with Blaine right now, he's got the horses in southern California and and San Francisco and also up in the North West that really any any kind of level of horse and all the different surface. -tunities with the Topeka at Golden Gate and a everything. Therefore, you blade best the lock hope to talk. Soon. We're anytime Steve. Appreciate having me on not at all Blaine right everybody and along acres mile added to the resume. We'll stay right ear twenty minutes to fill out this. Tuesday and a carry over fifty thousand at Indiana and then the penultimate day of racing. At. Kentucky downs and I reached for Ed the Rosa to give us some opinions. And add. Describing today at Kentucky downs as penultimate that that's a that's an ED derosa word. I do enjoy that word. Yes. I especially like when we get to the penultimate race on the penultimate day. Today. Well we have to get lived lifter in there to. Absolutely. Yes. We're for sure is is my favorite today I'm calling myself the carpetbagger of the Midwest take five. Well. We do have to.

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