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"alaska seascape" Discussed on Travel Business Success | Helping Tourism Professionals Realize Their Dreams

Travel Business Success | Helping Tourism Professionals Realize Their Dreams

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"alaska seascape" Discussed on Travel Business Success | Helping Tourism Professionals Realize Their Dreams

"Travel business success radio podcast episode number sixty seven. Are you a tour operator travel business has grown or wants to grow a lot today? Special guests from Alaska can tell you about how he started as a small fishing guide company with one boat with no experience in business or marketing struggled in the early days learned to turn his website into a marketing weapon that really converted prospects into bookings and has since grown over the last ten or fifteen years to a company doing well into seven figures on two lodges in his one of the top fishing guide and lodges in Alaska in spite of having about three hundred competitors. So join me today with my special guest, we're going to look at a marketing and branding specifically about how to get your website to sell on how he uses that. And we're gonna talk about growth, and scaling strategies and the critical topics that can be successor failure around locating hiring staff training and retention. Enjoy. Welcome to travel business success podcasts. Teaching you how to start and grow and succeed with your travel business marketing and career brought to you by adventure biz success dot com and your host, Tim Warren. If you're looking for free tips, tools and resources by industry experts to improve your bottom line you've come to the right place. Join him now with more interviews trends. Best practices and seasoned advice to help us succeed. Hey, good day. Folks. It's tourism, Tim, Warren hair with another exciting episode of tourism marketing TV and for you listening on the podcast travel business success. I am honored and fortunate to have a returning guest Kukui anthem Alaska today Jimmy with Jimmy Jack fishing day. Jimmy. Hey, how're you doing Tim outstanding while you, and I were talking a couple of weeks ago and kind of catching up I hadn't talked with you in quite a quite a few years, and I was just so pleased to hear about your your progress and your growth and your success as a tour operator, and it was so exciting. And some of the things that you were sharing. I thought would be relit round marketing in how to handle a management and staff and hiring and retention. And when you when you have got a much bigger team was so exciting. I thought we would we should we should share that. Because I know it would be helpful for others. So appreciate you being here today. Sure. Yeah. I'm excited. Fantastic. So why don't you give folks listening or watching today just a brief background of when you started and a little bit about what you guys do. Okay. And so I started a fishing guide business in nineteen ninety five with just a boat mainly because I wanted to be on the water kind of passion a mind to be on the water, and we now so we were fishing guide service for quite a while. And now, we run two fishing lodges in Alaska, and I. Basically, we sell I see it as two products, we sell fishing, lodge packages, and we still sell our day fishing charters. The packages branch off in two different products, just because the lodges are tiered. So we have a kind of are all inclusive. Find dining a fishing lodge in the mail. So have an original lodge, which is well, our I the one I I was talking about is our Alaska SeaScape lodge all inclusive and find dining same packages with the same charters. And then we have our my my fishing lodge original fishing lodge, which we call Jimmy Jackson, Alaska lodge, and that is a little more affordable just because we don't do dinners. And so we've we've always done just a breakfast and lunch, and we are on the road system. So makes it pretty easy to do that. So that's kind of what we do those products. Great. Well, I wanted to give people some further expand on the significance of this for thirteen years ago. You start with one boat yourself is was was Tupelo Twenty-three years ago. Twenty is okay. Right. Maybe five clearly. Clearly. And but one boat one one guy yourself and a passion to share what what you love. And I know that this is some goes way back with you you and your dad and coming up to Alaska and now and no lodge. Now, you have to lodges, I believe you said that you looked like you were going to have twenty three staff this year approximately how many boats we have this year will have ten. It's a dozen boats books. Yeah. We didn't. I didn't ask you about this beforehand, and you can share. However, you want to share on this. But let's say your first year and business approximately how much revenue to Brecon that. I I remember because I was my dad was helping me with that. And you know, it was the question of do. I get a summer job or do I do this? And I just wanted my own boat, basically. So I remember at the end of the summer we had so I had made thirteen thousand dollars, and we had spent fourteen thousand dollars in my dad said, well, that's great because you only lost a thousand. I said that's not great. They said this is business. And I said, well, I, you know, I don't I don't really like that. You know, I work my butt off, you know. And so that went on for four years though. I mean, it just like that. And you know, as you you grow and learn that's kind of kind of the norm. I guess. Yeah. Well, it's it's well, it's a really good perspective. And a lot of people. I think that they just make this assumption that, wow, I'm really an expert at fishing or I know kayaking in this area better than anybody, a master mountain biker and everybody is gonna just fall in love with my place. Everybody's just gonna wanna come here because I'm so wonderful in. Yes. And no one knows about you. Others that there's that. That's what Mark you are probably good at it and great at it. But no one knows about you. Yes. That's the way the marketing and sales comes in. They're going to talk about today, folks. And you don't have to give exact numbers, but just give us an idea of what sort of revenues. We're expecting this year. I believe you said you were well into the seven figures. Yeah. Yeah. We're well in seventeen years now. And you know, it's something that you know, I think my my goal was went in growing with the second largest could have help in the office. You know, it was it was like, okay. If I get bigger I can have more help, and it actually did turn out that way. But yeah, we're a lot bigger in a lot more. Now have new issues, right? Yes, we'll talk about those two but profitable. That's and that's they really good thing. And I think what you just shared his the key thing is that as one scales. The issues that you have is a startup are can be radically different than when you're a growing scaling company. And this is the solutions. You used initially actually might contribute to the problem. On. Hats would definitely contribute to the pro. So let me let me guess you're out in the keanae river, one of the premier of salmon fishing, a places in the world. Let me guess you had no competition when you started right, right? Yes. Only about I don't know three hundred and fifty others. Yeah. Gosh. Yeah. It was fifty and how many how many our there are now if you've guides and outfitters lodges, and so we kind of I have numbers more on just the guides which gives you kind of an idea on the keanae river. And of course, we we are all over the Kenneth insulin now, but. Since the recession. Oh, wait. There's river dropped down. And so we were up to four hundred thirty in oh seven as far as guide permits on the keen ever. Now. We're down to about two eighty which is been a pretty stable number. It's been it's been staying right around there. And that gives you an idea of the industry it has had has gunned down a little bit. And and, but

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